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No Joke: United Steelworkers Send “Knock Knock” Card on Rounds, EB-5 and FBI

Funny? Mean? Reaching? Tell me what you think of this new Senate campaign mailer submitted by an eager reader:

USW Rounds Knock Knock front

Who's there?

USW Rounds FBI mailerRemember: they're not kidding. The FBI really is investigating South Dakota's EB-5 visa investment program. And the card gets to the heart of the matter: regardless of how many dollars or jobs EB-5 brought to the state, Governor Rounds approved of and actively participated in a program whose director broke multiple laws and rules to stuff money into his own pocket and the pockets of the governor's supporters.

But who brings us this message?
USW Rounds Knock Knock address

USW Works—the United Steelworkers' Super PAC. Remember, anti-labor South Dakota: a statement isn't false just because a union says it.

My correspondent gets the impression this card is going out to Independent voters. Will it pull down Rounds's total? Will it lift Rick Weiland? Will it synergize with the big Sioux Falls endorsement of Larry Pressler?


  1. bearcreekbat 2014.11.01

    We got the card Cory, and it was addressed to our household. I am a registered Republican and my spouse is a registered Democrat. We have no one registered Independent in the household, hence your friend's theory could be mistaken.

    I doubt that the mailer will make much difference. The real question for Weiland is likely voter turnout. If you all can get the Democrats to show up, Weiland has a good chance of winning. My spouse and I both plan to vote for him, as do many other old school Republicans who have progressive views on both social and economic issues, and who recognize that higher wages for the working class and subsistence help to the needy translate into two goods: (1) helping our fellow human beings; and (2) investing in a growing economy where earnings and income are spent rather than hoarded, resulting in a boost for everyone.

  2. mike from iowa 2014.11.01

    The koch bros eventually will get the money,all the money,they just prefer to get it all right now and skip all the middlemen. Every hand that touches the money will spend some large part of it and then it gets passed on to further stimulate the economy. koch bros prefer the money less contaminated by peon hands.

  3. Steve Hickey 2014.11.01

    They seek to hang the wrong guy motivated only by a fear of losing control of the Senate. But I understand, it's all they got. Time to throw all they have at the wall hoping something will stick because they aren't going to win in SD on the issues.

  4. Roger Cornelius 2014.11.01

    On a previous thread, I commented that both Legal Resurrection and the National Review were hinting that there is the possibility of the FBI agent in charge of this investigation may comment on the results as soon as late next week.
    The FBI stated that they had been investigating SDRC since Nov. 2013, there is good reason for their investigation to have lasted this long

  5. Bill Fleming 2014.11.01

    Steve Hickey, if you know any more about who are the "right guys" and the wrong guys" in this investigation than any of the rest of us do, please, by all means, share it with us.

    You sure seem to know a lot about things nobody else does today.

    What did you do, eat your Wheaties? ;-)

  6. Les 2014.11.01

    West River doesn't count as in SD Rep Hickey?
    Vetoed a spill reserve fund for XLII.
    Pulled the National Guard from West River.
    Tried to kill the Black Hills Playhouse Theatre.
    Had the Highway Patrol do his dirty work on the West River Brand board and broke them up, with help from east river folks who don't even have brand requirements.
    Took designated dollars from the SD Aero fund for the hole in Lead, telling legislators it was ARRA funds, though they were pilot registration and fuel taxes paid in our state.
    Hides behind the lies of Trans Canada on XL while giving our citizens second place behind foreigners on property rights.
    Failed on protecting Black Hills water and water rights.
    As for East River, Steve.
    Dead, Richard.
    Dead, NBP.
    No answers, which is probably one of the few smart things Mike has done in the last 12 years.
    Your bias against our state shows, Steve.
    I'll say it again, if Mike is the only person who can save our senate, it isn't worth saving.

  7. Jenny 2014.11.01

    Pastor Hickey, have you heard of Lake Sharpe Investments? Look it up and you'll find it is a slush fund used for the Rounds Campaign on SD taxpayer money okayed by Daugaard. Doesn't phase you much? It should, and it would be nice if you could open an investigation on it when you get back to Pierre in Jan.

  8. Moses 2014.11.01

    Steve Hickey please go back to the church and practice religion, please stay out of politics.

  9. Lynn 2014.11.01

    Jenny as long as they are in power they won't do anything to upset the apple cart.

  10. Jenny 2014.11.01

    Maybe it's b/c of my Christian upbringing, or maybe it's b/c sometimes I still have a glimmer of hope for humanity, but I would like to think of Pastor Hickey, a man of the bible, as one of those guys that would not look away from Pierre corruption and keep letting it happen. But maybe I'm expecting too much.

