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Costello, Jackley, to Talk GOED/EB-5 with Legislative Committee Tuesday Morning

I know better than to get my hopes up. But after mostly idle chatter on the topic at the last couple meetings, the Legislature's Government Operations and Audit Committee will hear from not just one but two state officials tomorrow on the topic of financial misconduct in the Governor's Office of Economic Development related to the EB-5 scandal.

Pat Costello, current GOED commissioner, is on the agenda for Tuesday's 9 a.m. GOAC meeting. GOAC has summoned him to follow up on the discussion of what GOED is doing to make sure folks don't double-bill their plane tickets or claim other questionable reimbursements.

But first, they'll hear from the potential man of the hour, Attorney General Marty Jackley, who sends this note to the press today:

Tomorrow July 29th at 9:00 am, Attorney General Jackley will address the South Dakota Government Operations and Audit Committee of the Legislature regarding the Attorney General's investigation into potential financial misconduct at GOED. The hearing will be held at the State Capitol Building room #413 [South Dakota Attorney General's office, press release, 2014.07.28].

In a subsequent note to reporters, the AG's office says Jackley intends to "address matters that are outside of legal advice in open session." In other words, we may actually get some interesting comments from the state's top investigator on what's happening with the GOED/EB-5 investigation.

Chairman Tidemann, Rep. Wismer, members of GOAC, tomorrow's your chance to ask some really good questions to help South Dakota understand what happened with EB-5 money and to assure the voters that their elected officials are doing everything in their power to identify, prosecute, and prevent corruption in state government.


  1. larry kurtz 2014.07.28

    Are there any lawyers on legislative committee, Cory? Should they hire counsel to help them to ask the right questions?

  2. larry kurtz 2014.07.28

    Tim Johns has been using his judiciary experience to guide committee action: should he sit in?

  3. mike from iowa 2014.07.28

    So Reynard Fox hired Br'er Fox to guard the chicken house while Vulpes and Fulva Fox waltzed off with all the hens and you did nothing? Not true,Sir. I held the door for them.

  4. Loren 2014.07.28

    In the over all scheme of things, seems the over billing of air fare is a very minor part. Hopefully they will delve a little deeper, but knowing our detectives in Pierre, that might be about it, sadly!

  5. Tim 2014.07.28

    Do you all suppose Jackley is waiting for the November elections to get over before he drops the EB-5 anvil on Rounds foot? either.

  6. larry kurtz 2014.07.28

    Even if that happened and DD is governor (Gaia forbid) he would appoint Marty Jackley Senator.

  7. mike from iowa 2014.07.28

    Why would anyone want to question the main perp of this mess who walked away with boxes of records that prolly belong to the state,hasn't had to answer to anyone,may not even be in the state,knows where all the bodies are buried(so to speak) and could tie up all the loose ends?

  8. 96 Tears 2014.07.28

    Who controls the process in the committee meeting? The Republicans? Democrats hold a very small minority? Tough questions will not get asked. Attempts to move the topic into the meat of the scandal ... Benda's mysterious death, Jackley's suspicious suicide ruling, record tampering, Benda's million dollar check, privatizing a state office that still handles public money, the complete absence of transparency during the Rounds and Daugaard administrations, completely negligent investments of millions in projects that were doomed from the start, missing money, what the chiefs of staff and other cabinet members knew, and what Mike Rounds knew and what Dennis Daugaard knew in their capacity as Governor ... will not be allowed to be examined because Rounds/Daugaard dupes control the process.

    This committee will offer only window dressing, diversions and whitewash. If Bob Mercer shows up, there might be a news story.

    There is a Pulitzer-sized news project here, and the only instate news organization with the staff budget to get to the bottom of it will not lift a finger to do their duty. Are the reporters too lazy? Is the editorial staff pinioned by the advertising office (after all, the GOP chair runs Lawrence & Shiller, which receives $11 million in no-bid contracts from the Rounds and Daugaard administrations)? Are the reporters threatened to not do their duty?

  9. Tim 2014.07.28

    96, there are 3 or 4 news organizations in the state that could get involved, will they, probably not. Mercer is most likely our best bet to get anything out of the meetings tomorrow. My guess is, the republican establishment will have this meeting so gift wrapped it will make most of us sick. The fox has been guarding the henhouse for way too long, doubt there are any chickens left.

  10. Tim 2014.07.28

    It will be whitewashed so clean, they will come and tell their base, see we didn't hide anything, it's those damned liberals.

  11. Lorahubbel 2014.07.28

    "Nothing to see here...move along" While campaigning against Daugaard, I had a 40 minute presser on corruption in SD. Cory wasn't there. I went over corruption in SD HeathCrony...corruption in CommonCore...corruption in the GOED. After 40 miunutes a "plant" asked about FEMA camps. Not realizing he was a plant and not wanting to disrespect anyone for their fear of the government (whom I feel people blame on FEMA camps rather than admit they are more likely to be put in jail or "commit suicide" when being pursued by the State rather than some Boogey man in a FEMA outfit), I tried to answer but drop the issue since it was off-topic. SO what did the Argus report on? Of course...FEMA camps. Cory, you had a bit of fun with that also.

