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South Dakota Democrats: How We Lost 2014, How We Win 2016

Last updated on 2014.11.06

The GOP spin machine, not content to simply celebrate victory, spikes the ball in our faces by hurling false insults my way. Pat Powers tells his giddy readers that I have nothing to say about the election. Really, Pat? Really? You spend the entire election currying favor, ignoring important stories, and reprinting press releases, and you tell me I have nothing to say?


I don't want to redund with my post on Pressler's concession missive, but with an eye toward how we win in 2016, let's talk about why most South Dakota Democrats lost in 2014.

1. Mid-terms. It's mid-terms, people. This is what happens.

2. President Obama. South Dakota Republicans hate him. As the Emperor and Darth Vader will tell you, hate will make you powerful, more powerful than...

3. President Obama. South Dakota Democrats don't love him. They should. President Obama's policies have been better than GOP brew all along. President Obama has produced more economic success than Mitt Romney promised, but the economy's had to climb so far to make up for the Bush recession that it's still not good enough for us to whoop and holler about it and alchemize jingly-pocket voter confidence into votes. The Affordable Care Act is just what Republican doctors were ordering before they turned completely obstructionist in 2008 and is better than either the status quo ante or any repeal-replacement the GOP has offered, but it's not the instant, sweeping, easy to explain solution that casual voters and nervous candidates can wrap their arms around. Democrats don't love Obama as much as Republicans hate him, and you can see which group gets more fired up about voting.

4. Money. Dems can't make it. Between the primary and the pre-general report, the South Dakota Democratic Party took in $40,000 and spent $25,000. During the same period, the South Dakota Republican Party took in $256,000 and spent $243,000.

Republicans don't outnumber Democrats 10 to 1. They don't outearn us at their day jobs 10 to 1. The SDDP can find Democrats who can invest a lot more in the party.

Of course, the SDDP has to offer a product worth investing in, starting with...

5. Top-Tier Candidates. Rick Weiland didn't start top tier. He rose to that level. He's the only Democrat who did. Against enormous odds, he never flagged. To the last moment, he was working the media, the volunteers, and the public. He never matched Rounds's money, and no one expected he would, but he earned six figures every quarter, topped $200K every quarter this year, and crescendoed to $556K in Q3 and $330K just in October.

Susan Wismer almost always sounded like she'd rather not have people aiming microphones and cameras at her. She didn't start raising serious money to contend with the Daugaard machine until after the primary. Corinna Robinson couldn't keep a campaign team together. Her quarterly campaign kitty never cracked six digits. At no point did either candidate command attention and create the impression that she posed a credible threat to the incumbent.

The inability of Wismer and Robinson to rise to Weiland's level left Weiland fighting the battle all by himself. We got no superstar synergy, no expanding excitement, no celebrity team who could drop into legislative races and raise the fortunes (both meanings) of local candidates.

I know it's asking a lot of a very thin field, but we need to find two candidates for 2016, House and Senate, who can set a room on fire. We need two candidates who shake your hand and make you feel like the most important person in the world. We need candidates who not only like the mic but take control of every interview and leave every reporter wanting to write ten Pulitzer stories.

And we need two candidates who get every Democrat in South Dakota to get up and vote Democrat. I'm taking applications now.

6. Negative Campaigning. As in Rick Weiland and the rest of us didn't do enough of it. Republicans demonstrate over and over that negative campaigning works. They negate the liberal, Democratic brand. They destroy Democrats of good conscience like Kathy Tyler. And when we do it back to Republicans, they cry "trash talk!" and get by with it.

Rick Weiland seemed to try a nice-guy approach. When outside groups leapt to his aid with his best hope, blistering negative ads on Mike Rounds's EB-5 scandal, Weiland asked those groups to withdraw those ads and stay positive. That tack undermined the substance of those ads. If your opponent is demonstrably corrupt and should not be Senator, you should say that in every interview and debate you can. When your opponent calls that trash talk, you say you're just taking out the trash, throw the evidence in his face, and demand a response.

Grow up, Dems. We need to push through the initial resistance voters pretend to have to such ads, and say, "Yeah, it's negative, but it's the truth." Never be ashamed of telling the truth.

