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Images from SDPB Debate: Soldier, Eyes Forward! Kristi, Stop Smirking

Two pictures tell the story of last night's debate between Corinna Robinson and Rep. Kristi Noem:

Robinson SDPB 20141016
Corinna Robinson, SDPB debate, 2014.10.16
Noem SDPB 20141016
Rep. Kristi Noem, SDPB debate, 2014.10.16

Corinna Robinson is trying hard, but she can't figure out how to aim her message at the voters. Throughout the debate she kept looking around the studio at Rep. Noem, at Stephanie Rissler (who inexcusably kept referring to the Democrat by her first name while calling the Republican by her formal title), at pretty much every point but the camera, which she seemed to favor with only the most occasional nervous glances.

Ms. Robinson, when you're in a debate, look at the people you need to convince. Your opponent and your moderator won't be convinced. Look at the camera.

Rep. Noem quite successfully and hypnotically fixes her glistening eyes on the camera and on the hearts of the voters whom she knows must love her... and who thus must forgive her the shrugging smirk with which she punctuates her answers. I have to say this crap, that cheeky grimace seems to say. I'm just keeping the seat warm. What else do you expect?

Enjoy those images while I dig for substance in last night's debate. Report coming up later today!


  1. larry kurtz 2014.10.17

    Noem: Message Inexcusably Looks Formal

  2. Craig 2014.10.17

    I see what you did there Larry, and yes... that is exactly the reason she is in Congress, because it surely isn't based upon education, intellect, results, or action.

  3. SDBlue 2014.10.17

    I watched the RCJ debate as well as the SDPB debate. I have not, nor will I ever vote for Kristi Noem. That being said, I have not been impressed with Corinna Robinson. She rambles and appears unprepared. Her answers are not concise, while Noem's GOP/TP talking points are extremely well rehearsed. Robinson had a major gaffe in the RCJ debate. She said "thanks for ISIL" and whoever was sitting next to the videographer could be heard saying "oh wow". I hope she makes a better impression in person than on camera.

  4. Roger Cornelius 2014.10.17

    In BREAKING NEWS from the Dump Site:
    Pat Powers posted a picture in celebration of Noem's debate victory by posting a picture of, seriously, her dirty laundry.
    I'm hoping or congresswoman gets a pay raise she can by a laundry basket.

  5. Lynn 2014.10.17

    SDBlue I've been holding off criticizing Corinna Robinson's campaign but it has been a huge disappointment for me. I could only watch the debate for so long and just changed the channel being too painful to watch. She never really attacked, differentiated herself from Noem or tell the voters why they should vote for her.

    It's almost as if she has run her entire campaign herself as she sees fit disregarding any advice that may have been given by those more seasoned at this. Her campaign just does not seem to match the accomplishments of her military career. This election cycle had a great opportunity to unseat Noem coming off the government shutdown and to showcase Noem's record of ineffectiveness and hypocrisy. There should of been a primary challenger.

    I still feel Robinson would be vastly better than Noem in Washington but I feel Corinna Robinson will mostly be getting anti-Noem votes on Nov 4th.

  6. Jenny 2014.10.17

    I think Susan Wismer is one would that run a good campaign against Noem next election cycle. If it is true that there are a lot of republicans that don't like Noem, than this would be a good match. I wouldn't think Wismer would shy away from going negative.

  7. Jenny 2014.10.17

    Wismer is one that would run a good campaign against Noem (meant to say).

  8. Mike Armstrong 2014.10.17

    Noem brought up collapsing bridges at least twice. Did she vote with her party to perpetuate this problem? Could this be an issue?

  9. caheidelberger Post author | 2014.10.17

    Help us out, Jenny, point to some examples of Wismer's campaigning this season that show she could square off well against Noem. (And does the suggestion assume Wismer won't be already gainfully employed in Pierre next election cycle?)

  10. larry kurtz 2014.10.17

    I certainly have not heard anything from Rep. Wismer about her leaving South Dakota to serve the state.

  11. Jenny 2014.10.17

    Who else is there, Cory? Wismer couldn't do any worse than Robinson has and would probably do much better. Wismer will have name recognition, an established base, she's obviously intelligent and has that good hardworking SD image (Noem is rather lacking on a couple of those). Wismer just needs to go to debate school, brush up on the DC issues, get some nice attractive clothes (I know, it's cheesy but an attractive appearance is a must for women) and she would be ready.