  12. Roger Cornelius 2014.07.28

    Like others here, I hold no great expectations of this hearing tomorrow. The key to this investigation is issuing subpoenas, is that going to happen? Nope.

    When all is said and done, the Republicans will have their constituents believing that NBP is up and running and that every single dollars of state grants and investor money has been fully accounted for.

  13. lorahubbel 2014.07.28

    Not done yet... someone tell me why when the people of SD want to know: 1) if EB-5 was implemented ethically and per the rules. To answer that question Daugaard and Jackley had "independent" audits (if you call an accountant firm that gave Daugaard over $3000 campaign dollars "independent") to see if the checking account balances. (Like I care if the check book balances under these conditions...THAT isn't what we want to know)
    2) AND we want to know if any Chinese foreigner (recall the Chinese government HATES us) is an operative bent on gaining access to the USA via a poorly run EB-5 program in SD. So the powerbrokers look to the accountants again to prove they are clean. Nice diversion, guys.
    3) AND we want to know if we are found dead from a shotgun blast from 18 inches away (which we had to hold up against a tree and activate the trigger with a stick) that our government would not call for a few friendly accountants and some citizen legislators to tell the world that everything is fine...the check book balances (except for $5000 check out of a $4,000,000,000 budget that hasn't been repaid yet).
    Yep I went all over that and more yet the only thing reported was some silly story about FEMA camps. Cory you were invited to that presser I had...missed you! I have even more now that people are contacting me of all the hardship they are going though due to our one party system that thinks they are God.

  14. caheidelberger Post author | 2014.07.28

    Lora, you raise questions worth asking.

    (1) I'm convinced ethics was not a major consideration.
    (2) I doubt the state has the resources available to answer the question of whether any Chinese intelligence operatives were included in the EB-5 investors. But I'd sure like the FBI, CIA, or some other entity to check.
    (3) 18 inches away? Where did you get that detail? I've not seen any documentation of the firing distance.

  15. Tara Volesky 2014.07.28

    Dems, gotta love her, she is fighting for you, the people, the disenfranchised, the voiceless, the anti-establishment. Make sure Lora, people know you signed an affidavit, that you did not commit suicide.

  16. Roger Cornelius 2014.07.28

    Sorry to burglarize this all important issue on GOED, but I need to respond to Tara.
    Tara, is Lora's opposition to the ACA, and Medicaid Expansion for 48,000 in need of health insurance truly representing the disenfranchised?

  17. Lynn 2014.07.28

    Lora or Tara who was the "plant" who asked about the FEMA camps during your SD Corruption presser?

  18. Tara Volesky 2014.07.28

    Good question Lynn? Lora didn't duck the question, but it had nothing to do with corruption. What's strange is Myers and Hubbel talked about corruption for almost an hour and what is reported on....fema camps. Go figure. Cory started his story with Myers being an hour late....FALSE. How about 5 minutes late. Get it right.

  19. Lynn 2014.07.28

    So you don't know who the plant was? He just showed up and then vanished? Just curious.

  20. Roger Cornelius 2014.07.28

    Tara ducked my question.

  21. Tara Volesky 2014.07.29

    I didn't duck your question Roger. I got off the computer. No. Lora is not for ACA, Expansion of Medicaid. But she is for all people receiving health care, so I believe she will be supporting Myers Care. Lynn, at todays press conference I am sure they will also be talk about EB-5, Richard Benda, DSS. Should be interesting to see what the media reports. Maybe a question will come up about pancakes.

  22. Lynn 2014.07.29

    Tara you have not answered the question and I've asked it twice. Who is this plant that was at Lora's SD Corruption Presser?

    That plant was successful in diverting attention from the purpose of the presser. Lora mentioned the damage of the plant so who was it?

  23. Roger Cornelius 2014.07.29

    Myers Care? What is that?

  24. Steve Sibson 2014.07.29

    "Tara, is Lora's opposition to the ACA, and Medicaid Expansion for 48,000 in need of health insurance truly representing the disenfranchised?"

    ACA is the poster child for crony capitalism Roger. You should stop using Neo-Marxist arguments to support Neo-Fascist causes. It is making the rich richer and the rest of us slaves to government debt.

  25. Lynn 2014.07.29

    Lora who was the "plant" at your SD Corruption presser? I've asked Tara twice and she kept avoiding and answered with something else.

  26. Roger Cornelius 2014.07.29

    Sibson, shut up! The adults are having an intelligent conversation.

  27. Steve Sibson 2014.07.29

    Intelligent conversation? You guys don't know that you are helping out crony capitalists. Sounds pretty stupid to me.

  28. Roger Cornelius 2014.07.29

    Sibson, the stupid are the constituents that continually support and vote for the tea party and Republican candidates that have become the poster children of crony capitalism corruption.

  29. Lynn 2014.07.29

    So much for transparency. It's too bad Mike Meyers doesn't have a different running mate. Unfortunately I feel Lora Hubbel will end up being a liability in his campaign.

  30. Tara Volesky 2014.07.30

    Lynn, why do you feel that way? Because she battled Daugaard and the crony legislature? Because she is against the uranium mine? because she is against taking tribal and citizens land away for the KeystoneXL pipeline? Because she fights for fairness and justice for the little guy? Because she knows how corrupt this state is, that she is willing to run with an Independent. Or is it because she is a Republican?