Which reminds me—

7. Anonymous Social Media. Someone in the Democratic Party wasted a lot of time and energy publishing the "Flyover Wire" blog and Twitter account. They exaggerated some stories, threw some insults, and made no more positive impact than Lowell Feld's astroturf "Badlands Blue" back in 2008. When I interacted with them, they refused to identify themselves. In other words, they couldn't even show a fellow Democrat the trust and respect of speaking with a real name.

Social media does not make an impact independent of identity, especially in South Dakota. Anonymous shouters will be dismissed as party tools by the pundits and ignored by everyone else. And when they disappear immediately after the election, these anonymous tools only make Democrats look worse. (Same goes for Republican tools.) Social media wastes campaign resources unless you're going to tell us who you are and stick around to engage the community beyond the election.

8. Ballot Measure Synergy. We Dems have made great hay of our success with ballot measures lately. In the midst of this year's destruction, we got 55% of voters to approve a Democratic initiative to raise the minimum wage. In 2012, we referred and defeated our Republican governor's school reform bill and an economic development slush fund. We've beaten both abortion ballot measures that South Dakotans have gotten their hands on. On pure policy, South Dakotans vote Democrat.

Initiatives offer a huge opportunity (our only opportunity, unless we hit Bernie Hunhoff with gamma rays and he hulks out on Matt Michels) not only to advance policy but advance the party. We should be using the initiative process from start to finish to register Democratic voters, recruit Democratic volunteers, identify Democratic donors, and make every South Dakota voter realize that Democrats are where it's at. We should be putting a whole batch of initiatives on the ballot around which our candidates can rally. If Republicans can make state legislative races a referendum on President Obama's policies, we Democrats should be able to make local legislative and county commission races referenda on the great and beneficent policies that we Democrats put on the ballot while Republicans gripe and moan and try to suppress their vote.

And after every initiative victory, we come back to voters and say, "You know all those good things happening to you because of that initiative you voted for? That was a Democratic idea. You're welcome. Now vote for us." (You may insert colorful expletives as you see fit.)

* * *

There's much more to retooling the South Dakota Democratic Party and winning in 2016. I'm sure I'll be writing more on that topic for the rest of this year and on through the next. For now, let's look for the Democratic leaders who can rouse the initiatives, the candidates, and the money we need to lead the charge in 2016.

And don't forget to delete Flyover Wire from your RSS feeds.


  1. El Rayo X 2014.11.05

    If Democrats in South Dakota want to build something, start with the foundation. The heavy lifting problem solvers are on school boards, city and county commissions. People who do good work at that level get respect regardless of party affiliation and can move up to higher office. Plans for the 2016 election should have been started about 10 years ago, not today.

  2. Roger Cornelius 2014.11.05

    Make no mistake about it, Pat Powers is a coward that bans you when you challenge him, he has blocked me for more than a month now.

  3. jerry 2014.11.05

    I think you are correct El Rayo. A good foundation is the place to begin to build on. Even though Weiland lost this election, there is time for him to recover and get some steam up to go after Thune. Thune is gonna be damaged by this win yesterday as he will have to bring his sorry behind to actually govern. He is not that capable in my book so he will be tarnished and at ease with himself. Weiland is now battle hardened and should know from Cory's narrative that he will need to go for the jugular with some serious effort. No more monsieur nice guy that sings, a hornet that stings is what we want and also, drop that take it back stuff. That plays right into the hands of the opposition that "want their country back" Forget that and go with something like "take it forward" a lot more positive and shows direction.

  4. Jana 2014.11.05

    Does anyone know if there are transcripts of last night's victory speeches from Thune, Rounds, Daugaard, Krebs, Jackley and Noem.

    I definitely heard some cognitive dissonance in all of them that might be helpful in pointing out the future hypocrisy of their actions.

  5. scott 2014.11.05

    The Dems missed a big chance by not getting SHS to run. Thune got beat by Johnson, but bounced back to beat Dashle. She could've wiped the floor with Rounds. What does it say about Democrats in South Dakota, when Dashle and Johnson don't help out?

