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Tornberg Better Fit for District 16 than Discriminatory, ALEC-Tripping Lederman

Michael Larson makes the case that District 16 voters should replace Senator Dan Lederman with Ann Tornberg, a real South Dakotan who will spend less time currying favor with Iowa pols and more time representing all of District 16, not just the section south of Exit 4. Larson hammers Lederman's association with Iowa's chief yahoo, Congressman Steve King, then gets on to Lederman's local minuses and Tornberg's pluses:

[Lederman] is a candidate that doesn't believe there is a teacher shortage, supports discrimination of LGBT, and loves having the state pay for him to attend ALEC events that allow him to write laws to support his business.

You can instead vote for a person that has lived in Union County for more than 40 years. Her husband in a third generation dairy farmer living in Union County. She attends and travels to communities in the entire District 16 (instead of only staying in North Sioux City). She works to protect the family farmer, education, and all of the people that live in the district. She is not going to use a win to discriminate, she is not going to support tax payers money going to partisan trips, she is not going to support the continued attack on South Dakota education. Ann Tornberg deserves your vote District 16 [Michael Larson, "Dan Lederman Representing Iowa," Taking a Left Turn in South Dakota, 2014.07.05].

Full disclosure: Michael Larson coaches debate. Ann Tornberg coached debate. So did I. Lederman prefers cage fighting. My preference should be clear. So should District 16's.


  1. Jana 2014.07.06

    The friends I have talked to in the Dakota Dunes see Lederman as an opportunist more infatuated with power than policy. His bromance with King should scare the hell out of any thinking person.

    Given their feeling of being second class citizens in Pierre, unless the Governor wants donations, they feel it's only fair that Pierre has to deal with him.

  2. larry kurtz 2014.07.06

    Dan and his quran klan: just spell his name right.

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