  31. Lynn 2014.07.30

    Tara who was the "plant" that showed up and asked Lora about Fema camps that she was frustrated above in the thread?

  32. Tara Volesky 2014.07.30

    Lynn, how will Lora be a liability? As far as the plant, don't no Lynn, and I don't care. It was just very unfortunate that the very important issue of corruption got side tracked with Fema Camps and Marshalls. Just read Cory's report, and the Argus Leader. very bias and inaccurate. I was more disappointed the way the media reported on it. David Montgomery got a pretty good tongue lashing from Lora. This blog is the SDWC on the left, so no matter what Myers and Hubble say Cory and a few people would never support them, not because they don't agree with them, but because they are not Establishment Democrats. Then we wonder why are state is in such a mess? Party or Principles. Sad. I can see why people are leaving the Democrat Party and Independents are fastest growing non-party registration in the state. It is true on the Republican side too. They are all about their party or should I say Social/Business Club.

  33. Tara Volesky 2014.07.30

    PP disguised as Lynn or whoever you are, why are you so obsessed with a plant? I don't get it. Ask questions about your last 2 Governors and why they are covering up the EB-5 investigation. Go back to SDWC, you sure don't come across as a Democrat.

  34. caheidelberger Post author | 2014.07.30

    1. No one commenting here is Pat Powers. Drop that line now, Tara; it does not advance the debate, lend any weight to your statements, or logically refute anything anyone is saying here.

    2. I am not the SDWC of the Left. This blog is a very different forum with a very different mission.

  35. Tara Volesky 2014.07.30

    Yes Cory, your mission is to misrepresent Mike and Lora by getting off topic. Ok Cory it may not PP, but it's represents what SDWC is all about. Would sure like to know who that PLANT is. lol.

  36. Lynn 2014.07.30

    Tara if I was working for a candidate and there happens to be a person asking questions trying to sabotage a presser I'd do what I could to identify that person to prevent it from happening again. If they are asking crazy questions be polite and shut them down immediately so it is not manipulated by political opposition or the press like what had happened.

    You only get so many opportunities in a campaign to hold the attention of the public and press to make an impression and it's hard to believe that you or Lora didn't identify the person whom stole the show with crazy questions derailing the presser. Was it a person who later helped you with the campaign?

  37. grudznick 2014.07.30

    Ms. Volesky, could you get your hubby Ron to come on here and blog a little bit about things? Maybe a primer on how to run a good campaign. Raise funds. Things like that.

  38. grudznick 2014.07.30

    "Ms. Volesky", is it possible that you are actually Mr. Ron Volesky, the mastermind behind the Mike Myers cammpaign? Why have we never seen a Ms. Volesky in any of the Myers/Hubbel press fiascos?

  39. Tara Volesky 2014.07.30

    Sorry, he doesn't read blogs either. He didn't raise much money, because he was not a silk stocking country club elite that hung out with the rich and played the game. He never asked people for money but was good at getting the message out through the media. Mike is the same kind of guy who grew up on the N side and got where he is today through hard work. To be honest with you, I can't ask people for money, in fact on Mike's donate page, I told the page administrator to start the donation button at $1 dollar instead of $25 dollars. Unfortunately campaigns are bought and paid for by the special interests. We will not go down that path. Anybody who spends more on an election than what their salary would be, I would have to question. Myers is not for sale, so going in we knew this campaign will not be hijacked with big money. Hopefully people will figure it out. There are going to be 2 televised debates and with social media, people have access to the information. You can always call him or fb message him. It's not that hard. He always responds.

  40. caheidelberger Post author | 2014.07.30

    Tara, surely you jest. You know that is not my mission. Misrepresentation is never my intent.

  41. Tara Volesky 2014.07.30

    Sorry Lynn, I have no control over what the media reports. We make a point to answer all questions even if they are off topic. Sorry, my style is not like Dick Wadhams. Grudz, I guess you will have to ask Mike and Lora about how awful I am as campaign manager.

  42. Tara Volesky 2014.07.30

    Ya right Cory. I know, you're better than that.

  43. Lynn 2014.07.30

    Tara I have no affiliation with any of the Republican establishment. It does fit a pattern that you quickly accuse others including myself with working for those corrupt forces that we all despise. You with your attacks and Lora with her recent call for a boycott of that pancake house have done a pretty good job of alienating supporters. Mike is a knowledgeable guy but it takes him a long time to make a point. It's just been a poorly run campaign from the get go. Maybe it would just be best to exit the race and support Susan Wismer. She and Susie are obviously committed to changing what happens in Pierre.

  44. 96 Tears 2014.07.30

    Lynn's right, Tara, with all due respect. I love Mike but he doesn't have a snowflake's chance in hell, other than to take independent votes away from Wismer. What's the purpose of that other than to increase Daugaard's chances of winning big? Susan proved yesterday she can effectively carry the fight right into the teeth of the Pierre establishment, so why not think about regrouping and making a more realistic shot at winning? Be a fighter, not a divider.