  6. John Tsitrian 2014.11.05

    A more visible retail presence would go a long way.

  7. Jana 2014.11.05

    When birth control is outlawed...only outlaws will take the pill.

    Vote Democratic

  8. Jana 2014.11.05

    Don't laugh at my car, I make 23% less just because I have a vagina.

    Republicans are wrong.

  9. Jana 2014.11.05

    The South Dakota Legislature want to be my OB/GYN. Open wide!

  10. Jana 2014.11.05

    No Company Left Behind

    Vote Democratic for a change

  11. Jana 2014.11.05

    Who's health is more important? Grandma's or a French cheese company?

    Vote Democratic for a chnage

  12. Jana 2014.11.05

    EB-5 is the Ebola of our GOP ethics

    Vote Democratic for a change

  13. Jana 2014.11.05

    Need a job? Marry into the Governor's family.

    Vote Democratic for a change

  14. Jana 2014.11.05

    Kristi Noem says she's going to work hard. We just think she should work for a change.

    Vote Democratic for a change.

  15. Jana 2014.11.05

    My Congressperson is a member of the worst congress ever!

    Vote Democratic for a change

  16. Jana 2014.11.05

    The GOP thinks the crazy person honking at you should have a gun.

    Vote Democratic for a change.

  17. Jana 2014.11.05

    Who's economy are they talking about. Their or yours?

    Vote Democratic for a change

  18. Jana 2014.11.05

    This land is my land* Unless a Canadian oil company wants it.

    Vote Democratic for a change

  19. Steve Sibson 2014.11.05

    "Pat Powers is a coward that bans you when you challenge him, he has blocked me for more than a month now."

    Roger now you know how I feel.

  20. Steve Sibson 2014.11.05

    "Don't laugh at my car, I make 23% less just because I have a vagina."

    Playing women as victims does not work.

  21. Jana 2014.11.05

    No one should come between a patient and their doctor.

    Unless you are of child bearing age.

    Vote Democratic for a change

  22. Jana 2014.11.05

    Correction -

    No one should come between a patient and their doctor.

    Unless have a vagina.

    Vote Democratic for a change

  23. Bill Fleming 2014.11.05

    Jana, those are winners. Good work. Keep 'em handy.

  24. Jana 2014.11.05

    But Lord, when did I see you hungry and sick? Matthew 25-44
    Expand Medicaid now!

    Vote Democratic for a Change

  25. Jana 2014.11.05

    GOP - The best politicians money can buy.

    Vote Democratic for a Change

  26. Jana 2014.11.05

    GOP - The best politicians money can buy.

    Vote Democratic for Change

  27. Jana 2014.11.05

    Just putting my rogue on Bill.

  28. Jana 2014.11.05

    Support the Keystone Pipeline

    Canada needs money and China needs oil.

    Vote Democratic for a change

  29. Jana 2014.11.05

    Support a Chinese Businessman

    Keep EB-5 sales alive with your tax dollars.

    Vote Democratic for a change

  30. Roger Cornelius 2014.11.05

    Steve, have you been banned from the Dump Site.

    Thank Cory for giving you a home here on Madville.

  31. Jana 2014.11.05

    The GOP puts the "In" in "Justice"

    Support our Native Americans

    Vote Democratic for a change

  32. Jana 2014.11.05

    No Man is Above the Law*

    Unless you're a Republican

    Vote Democratic for a Change

  33. Jana 2014.11.05

    Grandma or Business?

    Who would you choose for your money?

    Vote Democratic for a Change

  34. Jana 2014.11.05

    I'd be smiling like Mike if the government gave me money.

    Vote Democratic for a Change

  35. Jana 2014.11.05

    Even the Pope has said gambling and usury are still sins.

    Vote Democratic for a Change

  36. Jana 2014.11.05

    Businesses are People Too.

    Send BP to Jail

    Vote Democratic for a Change

  37. Tom W 2014.11.05

    Well, looks like jana hasnt done shit today. 50 posts on every story - must be one of the minimum wage gals who goes to work at Arbys tonight.

  38. Jana 2014.11.05

    People or Business?

