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State Democratic Party Reviewing Midterm Failure, Building 2016 Plan

South Dakota Democrats, take heart!

I know, you're going to get sick of me saying that, but hey: if you can't stand dogged optimism, you're reading the wrong blog.

Two grassroots effort to restore South Dakota Democratic fortunes have bubbled up in the comment section. Now South Dakota Democratic Party exec Zach Crago signals the party itself is doing what it needs to do: acting like a learning organization, studying its actions in this election, and seeking lessons for the next great battle.

Rest assured we know that the party cannot be content with this election’s results. We have to do more. We have to do better. That’s why I want to make the following promises with activists, contributors, county officers, and candidates like you: Over the next two months, we will…

  1. Review our investments over the election cycle.
  2. Analyze election results against our voter file to identify challenges & opportunities.
  3. Ask supporters like you where you think the state party should prioritize our investments.
  4. Plan new strategies to win based on the review, analysis, and survey results.

Please be part of this process as we dig into the data to plot a new path forward. As always, you can contact me or anyone at the party to share your ideas so that we can continue to work together for a better South Dakota [Zach Crago, letter to Democrats, reprinted on Dakota War College, 2014.11.10].

Failure should not always summon the firing squad. We need the folks who failed to stick around and help us learn from that failure.

Crago's last sentence about continuing to work together is particularly important. The grassroots movements are citizens forming bucket brigades. The SDDP is the fire department. The fire department's pump truck keeps breaking down, but Crago is under the hood diagnosing the problem. He'll fix the truck and get to the fire. The fire department shouldn't turn away the help of the bucket brigades, but the bucket brigades have to remember that the fire department has vital knowledge and equipment that will help both groups achieve their common goal of putting out the fire of corrupt, crony capitalist (dare I say nihilistically postmodern?) Republican rule.

Citizens, keep bringing those buckets. But if you have a moment, lend Zach a wrench!


  1. John Tsitrian 2014.11.11

    So what are west river Dems to the SDDP? Chopped liver? The party's red-headed step children? Fercryinoutloud, get some presence out here, Crago. An office in Rapid would be a great unifying focal point where Dems can meet, share ideas, co-ordinate with their east river brethren and have some visibility. We Pubs, loaded up with biz types as we are, know retail. The SDDP could use some understanding of the basic elements of marketing. You ain't gonna make it on highfalutin' ideas alone.

  2. Lanny V Stricherz 2014.11.11

    I have alluded to the problem, albeit in different ways several times on this blog and in voice to Democratic groups here in SF. And it is more than at the local or State level. The Democrats stopped being Democrats a long time ago and continue to be Republican light. The only thing about that is that the Republicans keep moving the conversation further to the right all the time, and calling Democratic policies liberal or socialist and that moves the Democrats further right as well.

    Until the Democrats are willing to say (out loud and proudly) yes, I am liberal, and stand for change to the social landscape, the Democratic party is insignificant.

  3. Bill Fleming 2014.11.11

    Let me start by saying that I fully accept and embrace the fact that ours is a representative form of government, and yes, we are a Republic, not a Direct Democracy. I do this up front so as to avoid the tedious, pedantic, self-serving drubbing that inevitably follows after what I'm about to say if I don't.

    We are losing the 'democracy' component of our government, and without significant, focused reform, we may not be able to get it back.

    Here are the areas I think need to be addressed.

    1. Gerrymandering of voting districts both Statewide and nationwide.

    2. Voter disenfranchisement and disparagement both statewide and nationwide.

    3. The dubious efficacy of the electoral college.

    4. The unequal application of polling place regulations, vote counting, voter identification and results reporting.

    5. The intentional and unintentional creation of a political climate that breeds voter apathy.

    I would champion and support any group who wants to focus on these issues. Because if we don't, then 'a government of the people, by the people, and for the people' will continue on it's long, slow slide away from reality into a mere whisp of a wish expressed by our nation's greatest President after a fierce brother-to-brother battle for our nation's collective conscience.

  4. Tim 2014.11.11

    John, if us west river dems were considered chopped liver, that would be an upgrade from what we are considered now. Agree with Lanny and Bill both, but don't expect repubs to turn in their stacked deck for a fair one.

  5. Bill Fleming 2014.11.11

    It's short enough to post here, and worth rereading, even memorizing. My #1 reason for being interested in politics:
    "Four score and seven years ago our fathers brought forth on this continent, a new nation, conceived in Liberty, and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal.

    Now we are engaged in a great civil war, testing whether that nation, or any nation so conceived and so dedicated, can long endure. We are met on a great battle-field of that war. We have come to dedicate a portion of that field, as a final resting place for those who here gave their lives that that nation might live. It is altogether fitting and proper that we should do this.

    But, in a larger sense, we can not dedicate -- we can not consecrate -- we can not hallow -- this ground. The brave men, living and dead, who struggled here, have consecrated it, far above our poor power to add or detract. The world will little note, nor long remember what we say here, but it can never forget what they did here. It is for us the living, rather, to be dedicated here to the unfinished work which they who fought here have thus far so nobly advanced. It is rather for us to be here dedicated to the great task remaining before us -- that from these honored dead we take increased devotion to that cause for which they gave the last full measure of devotion -- that we here highly resolve that these dead shall not have died in vain -- that this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom -- and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth."

    Abraham Lincoln
    November 19, 1863

  6. Nick Nemec 2014.11.11

    I don't disagree with the need for a West River office of the SDDP, the problem is and has always been finances. It cost money to run another office, money for office space and all the related office expenses (copiers, phones, internet connections, the list goes on) and money for the people to staff another office (salary, insurance, payroll taxes, retirement plan contributions). Raising money isn't easy and is made harder by elections like the one just finished. SDDP Chair Deb Knecht has made great strides in fund raising but there is a long way to go. We've modernized our fund raising methods and are stressing automatic monthly credit card or bank draft contributions. Not all people want to do monthly contributions but I and many other party officers see it as the way to establish a strong base level of support to better plan and budget for the future.

