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Howie Pokes Paul, Raps Rounds in Immigration Video

I have to admit: Gordon Howie is fast on the draw. Senator Rand Paul shows his yellow stripe on immigration conversations Monday in Okoboji (in a video promoted and followed up by South Dakota dude gone Iowa Matt Hildreth!). One day later, Independent U.S. Senate candidate Howie posts this satirical response stinging both his Tea Party compatriot Paul and his more immediate and formidable opponent Mike Rounds:

"Our borders have to be secured," says Howie, "and unlike my opponent, I would never sell citizenship." That latter comment is a swipe at Rounds's continued support for his scandal-ridden mismanagement of the EB-5 visa investment program.

The national press are noticing Howie's video, although they focus more on poking Paul over his minor PR faux pas than on discussing the far more relevant (to South Dakota) and substantive issue of EB-5. Local bloggers recognize the importance and potency of Howie's shot at Rounds. From the left:

I will not be voting for Gordon Howie this fall for Senator, but his spoof of Rand Paul running away when King demeaned some people wanting to talk about the dream act is hilarious! It also serves a reminder that Mike Rounds loves the EB-5 program. He is more than willing to support programs that will give money to the elite businesses that will support him financially when he is in Pierre [Michael Larson, "Howie's Commercial Is Awesome," Taking a Left Turn in South Dakota, 2014.08.05].

...and from the right:

I think it was brilliant for Howie to use some humor referencing the Rand Paul video and use it in his own commercial as a segue into attacking Rounds on selling US Citizenship. At its basic level the EB-5 program supported by Governor Rounds was a way for politicians to sell prioritized green cards to rich immigrants. This money could then be used for a variety of cronyistic pet projects.

...[M]any activists opposing Rounds need to focus less on the illegal activities involved with Rounds use of EB-5 and focus more on whether it is a good conservative stance to issue green cards for money... [Ken Santema, "O.K., I Like Gordon Howie's New Commercial," SoDakLiberty, 2014.08.07].

I agree with left and right that Howie's video is pretty good. Its only failing is the failure to make the EB-5 reference explicit. One can only say so much in 30 seconds, and explaining EB-5 in that time is impossible. But as shown by the superficial readings in the national press and the quick understanding of the local blogosphere, Howie's one-liner only works with the initiated. But Howie will have to do more work to initiate more voters into Rounds's cronyistic corruption of the immigration system and to get them to vote against the GOP favorite.


  1. bearcreekbat 2014.08.08

    You go Gordy! It would be great if West River Republicans supported Gordy instead of Rounds. Without Gordy's campaign Rounds probably would have so many West River votes that he would be unstoppable no matter how East River voters voted. But with Gordy in the West we could actually see a close race for the Senate.

  2. Danno 2014.08.08

    What's the difference between the Howie campaign and a manure spreader?

  3. jerry 2014.08.08

    None, both equate the same elements.

  4. Danno 2014.08.08

    I was wondering about that Jerry, thanks.

    Yes, it does seem that both can serve useful purposes at times, both have similar content, and draw attention from similar aficionados. Was just curious if this seemed the same to others or not.

  5. Roger Cornelius 2014.08.08

    I'm still pissed at Gordon for unfriending me on Facebook.

  6. grudznick 2014.08.08

    I am still angrier than most at Mr. Howie for overgodding on us like the dickens a few years ago and not giving me back my money.

  7. Skybluesky 2014.08.08

    Who produced the video? Is it a stranahan production? He has been hangin with Howie documented across the blogosphere. Just curious if anyone knows.

  8. caheidelberger Post author | 2014.08.08

    Skybluesky, Howie declined to reveal to me who produced the video. We'll have to wait for the Q3 FEC report.

  9. Roger Cornelius 2014.08.08

    Somewhere in Stranahan's posting he admitted that he was indeed working with Howie. I tried to find it but got lost trying.

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