    Pick a Lane

    Vote Democratic for a Change

  39. Jana 2014.11.05

    Want a voice in government?

    Donate more to the Governor

    Vote Democratic for a Change

  40. Jana 2014.11.05

    Who says politicians can't be bought

    Vote Democratic for a Change

  41. Jana 2014.11.05

    Hey GOP! We're people not stocks.

    Don't sell us short

    Vote Democratic for a Change

  42. Jana 2014.11.05

    Business 1st - Education 50th

    What ranks more important with you?

    Vote Democratic for a Change

  43. Jana 2014.11.05

    South Dakota GOP

    Outclassing the middle class

    Vote Democratic for a Change

  44. Jim in DC 2014.11.05

    Jana -- Thanks for making today a little bit better! (Glad I got the chuckle from the one that was removed.)

  45. caheidelberger Post author | 2014.11.05

    Tom W., #1, ease up on the s-word. I'm trying to run a mostly family blog here.

    #2, ease up on the insults. You come at Jana, who's providing some lively entertainment, and try to question Jana's work ethic, income-earning potential, profession, whatever. Why do that? Why go for the personal attack instead of discussing the actual analysis I present in the article? Why not provide your own intelligent diagnosis of the Democratic defeat and of my recipe for recovery? We're actually working with ideas here, not just having a little barroom brawl.

    #3, time spent coming up with comments is not a voting issue.

  46. mike from iowa 2014.11.05

    Jana,you should feel mucho superior to whitey wingnut. You have one,they are one. No offense to any Ladies and/or inclusive vaginas out there.

  47. Taunia 2014.11.05

    Rawk on, Jana. Your posts are the only thing(s) that have made me crack a grin today. Ok - I laughed at the VAGINA references (in-your-face-emphasis-mine).

    I appreciate this post overall, Cory.

    I've been on conference calls all morning. These losses are brutal. Republicans here in MO wiped out our bench yesterday. Long-term Democratic prosecutors, judges, clerks, etc. were targeted and most lost. We've been effectively crippled for 2016, and beyond. That in addition to Republicans picking up 7 state house seats in an already veto-proof majority, and securing a veto-proof state senate.

    But. After crying, bitching, plotting opposition's campaign sign burning, we're already refocusing. Exactly what Cory says - winning ballot questions - is where we must focus on.

    All of us, everywhere, are suffering, and not just because of who did or did not win yesterday. We're all hedging on human rights depravation, basic survival levels in many instances, and that's not campaign scare tactics.

    What else is there to do?

  48. Jana 2014.11.05

    Sorry Cory, didn't mean to offend poor Tom and any short comings he might have, but I did think that was a funny and appropriate response to someone who is being a bit of a small dick.

  49. caheidelberger Post author | 2014.11.05

    Easy, Jana, we're trying to set an example.

  50. Steve Sibson 2014.11.05

    "Why go for the personal attack instead of discussing the actual analysis I present in the article?"

    Now you know how I feel Cory.

  51. Steve Sibson 2014.11.05

    "Steve, have you been banned from the Dump Site.:

    Yes, and this web site too. But currently I can comment on both.

  52. jerry 2014.11.05

    Jana Jana, I have one... Shut down the United States Government and be rewarded for it. Only a republican would do such a thing and only a republican would be rewarded for it by getting reelected for that. Americans don't care about that sort of thing as they have no interest whatsoever in any sort of government programs and they just proved it. As that is the case, maybe we should start eliminating subsidies of all kinds, starting with the farmbill and working our way through the rest of the alphabet. Just don't take away anything I am dependent on or anyone your know that is dependent on that particular item. The rest though, who needs them.

    Democrats should take notice of this. If you want to be reelected or if you simply want to get elected shut'r down and then brag about it. Be like now she is gonna be Yes'em with all the cool legislation that is now coming into play from her desk. The farm bill will be revisited and enriched I am sure. What else was there? Oh yeah, the kids working on the farm deal will come back stronger than ever.. Keeping Hot Springs open for whatever reason that there may be, maybe a casino. Be pro life and end abortion once and for all. Quarantine Africa. Send a couple hundred thousand troops to the southern border (but leave EB-5 the hell alone, them boys got some moolah to spend). Activate all South Dakota national guard and reserve units to go to Syria and Iraq to kill them some ISIS. We are gonna need more bombers at El Worth so open the ranges so they can practice. Put the Black Snake in to help China and Canada. Help me out here Jana, what am I missing now that they did Not vote Democratic?