  7. Bill Fleming 2014.11.11

    Nick, what would be an acceptable annual budget for SDDP organizing activities, including operating an office in Rapid City? i.e. what would the 2015 fundraising goal be, and how soon does the money have to be there? Thanks. :-)

  8. John Tsitrian 2014.11.11

    Keep talkin' turkey, Fleming. This is where you guys have to go with this.

  9. Nick Nemec 2014.11.11

    Fair question Bill, I'm not trying to put you off but let me make some calls today and get back to you on that. I don't know the answer now.

  10. leslie 2014.11.11

    whoever said the ditty 'bout "all's fair in love and war" romanticized war and is abusive about love. odd, but repubs, not dems, have lost integrity in their headlong rush off the buffalo jump.

    without overriding honesty in politics, governing and working, slobs skam the systems and run for the Bahamas.

  11. 96Tears 2014.11.11

    Bill, is there someone in Rapid City who has an office in a high profile area to donate the office space for the next two years? Keep in mind having sufficient square footage, ADA considerations, convenient parking for volunteers/visitors and basic comforts. Perhaps the state party could take care of utilities, cable/internet, etc., for $200 a month. Salary: $26,000, not including benefits. Make sure the person hired isn't in one of the Demo social camps that feuds with others. A fresh, young face with great social skills, some training and an eagerness to organize stubborn activists and encourage everyone to behave would be sufficient.

  12. Bill Fleming 2014.11.11

    96, what's sufficient sq.ftg? Ha ha. Feuds with others... That eliminates pretty much everybody. ;-)

  13. 96Tears 2014.11.11

    Bill, thought you'd come back with that! :-o Of course it's impossible to steer clear of the clics. Just need someone to rechannel all that pent up energy to carve up some Republicans instead of each other.

    Just trying to move the ball forward while Nick checks with the party's bean counters.

  14. Jenny 2014.11.11

    Voter registration should be on the list also. Is there a voter outreach program in SD? This is big in MN. Voter education on everything from registering to vote, where to vote, absentee voting, etc.

  15. Bill Fleming 2014.11.11

    Keep me posted, 96 and Nick. I'll help any way I can. There are some pretty cool youngbloods out here who want to organize, and they all get along with each other pretty well.

  16. Lanny V Stricherz 2014.11.11

    I just got this email from a friend of mine. It is a copy of the email that he sent to some Democratic lawyers in Huron, where he lives. I think it fully exemplifies what I have written on this blog before. This man is a true Democrat and is in his mid 80s.

    "Chances are you won't read this but I'll still try to put it as simply as possible:
    I feel cheated or somehow taken advantage of by all the three people we, of the Democratic Party, have sponsored and sent to Washington the last 20 years.
    Full disclosure: I didn't give any of them campaign money like I did Rick Weiland.
    But I wonder if Weiland wouldn't have done much better if his predacessors had been persons of the caliber of McGovern or Abourezk. But they weren't, and I would accuse them of USING the party for selfish purposes.
    I put a lot of effort (and money) into trying to get Ralph Nader on the SD ballot in 2000 but the three that the Democrates have offerred and elected typify what he described as either tweedle dum or tweedle dee. And the Green Party is defunct now a days
    One main problem now-a-days is how to get dedicated, REAL PUBLIC SERVANTS to run for office. The fundraising it necessitates is too demeaning.
    If you wish me to I could go into specifics concerning the "three" but you follow the political scene probably as well, or better, than I.
    Harry "

  17. leslie 2014.11.11

    there are young dems meeting weekly and monthly, loosley organized, in rc, just for last few mos., contact Sylvia or holli, heather

  18. Jenny 2014.11.11

    In MN, voter outreach is also directed to the Hispanic, Somalian, Hmong, Vietnamese, and any other population that is living here. On the Sec of State and County websites, there are many different languages to go to for voter questions. Does SDDP have anything like this to reach out to minority voters and new citizens?

  19. Tasiyagnunpa L 2014.11.11

    The only people who give a crap aren't sucking from the establishment. Ask any of the MANY young people who have tried to volunteer with the Dems in Rapid City. We have young emerging leaders that nobody wants to pay attention to. If it weren't for people like the Weiland's and Tony DeMaro and Darlene and others on the Robin Page campaign and of course Robin herself, I'd stick up a huge middle finger again to the whole damn party. Rick inspired me to register Dem again, and Kevin and Laurie and the others inspire me to stick around. But shot has got to change. And the first comment about marketing, YES. And I encourage all Democrat business people to stand up and lead. Not all Democrats in this state are poor so stop feeling guilty about your privilege and USE it to make a better world.

  20. Roger Cornelius 2014.11.11

    A SDDP office in Rapid City is a great idea, Crago needs to make this happen.
    Additionally, at the local level, what is the status of county Democratic committees? Do all counties have them and if not, why not.
    The Meade County Democrats friended me on Facebook and they appeared to be very active on Facebook. The Pennington County Democrats didn't have a public face until after the election.
    2016 is already upon us, the state and national GOP will be running against President Obama for the next two years, will our local and state parties pick up the president's torch and toss his successes in the face of Republicans?
    The Republicans have changed the old adage that all politics is local to all politics is local except they use national issues to win elections.
    Gary Peters Democratic senate candidate in Michigan won election on his first try, he is the only national Democrat to ask for and receive President Obama's help. He proudly represented his party by using President Obama's successes and won.
    He was courageous enough and used the picture with the President as part of his campaign ads.
    Since when do Democrats run from success? When the Republicans tell them to.

  21. jerry 2014.11.11

    I will say this, if I were a young staffer in charge of west river democratic politics, one of the first people I would want on my team would be you Tasiyagnunpa and those like you with fire in the belly. There is very much hope for this party as long as the deadwood is culled so new branches can flourish.

