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Warning: Krebs Bringing Liberal Schemes to Secretary of State’s Office!

Clip from Shantel Krebs campaign banner, Twitter, 2014
Thus riseth the liberal colossus from the corn...

Here comes Shantel Krebs proving she's no conservative. Fresh off her victory in Tuesday's election for Secretary of State, the outgoing Sioux Falls legislator is promising all sorts of new laws (pause right there: that's the definition of liberal, right?) to change the candidate petition process:

Krebs also has ideas to improve the way candidates petition for office following several issues that came up during this year's campaign cycle.

"Is there a way that the Secretary of State has more authority in reviewing those signatures?" Krebs said [Ben Dunsmoor, "New SD Sec. Of State Addresses Low Turnout & Petitions,", 2014.11.06].

More authority for government: that's liberal, right?

Krebs says one of her top priorities is working with the bipartisan Board of Elections to give the Secretary of State more authority in reviewing nomination petitions for candidates who are trying to get on the ballot.

..."So it'd be similar wording as the statute for initiated measures and referendums, where we actually can review by a random sampling of five percent is a number we use," Krebs said [Dunsmoor, 2014.11.06].

Now I like the idea of more Secretarial oversight of nominating petitions. But I'm liberal, and I like it, so that means if Krebs likes it, she's liberal! Aaaaaaahh!

Krebs also wants to increase voter turnout through the classic liberal tactic of infiltrating public education with her devious schemes:

Krebs says she'll work to promote the Kid's Voting program more in schools.

Krebs says if students are talking about the issues in class, they'll also be talking with their parents about the process at home and encouraging them to vote.

"I'm going to make a concerted effort to get back and re-engage in the school systems and be there for the encouragement, and the enthusiasm, and the excitement of the process," Krebs said [Dunsmoor, 2014.11.06].

Everyone knows my teaching French is really a cover for turning kids into socialists. And everyone knows that increasing voter turnout is a surefire way to promote liberal policies, because non-voters, like reality, have a well-researched liberal bias.

More laws, more government authority, more liberal policies—that's Shantel Krebs! Who says liberals can't win South Dakota elections... and end up in charge of those elections?


  1. Steve Sibson 2014.11.07

    Cory, this is not news. You have to be a liberal to get SDGOP Establishment support. So stop thinking that electing Democrats will fix things.

  2. Nick Nemec 2014.11.07

    The proof will be in the pudding will be how Krebs treats the issues of Native voting and voting centers. Equal access to the polls for Native voters is a litmus test SD must pass. Voting centers are a concept that might have merit but not at the expense of reducing the number of polling places.

  3. Jenny 2014.11.07

    Shhhh, Cory! Don't mention that L word, you'll scare the Republicans.

  4. mike from iowa 2014.11.07

    She'll get her marching orders from ALEC to purge all Hispanic looking and sounding names and all minority groups from voter rolls.

    If you can't trace your ancestry to Plymouth Rock (not the chicken) or Jamestown,Va-your off the voter rolls.

  5. mike from iowa 2014.11.07

    Nick-if the AG of the USA has to be approved by congress,then the Justice Department will be effectively neutered because wingnuts won't approve anyone Obama picks unless he is from the John Birch Society and a Nazi to boot. W/O the Justice Dept,voting rules won't be enforced. In Texas a district judge has tried twice to over rule a federal judge. It has started already.

  6. caheidelberger Post author | 2014.11.07

    Good point, Nick! In her first policy pronouncement, SOS-elect Krebs doesn't mention Indian voting issues, the most pressing civil rights issue her office will face. In that regard, Krebs needs a good dose of the L-word.

  7. mike from iowa 2014.11.07

    Cory,are you talking L-Word as per Showtime Movie Channels exclusive series about Lesbians?

  8. Troy 2014.11.07

    So long as the first reaction of proposals to have better governance or policy is looked at from who it comes from (ad hominem) or claiming it as, in this case, liberal or conservative, good ideas will be left on the table and bad ideas will become law because they fit a particular ideological issue.
    Expanding the powers of the SOS to insure electoral integrity isn't either a conservative or liberal idea- it is an American/South Dakotan ideal.

    Sidenote: It is hilarious that in your next thread you lament that liberals are branded and then you write a thread that says since a conservative Republican has an idea you agree with, she can't really be a Republican or conservative because the only good guys are liberal Democrats.

    I marvel that the GOP wins 97% of the state Houses races it contests and the SDDP wins 21%, I know where to come when I need to be reminded why. Thank you for that service of the Madville Times.

  9. larry kurtz 2014.11.07

    Troy, you have no idea how much it pleases me that Sioux Falls will be in a deep freeze for a week starting Monday.

  10. caheidelberger Post author | 2014.11.07

    Wow! Troy just wrote exactly the text every Democrat should offer when Republicans start spouting their response to all of our good policy proposals. Thanks, Troy!

  11. Lanny V Stricherz 2014.11.07

    Okay, I am out of here, at least for now. So I ask that in recognition of his herculean effort as regards the corruption in our State, will someone knowledgeable in media affairs, please submit Cory's name for the Pulitzer Prize, and for the rest of us, please if able hit the tip jar with a generous donation.