  12. tara volesky 2014.10.17

    Susan Wismer is a very classy lady. She needs to look more like a Democrat. Take some lessons from Heidi Heitcamp. Heidi looks like a chick dude.

  13. Lynn 2014.10.17

    Susan Wismer brings so much more to the electorate than Noem ever will but I doubt Susan would have any desire to leave South Dakota and go to Washington. Susan seems so focused on what is happening here in South Dakota where we obviously have serious problems.

    Besides have you ever been to Washington DC during the summer months? The heat and humidity are miserable there. I'd rather be in the glacial lakes area in north east South Dakota any day!

  14. SDBlue 2014.10.17

    Congratulations Tara! You win the The Most Ignorant Comment Of The Day Award.

  15. caheidelberger Post author | 2014.10.17

    I agree with Lynn: I have seen no sign that Susan is inclined to go to Washington. She didn't even want to leave Britton and the tax office until April 16 to start campaigning.

    Who else is there? SHS, Brendan Johnson, Ryan Casey, Joe Lowe, Angie Buhl O'Donnell, Ellee Spawn, Robin Page... (help me out, folks!).

  16. tara volesky 2014.10.17

    Thank you SD Blue. Keep turning those Independent and 3rd party Voters away. Exclusivity , that's not suppose to be the Democrat way.

  17. caheidelberger Post author | 2014.10.17

    And base: given that the last SurveyUSA poll showing Robinson at 37% and Wismer at 30%, could we argue that Robinson has built a larger base than Wismer and would be better poised to run again in 2016 than Wismer?

  18. Lynn 2014.10.17

    Tara besides all the other claims you make such as 90% of doctors will vote for Meyers, Endorsed by 10 Hempsters, SoDakLiberty and SD Libertarians are you speaking on behalf of all voters who registered as Independents here in SD as if they are some sort of party or an organized entity?

  19. SDBlue 2014.10.17

    Tara, just how is calling you out on an incredibly stupid comment turning Independent and 3rd party voters away? Did you even think before you typed that?

  20. Lynn 2014.10.17

    Cory I believe most of those showing for Corinna Robinson are anti-Noem votes. Susan Wismer/Susy Blake have been far more effective in raising money and campaigning.

    Maybe Corinna Robinson is getting her feet wet this election cycle and plans to run a new improved and experienced campaign next cycle. She is building name recognition. Who knows there could be enough anti-Noem votes to pull off a Nov 4th surprise.

    Lastly if Roy Lake, Clear Lake, Pickeral, the other lakes and Sici Hollow were in my back yard it would be hard to leave. lol

  21. SDBlue 2014.10.17

    Lynn, I spent almost every summer of my childhood at Roy Lake. My grandparents had an old mobile home parked at that Lake. Grandpa passed away in 1980. I later found out my grandmother didn't much care for the lake. I have not been back since grandpa passed, but I have extremely fond memories.

  22. grudznick 2014.10.17

    Ms. Lynn, I have no doubt at all that young Ms. Wismer will be enjoying next summer in the glacial lakes region of northeast South Dakota.

  23. Lynn 2014.10.17

    SDBlue I have some of my best memories there too and it still is my favorite part of the state year round not just the summers.

    Grudz it will be nice for Governor Wismer to escape from Pierre and relax at Roy Lake periodically when she needs to.

  24. grudznick 2014.10.17

    As with the debate between Mmes. Noem and Robinson, it was HILARIOUS! I laughed and laughed and laughed. Funniest debate yet that didn't include Mr. Meyers.

  25. Jana 2014.10.17

    Politics is a funny hiring process. Think if you were an employer looking at resumes as to who could best do the job...and then compare the two women applying for the job.

    Seems like a pretty simple decision.

  26. tara volesky 2014.10.17

    Lynn, speaking for Independents as if they are some organized party.......Well Lynn more people are registering Independent than all other parties combined. There are now over 100,000 registered Independents in SD which is a pretty large voting block. So trying to discredit Myers and Looby just because they don't fall in line with Ms. Wismer and DD does not help Democrats. Facts are facts.