  22. Taunia 2014.11.11

    Q: Why give money to a political party that keeps kicking you in the teeth w/ antiquated ways of doing things and producing the same results?

    A: People want to get their money's worth and are skipping party donations and either giving directly to candidates or PACs, thanks in part to Citizens United.

    Jenny and Tasiyagnunpa have best points: R's (and a lot of D's) put up old, white, establishment candidates. Mia Love in Utah is a total anomoly: young, black, female Republican. She's (her politics) not my cup of tea.

    Dems espouse candidate diversity except at election time. Old f*ckers (term of endearment, not namecalling) is not diversity; they're not embracing LGBT, women's inequality/rights issues, immigration, et al. Old white, wealthy, Christian, male Democrats are still fighting the Civil War, too.

  23. Disgusted Dakotan 2014.11.11

    SD Democrats have taken a beating the last 3 elections because of Liberal DC politics bleeding over onto your candidates.

    Democrats have had to retool themselves before, remember having to give up the advocacy of slavery, and the pushing of "Jim Crow" laws? Democrats were on the wrong side of those issues. If SD Dems are going to get back to being relevant? They need to get away from ambush issues they will continue to lose on in SD such as being devotedly #1 pro-abortion #2 anti-2nd Amendment.

    Those issues are fought out in SD with micro adjustments to the laws but are hot button issues for very active right-leaning special interest groups (NRA, SDRTL, etc) who use those records and candidates stated positions to support or attack candidates. Moderate Republicans, who are not pro-life or pro-2nd Amendment, lie to the public and claim otherwise and get away with it because the SDGOP platform is notably pro-life and pro 2nd Amendment. Democrats do not have that ability. As many of you saw with Kathy Tyler, she got a "D" from SDRTL even after voting pro-life while moderate Republicans like Representatives Steve Hickey, Scott Munsterman, Jackie Sly joined Democrats and killed pro-life legislation but they got an "A" because they claimed they killed it out of strategy in regards to ongoing litigation of previously passed pro-life legislation!

    You Democrats want Republican voters to vote for your candidates? Do you think people don't hear of the non stop idiotic vitriol of hate for anything and anyone GOP by many of the posters on here? You make it harder for Democratic candidates to draw Republican voters' support, which many must have, with ignorant, blind, hyper-partisanship that reminds many South Dakotans of that exhibited by President Obama, Nancy Pelosi, and Harry Reid (two of whom were used extensively to beat up SD Democratic candidates this election).

    We need a healthy two-part system. We don't have that in SD and that is bad for both parties. As what happened in other places where such happens (Democrat machines like Tamanney Hall in NY, Daly in Chicago) what we have in SD is a political machine that is not dedicated to the needs of the people, but the cronyism of power brokers who have take over the party for their own purposes.

  24. Bill Fleming 2014.11.11

    The USA is still fighting the Civil War, Taunia.
    Don't kid yourself.
    Your's truly,
    "Old F*cker."

  25. jerry 2014.11.11

    "the cronyism of power brokers who have take over the party for their own purposes" Geesh, what possible purpose would you gain from the past by taking over the Democratic party in South Dakota, unless you are a closeted Republican?

    We need more progressive and liberal ideas here like Medicaid Expansion, protection of workers rights to go along with the minimum wage increase, standing firmly on veterans issues, expansion of Social Security, Medicare protection, saving the environment, protecting women rights and the children and people of color along with the protection of the LGBT members to name a few. We certainly do not need less of that Disgusted. If we present that platform and we loose, we lost the good fight. Better to do that than be what we are now, not standing for anything.

    I am sorry dude, but you are just gonna have to be disgusted while we move on.

  26. Jenny 2014.11.11

    The SDDP has so much more power than they think. 14% of then population of Sioux Falls is minority, which I didn't know was that high. Go find them and welcome them into the community. Minorities voted HUGE for Obama, they love him.

  27. Joseph g thompson 2014.11.11

    Disgusted Dakotan,
    Totally agree with your post!

  28. larry kurtz 2014.11.11

    Thank you for serving, Sgt. Thompson.

  29. Joseph g thompson 2014.11.11

    Thank you Mr Kurtz,
    I have always had the notion that military brats were drafted at birth. Thankful for people like you and my son. Although you and he are on different sides politically you both stand up for what you believe in and I do believe that you could be friends. Got something to do with being a brat. Think of your father whenever I see you name.

  30. larry kurtz 2014.11.11

    I am a fraction of the man he was or you are, Sir.

  31. Taunia 2014.11.11

    "...Democrats are still fighting the Civil War, too."

    "Too" is the operative word, BF(not an old f*cker).

    Watching events unfold in Ferguson, MO these past 3 months, wherein the Missouri Democratic Party, and by extension - the DNC, turned on black Democrats, the neglected base. Not unlike South Dakota's Indian population.

    There's not really anymore room in the Democratic Party for diversity than in the Republican Party. We elected a black man, dumped all that party diversity talk, and set the country back 150 years. Now there's no platform for any minority group.

    When caucasions males become the real minority in about 10 years...dayum.

  32. Bill Fleming 2014.11.11

    Got it. Thanks for the clarification, Taunia. Maybe we need to start a new party altogether. :-)

  33. jerry 2014.11.11

    Something has always bothered me about the way the 2nd amendment rights are trying to be represented. I got my NRA card when it actually had to do with hunting. The safety classes in handling that gun made it so I knew what power I had in my hands. I see no problem with hunters or trappers as I have done that in the past, and have never changed that position. I see no problem with owning as many guns as you want to own, it is your money. My problem with all that is going on is that I do not believe that everyone should have the privilege and the right to have a gun. They should be mentally competent to do so and if a family member calls authorities to speak of that competency, then it should be up to law enforcement to remove those guns from that person. Does this make me unique in Democratic circles? Nope, not here, we just do not wear that on our sleeves.