  53. caheidelberger Post author | 2014.11.05

    El Rayo, I appreciate your reminder that we are playing longball here. I agree: we should not expect to discover fire and change everything in two years.

    That said, the oft-touted Colorado Blueprint made noteworthy changes in one election cycle.

  54. caheidelberger Post author | 2014.11.05

    (Steve, how do you rate? I'm still on the DWC blocklist.)

  55. Roger Cornelius 2014.11.05

    Steve says yes he is banned from banned from Dump Site and Madville but he still comment of both, just how does that work Steve?

  56. Barry Smith 2014.11.05

    In real world terms Democrats had a victorious night in South Dakota last night. The minimum wage increase will do more real good for real people than any of the numerous meaningless resolutions that will be passed by the SD Legislature. The minimum wage increase was definitely wanted by the people , but never would have been passed by the Chamber of Commerce controlled " Peoples " representatives. Moving forward progressives in SD should concentrate on the initiative process to bring about positive change.

  57. caheidelberger Post author | 2014.11.05

    Barry, thanks for that vote of confidence in the initiative process! What could be more Democratic than promoting the use of the initiative to decide important policies by straight democracy? In the initiative, we Democrats express our fundamental faith in citizens to do the right thing. I say that as I grouse that citizens did not do the right thing when it came to picking candidates... but citizens seem to be better at dealing with policy divorced from personalities and put in terms of their own pocketbooks and daily lives than they do looking at blow-dried, sharp-suited candidates whose images confound their thinking.

  58. Troy 2014.11.05

    As one who thinks a vigorous two party system is good for governance, I shook my head this morning asking how can the Dems get the crap kicked out of them like this. Thanks for reminding me.

  59. Jenny 2014.11.05

    Relax Troy, the important thing now is you can smoke weed legally in Oregon, DC and Alaska. The times they are a changin'. :)

  60. Bill Fleming 2014.11.05

    It's a wake, Troy, were drunk. Grab a beer.

  61. Roger Cornelius 2014.11.05

    Why is Troy from the Dump Site allowed to comment on Madville Times?

    He should be blacklisted as he nothing more than a Rounds apologist.

  62. Les 2014.11.05

    Jus more reinforcement, Troy. I guess it's time to stop working for balance and justice I might add, in SD.

  63. SuperSweet 2014.11.05

    I would suggest instead of the Indies joining the Dems that the nearly defunct Democratic Party join the Indies instead and rebrand themselves as fiscal conservatives with a more moderate social agenda.

  64. caheidelberger Post author | 2014.11.05

    Hmm... a new party? Is the SDDP beyond saving? Do we start a new organization with a new mission? If so, does that new party cut itself off from any outside support... or does that new party enjoy a new freedom Harry Reid and his fellow idiots and have the ability to play to a variety of orgs and PACs?

  65. Bill Dithmer 2014.11.05

    You know, all day long I've been in a blue funk. I dont like feeling like that so heres what I did.

    The workers left about an hour ago. Belinda has been up since midnight watching election coverage so she is already in bed. Its me and the damn dogs, them gassed up on old pizza and rerun HOT Chilli and I'm getting a little gassed myself. Six fingers of single malt, and a vaperizer and music from youtube. Life is way to short to stay pissed so why not listen to the second best bar band of all time and smile a little bit?

    Thats how I'm doing it.

    The Blindman

  66. Tim 2014.11.05

    Maybe a long weekend in Colorado is what's needed.

  67. Bill Dithmer 2014.11.05

    Now, before I'm already gone, there is some good news. Everyone has two years to practice their spin. Like it or not people have the attention span of a gerbil and the memory of a possum.