  27. SDBlue 2014.10.17

    It appears Tara does not want to answer my question. Maybe she would be interested to know that I am a registered Independent and I will be voting Blue this November.

  28. Bob Klein 2014.10.17

    This was difficult to watch.

  29. SDBlue 2014.10.17

    Scroll up, Tara. My question is right in-between two of Lynn's comments.

  30. Roger Cornelius 2014.10.17

    Are independents truly a pretty huge voting block?
    I agree with Lynn, are independents an actual party with Tara as their spokeswoman or are they registered voters that don't want to commit to a party and have the freedom to chose anyone or no one at all?
    Or, could they be independent voters because they haven't made up their minds about candidates?

  31. JeniW 2014.10.17

    First there was someone having a s*** fit because of Susy Blake's style of dress, now Tara had a s*** fit about the style of clothes that Susan wears.

    Pathetic way of attacking candidates. But, then, if that is the only negative trait they have, they are doing well.

  32. bearcreekbat 2014.10.17

    I fully agree with Jana - "Think if you were an employer looking at resumes as to who could best do the job...and then compare the two women applying for the job."

    Debates are great, but they tend to show speaking talents rather than reasonable ideas about policy questions. Robinson may not have been a starlet at the debate, but who wants or needs a brainless starlet as our only representative in the house. Noem supported the government shutdown and supported reducing finding for important government agencies, such as those who are assigned to protect our safety and health - think addressing Ebola issues. I prefer someone in the House that doesn't blindly follow anti-government blather without thought or regard to the dangerous consequences. We need someone with Robinson's resume.

  33. Lynn 2014.10.17

    Tara have you been sending out newsletters and emails to all registered Independent voters here in South Dakota?

    Have you been conducting meetings organizing all the Independent voters into one voting bloc?

    So if Mike Myers/Lora Hubbel are independent candidates not affiliated with any party do you feel they are somehow adopted and under the wing of all South Dakota voters who just happened to register as Independent?

  34. tara volesky 2014.10.17

    Got it Lynn, ok one example,it makes me sick how this blog and followers have set out to destroy Lee Stranahan, when maybe you need to tune in what he just did today. I hope he's wearing a bullet proof vest. The Democrat Party should be paying this Republican for going after Rounds, Daugaard and Jackley. I just called KELO and told them they have no guts. Take a lesson from Stranahan.

  35. mike from iowa 2014.10.17

    Who wants brainless starlets? Fauxknee Noise Korp that's who.(eye candy so they can win the male demographic every night with wardrobe malfunctions)

  36. Lynn 2014.10.17

    Tara please just answer the questions we have asked you. You claim to speak for all Independent registered voters so we have more detailed questions above.

  37. tara volesky 2014.10.17

    Lynn, as of today we have less than $200 dollars in our bank account. Mike has a lot of rich friends in the medical field but will not take any money. He hates it. We did a donate button which he probably doesn't even know about. The Independent of SD are not a party like the Republican and Democrats who have Party conventions Dinners, county chairmans, fundraisers, State conventions. Party offices, etc. See what we are up against. Lora got a call from a friend today that got a call from a poll that asked between Daugaard and Wismer, who would you vote for? That's what we're up against. That's just the way it is.

  38. Lynn 2014.10.17

    Tara I'm sorry but that does not answer the questions above. You repeatedly speak on behalf of Independents and we or I am curious if how many Independents you have been organizing.

    Under the right circumstances, with the right candidate and team I do believe a 3rd party or Independent candidate could succeed here in South Dakota but they would know it would be an uphill battle even more than the Dems face and they would need to work 4 times as hard and actually raise money. Discipline and focus would be key too.

    The Myers/Hubbel campaign having no money is a choice that campaign made. It's basically tying your hands behind your back then and can blame no one but themselves.

  39. tara volesky 2014.10.17

    JeniW, that's the problem with this blog. I was being cynical because someone was critiquing Susan on her appearance and I brought in Heidi H because she loves being a plain Jane. I don't agree that they are for the Keystone pipeline but I think both Heidi and Susan mean well. Check out her commercials, she wears jeans and Bill Janklow sweatshirts . Let Susan be Susan. She is classy and authentic even if she agrees with DD more than she agrees with MM.

