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Noem Eager to Debate Robinson in Rapid City This Week

And now a message from Bryon Noem:

We've got a busy few days ahead of us on the campaign trail!

My wife Kristi will be participating in two debates in the coming week, starting with the Rapid City Journal Debate on Tuesday, October 14th and then the South Dakota Public Broadcasting Congressional Debate on Thursday, October 16th.

We're hoping for a big crowd at the Rapid City Journal Debate (University Center - 4300 Cheyenne Blvd.) and hope you’ll join our team at the pre-debate rally at 11:00am. Wear a Kristi for Congress t-shirt or pick one up at the event and cheer Kristi on before the noon debate.

On Thursday, you can tune-in to the South Dakota Public Broadcasting Congressional Debate at 7:00pm (MT) on TV and online ( It will also be aired on public radio the next day at 11:00am (MT).

This is an exciting opportunity for Kristi to discuss the issues, the progress she's made in Congress, and the challenges that still lie ahead. We're looking forward to these debates and hope you are too!

What issues would you like Kristi to talk about? Join the conversation on Facebook and Twitter today to share your thoughts and tune-in next week!

Thank you for your support.


Bryon Noem [campaign fundraising e-mail, 2014.10.11]

I am pleased that Bryon and Kristi both recognize that debating in Rapid City is an "exciting opportunity" to "discuss the issues." And heck, Congresswoman Noem is making that trip even though she has held stable double-digit leads over her Democratic challenger Corinna Robinson in every poll this year, including the poll Robinson herself touted last spring as demonstrating her path to victory.

Dang, maybe the SDGOP should have gotten Noem to run for the Senate and let some less qualified Republican luck his way into the House seat.


  1. larry kurtz 2014.10.12

    Noem: Message Issues Looking Forward

  2. Lynn 2014.10.12

    Kristi can share with South Dakotans how proud she was to vote for the government shutdown and how she was amazed at how residents of the state were able to pool together and donate money to keep Mt Rushmore our Shrine of Democracy open for visitors during that shutdown.

  3. Bill Fleming 2014.10.12

    Wouldn't it have been a hoot if the two candidates for senate would have been KN and SHS? The 2014 showdown. Instead, we get Rick Weiland and The 3 Stooges. Why there is even a question totally baffles me. Only in South Dakota.

  4. larry kurtz 2014.10.12

    Gee, Bill: how progressively socialist liberal of you in stark contrast to Jammer's regressive fascistic kleptublicanism, of course.

  5. Bill Fleming 2014.10.12

    Jammer is a legend in his own mind.

  6. Lynn 2014.10.12

    Kristi was proud watching these tough South Dakotans suck it up and as construction projects throughout the state halt with winter deadlines fast approaching, contractors and businesses who have monthly expenses not get paid during the government shutdown due to USDA and other government agencies shut down and their employees locked out of their offices.

    Ranchers and citizens pulling themselves up by their bootstraps after the winter storm Atlas. Those South Dakotans are a tough bunch! They made Kristi proud!

  7. larry kurtz 2014.10.12

    Think he's Randazzo, Bill?

  8. Bill Fleming 2014.10.12

    No, Larry. He's not as smart as Randazzo. (...I can't believe I just said that!)

  9. larry kurtz 2014.10.12

    Well, Bill: it's damned christian of you to keep PP's blog afloat anyway.

  10. mike from iowa 2014.10.12

    Dear Lord Byron,I have no desire to join you or your Misses at her pre-debate rally. Please send me Mrs. Robinson's address so that I may join her pre-debate rally and cheer her to victory. Thanks,love. mike from iowa.

  11. mike from iowa 2014.10.12

    Nice little mention of horsey stuff with the "stable" double digit leads. Why not use dog food double digit leads. That is a reference to horsey stuff,too,ain't it?

  12. Bill Fleming 2014.10.12

    Larry, it's like a stun grenade went off over there. Half of them don't know whether to sh#t or go blind.

  13. jerry 2014.10.13

    Ebola should be the real message here in this debate. If I were directing Robinson, I would hammer home the budget cuts that NOem has voted for time and time again to deny funding for the NIH for one. Our dust bunny could give a care about healthcare and is clueless on what an epidemic could mean to South Dakota as well as the rest of the country. She should take a walk in the old cemeteries and see some of the 1918 dates on the tombstones to get an idea. We were no different than any of the other 50 states at that time with our losses. The one thing that helped us here was our remoteness, it still did not protect us.
    This is not fear mongering, simply facts.

  14. WayneF 2014.10.13

    Bill, "Rick Weiland and the three stooges." Perfect!

  15. Roger Cornelius 2014.10.13

    Corinna has this opportunity to hit Kristi hard on her poor performance as a congresswoman, the issues in this congressional contest are evident, Corinna needs to spell out the difference in how she will represent all of South Dakota and not just the agricultural community.
    Corinna needs to remind voters of Kristi failures and than remind them throughout the debate.
    There are some staunch Republicans that will not support Kristi, Corinna needs to talk to them.

  16. bearcreekbat 2014.10.13

    Jerry nailed it as usual. Someone needs to ask Noem about her votes on decreasing the funding of federal health care programs and whether these votes are consistent with the ability to address Ebola issues in the USA. Cutting funding to health care has the potential to cause significant dangers to everyone.

  17. JeniW 2014.10.13

    Cutting funding for health care impacts everyone, including veterans and their families.

  18. Brett 2014.10.13

    I've often thought how much Kristi must be kicking herself for not jumping in the Senate race, and looking forward to those long 6 year terms. $10 says she will be running for governor four years from now.

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