  45. Bill Fleming 2014.07.30

    I agree, Lynn. The only thing I see going on in the Myers/Hubble camp is a bunch of people full of themselves bouncing off walls.

    Total amateur hour.

    Tara, there are actually some very good books out there about how to go about doing this. Maybe you should read some of them.

    Better yet, here's an audio book, since reading's obviously not your strong suit:

  46. Lynn 2014.07.30

    Bill That campaign has been a complete trainwreck. They would be better off throwing their support behind those who have a better chance of winning and cleaning up what has been going on in Pierre.

  47. Lynn 2014.07.30

    Tara, Mike and Lora seriously rather than beat yourselves up out there with a campaign that never gained traction and your out there fighting with no chance of winning join up by supporting Susan Wismer. We all have a common enemy!

    Sorry Cory meant to post this here ^^^^^

  48. Bill Fleming 2014.07.30

    Yup. Agreed, Lynn. Running for governor in a rock-solid Republican state ain't no tiddlywinks contest. Just ask Scott Heidepriem.

  49. Tara Volesky 2014.07.30

    Thanks Lynn. It would be great to unite forces, but you have to look at the history of Democrats running for Governor in SD, especially pro-choice candidates. They have had many great candidates but cannot win. This is a very red state. Republicans won't vote for a Democrat, but they will vote for an Independent. Same goes for Democrats. If I knew the Susans would win, we would gladly step aside. But that's not going to happen. Some prominent Democrats wanted Mike to run as a Democrat, but he will never give up his Independence.

  50. Lynn 2014.07.30

    Tara I am not one to wager but I'd definitely wager that Mike and Lora do not win in November?

    Look I voted for Ralph Nader years ago and definitely believe that there should be more than the two dominate parties competing for state and national offices. More competition the better and it will force the two larger parties not only to be accountable for their actions but to be better.

    We are all clearly underdogs here in this election and presently here in the State of South Dakota. We all know that. Please talk to Mike and Lora and have them take a hard look at their campaign and what the Dems have to offer. Be realistic and figure what kind of resources, mobilization of volunteers, time and effort fighting the "machine" and money to win in November.

    Mike and Lora have a distraction of time and resources with this lawsuit. The clock is ticking meanwhile. If forces are joined the challenges are spread out and we all can accomplish more.

  51. Roger Cornelius 2014.07.30


    If I recall correctly the plant was Libertarian/druggy Ryan Gaddy, he was quiet proud of himself at the time.

    There is absolutely no comparison between Madville and DWC, posters here for the most part, have conversations and don't repeat tea party bumper sticker memes. To compare the two is an insult to Cory's intelligence and abilities, as well as to his readers.
    Tara, if would take the time and reread some of our comments regarding Myers/Hubbel, you find that in many ways we have been trying to help you, but you prefer to come out swinging about everything that is posted.
    Yesterday, Mike and Lora had a 20 minute presser in which took Mike to tell us that was going to sue Jason Gant. He wasted valuable media time by rambling on about pretty much nothing. We all knew that Mike was going to file that lawsuit before the presser.
    It could have taken him 5 minutes to announce his intent, and then used his remaining 15 minutes to assail to GOAC hearing happening the same time.
    Time is valuable in a campaign, quit whining about media coverage and than when get it, squander it.
    Nobody in the media is to blame for that poorly conducted presser.

  52. Tara Volesky 2014.07.30

    Bill thanks for the advice but we would rather bounce off walls, turn over tables, sue the SOS, be politically incorrect, fight for working poor, elderly and children, and yes, maybe have a train wreck. But if it sheds a little light on the corruption of SD or if this campaign gives people a little hope, it was worth the fight. We would rather ride the roller-coaster than not take any risks at all. Always willing to talk to the Wismer campaign.

  53. Lynn 2014.07.30

    Roger Ryan Gaddy was the plant? Wasn't he helping with Lora and Mike's campaign also?

  54. Tara Volesky 2014.07.30

    Roger, don't talk about my friend Ryan like that. It was some guy who asked a fema question. I think Ryan had a follow-up question. People have a right to ask any questions they want, but it's how the press forgot about the 99% which was on corruption and focused on those 2 questions. Wish we could write the stories for them.

  55. Lynn 2014.07.30

    Tara regardless of it being Ryan or whomever intentionally or not they successfully helped torpedo the campaign. It's time to look at other options in the big scheme of things.

  56. SD Teacher 2014.07.30

    You wish you could write the stories for them? 2 things about that:

    1) You have previously argued that the press is lazy and have to be spoon fed. You've additionally argued that you are above spoon feeding the press. This type of pingpongy off the cuff verbal vomit is exactly the problem that many people have pointed out to you. The campaign needs a coherent narrative. Yes, even your complaints about the press should be consistent.
    2) You can write the stories to a large extent. You do so by creating a clear campaign purpose and message and then aiming all of your energies at getting that message out. Right now, you and your candidates are so unfocused that it's easy for the press to portray you as silly and irrelevant.

    I know you're going to tell me all about how you don't have to create a campaign message because you have "brick in the wall" and "fight the machine" and you want to be a train wreck. That's all fine and well, but if that's your campaign, then you have no room to complain about accurate press coverage. They portray you as a side show because you present yourselves as a side show.

