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Former Bosworth Campaigner Touts Political Experience, Lifts Graphics from Vendor

In the Small Potatoes Department, I notice Annette Bosworth's former campaign coordinator Daniel Freeman has moved on from having to say silly things on a fake candidate's behalf. He now has time to work on his own image. Freeman has revamped his business website, Midwest Graphic Design, taking my advice and removing all the seamy text and female objectification. Freeman now touts his experience with political campaigns. Among the specialties her crafted at Bosworth's feet, he lists...

  1. E-mail and telephone support... which is funny, given that Bosworth's new media hack was struggling right after the primary to rebuild Bosworth's media contact list, and reporter David Montgomery said the Bosworth campaign had "had troubles for weeks or more with emails not getting through to media."
  2. Event planning... which is funny, because from January 1 on, Bosworth's campaign itinerary consisted mostly of just showing up at Lincoln Day Dinners, followed by a mad flurry of attention-grabbing but embarrassing press conferences. In terms of productive campaign events, I'm aware of one local fundraiser held at the home of one of Dr. Bosworth's patients. One.
  3. Volunteer recruitment... which is funny, because I'm not aware of Bosworth's volunteer corps ever extending beyond patients and employees of her clinic. When Freeman did try to troll for new volunteers via e-mail, he invited Douglas Brown, the Florida ad man whose company, SSC, had produced lots of graphics, photos, and video for Bosworth, only to be stiffed $20,000 by Bosworth (actually $20,750, the outstanding debt reported as of May 15 on Bosworth's pre-primary FEC filing, and money still not paid, according to a source close to the finances).

Bosworth appears to have rubbed off on Freeman in their months together. Turn to Freeman's online freshly scrubbed portfolio, and you'll find him proudly displaying two of his ads for the Bosworth campaign, including this flyer:

Daniel Freeman portfolio image of Annette Bosworth campaign flyer, screen capture, downloaded 2014.06.30
Daniel Freeman portfolio image of Annette Bosworth campaign flyer, screen capture, downloaded 2014.06.30

"Thank you, Meade County?" For what, giving over 95% of your votes to someone other than Bosworth? Wait—his ads? That photo is a still from the farmy/Kristi Noem-y shoot Douglas Brown's SSC did for Bosworth last summer, a shoot that produced Bosworth's campaign video... which SSC pulled from circulation when Bosworth refused to pay. My source also tells me the Bosworth logo at the bottom left of that flyer was designed by SSC. Freeman appears to be rearranging and pasting together someone else's work and claiming it as his own to advance his own interests... just like Annette Bosworth. I think they both may be hearing again from SSC in Florida.


  1. David Newquist 2014.06.30

    There was a time when our education system would produce people who were knowledgeable and skeptical about the claims made in advertisements. The one that stands out here is that Bosworth is "one of the top physicians in her field." She has had a continuing and contentious struggle with the state medical board. And what is her field? Fraud?

  2. Jessie 2014.06.30

    It actually says "one of the top the physicians in her field." In a former job, that was when we would all yell "Kill the proofreader!"

  3. caheidelberger Post author | 2014.06.30

    Golly, Jessie, does a graphic designer have to be good with words, too? :-)

    I wonder how many Meade County voters received this poorly proofed card. The inattention to detail is emblematic of what's been going on at Bosworth's office for years.

  4. Aachen 2014.06.30

    David, it sounds like you've slipped on some rose-colored eyewear. :) That aside, lifting those elements to treat as Freeman's work .... terrible. Can't say I'm shocked by the conduct of Bosworth's associates.

  5. mike from iowa 2014.06.30

    If Bosworth would stand in my field,she'd be the only physician in that particular field,disgraced or otherwise.

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