  11. bearcreekbat 2014.11.01

    I'm with you Jenny, lets hope Pastor Hickey is a voice that challenges the corruption in Pierre under the MR & DD regimes.

  12. Jane 2014.11.01

    Steve, It's too late to cry ignorance and innocence! Your efforts to jerk the readers around makes you look, well unintelligent. Where there is smoke, there is fire.

  13. mike from iowa 2014.11.01

    who's there?
    recall who?
    recall Rounds

  14. caheidelberger Post author | 2014.11.01

    Hang the wrong guy? Captain of the ship?

    Steve Hickey, EB-5 alone ought to be all we need to disqualify Rounds from office. The mere gravy of Lake Sharpe Investments and Skjonsberg's vote, sloppy governance, the structural deficit, the NBP bankruptcy, and his general lack of principle ought to be enough to drown him, too.

  15. JeniW 2014.11.01

    Steve H., EB-5 is just one reason not to vote for Rounds, but not the only reason. Rounds is a hypocrite.

    Rounds complains about the federal spending, yet it was he who accepted a federally paid for airplane, then used it for his personal pleasures.

    Rounds brags about how he balanced the budget. How did he do that? He used the last hand-out of the federal stimulus money that was intended for education, yet he now complains about the federal spending. I understand the accepting of the stimulus monies, it just bugs me that instead of being grateful the money, he gripes about the federal spending.

    While he was governor it seems like he did little, if anything, to try to improve the state relationship with the tribes. George Mickelson had some success in trying to do that, so it is not an impossible task.

    Rounds went along with the state legislators in trying to control women's reproduction organs and behaviors, but he nor the legislators have done anything to control the reproductive organs and behaviors of men.

    I trust Rounds being a positive and constructive representative of SD, and making decisions about issues that impact everyone in our country, as far as I can throw him, which is not at all.

  16. mike from iowa 2014.11.01

    Hanging the wrong guy? How would any wingnut know? You refuse to investigate anyone. We should start from the top and hang them all and be sure we get the right one.

  17. Lynn 2014.11.01

    So Steve you make a statement that you wish you were at the GOAC meeting to second Susan Wismer's motion to subpoena Bollen and then basically repeat Dick Wadham's messaging?

  18. bearcreekbat 2014.11.01

    Rep. Hickey, I too wonder about your view of Rounds' financial interest in the Lake Sharpe Investments and Skjonsberg's "apparent" conflict in interest in voting to allocate SD taxpayer money to the companies Lake Sharpe invests in.

  19. owen reitzel 2014.11.01

    You're also forgetting JeniW that Rounds left a structural deficit that lead to Daugaard cutting education funding.
    How can anybody vote for this clown

  20. Roger Cornelius 2014.11.01

    It is absolutely amazing that after all the revelations about Rounds EB-5 scandal they still call it mud being thrown at a wall. They lack the least bit of couiousity and the possibility that Rounds is in some culpable for the crimes against the state.

  21. CK 2014.11.01

    Can we even have recall in SD? I thought we were one of the few states that cannot.

  22. Jane 2014.11.02

    Rounds jumps at the chance to blame the deceased, yet he has not mentioned any disdain for Bollen or Park. Why?
    Ignorance in that level of government is inexcusable. Deserves a good knock knock joke. Double dealing, double talking, double standards.

  23. Greg 2014.11.02

    When all the ballots are counted next Tuesday Rounds will get the votes he heeds to win a Senate seat. Right or wrong it makes no difference if Weiland was a better candidate, he is a Democrat and it is tough to win in South Dakota. We as South Dakotans should not even consider sending a senator that has no integrity.

  24. caheidelberger Post author | 2014.11.02

    CK, you recall correctly: South Dakota allows recalls only for municipal officials. We get no do-over on whoever wins Tuesday, unless that winner steps down. Even then, the Governor would appoint a replacement to serve until the next general election.

  25. Bill Fleming 2014.11.02

    Cory, unless somebody raises hell about the out of state RV votes. If the race is really, really close in some key races, do we maybe see lawsuits, investigations, recounts and maybe even some hanging Chads? ;-)

  26. caheidelberger Post author | 2014.11.02

    Holy cow! Let's do it! Lake, Hanson, Minnehaha, Pennington counties, tell your auditor to get ready for court!

    But wait: would we have to wait for Schoenbeck's Elliott challenge to win before we could leverage that precedent to overturn RV votes?

  27. Bill Fleming 2014.11.02

    Could be your next project, huh, Cory? Hopefully your debate coach buddy Mr. Vargo has his eye on this mailbox situation? Seems like he would be a good guy to call if enough question marks start popping up around those particular absentee ballots.

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