  34. Lynn 2014.11.11

    With the support Rick Weiland received from the National Democratic Party and what happened this past election maybe it's time to seriously look at starting a new political party here in South Dakota.

  35. jerry 2014.11.11

    Agreed Lynn, it is called the Democratic Party and it is up to us to make it a new party that is inclusive in all that this party has stood for in the past. Bearcreekbat sent a listing of county Demcratic offices in South Dakota. It is amazing the empty chairs for each county. To have a new party, there must be an old party that needs replaced and this is the one with a new and better one. With all the empty chairs, all we have to do is fill them. Lets start with your county and move on down the line, are you in?

  36. jerry 2014.11.11

    Larry Pressler was the only veteran that ran in the senate race and he was the only one that I heard speaking of veterans issues, maybe I missed others, but if so, they were not speaking to loudly on that subject. Here is part of a letter I received today, Veterans Day.

    "While many spend Veterans' Day remembering loved ones lost, from the perspective of a veteran, the holiday feels largely superficial. Cities across the nation are draped in yellow, thousands will march down the streets in parades, and people will talk a lot about a vague notion of "honor." Putting yellow ribbons on our wounds does not change the fact that every 65 minutes a veteran dies from suicide. That's 22 per day, and in the past 2 months, 2 of those have been members of IVAW - my friends. It is impossible to ignore."

    So here we are folks, what the enemy outside our country cannot kill, our enemies within are doing the finish work. When politicos like John Thune turn their backs on veterans jobs bills because of their republican agenda, it is time to call them out on that. The same goes for NOem and the same will follow with Rounds. We all know the drill, it is to expensive blah blah, while these veterans suffer and die by their own hand. As long as we are healthy and in the fight, we are loved by them. When we are sick or wounded, then we are losers they try to deny disability benefits for or as republicans call it, the 47%.

  37. Bill Fleming 2014.11.11

    I suppose there's some wisdom in that, Jerry.
    It's just that after such a trouncing, it feels like maybe we should start over.

    But according to this data, the Democratic Party still has the strongest brand.
    (46%D vs 38%R) net favorable. (National)

    Nothing to write home about, but still...

    Starting over means starting at 0%.

    So, is being Dem less than zero in SD? A net minus?

  38. Steve Sibson 2014.11.11

    "Democrats are still fighting the Civil War, too."

    Taunia, thanks for providing more credibility to the thesis that the radical left rejects Fabian socialism and instead want a full blown communist revolution.

  39. Disgusted Dakotan 2014.11.11

    Jerry, no closet here. I have been out as a Republican for a long time. I just don't see Democrats as evil or the enemy. I respect their views, although disagreeing with many of them.

    Full frontal liberalism, in SD, is a recipe for what we saw this last Tuesday.

    FYI, there is a huge political ideology gap between recent legal immigrant minorities and their American brethren. Legal immigrants track more to the conservative side, many fiercely so.

    Your position on the 2nd Amendment is what is losing you races. Especially here in SD. Your exact sentiments turns out gun rights and $$ in droves, to defeat Americans' natural cause. You forget, the USA rebelled against England for some of the very purposes you now hitch your wagon too, government giving and taking what are inalienable rights.

  40. Jenny 2014.11.11

    I'd like reputable stats on legal immigrants being more conservative, DD.

  41. larry kurtz 2014.11.11

    Sibby is right again: Democrats need to talk about issues that excite young people and incite anger or you can kiss the SDDP goodbye forever.

  42. bearcreekbat 2014.11.11

    DD, help me out - what do you think SD Democrats have done or said about 2nd amendment rights that alienates you and others here in SD?

    Do you think background checks are wrong? Surely you don't advocate that anyone with a violent felony history, or who has been found to be a danger to himself or others due to mental illness, should be able to purchase a gun at a gun show or from a private person?

    Other than the background check issue, I really don't get what you and others are upset about from SD Democrats? Can you help me understand your point?

  43. jerry 2014.11.11

    I am thinking that those immigration facts are the same ones that filter through fox news on a regular basis. If DD is correct on all of this than he should see no problem with the president issuing an executive order that frees up this immigration issue once and for all. If DD is correct then the republicans will be victorious and will not need to game the system to be elected. Lets just see how this turns out.

  44. jerry 2014.11.11

    Larry, it has to start somewhere doesn't it? There is a weak platform now so that is what needs to change. If a county does not send a delegate, then they should be able to proxy their vote to someone they trust to give their voice to.

  45. mike from iowa 2014.11.11

    NRA is the outfit that spreads fear and propaganda about Dems taking anyone's weapons. Every election cycle these douche bags start whining Obama and Dems are taking guns and buying up all your ammo and are turning your rights over to the UN. Bullshit!!!

  46. Bill Fleming 2014.11.11

    DD is what is known as a 'concern troll.' Ignore him. He's not as obvious as Sibby but equally as full of it.

  47. jerry 2014.11.11

    The NRA's real scam is that it scares the bejesus out of old farts and dummies to sell military hardware back to the taxpayers. How it works is that the taxpayers buy the armored trucks, cars along with riot guns, grenade launchers and other expensive toys. They make so many that there is no place for them to go. As we all now are armed to the teeth here, it has now become necessary for the police to have even stronger armament so the government sells the surplus machinery to the municipalities and the counties so they can serve and protect getting paid for it in taxpayer dollars at local levels. It is the perfect scam to keep the military industrial complex humming baby. Don't think that South Dakota has these gadgets? Oh think again my friends, you can check those out in the larger counties as well as some of the smaller ones, they all get as many as the county commissioners think they should have. The NRA is a useful tool of the place where all the money goes and that is why you do not have any nice things suckers.

  48. Jenny 2014.11.11

    We as dems need to promote responsible gun ownership. Mental health and background checks should not be thought of as extreme when it comes to gun control.
    We need to focus on more important issues. I'm sorry, but the NRA just has way too much power and money to even consider fighting for stricter gun laws.

