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Big Democratic Forum Crowd Hears Good Candidates, Good News, and Some Blogger

Last updated on 2014.08.23

Proud blog sponsor Sioux Falls Democratic Forum invited me to speak to their noon meeting today. Thank you, friends, for having me and coming out to listen! (And thanks to an eager reader for catching some of these photos!)

Democratic candidate for governor Rep. Susan Wismer says she's still surprised when folks hand her a microphone. Forum chair and District 11 Senate candidate Tom Cool (at the podium) would agree with me, Susan: you shouldn't be surprised after Wednesday's rock-'em-sock'em Dakotafest debate! People want to hear you preach that Democratic gospel of good schools, good roads, and good government!
Wismer's running mate Susy Blake and I enjoy hearing the good news from other Democrats at today's Forum.
Former legislator Denny Pierson is excited about (a) running for state treasurer and (b) his new website, coming soon! (Denny, send me a link when it's hot!)
"I mean every word I say": I tell Susan Wismer to her face, as well as the rest of the crowd, what an awesome job she did in Wednesday's Dakotafest debate.
Susy Blake breaks the great news straight from Twitter that, in a stunning reversal, Senator Larry Tidemann has asked SDRC director Joop Bollen to speak to the Government Operations and Audit Committee about the scandalous EB-5 program. That isn't a subpoena, but it's a great step forward for all South Dakotans who want answers about how Mike Rounds, Dennis Daugaard, Joop Bollen, and others have used the state's authority and good name to promote the EB-5 program and economic development.
What, you expected me to speak without waving my arms?

Sioux Falls Democratic Forum meets every Friday at noon at the VFW on South Minnesota. They will be hosting lots of legislative candidates in the coming weeks, so come learn about and discuss the great South Dakota issues of the day with your neighbors!


  1. grudznick 2014.08.22

    I do like young Ms. Wismer's outfit today, but not Ms Blake's. Your tie, too, Mr. H, looks mighty snazzy. grudznick seal of approval on your outfit as well.

    Was a lunch served and how many people were there to eat it? Perhaps somebody will post it on the youtubes for others to watch as it looks like it might have been very entertaining.

    At a minimum, Mr. H, would you consider posting an outline of your topics or a synopsis of sorts?

  2. larry kurtz 2014.08.22

    grud, no doubt you've envisioned pp in a tutu, too: try again.

  3. grudznick 2014.08.22

    PP in a 22 looks like poopoo in a beanie, lar.
    Ms. Wismer has a much nicer little pooch going on there.

  4. grudznick 2014.08.22

    If Mr. Pierson has a website it's probably over for that Sattgass fellow. He just has one of those facebook things. Score one for the libbies.

  5. scott 2014.08.22

    i would agree that susy needs to dress like she is running for lt. governor, not like she is running to walmart for groceries.

  6. 12 2014.08.22

    Susy's attire is no measure of her qualification to be a lieutenant governor. She's comfortable enough in her own skin and confident enough in her ability that her clothing really doesn't nor should it matter. #shallow

  7. 12 2014.08.22

    BTW Cory, Tom Cool isn't running in 12. He's in 11.

  8. Deb Geelsdottir 2014.08.22

    There are different schools of thought regarding dress for candidates.

    Professional: Look like a serious candidate. In the eye of the beholder, but many beholders focus in on image, first impression.

    Casual: Regular folks. Easier to relate to, comfortable with herself, not intimidating.

    Sloppy: Forget it, you're toast.

    And plenty of other options with reasonable support. I'd like to see Blake a little closer to the professional category, though she does not need to wear a power suit. On the other hand, it seems that men can get away with wearing casual more easily than women.

    I think that's because Everyone Knows that men are worthy and capable political leaders, simply by virtue of their hormones. I'D say really there is no particular virtue in having more testosterone than estrogen.

    On the other hand, chauvinistic and/or sexist simpletons are too ignorant to understand that hormones do not equal intelligence, compassion, capabilities, leadership skills, etc.

    Who does Blake need to dress for? Unfortunately, I'd say all of the above. I believe a time will come when ignorant buffoons will be irrelevant to the political process because they'll be so few.

    (I'm keeping my eyes crossed for luck.)

  9. Roger Cornelius 2014.08.22

    Will we be honored with a podcast of the great orator?

  10. Flipper 2014.08.22

    That blogger dude KILLED it today. Most animated and energetic speaker at the forum in a long time. The crowd ate it up along with their lunches!

  11. JeniW 2014.08.23

    I wonder who was the primary focus of the picture of Susy and Cory?

    I am thinking of where she was at. She was among friends and supporters. She no longer has to impress her friends and supporters by the way she dresses.

    I like Susy because of who she is. If she had worn her PJs, that would have been just fine with me.

    I no longer try to dress to impress, I have reached a point in my life that if the people who I consider my friends don't like me by now, they never will.

    If I am going to be some place where there are people I do not know, and/or meeting with people I need to impress, then I dress accordingly. I am guessing that Susy felt like she was among friends and people who like her.

    The next time Susy is out campaigning, I am willing to bet that she will be dressed more formally.

    BTW grudz, some people eat lunch at the weekly forums, some do not. it is optional. Those who attend pay for their own meal. I think the guest speaker receives a complimentary lunch if s/he wants it, but everyone else has to pay for their own.

  12. mike fro iowa 2014.08.23

    Most libs do the blue collar wardrobe proud because that is where they come from. Wingnuts look fauxknee as hell dressing down.

  13. mike fro iowa 2014.08.23

    Cory,nice flower.

  14. caheidelberger Post author | 2014.08.23

    Correction made, 12! Thanks for that reminder!

  15. caheidelberger Post author | 2014.08.23

    Roger, someone did have a video camera running. I'll see if they can post to YouTube and forward me a link so you can can judge for yourself the greatness of Friday's oratory. ;-)

  16. caheidelberger Post author | 2014.08.23

    Thanks, Flipper! I know busy people don't have time for a boring speech. And if I'm going to exhort Democrats to campaign with fire, I figure I'd better lead by example.

  17. suzie frioli 2014.08.23

    I should ask Dennis Daugaard why he didn't step in and advise Susy Blake to not wear denim to lunch on Friday. He would probably just answer, "I don't know. I wasn't there."

  18. bearcreekbat 2014.08.23

    Can anyone provide a link to a video of the debate between Wismer and Daugaard?

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