  12. Bill Fleming 2014.11.07

    Troy's guilty conscience leaks out in his comments sometimes. :-)

  13. Les 2014.11.07

    """""Sidenote: It is hilarious that in your next thread you lament that liberals are branded and then you write a thread that says since a conservative Republican has an idea you agree with, she can't really be a Republican or conservative because the only good guys are liberal Democrats."""". Not to fear, Troy. As the weather changes in SD so will the opinion here when her next move does not exactly fit the burnt toast mood of a lib here.

  14. Les 2014.11.07

    BTW, Lanny, I'm still hoping for breakfast with you at Bobs on me next time I get to town.

  15. Bill Fleming 2014.11.07

    "because the only good guys are liberal Democrats." No, Troy, the only good guys are liberal Democrats and liberal Republicans why try to pretend they're not liberals. :-)

  16. larry kurtz 2014.11.07

    Had Ms. Schultz talked about abuses in the corrections industry and cannabis as a revenue generator she could have drawn more millennials out to vote.

  17. mike from iowa 2014.11.07

    What was the message sent on Tuesday-that wingnuts don't like being reminded that they are corrupt? Or maybe we know we're corrupt and it doesn't bother us?

  18. Owen reitzel 2014.11.07

    She can't raise the gas tax can she?

  19. Les 2014.11.07

    Don't go there, Owen. It's the libs driving their Prius that don't think they should pay road taxes. It can get deep but now ur sounding like a Hickey. Put the fees on Grammy so she pays for going to church on Sunday what I pay for 50.000 miles per year. Or are you now coming across to the GOP with ur new strategy?

  20. larry kurtz 2014.11.07

    The legislature just moments ago proposed a tax increase to fund road improvements and meeting with the feds: with gas prices so low expect new fuel hikes.

  21. mhs 2014.11.07

    Corey, isn't this exactly the type of clarification and reforms you called for to give the SOS more power to review (crim

  22. mhs 2014.11.07

    inally falsified) Boz petitions?

  23. mhs 2014.11.07

    OK, that was weird.

    My mind sometimes blanks in the middle of a sentence, but, that's the first time a computer could read my thoughts, or lack thereof.

    Liberal mind control!!! I'm getting measured for my Hubbel tin hat tomorrow.

  24. mike from iowa 2014.11.07

    Better to wait and send in stuff on Cory next year. Rules say stuff from the previous year should be submitted. If this scandal on EB-5 is settled this year,next year should be a banner year for Madville Times,unless Cory is offered a chance to hunt shelterbelt pheasants.

  25. Donald Pay 2014.11.07

    In my experience the problems with petitions can be directly attributable to circulators. So, I would focus attention there. Most circulators are well-intentioned and follow the rules. Some simply don't know the rules. Others are outright frauds and need to be weeded out.

    There needs to be far more training and oversight of circulators, who under state law are supposed to be the main line of defense against fraud. I would require each circulator to take a 30-60 minute webinar training describing how to and how not to collect signatures. I would require them to sign an oath prior to circulating a petition, and then resign it after the petition is circulated. And I would require circulators display a badge indicating that they have passed state training and that indicates whether they are a volunteer circulator, a candidate circulating a petition, or a paid circulator.

  26. Donald Pay 2014.11.07

    The circulator issue is just the start. I'd make more substantial changes in election law. Elections should be run by non-partisan officials, not folks elected on a partisan ballot. So, the Secretary of State and county clerks ought to either become non-partisan offices, or the election functions should be stripped from them and put into new non-partisan offices. In some states, retired judges head the board that runs elections.

    Next, I'd make voting mandatory for everyone over the age of 18, similar to what they require in Australia. If you want to eliminate fraud, mandatory voting accounts for everyone, so no one can pretend to be someone else. People would need to show up at the polls or provide an absentee ballot. If they wanted to make a statement, or if they didn't want to cast a ballot, they could just submit a blank ballot.

    If government wants to require an ID to vote, the government is responsible for providing one to you every time you move and every time you lose it, free of charge. Government is also responsible for paying for and providing any documentation needed to get an ID.

    Next, I'd change the way voting districts are drawn. The effort should be done by a non-partisan commission, as in Iowa. Gerrymandering to protect parties and politicians should end, and elections that mean something should be the goal.

  27. leslie 2014.11.07

    good stuff, don. a bit restrictive but in a good direction, unlike the other overriding GOP strategies, "obstruction" and "hide the ballot"

  28. Cranky Old Dude 2014.11.08

    Socialists? You're teaching them to be Socialists? We thought it was "cheese-eatin' surrender monkeys"!

    There are quite a few West River legislators who are "carpet baggers". They couldn't get elected as Dems so moved out here and became "Republicans" and they are all ultra conservative-just ask them!

  29. caheidelberger Post author | 2014.11.08

    Cranky, as with Democrats, I teach them to study a history of defeats with a commitment to future victory.

    Donald, I'm all over your non-partisan proposals. I like the judge analogy for election officials: their non-partisanship is essential to fair outcomes! Let's do it!

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