  49. Bill Fleming 2014.11.11

    Joseph Thompson, exactly what is it that you agree with Disgusted about? Every single characterization and stereotype he has made of Democrats is false. If you buy that garbage, you''re not nearly as open minded and intelligent as I thought you were. I'll take it sentence by sentence and parse it if you like, but first read it again yourself and see if you can't see exactly what he's doing without my assist.

  50. Bill Fleming 2014.11.11

    The NRA has become a lobbying arm for gun and ammo manufacturing companies, pure and simple. Believing anything they say is equivalent to believing Coca Cola when they tell you you're not really a loving person unless you also have a Coke and a smile.

  51. Douglas Wiken 2014.11.11

    People are not going to tell poll takers that they are not in favor of making 11 million or so illegal aliens into legal residents while talking in favor of a new immigration policy. Democrats should be talking about a new deportation policy. The old GOP law and order lock up marijuana user for life to our prison contractors will contribute has worn thin, but law and order is still on the minds of many people.

    I remember when RC had a Democratic office. Homer Kandaras and others. It usually alienated School of Mines volunteers however. Putting all Democratic resources in Sioux Falls is a mistake. Democrats need a presence, even if small in somebody's basement, in RC, Pierre, SF, Mitchell, and Aberdeen. Native Americans should be encouraged to open their own offices.

    It is too damn cold in this old farmhouse to type much more, so you can have blessed relief.

  52. El Rayo X 2014.11.11

    What direction would the NRA take if every registered Democrat in the US paid the dues, joined the NRA and became an active, voting member?

  53. larry kurtz 2014.11.11

    how much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?

  54. Bill Fleming 2014.11.11

    El Rayo X, whatever direction the gun and ammo manufacturers told them to. Except they would have twice as much money and perceived political support with which to do it.

    Larry woodchucks don't kill people, nunchucks kill people.

  55. Les 2014.11.11

    """"DD is what is known as a 'concern troll.' Ignore him. He's not as obvious as Sibby but equally as full of it.""""" Sounds good. Dem party needs no one but themselves to continue to deny our state a two party system.

  56. Bill Fleming 2014.11.11

    Go back to sleep, Les.

  57. bearcreekbat 2014.11.11

    So Bill, I guess that "concern troll" problem means I took DD's bait and cannot realistically expect any meaningful response to my inquiry. Golly, blogs get complicated!

  58. Bill Fleming 2014.11.11

    Pretty safe bet, BCB. He could surprise me, but I'm not holding my breath.

  59. Connie Mogen 2014.11.11

    I haven't had time to read all comments here but think Bill Fleming has listed perhaps the strongest key points. There may be more but this would be a good place to start.

  60. larry kurtz 2014.11.11

    So, Fleming: you on first?

  61. Bill Fleming 2014.11.11

    First before what, Larry? LOL.

  62. larry kurtz 2014.11.11

    Can you quantify a Dem presence West River, Bill?

  63. Taunia 2014.11.11

    No one loves a Democratic POTUS more than the NRA.

    They get powerful, persuasive and In Your Face as they stoke your fears, inflate lies and the dough rolls in.

    Elect a black POTUS and it's a combo of Xmas, a lifetime of birthdays and winning the lottery for them.

    Eight years of Hillary is another eight years of NRA cashing in on your fears.

  64. Taunia 2014.11.11

    Wiken: old white f*cker.

    You're wrong about immigration and deportation. Enough families have been ripped apart as corporations are being rewarded.

    Capitalism at any expense is so Ayn Rand of you.

  65. Bill Fleming 2014.11.11

    Larry, about as well as you could by looking at the election returns, although I may know a little more about certain groups of young people in RC because... extended family. That's where the future of the party is. Not just here... everywhere. One of my pals says it doesn't kick in for about 20 more years. I'm not THAT pessimistic.

  66. Lanny V Stricherz 2014.11.11

    Bill, that comment to Larry says a lot about my comment early this morning. Sure, that is where the future of the party is, but will the party still be the Democratic party or will it be a facsimile, that there is no way my Father or Grandfather would recognize as the Democratic party of FDR?

  67. Lanny V Stricherz 2014.11.11

    Jerry, to your post at 14:37, you are so right on. Stop and think about that 22 per day statistic dying by suicide. That is over 8,000 per year. The death toll from combat itself among US Military members from the start of the war on terror in 2001 to the present is 6,717. The reason you ask? There are not enough mental health professionals in the United States, to say nothing of the VA, to take care of the hundreds of thousands of our military who come back from combat, often several deployments.

    If you think that the Rounds administration gave one care about the veterans other than to "honor" them at the annual veterans and military day in the state legislature. I want to remind you of a post I put on one of Cory's blogs last winter.

    During the 2006 legislative session, Clarence Koistra R state Senator from Garretson and Maggie Gillespie, D Rep from Hudson, had a bill SB184 in to ensure that veterans returning from theaters of operations where depleted uranium had been used, be tested for possible exposure to that DU. It had been approved by both houses when the then Governor, Rounds got it called back out and it went into conference committee. The House, led by Larry Rhoden, gutted the bill and it died in conference committee when the Senate would not agree to the changes made by the House. This was done by a legislature and Governor who make a big deal every year to show how much they support veterans. Ever since then, when I see that honoring, I am ready to vomit.

  68. jerry 2014.11.11

    As Americans have dumbed down, many do not even know what the EPA stands for. To them it is some kind of acronym that they can barely spell. If you say environment and this agency protects it, that sometimes really looses them. Probably the best way to counteract this new threat would be to drop the EPA from the conversation and ask them if they think drinking water should not be poison. Or that air should not be seen. Maybe then, we could have a conversation on how to prevent the republicans from destroying that what gives us life. There are a lot of folks out there that are not as well read on these kinds of subjects as you may think they are.

  69. Lanny V Stricherz 2014.11.11

    Right again Jerry, and most Republicans couldn't even tell you that the EPA came from Richard Nixon.