  57. Roger Cornelius 2014.07.30

    I know that Ryan was working with/for Bosworth at the time.
    It would make sense, I maybe wrong, for Ryan to support Myers since he supports legalization of marijuana and Tara is a strong advocate for hemp.
    Lynn, why do you think Tara is dodging the question of who asked about FEMA camps? She knew that Ryan asked the follow up question.
    The point that most of made about the FEMA question was that Lora lacked the ability to deflect a nonsense question and keep the presser on topic. She answered a stupid question when a professional politician would have ignored it.

  58. caheidelberger Post author | 2014.07.30

    Roger hits the nail that's needs hitting. The proper response to a FEMA camp question is "FEMA camps? What rot. Next question." Those plants only work if you water them.

  59. Tara Volesky 2014.07.30

    The unknown man and Ryan can ask any questions they want. They didn't torpedo the presser, the press did. Ryan's Dad I believe was quite close to Daschel. Roger, Mike is a big supporter of medical marijuana and Hemp. I wasn't dodging the question as too who asked the question because it doesn't matter. If I recall correctly Ryan followed up on the question. Ryan is one smart dude. Lynn, Lora and Mike are not professional politicians. They are just citizens trying to make a difference.

  60. Lynn 2014.07.30

    Tara it's pretty clear Lora and Mike are fighters. Look at how the SDGOP cronies have treated her. Talk about character assassination! Did she lie down and take it or bow out? No! She kept on fighting! When I watched Mike's lawsuit presser when he threw a punch saying how he will fight what's wrong I immediately laughed and it was like seeing a twinkle in his eye with such spirit.

    I'm not asking them to throw in the towel but join the big fight. Independent candidates, Republicans sick of what's happening, Libertarians and Dems fighting as the Resistance Coalition! lol As Kal Lis replied to a post on his blog "Viva La Resistance" :)

    There has to be a way to make it work with Mike, Lora, Susan Wismer and Susie Blake

  61. Lynn 2014.07.30

    Sorry Susy* Blake

  62. Tara Volesky 2014.07.30

    Lynn. You got it girl....Mike is a fighting Irishman and Lora is a tenacious pit bull. I think it's a good combination for battling against the machine. We need a little spit and vinegar in this race. Hey, Myers will be speaking to Libertarians on Aug. 9th. He'll get them all fired up with his position on medical marijuana and hemp. I just bought some hemp hearts and hemp oil. Pretty tasty and healthy.

  63. grudznick 2014.07.30

    Stay the course, Ms. Volesky. Stay the course, no matter what the poo-poohers say. Grit your teeth, and dig in harder, no obstacle shall sway you from your objective.

    Mr. Myers is my number 2 guy right now. Ms. Hubbel drags him down to unelectable, but of course she's not really on the ticket so I can in good conscience vote for him if I am inclined.

    If elected, and if Ms. Strong resigns, and if Mr. Myers names Ms. Hubbel as the new Lt. Governor, what does your candidate see the chances of a republican controlled senate (assuming we all agree there is zero chance of that flipping to libbie) confirming her appointment?

  64. Lynn 2014.07.30

    Grudz Rounds is your man and we know that. Divided they fall right? lol :)

    If Mike Meyers and Lora Hubbel were to exit the race and work with Susan and Susy we all would have a far better chance of making long overdue positive changes in Pierre.

  65. grudznick 2014.07.30

    People, there are FEMA camps. There ARE. I have seen them, deep in the woods.

  66. grudznick 2014.07.30

    Ms./Mr. Lynn, I don't think Mr. Rounds is running for Governor again. Right now I'm running Mr. Daugaard followed by Mr. Myers as my options. As long as Lora Hubbel isn't part of the deal.

  67. Lynn 2014.07.30

    Grudz sorry I meant Mr. Daugaard my apologies

  68. grudznick 2014.07.30

    Accepted. You are a swell person for clarifying with niceness.

  69. Tara Volesky 2014.07.30

    I can tell you this Grudz, the crony Republican legislature would never vote for Lora Hubbel as Myers LG. She is doing everything she can to expose them. She'll swing with a hard RIGHT to the body and a LEFT to the head. Lora knows how to use a mop too. She is on a mission to out the establishment cronies. I understand Grudz, your feeling about Lora, and it doesn't make sense to a lot of people, but doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results doesn't make sense either. This is a big risk, but by playing safe, you don't have a chance. We are all or nothing.

  70. grudznick 2014.07.30

    Ms. Wismer is jousting at windmills with a sewing needle and less qualified to be Governor than I am to lead a manned mission to move Roubaix Lake to the moons of Uranus but at least she is not insane. Ms. Hubbel is insaner than most, Ms. Volesky.

  71. Tara Volesky 2014.07.30

    Grudz, Lora insaner than most? You haven't met me.

  72. grudznick 2014.07.30

    Perhaps I have, Ms. Volesky. But keep in mind I typed "most", not "all".

  73. Roger Cornelius 2014.07.30

    One last time, the press, the unknown FEMA questioner, or Ryan Gaddy did not torpedo that presser, Lora torpedoed it.

    She failed to maintain control of questions and give appropriate responses to dumb questions. At some point, Lora needs to accept responsibility for the reckless comments she has made.