  40. tara volesky 2014.10.17

    Jennie, we don't have to organize Independents, they think for themselves, and I believe a lot of Independents will be voting for Mike Myers. Yes Jennie some people are upset because Mike refuses to raise money. I respect his beliefs. I think people are sick of the money involved in politics. I do respect Weiland wanting to get money out of politics. People can find out about a candidate without turning on the TV.

  41. Roger Cornelius 2014.10.17

    Lynn, is it fair to assume that 90% of registered independent voters would only vote for independent candidates?

  42. Lynn 2014.10.17

    Roger absolutely not and it's just not being realistic to think that.

  43. grudznick 2014.10.17

    Ms. Volesky, I think 90% of this blog thinks that Mr. Stranahan, wherever he went back to, destroyed himself in South Dakota with actions and statements that were insaner than most. Is Mr. Stranahan still an item with that pretty, young Dr. Bos? I thought he got arrested or something and hauled out of the state on a railroad tie.

  44. Jenny 2014.10.17

    Well, here's a question for Kristi Noem. Did she forego her pay when she voted to shut down the government last year?

  45. grudznick 2014.10.17

    Also, Ms. Volesky, I want you to know I am a big fan of Mr. Myers. One of his hugest.

  46. Roger Cornelius 2014.10.17

    Hopefully Cory will delete any and all references to Stranahan or Dakota Reporter.

  47. JeniW 2014.10.17

    Tara, if I misunderstood about your comments regarding Susan's style of dress, I apologize.

    Sometimes it is difficult to determine when people are being sarcastic.

  48. grudznick 2014.10.17

    Mr. C, where did that fellow with the short arms go off to? You seem to be in the know on these things.

  49. Roger Cornelius 2014.10.17

    grudz, if you're talking about Chad Haber's spokesman, he's been hiding out in Texas still pretending to be a journalist. He recently returned to Sioux Falls to save South Dakota voters from themselves.
    By the way grudz, have you had a chance to check out Noem's dirty laundry on your favorite Dump Site. It is worth a look.

  50. grudznick 2014.10.17

    I went and looked at it, Mr. C. I must say that I have never been much of a "dirty laundry" man but why would anybody post soiled undies on the internets when they are running for office unless they knew the soiled undie constituency was huge.

    I am going to purge my brain of that image now, certainly before tomorrow's breakfast, and I shall not speak of them again.

  51. Jana 2014.10.17

    Cory, just for some weekend fun, can you have a caption contest for Kristi's picture?

  52. Roger Cornelius 2014.10.17

    grudz, glad you made the trip over to check out Noem's dirty laundry, must be some kind of Republican humor thing.
    Did you notice grudz that there was no mention of unmentionables?

  53. grudznick 2014.10.17

    I have pretty bad eyes, Mr. C, and I have a device that lets me zoom way in to read and see pictures. I would not recommend you use such a device over there on that picture.

  54. Roger Cornelius 2014.10.17

    Sometimes having poor eye sight maybe a good thing, I share your problems with vision and really don't need to see anyone's soiled undies.

  55. jerry 2014.10.17

    Maybe NOem is a free wheeler that eats freedom fries and wears none.

  56. tara volesky 2014.10.17

    JeniW alls forgiven. Roger you are really upsetting me. Are you for the people or a Cory Kool-Aid drinker. When are you going to realize.....YOU CAN'T WIN IT ALONE BEING EXCLUSIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  57. Roger Cornelius 2014.10.17

    I'm not familiar with this trite and overused term Tara uses about drinking Kool-Ade, it wasn't any in of my political science classes, can someone explain it to me?

  58. Roger Cornelius 2014.10.17

    No one has ever excused to Democrats of being exclusive, as soon as you drop some of you asinine ideologies and see the light, you are most welcome to join the real world with the rest of us.

  59. Deb Geelsdottir 2014.10.17

    Grudz, you have convinced me to avoid the Noem undies photo at all costs. Actually, it was a pretty easy decision. I don't care to sully my browser history with that. I think it's a carrier. No, not of Ebola, but of Lying Stupidity. LS.

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