  70. Disgusted Dakotan 2014.11.11

    Mr Fleming,
    I'm disappointed in your comments. You are better than shooting the messenger. I think our debate coach/judge host would throw a BS flag on your debate approach. I have real concerns about the obvious ongoing corruption in SD. One of the traditional measure to battle such things, is the two-party system. In a year when Democrats should have had a banner year, with the EB5 corruption tarnishing so many SD GOP candidates, the malaise was so pervasive in the SD DP that Democrats couldn't get anywhere near a full slate of state or legislative candidates!

    There is a reason for the lack of fielding of candidates, of candidates fleeing to the GOP to run (Cutler, Knudson, Rausch, Munsterman, Rhoden, Hoffman, Lederman, Schoenfish, etc., etc), and the lack of electoral wins, and it isn't because the SD DP doesn't have an office in RC.

    Jenny, illegal immigrants who game the system become Democrats in huge percentages: from empirical evidence I have seen in legal immigrants that went through the lengthy legal process identify more with the limited government ideas of the GOP.

    Bearcreekbat, read the comments on here advocating "responsible gun ownership," government control of who gets their 2nd Amendment rights, etc. This is SD, where the gun is still a strong part of our culture. If you think the type of talk on here is what South Dakotans want, show me gun control candidates in SD that won, that aren't moderate faux "Republicans."

    The more Democrats talk gun control, and have their elected officials actually push to subjugate Americans to U.N. gun control measures: the more the NRA raises money to help defeat Democratic candidates.

  71. jerry 2014.11.11

    Very good Lanny, yes, the DU is extraordinary in how dangerous it is to our servicemen and women. Even more incredible is that those that have served from South Dakota have been exposed to that as have thousands of others. The enemy within is the most treacherous one of all. They have the ear of the public and the media and are able to control both of them by simply not saying anything at all, or screaming in such a tone that it drowns out everything else. There surely must be a reason the media does not have a presence in Pierre to report on the malfeasance of government there, why is that? Could it be that it is so corrupted with special interests that there really are not any stories that could come out of there? My hope is that the media will finally realize what chumps they have been played for and bite back.

  72. jerry 2014.11.11

    Well, I see DD is back from Happy Hour, those two fer Tuesday shots really put your best foot forward

  73. jerry 2014.11.11

    So what democrats are talking gun control DD

  74. jerry 2014.11.11

    Must have stumped him.

  75. jerry 2014.11.11

    Here is an easier one DD, What democrats do you think want to take away our guns? There, thats the ticket.

  76. Disgusted Dakotan 2014.11.11

    Jerry, If you want to be a smart a$$, you may want to get your days of the week right first (today is Wednesday). I would encourage you to read the actual UN treaty that Kerry signed onto for the Obama administration and which Democrats (to include Tim Johnson) voted to ratify in the US Senate.

  77. jerry 2014.11.11

    Boy, you really are a dumbass DD, it is Tuesday the 11th of November, Veterans day. Hopeless Republican troll. Go back to the bar. What treaty ya yaking about DD, The same one that Clinton was supposed to have signed?

  78. jerry 2014.11.11

    Les, are you reading what your boy has written here that we are supposed to accept as a voice of, well

    """""DD is what is known as a 'concern troll.' Ignore him. He's not as obvious as Sibby but equally as full of it.""""" Sounds good. Dem party needs no one but themselves to continue to deny our state a two party system."

    Damn funny stuff. You fellers and your crazy ideas. But you win elections and that is the joke on the rest of us.

    By the way DD, here is the answer to your UN nonsense.

  79. larry kurtz 2014.11.11

    is dwc still a thing?

  80. Disgusted Dakotan 2014.11.11

    Jerry, you're not as dumb as you appear. Trust me, I know its Veteran's Day.

    You wonder why Democrats have a hard time getting elected in SD? Why too many majority party registered SD Republicans equate hyper-partisan DC Democrats to SD Democrats (successfully)? Read the idiotic vitriol towards Republicans on here. I linked a story about the treaty above, do the rest of the research yourself.

  81. larry kurtz 2014.11.11

    Charlie Hoffman: your cows are belong to us.

  82. jerry 2014.11.11

    Trust you? Of course you jest sir. No one, in their right mind, would ever declare a day to be incorrect as a point of order and in writing no less. Truly amazing and fun to see. By the way DD, it was actually me who linked the story, the true one about the treaty. You are not me and I are not U, that is how it works.

  83. jerry 2014.11.11

    For the record, I actually support the international control of weapons to be used in genocide. It is clear that genocide in Africa is of about as much concern to you as Ebola there. As long as it is black folks getting killed, they do not count.

  84. Bill Fleming 2014.11.11

    What I want to know, Jerry, is which one of us here had to rethink our position on slavery and Jim Crow laws. That's how DD starts his pompous polemic above, and it actually rolls down hill from there.

    The pathetic thing he leaves out of his oh-so-insincere little mock-avuncular, pat-on-the-head homily is that all those old time Dixiecrats actually joined his Republican Party and are continuing to pollute it to this day.

    So much so that if you really want to belong to "the party of Lincoln these days, your best choice is to register as a Democrat.

    p.s. I myself am a staunch supporter of the 2nd Amendment, but the last thing I would want is an NRA endorsement or membership. They have exposed themselves as a morally bankrupt, cynical force in American politics, not unlike the KKK. Anyone who thinks otherwise simply hasn't been paying attention.

  85. jerry 2014.11.11

    Bill, here is from an article about this treaty. See if you can find where it says South Dakota needs to be concerned about its gun rights.

    "The treaty covers battle tanks, armored combat vehicles, large-caliber artillery systems, combat aircraft, attack helicopters, warships, missiles and missile launchers, and small arms and light weapons.

    It prohibits states that ratify it from transferring conventional weapons if they violate arms embargoes or if they promote acts of genocide, crimes against humanity or war crimes. The treaty also prohibits the export of conventional arms if they could be used in attacks on civilians or civilian buildings such as schools and hospitals.