  74. caheidelberger Post author | 2014.07.30

    Maybe Susan Wismer should have thrown Pat Costello off guard with a question about FEMA camps, then gone for the jugular with some follow-up questions about Epoch Star and the Northern Beef Packers bankruptcy.

  75. Bill Fleming 2014.07.30

    Grudz, how 'bout you just move the moons of Uranus to Roubaix Lake instead? I hear it's supposed to be a nice weekend.

  76. Tara Volesky 2014.07.30

    Grudz, I don't want Myers or Hubbel to be polished politicians. I want them to answer to their bosses, we the voters.

  77. Lynn 2014.08.19

    Ryan or Tara was this a secret presser? I don't remember it being announced by the press. Was it in Sioux Falls? How many attended?

  78. Tara Volesky 2014.08.19

    Lynn, no it wasn't a secret presser. It was sent out to all the news media. Mike and Lora got dark gymed. But we will keep doing it until they report on it. Did Susan have any luck with her press conference today. If they ignore her to, maybe we could double down on the press and demand some answers. I hope the press covers her today.

  79. Lynn 2014.08.19

    Tara I kept looking for Susan's presser in the news if it would be posted live on a news site but nothing at least so far.

    It was good to watch Mike and Lora's presser. I hope they had new people in the audience and it was well attended.

    Are they traveling across the state?

    There is an increasing number of letters to the editor I've noticed across the state from citizens demanding to know more about EB-5 and point to the SDGOP.

  80. Tara Volesky 2014.08.19

    Hey Lynn, just posted it on my fb page. Mike will be doing his Gubernatorial debate in Mitchell tomorrow. Than he will be heading out to the hills and hit a few towns, then he will be attending the Uranium Mining meetings in Rapid and will be meeting with Lilias Jarding. Will also hit the Common Core Conference with Dr Duke Peska. Then back to Sioux Falls for the Alternative candidate forum on Sat. Lora will be heading for the hills on Sat. I hope the press covered the Democratic presser.

  81. 96 Tears 2014.08.19

    That press conference was important, and it's funny as hell that Rounds' former chief of staff and now his campaign manager issued a statement that the Democrats are making this political.

    No kidding, Rob Skjonsberg! If your boss and his pals put a lockdown on information with the Operations & Audit Committee about lawlessness in the Rounds and now Daugaard administrations, what else can be done to get the truth out to the public before a crook gets elected to the U.S. Senate?

    The Democrats did not go far enough today. They only named the big fish, but not the worker fish who really know what's going on. People like Skjonsberg, who should have been overseeing Richard Benda, needs to be subpoenaed. So should the rest of the cabinet members, some of who are still working for Daugaard or work on Mike Rounds' Senate campaign, including whomever handed that $1 million check to Benda when he left Pierre to take advantage of the secretive, private bank he and Bollen created out of a state agency.

    Having been in it several times, that Governor's Office is actually a pretty small work environment and Pierre is a small town that's swarming with gossip.

    Mike Rounds' Benda/EB-5 mess is unraveling. As I've urged before, put together a list of the cabinet members when Rounds and his appointee Richard Benda ran the Governor's Office of Economic Development. It doesn't take much work to determine who answers to whom and what are their responsibilities. Then find out where are they now and what are they doing? Which ones were in on the action (or trying to) when the mega-dairies were being promoted up and down I-29? What about Hyperion and all the other deals? And how do some of those fat cat lobbyists who do the Governor's bidding fit into the sleaze parade?

    One more thing. Rounds got Skjonsberg appointed to sit on the South Dakota Board of Economic Development where Rob can access potential campaign donors as part of their indoctrination to South Dakota's economic climate, and to keep an eye on how the information lockdown is protecting Rounds' and Daugaard's butts.

    Democrats trying to make this political? Damn straight, Rob! They'd be incompetent if they didn't. Rounds, Daugaard, Marty Jackley and the GOP legislative leadership gave them no other choice. I'm sure you had a hand in that discussion too. You made your bed, buddy. Now sleep in it while the Democratic legislative leadership do their job of getting to the bottom of the rats' nest.

  82. Lynn 2014.08.19

    Well said 96 tears! Maybe it's just the beginning and good buddy Rob and others such as cabinet staff will be next.

    Have you also noticed comments on social media and letters to the editor in newspapers statewide are increasing with people demanding an end to the cover up and answers?

  83. 96 Tears 2014.08.19

    Yes indeed, Lynn. They seem like genuine letters instead of those from campaign staff that are ginned up to be signed and sent in.

    I forgot to mention that the editorial boards of five daily newspapers agree with the Democrats that the stonewalling by the Republicans in Pierre needs to stop: Rapid City Journal, Aberdeen American News, Watertown Public Opinion, Yankton Press & Dakotan and Pierre Capital Journal. Also one former GOP State Central Committeeman, Rick Knobe of KSOO's Viewpoint University, agreed the Republicans screwed up badly by stonewalling the issue in Operations & Audit.

    Mike Rounds and Rob Skjornsberg might want take their million dollar SUV luxury liner out of state and keep out until things blow over.