    You can get past that by giving people something to think about, something simple, a saying on a billboard starting next week would be a start. It should be less then ten words, none more then two syllables, and easy enough for a child to say. For the next year print cards, posters, tshirts, and put as much money as you can on billboards, never saying anything other then that saying and without telling anyone who it was from. There's nothing like a mystery to fuel the gossip machine. Think that strange man with the callin show in the morning on KELO. You call in and ask if anyones seen the signs and what do they mean? It isnt rocket science its just common sense advertising on a budget.

    .Next get the young dems involved early. Nothing gets the attention more then kids cleaning up a stretch of highway, or a park, or a body of water. They could adopt a street or whatever and be able to say the young dems did this. You put tshirts with the saying on one side and YOUNG DEMOCRATS on the other. Pictures, pictures, pictures, all the press you can get.

    A good campaign is built from the ground up, but if the foundation isnt strong enough to handle the added weight of even those that didnt vote for you, your going to loose.

    Before you can attract someone from the other side of the isle you need to find at least one thing you agree on. Start there and add dialog as you go. Start now. Think Tip O'Neal and Ron Reagan.

    Can you see where I'm going? I'm glad one of us can.

    That's about it for now except this. Every Democrat running for office should be trying to get this man to perform on the campaign trail. If you dont know who he is, its time you met him. This one song tells us more about the times were living in here in the USA then all the blogs in the world. His name is James Mcmurtry and the song is "We cant make it here anymore."

    The Blindman

  68. Deb Geelsdottir 2014.11.05

    Great work Jana. You have officially become one of my heroes. I love Attitude.

    Blindman has good ideas, as always. I wonder Bill, do they get better with booze?

    I think the List of Things to Do MUST begin with ending the Oligarchy that rules the USA, and restoring the Democracy we've always loved.

    Of course that means Citizens United has got to go and very strict campaign finance laws have to replace it. Or, better yet, America needs campaign laws similar to Britain. Six month limit to campaigns. Only public financing. Making voting exceptionally easy for everyone. Every cent a legislator, on any level, receives from lobbyists must be reported. And more I can't think of right now.

    The Republican Supreme Corp. will never release it's hold on oligarchy. It's so lucrative for them. So legislation is not the answer. A constitutional amendment is necessary.

    We've done this before, many times. We can do it again. I'm dead serious about this. Here is the group working on that very thing. I've joined and I urge you to do the same.

  69. Bajun Mavalwalla 2014.11.05

    Cory - I don't disagree with most of your analysis, but at the end of the day failing to plan is planning to fail. South Dakota Democrats have relied completely upon personality-driven campaigns - but you can't build a tower from the top down. The bottom line is that blaming our candidates' shortcomings, Republicans, or hatred of Obama instead of accepting that we have failed as a party to make a plan with a comprehensive and sustainable strategy.


    It's pretty clear that the SDDP does not know the difference between a 'tactic' and a 'strategy'. We dumped all resources into EB-5 (which is a tactic) hoping it would not only gain traction - but that it would grow legs and carry Democrats. It failed because hope is not a plan and EB-5 was too complicated for voters and it simply was too many degrees of separation. I'm a wonk and I lost interest in it by July... Our one winning issue was not driven home: Minimum Wage. NEVER stop talking about a winning issue. (Tactic). Towers are built from the bottom up and we need a strategy that starts at the bottom as some of your commenters have correctly noted.


    Plans and strategy are hard work, and require introspection and compromises. In short they are not sexy. Everyone knows door to door is the most effective campaigning. Who goes door to door? Local candidates. How do you find your best candidates for higher office? By having a large pool of locally elected Democrats to choose from. What are the cheapest races to win? Local races. Imagine if we'd taken 1/4 of the money wasted on EB-5 and put it towards our SD Legislative Races a year ago to find the best candidates and convince them to run instead of scrambling for "place holders" and hoping they'd figure out how to raise money, find volunteers, build webpages, run operations, develop strategic messaging, find campaign managers, consultants, direct mailer, fundraisers, donors and still have time to make a living while walking door to door....