    In addition, the treaty requires countries to take measures to prevent the diversion of conventional weapons to the illicit market. This is among the provisions that gun-rights supporters in Congress are concerned about. "

    I may be wrong, but I do not usually see battle tanks supporting attack helicopters, loaded with missiles out in the corn fields blocking pheasants. Of course, I do not hunt in all areas of South Dakota, so maybe DD may have something there if he wants to use them in his approach.

  86. Les 2014.11.11

    Great start, on the New Dem Party. Rock on!

  87. jerry 2014.11.11

    I think DD meant Old Crow as that is what I think he has been imbibing on. Yikes

  88. jerry 2014.11.11

    Thanks Les, go ahead and party on with DD, a match made in heaven.

  89. Lanny V Stricherz 2014.11.11

    Those guns you describe in your post, Jerry are the ones that John McCain and Lindsay Graham insisted three years ago that we arm the rebels fighting Ghadafi in Libya and a year ago that we be giving to the forces that were opposing and trying to overthrow the government of Assad in Syria. Those same forces are today called ISIS.

  90. Douglas Wiken 2014.11.11

    I just got the weekly Incontinent with a mediocre summary of local votes. Democratic incumbents won. A Democratic commissioner candidate beat a Republican jerk. The votes for Rounds, Noem, Daugaard make no sense...even more GOP votes than state average. Highest percentage turnout was in Ideal township which has the Native American Ideal village. That is good news.

    As for "concern trolls", the latest term is something else, but a psychological analysis of a bunch of them suggests they have strong sadist tendencies. Story hit the papers last week.

  91. larry kurtz 2014.11.11

    Madville could be a legitimate counter-weight to the Dakota Water Closet: how should that happen?

  92. Les 2014.11.11

    Not sure what an atheist knows about heaven, but could be..... I've been known to party with no limits at times so I'm sure most of you here could fit in quite well at my parties.

  93. Bill Fleming 2014.11.11

    Jim Beam/Old Crow. If a fella's drinkin' single and seein' double, yeah, it could happen Jerry, good theory.

  94. jerry 2014.11.11

    Lanny, good news man. From the new director of the VA.

    "It’s the largest re-organization in the department’s history as the Department of Veterans Affairs tries to excise the turmoil, with the centerpiece being what the new VA Secretary Robert McDonald calls “MyVA”.
    “They know who to contact, they know where to go on websites, they know what benefits are available, and they can easily connect with us to get the benefits and the services that they have already earned and deserved,” Secretary McDonald said in a Washington speech on Monday.

    McDonald also said on CBS Network’s “60 Minutes”, he is formulating a hit list of agency administrators and supervisors for discipline– including termination: “the report that we have passed up to the Senate committee and House committee has about 35 names on it. I have another report that’s got over 1,000.”
    McDonald said in an interview with CBS' "60 Minutes" that aired Sunday that he plans to hire about 28,000 medical professionals to join the agency's hospitals and clinics around the country, including about 2,500 mental health professionals"

    Not a minute too soon either, we are loosing too many of our veterans to death by their own hand. A good day for me for sure and makes me confident this DU issue will be solved for mid east veterans too. This Obama, One of the best presidents ever man, that is for sure.

  95. jerry 2014.11.11

    That is true, a Jim Beam/Old Crow troll. Maybe binders over the eyes would help or even sleep.

  96. jerry 2014.11.11

    Heaven rhymes with 7 as in Seagrams you scalawag, party on dude.

  97. jerry 2014.11.11

    Hey Mr. Wiken, that is good news in your area, kind of screwy that three of the riders of the Apocalypse won strong there though.

  98. larry kurtz 2014.11.11

    Daugaard just followed me on twitter: wtf?

  99. Deb Geelsdottir 2014.11.11

    I have a comment about the political party preferences of immigrants.

    MN is home to the largest Somali population in the US; the largest Hmong population; the largest Southeast Asian population outside of the West Coast. Those populations are almost entirely legal and they are overwhelmingly Democratic.

    Another point about immigrant voting patterns: If they are illegal immigrants, they can't vote, so who cares what their politics are. Right?

  100. Lanny V Stricherz 2014.11.11

    Deb, Those on the right love illegal immigrants as long as they can come to this country and hold the wages down for the jobs being offered in this country. It bothered not the State of SD, that two of the CAFO dairy operations at Veblen, employed illegal immigrants. Even with that they were so poorly managed that they went bankrupt. Who knows how many of the other jobs created by the EB-5 program went to illegal immigrants. And the fact that they cannot vote makes them even more attractive, because as you pointed out, they would probably vote for Democrats.

  101. Disgusted Dakotan 2014.11.11

    Jerry & Mr Fleming, You got me.. You win the argument. Everyone thinks President Obama IS a great president, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi are principled great leaders, and America thinks they were leading the country down the right path. That's why the SDDP couldn't field enough candidates; that's why Democratic elected officials shunned President Obama's help in the election; that's why Democrats flee the SDDP and run as "Republicans;" and that's why you won all of the elections last Tuesday.

    Keep vomiting idiotic vitriol on civil people on the blogs and embedding the image of hyper-partisan Democrats into the minds of the people, I am sure it will reap great returns in a majority Republican registered SD, as it did last Tuesday..

  102. JeniW 2014.11.12

    DD, the Republicans are not exactly pure and innocent either.

    There never has been, and never will be a president that everyone will like or respect, regardless of their political party. Even George Washington had people who did not like him.

    The pendulum is always in movement, that is a fact of life. Eventually, the pendulum will swing away from the Republican stronghold, then we will see how respectful the Republicans/Tea Partiers will be toward the Democrats.

  103. Jana 2014.11.12

    Hi DD. I'll play.

    Help us out if you will.

