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Indian Vote Effort Starts Monday with Treaty Rights Rally in Pierre

Dustina Gill got beat in the District 1 House primary, but she's still working to get out the vote in the general election. She's joining Chase Iron Eyes, Gay Kingman, and Rep. Kevin Killer to mount a "Get Out the Native Vote!" Statewide Rez Tour:


Statewide Rez Tour GOTV Bus!

Gill and friends will be traveling the state in this bus to register reservation residents to vote by the October 20 deadline, to help folks vote early, and to line up volunteers for Election Day get-out-the-vote and poll-watching activities.

The tour starts in Pierre on Monday, October 13—Native American Day—with a Treaty Rights Rally on the Capitol steps. Organizers then spend the week along the river and West, then come back East on Monday, October 20.

These folks evidently don't read John Tsitrian, who argues that opposition to Keystone XL is a losing issue. The rally organizers make clear they oppose the pipeline, uranium mining, eminent domain, and any sale of the Black Hills.

If you'd like to help, either on the bus, on the ground, or with cash, contact the organizers listed on the poster above, or give Gill and friends a shout via Facebook.


  1. Deb Geelsdottir 2014.10.07

    Great plan! I hope they get lots of support and great success. This is wonderful political action.

  2. Ruth 2014.10.07

    Won't post because my message is to short it says.

    Way to go!!!! Get everyone voting!

  3. Merlyn Schutterle 2014.10.09

    Treaty rights, hmmmm. Clinging to those rights for abuses of the past is what is keeping reservation people in poverty and hopeless. It's time to get off the racist wagon and join the USA and the rest of the world. What Custer couldn't do to them, they are doing to themselves.

  4. larry kurtz 2014.10.09

    Statehood for the tribes and Mexico.

  5. lesliengland 2014.10.09

    merl-heard about west rapid city? seems the city, churches, and the state snagged 1200 acres for themselves in 1948, ignoring reversionary title to the feds at Sioux San Indian Hospital.

    if this is true do you think we should just do what custer couldn't do? We are watching a holocaust now in Syria. We are watching the results of a holocaust in South Dakota. Agreed, time to join the rest to the world for justice.

  6. Merlyn Schutterle 2014.10.09

    leslie, I didn't say we should do what Custer couldn't. I said the reservation people are doing it to themselves. I'm totally against it.

    The Jews cowboyed up and and didn't spend the rest of their lives crying in their beer like the reservation people. They are not trying to take revenge on Germany. They made themselves a world power. They understand the Germans who are alive today are not the ones who committed the holocaust, and they are responsible for their own destiny. They are not trying to hang the people now for the sins of their ancestors. The reservation people don't understand that because they are indoctrinated not to.

    Yes, there is evil all over the world and it's mostly caused by corrupt religious and political beliefs. Religion and politics is the insanity of humanity.

  7. Merlyn Schutterle 2014.10.09

    I went to school with Gay Kingman. Her relatives and mine were very close. She is a great lady, but nothing like the general population on the rez. She went to our "white" high school, got a good education, and had a white boyfriend at the time. Her grandmother, Agness Kingman, was my godmother and I carried her to her grave in LaPlant. I still visit her grave when I am out there.

  8. lesliengland 2014.10.11

    "cowboy up" doesn't mean name dropping. do you know if they support your posts

  9. Jana 2014.10.11

    Without comment:

    Total US Aid to Israel = 3.1 Billion
    Total BIA budget = 2.2 Billion

  10. larry kurtz 2014.10.11

    Jana, i just shoved your brilliant comment into twitter: hope that's okay.

  11. jerry 2014.10.11

    Jana, keep in mind this is the cash we give to Israel for walking around money. The loot for the Iron Dome is not even considered in that, neither are the rest of the armaments that we just got through approving and shipping there after they blasted the hell out of the Palestinians. If the Native people even got the war machine moolah, that would be outstanding. Think of that for a minute, keep the money here and not worry about how the war criminals behave. ISIS has some good teachers, maybe that is why they leave Israel alone.

  12. grudznick 2014.10.17

    Merlyn Schutterle. I think I had breakfast with you once in Gettysburg at the Medicine Rock Cafe. That you?

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