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Weiland and Wismer Need to Ride Robinson’s Coattails?

Survey USA releases the full results of its September 3–7 poll of the South Dakota political landscape. Unsurprisingly, it finds that Rep. Kristi Noem is beating her Democratic opponent Corinna Robinson, just as her Republican counterparts are winning the other races polled (Senate, Governor, and Secretary of State). But surprisingly, Robinson polls higher, 40%, than Democratic gubernatorial candidate Susan Wismer (34%) and Democratic Senate candidate Rick Weiland (28%).

Corinna Robinson, Democrat for U.S. House in South Dakota, 2014
Corinna wears cowboy hat, Corinna outscores Rick and Susan. Coincidence?

Part of Robinson's anomalous high (and that we can call 40% "high" deserves mockery from all of my Republican readers) comes from the absence of any third-party challengers from her race. Robinson can claim all of the anti-Noem votes, while Weiland has to share the majority who don't like Mike with the combusting Larry Pressler. Indy Mike Myers's drain a couple points of anti-Daugaard vote from Wismer's tally.

But the embarrassing fact is that among Robinson, Wismer, and Weiland, Robinson is mounting the weakest campaign (weaker debate performance, far less money raised than Weiland, less ambitious touring) yet has more people checking Democrat than either counterpart. Even among Democrats, Robinson is scoring highest, pulling 78% of the Dems surveyed compared with 65% sticking with Wismer and 56% sticking with Weiland. Democrats, seriously, do you ever reward performance?

When folks in the Weiland and Wismer war rooms can consider riding Corinna Robinson's coattails as a serious campaign strategy, something is seriously out of whack.


  1. lee schoenbeck 2014.09.12

    Cory, you nailed this one.

  2. caheidelberger Post author | 2014.09.12

    When Lee thinks I'm right, I get nervous.

  3. South DaCola 2014.09.12

    Yeah, if no campaigning is the secret to beating Repubs this Fall, Angelia Schultz should wallop Krebs 2-1.

  4. Steve Sibson 2014.09.12

    "comes from the absence of any third-party challengers from her race. Robinson can claim all of the anti-Noem votes, while Weiland has to share the majority who don't like Mike"

    Cory, that is a very important point. That is why Democrats should be reaching out to Third Party candidates instead of calling them conspiracy nuts. That is why taking a serious look at their policy positions would perhaps bring us to working together. 90% of us have a common enemy, but politics has 45% fighting with the other 45%. Except in South Dakota. Here we have a large percentage of Democrats that moved over to the GOP side. That is how we got one-party rule. Sadly those liberals are then used to give conservatives a black eye and the hatred and fighting continues.

    I will leave you to your role in all of this dysfunctional BS. Later.

  5. larry kurtz 2014.09.12

    Noem: Mounting Indy Less Far

  6. lesliengland 2014.09.12

    go corrina!!! attack that woman

  7. Roger Cornelius 2014.09.12

    I remain concerned that Corinna is not more assertive when it comes to Noem and her poor representation in congress. There are plenty of Republicans that I know that don't like for numerous reasons.

    The government shutdown
    The government shutdown during the last year's blizzard when farmers and ranchers didn't get needed services.
    Her continued vote to keep the government shutdown when it was obvious that Mt. Rushmore was financially impacted.
    These are just a few of the issues Robinson should be hitting Noem with.

  8. lesliengland 2014.09.12

    I believe she will be at UTTC in rapid city today for the debate

  9. jerry 2014.09.12

    Roger, how about the 40 plus times her and her boneheaded congress voted to kill the ACA? The millions of dollars that have been wasted for this show. NOem is unfit for duty as we all know.

  10. Roger Cornelius 2014.09.12

    I forgot to put that on No No Noem's list.


  11. jerry 2014.09.12

    What about veterans issues as well? Robinson should be beating the hell out of NOem with veterans issues. Here are a few of them that you will not see on NOem's website and why would you? From Daily Kos

    Republicans only like veterans when they are shooting at brown folks. When you come home all beat to hell, hard to find one that will show you some love. I know it costs a lot to treat us, but it costs a lot to make us shoot the guns at the brown folks as well. Ya gotta pay if you want us to play.

  12. Deb Geelsdottir 2014.09.13

    Jerry, Haliburton/Cheney/etc. don't make piles of $$$ from your health care, but billions roll in when they send you to shoot brown folks.

  13. jerry 2014.09.13

    Veterans issues are only one of the many differences between these two. But as a veteran, I would say that Robinson would have the sense of duty to be able to perform her functions as a representative for the whole of South Dakota in better ways. I don't see Robinson trying to grab headlines with a fight against the EPA for one thing. NOem has tried to put the spotlight on herself by trying to champion the poisoning of our rivers and streams by the runoffs from chemical laden agriculture fields. Republicans tend to forget conveniently, that it was a republican president (Nixon) that pushed through and got passed the EPA bill to put that into law. A grateful nation still applauds that with the exception of NOem and her cronies like the Koch brothers that only want to weaken and then destroy that bill so they can pollute with impunity.

    NOem's 15 minutes have now sunseted. She has proven herself to be completely partisan in an open seat. Time to put her out to pasture.

  14. jerry 2014.09.13

    Check this out. If you are still sitting on the fence and wondering about financially or boots on the ground supporting Robinson, Wismer and Weiland, watch this to see what republican wins would mean for not only our state, but for our country. They must go man, they must be made to stand aside. More of this is what we can expect with right wing nonsense in positions of power.

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