    THE 2020 PLAN:

    I have been proposing what I call THE 2020 PLAN: A Clear Vision for the Future of the South Dakota Democratic Party. I want to go through The Decision Making Process with a group of dedicated leaders from across the state and come up with a long-term plan that focuses entirely at the local level including:

    •School Boards
    •City and Town Councils
    •County Commissions and offices
    •The South Dakota State Legislature

    This plan must be:

    •Limited in scope
    •Financially sound
    •Long Term

    As you probably know, a similar, concerted plan devised in 2004 Colorado took just a few years to turn their state from Red to Blue. This has worked before, but cannot be a carbon copy of Colorado, nor can it be a re-creation of George McGovern in the 1950s. Finally, it can't be the Bajun Plan. It needs to be a South Dakota plan.

    It will require multiple PACs that are mostly self-sustaining and are not designed to put money into the pockets of expensive consultants, but are there to ensure VETTED Democrats are well mentored, and given the tools for success. The SDDP itself has proven itself unwilling or unable to accomplish this. Besides, the Party does not have the proper mechanisms to make a "Colorado Plan" work.


    Why does this need to start now? Because the GOP is more vulnerable than it has ever been before. They are divided between Tea Party extremists who eat their own young and traditional Republicans. They are so strictly partisan that they would not disown Phil Jensen or Betty Olson for bigoted, and outlandish comments and offensive legislation. Reagan Democrats are looking for an out from the GOP: We need to provide a "safe" place for them to go. The SDGOP is not used to fighting organized campaigns and they are, after all, Republicans: They are conservatives who haven't had a new idea since the Eisenhower Administration.

    We have enough money in SD, we need to make contributors know their money is not being squandered. We have the talent, we need to find the best candidates and make it worth their while to run. We are right on the issues such as an honest dollar for an honest day's work, fairness, human rights, strong defense and support for veterans, pro-child, pro-education, pro-labor, pro-agriculture AND pro-business.

    McGovern beat steeper odds in the 1950s and the Colorado plan worked in the modern era. I hope Democrats are willing to support this plan and participate in the process. Please contact me if you're interested.

  70. Connie Mogen 2014.11.05

    Jana, love the slogans! Wish we'd been using them during this campaign. I hope we can take all these ideas and really build a great plan and strategies. Bajun and I were already talking about this last night. By the way, I got video of Rick's speech last night.

  71. Deb Geelsdottir 2014.11.05

    Mr. Mavalwalla, I like the concrete nature of your plan. It's well thought out and has a positive track record. I hope SD Democrats will follow through with it or a similar plan

  72. Jana 2014.11.06

    Sadly, the Chairman of the Republican Party and recipient of millions of tax dollars, courtesy of Rounds and Daugaard, explains how the game works.

    “Whoever has a good candidate, raises the money and turns out the voters can win,” Lawrence said."

    Please notice that he didn't say anything about issues, people or truth...but then you knew that already. Shallow and conniving works in South Dakota!

  73. Daniel Buresh 2014.11.06

    After wading through the annoying rhetoric there was some interesting points. I wouldn't mind a more fiscally conservative/socially liberal party. Lots of younger republicans don't have much issues with many of the social topics. It's more about MONEY and how long that hand-up should be given!

  74. Bill Dithmer 2014.11.06

    No Deb, nothing is ever better with booze.

    The Blindman

  75. Daniel Buresh 2014.11.06

    That's quite the analysis Jana. Now, how is it different in a blue state?

  76. larry kurtz 2014.11.06

    Many many losing Democratic congressional or gubernatorial candidates talked about cannabis this cycle? None.

  77. Bill Dithmer 2014.11.06

    However, with my hand firmly wrapped around my vaperizer I would be a fool and a lier to deny the link between creative ambrosia and my use of medical marijuana. Its one of those awful side effects they talk about.

    Yesterday I was asked what the state of Kansas represents. After some thought I had to say, Kansas is the state between Missouri and the promise land to the west with an interstate to get from one to another.

    The Blindman

  78. Bajun Mavalwalla 2014.11.06

    Deb Geelsdottir and others interested in THE 2020 PLAN: Please contact me I'm finding interest in this, but it needs buy in from across the state. I'm getting a lot of interest and people contacting me on Facebook about it. We need your ideas and experience to make this work.

  79. Deb Geelsdottir 2014.11.06

    I live in MN since 2007.

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