  84. Tara Volesky 2014.08.19

    Check it out, but I think Rob Skjornsberg is working for Uncle Mike. The nepotism, favoritism and cronyism have been working well for the Republican Machine.

  85. jerry 2014.08.19

    Maybe Johnson will stop hiding on this issue and give old Rounds the Rick Perry treatment. I think it would be more than appropriate to see ole smilin Mike with some numbers under his mug.

  86. Roger Cornelius 2014.08.19

    The audio on the Myers/Hubbel presser wasn't very good and being mostly deaf anyway, I couldn't understand most of it.
    If anybody watched it and understood it could you please offer your observations?
    There didn't appear to be any reporters there to ask questions or was it no question presser?

  87. Tara Volesky 2014.08.20

    Today, at the Dakota Fest Gov. debate I am sure there won't be any EB-5 questions, but that won't stop Mike Myers from talking about it. I hope they allow props.

  88. 96 Tears 2014.08.20

    Tara - Sue Wismer has done a more effective job of getting this issue front and center than Mike has. Mike needs to pack it in and go back home. The sideshow's over.

  89. Tara Volesky 2014.08.20

    Of course the establishment parties are going to have access to more media and money. Just ask Larry Pressler. It's much tougher being an Independent because there is no party organization to help you. Mike doesn't back down and he is not a quitter. I thought both Susan and Mike did a nice job putting Daugaard on the defense when it came to the EB-5. It will help that Susan is on the legislative committee to question EB-5. I hope the nest meeting she hammers away on Rounds and Daugaard.

  90. Lynn 2014.08.20

    96 tears after watching the debate for Governor today I agree.

  91. 96 Tears 2014.08.20

    Tara - With respect to you and admiration for Mike Myers, I must ask if you are more interested in taking power away from Rounds and Daugaard or making a point that independent candidates without means or a clue to winning make an enjoyable and entertaining distraction? With 2.5 months to waste in this election, what can Mike Myers do other than take votes away from Wismer? The rest of the votes are going to Dennis Daugaard for four more years of the same. Be Mike's friend and tell him the truth. This ain't happenin' and it's only going to make Mike look like the spoiler.

  92. Tara Volesky 2014.08.21

    You're right Cory, but you have to understand he's been in this race since last summer, months before Joe Lowe announced. I thought we could work something out with the Democrat party, then everybody wins, especially the voters of SD. I really don't think this campaign has been a waste. Do you really think I would waste my time if I didn't believe in Myers? He fought the hit man for the Republican Party and won. He has been bringing out the corruption of EB-5 for months. He is questioning the death of Richard Benda again. He is out in Rapid City today fighting against uranium mining. You are the first Democrat that asked this very good question. Hey don't worry the last Independent that ran for Governor only got .07%. And with evil, crazy, psycho, tinfoil hat, horrible Hubbel as his running mate, well just read what the cyber bullies at SDWC had to say about her.

  93. caheidelberger Post author | 2014.08.21

    Susan Wismer's performance yesterday finally proved that there's nothing for the SDDP to work out with Independent candidates other than a request for their unconditional surrender and endorsement. The EB-5 questions came out, contrary to Tara's expectation, and Wismer hammered at them, while Myers made the weird promise to have some long-armed dude demonstrate how Richard Benda shot himself.

    The predictable, lazy bullying from DWC is offensive, but Myers has not been able to generate the sustained, coordinated attack on Rounds and Daugaard via EB-5 that the SDDP has put together this month. If you are interested in moving that ball forward, getting the truth about EB-5, and unseating Republicans, you support Susan Wismer and the Democratic Party.

  94. Lynn 2014.08.21

    Tara Sorry to say this but I was waiting for the debate yesterday to give one more chance to Mike Meyers in a time constrained debate environment to effectively communicate and it was not a very good performance.

    Look at how fast and forceful Susan Wismer and Dennis Daugaard covered specific points and then watch how Mike spoke very slow and at many time was very vague at how he would solve specific issues South Dakota. I don't feel he has a proper grasp on the details of issues and communicating those ideas are far different being in a coffee shop than a debate environment.

    Look at how Susan talked from experience of dealing with the inner workings of government being in the various legislative committees especially with her detail and numbers oriented skill set from being a CPA.

    Prior to the debate I was concerned about Susan's performance in a debate since I initially was for Joe Lowe in the primary but Susan used the built up frustration and knowledge to fire up the audience and attack Daugaard. I'm fired up! It's amazing with proper preparation and all of this pent up frustration with what has been happening in our state how well we can overcome fear and drive that message home!

    Tara Mike and Lora need to drop out and support Susan. Otherwise their campaign will be an entertaining distraction and suck those precious votes away from the momentum of positive change in Pierre.

  95. Tara Volesky 2014.08.21

    Lynn, I have been a Democrat for years and have watched how excellent experienced legislative candidates like Bernie Hunhoff, Jim Abbott, Dr. Jack Billion and Scott Heideprien get smoked in the governors race. I'll say Susan Wismer is probably even better, because she is a woman but get real, SD bleeds red. I can see it already, there will be mass mailings from every right to life organizations hammering the abortion issue. It happens every election cycle in the governors race. Most of the 48,000 people that aren't insured unfortunately don't vote. I really like Susan, in fact I asked for a sticker to wear on my Mike Myers,"Think for Yourself " tee shirt. By the sounds of the anti Myers/Hubbel spew on both major blog sites, you have nothing to worry about. Keep up the trash talking, it will only help your candidate. I can assure you one thing, we will play very nice with Susan and Susie.

  96. Lynn 2014.08.21

    Tara I'm not trashing Mike. I like really Mike but not for elected office such as Governor. The campaign has been a train wreck from the very start, has no money and will not have the grassroots volunteers needed to help with voter registration, go door to door and make phone calls.

    The pressers that Mike and Lora have had were hijacked and not controlled which mean's the true message of the campaign was lost. Look at the last presser that Ryan Gaddy posted. The press didn't show up. How many people were in that room? How many new people came to that presser?

    Besides Mike taking a very long time to get a few vague points across in the debate he was unable to finish sentences to make his point and lost the audience. Again! I really like Mike as a person and would love to visit with him sometime but his campaign as Governor is a no go and will suck votes away from what WE are all fighting.

    I understand being an independent as I've stated before but when you realize your chances of winning Mike, Lora and you need to take a hard look at what is the best way we can help make it better for South Dakotans. Otherwise a continued campaign may be looked upon as being selfish and bullheaded which in the end causes more harm than good.

  97. Tara Volesky 2014.08.21

    Lynn, try being an Independent, you are right there is no organization or money, but train wreck, could you please explain what that means? Did you read the Headlines today. No other Independent has come close to getting the media attention than Mike Myers. Just research the previous Independent candidates. I believe with Mike calling out for the Gov and Marty Jackey to prove that Richard Benda shot himself, and they not providing the information, shows this could very well be a cover-up. Let's see the proof. Even Larry Pressler said it wasn't a suicide. I will have to get his exact wording.

  98. larry kurtz 2014.08.21

    The Independence Party is not independent.

  99. Lynn 2014.08.21

    Tara lets move this discussion to the Susan Wismer and Meyers posting from the debate please

  100. Tara Volesky 2014.08.21

    Larry, there is no active Independence Party in SD and even if there was, Myers won't join it. Roger and Owen, Myers probably just lost thousands of votes yesterday. He told the crowd twice to "THINK FOR YOURSELF" Owen and Roger don't your think Cory should have a story on that so you can tell everybody how offended you are.

  101. Tara Volesky 2014.08.21

    You started it Lynn. I was responding to your post.

  102. larry kurtz 2014.08.21

    Unaffiliated is the correct description for Mike Myers: South Dakota needs to write some law so a federal judge doesn't have to do it from the bench.

  103. Tara Volesky 2014.08.21

    That's right Larry, no affiliation with any party. They thought they could bully or intimidate the Myers campaign and Mike would just accept Jason Gant's ruling.....I don't think so. If you guys want some entertainment go hear what little pp and the Rounds Daugaard crowd is saying about Hubbel. lol

  104. 96 Tears 2014.08.21

    The Daugaard scribes at the Argus Leader today demonstrated how to marginalize Susan Wismer and maximize Daugaard's position with their choice of a lede of their debate story:

    "MITCHELL – Gov. Dennis Daugaard shrugged off punches from his two opponents and stayed on message Wednesday during their first debate.

    Democrat Susan Wismer accused Daugaard and the Republicans who have controlled state government the past 40 years for caring more about wielding power in Pierre than serving the people of South Dakota. Independent candidate Mike Myers accused state government of being corrupt, and he touted his age — 78 — as a reason voters should trust him.

    "Look at me," he told the audience of more than 200. "I can't be a career politician."

    Tara, Mike Myers is a terrific man. Love him. But his continued presence allows the scribes in the press to keep giving an out to Daugaard and the Pierre power clic. They paint Wismer and Myers with the same brush that they're a pair of silly complainers while Dennis Daugaard stands strong presiding over the ship of state.

    Wismer needs to keep the heat on Daugaard without the sideshows. If I were Daugaard's campaign manager, I'd refuse to have the incumbent appear in more debates and just play down the clock. As you wrote, it's true that very worthy Democrats have run and got their usual 36 percent of the vote in previous attempts to win the governor's race for the first time since 1974. That was 40 years ago!

    But 2014 shows the entire GOP power structure with their pants down, eyeball-deep in the worst political scandal in South Dakota history. And Susan Wismer is not like any candidate Democrats have fielded.

    Daugaard is running away from it. Rounds is giving slippery excuses and saying he didn't know what was happening in his Governor's Office of Economic Development. Sadly, the Democrats failed horribly to recruit an Attorney General candidate to force Jackley into a corner and explain his ham-fisted handling of the Richard Benda shotgun death and the secret report which declares the death of this prime witness of a felonious administration a "suicide."

    The scribes at the Argus will not make this a narrative about Republican corruption, but of a nice guy who is under attack by two unknown critics. Myers needs to let Susan Wismer an uncluttered shot to keep pressing the case against Daugaard/Rounds and their corrupt circle of pals.

  105. Tara Volesky 2014.08.21

    Myers will keep pushing for an Independent prosecutor to investigate the death of Richard Benda and an Independent Audit and Investigation of the EB-5 scandals. Follow the money.

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