    Tell us what has gone right under the Obama administration. I'm just looking at the economy and the achievement of implementing RomneyCare and the health reforms that were originally proposed by the Heritage Foundation.

    What might have more relevance to South Dakotans is what will happen, or who will be hurt, when John, Kristi and Mike repeal Obamacare.

    Have you seen the plan that Kristi, John and Mike keep talking about?

    You could earn a sandwich!

  104. Jana 2014.11.12

    DD. Do you think that the economic incentives that the SDGOP has handed out to donors over the years has any bearing on where the SD Dem party is today? You know, lacking the taxpayer checkbook the GOP now controls?

    Notice, I didn't say crony contracts.

  105. Bajun Mavalwalla 2014.11.12

    What is the first step in the Problem Solving Process?


    The SDDP has not done this. Re-prioritizing investments won't win elections. It is important to understand that you can't devise a strategy unless you have working mechanisms in place to implement a strategy. There is no Silver Bullet.

    The SDDP has to understand that POLICY does not equal STRATEGY.

    What the SDDP lacks is a plan and a plan requires a methodical process that takes away all preconceived notions and starts with Identifying the Problem and then defines their Mission Statement.

    The SDDP has more than one mission and they need to have separate plans for those missions.

    One mission of the SDDP is to devise a platform. That is policy: Veterans' issues, guns, liberal, conservative, and EB-5 all belong under this domain and, to be frank, are NOT the problem that the SDDP needs to be addressing. These issues can be used to develop TACTICS... But tactics are not strategy.

    Solvency is a problem, but that is a management problem and management is separate (though related) to losing elections. It's a separate plan.

    The problem is Democrats lost across SD on election day because the SDDP does not have a comprehensive, long-term plan to get Democrats elected.

    Colorado made a plan 10 years ago and turned their state from Red to Blue in 4 years. South Dakota is not likely to turn Blue... But it has been proven SD can be purple. The SDDP doesn't need a miracle or better policies. They need a plan.

    A group of us are meeting in Rapid City. The plan we craft will be given to the SDDP... This is our agenda:

    The SDDP leadership, leaders of the LGBT community, labor and activists have been invited. Many leaders are attending.

    This plan will come out of the Decision Making Process. The SDDP can only benefit from this plan. There is no need for redundancy and the only goal of this plan is to elect a solid base of Democrats from the local level to the state legislature.

    The Colorado Plan is a background for ONE possible model.

    PART 1
    PART 2
    PART 3

    TIME : 9 AM to 12 Noon on Saturday 15 November, 2014
    PLACE: Shelter50, 602 St Andrews, Rapid City, SD.

    We'll have coffee, donuts and fruit.



    The worst thing we can do with a comprehensive plan is not to have a plan for what to do with it.

  106. Bill Fleming 2014.11.12

    And don't forget to answer BCB's very politely rendered question, DD:

    "DD, help me out - what do you think SD Democrats have done or said about 2nd amendment rights that alienates you and others here in SD?

    Do you think background checks are wrong? Surely you don't advocate that anyone with a violent felony history, or who has been found to be a danger to himself or others due to mental illness, should be able to purchase a gun at a gun show or from a private person?

    Other than the background check issue, I really don't get what you and others are upset about from SD Democrats? Can you help me understand your point?"

  107. Bill Fleming 2014.11.12

    DD anyone who starts his post implying that people here have had to rethink their position on slavery and Jim Crow law! then goes on to accuse us of being pro-abortion and anti-gun is not being either civil or truthful. Give us a break with the crocodile tears. You tried to run a passive aggressive number here and got caught with your pants down. Poor you.

  108. caheidelberger Post author | 2014.11.12

    I share Fleming's resistance to DD's suggestion. First, the premise is indeed flawed: to say we Democrats are "pro-abortion" and "anti-gun" is flawed. The use of those two terms is another prime example of the GOP fantasy narrative, saying things that Dems aren't just because they sound good and rile voters up. Democrats should not surrender to that false narrative; they should shred it.

    Furthermore, while the primary purpose of a party is to win elections, our party also exists to represent certain ideals. There is no need for two parties that fetishize fetuses and guns. Democrats like me can maintain our integrity, respond to the false charges of Republicans, and point out that our platform focuses on equal rights and protections for all voters, workers, loving married couples, children, retirees, and all other citizens. Republicans support talk-radio hosts and CEOs; Democrats help the rest of America put food on the table.

    Did the early Abolitionists need to rethink their position on slavery in order to improve their chances of winning elections?

  109. Disgusted Dakotan 2014.11.12

    JeniW & Jana,
    I am disgusted with the corruption within the SDGOP. The "economic incentives" you speak of are unRepublican and a sign of the corruption that is ever apparent within our state. Republicans believe in the free-market. The EB5 program and the crony-capitalism and corruption that surrounds it, is the opposite of limited-government and free-market.

    I am not a fan of the Obama administration. Aside from celebrating when the glass ceiling was smashed, there has been little else for a conservative to celebrate.

    Mr Fleming, the crocodile tears are yours. You lament the dismal state of affairs of the SDDP, but then attack like a dog chasing its tail when the same obvious point is made by someone less invested, that the SDDP has deep problems that need attending.

    Just because you are uncomfortable with the Democratic Party's sordid past, does not change the dichotomy of past and present positions. You don't get to steal the mantle of "the Party of Lincoln" from those of us who are still in that party, and caricaturize people as racists to satisfy your own insecurities about your party's past. Weakly attempting to throw the race card out to change the topic, not knowing your intended target, is painfully stereo typical. I am upset with the SDDP for the same reason you and others are, because it has failed in its public obligation to be an effective 2nd party and provide the checks and balances in our political system.

    Mr Heidelberger,
    I do not believe that voting SD Democrats are militantly pro-abortion or anti-2nd Amendment. It is a cliff that Democratic candidates in SD are thrown off of every election though. Case in point Kathy Tyler. Pointing out a diabetic shouldn't be wolfing down Coke and donuts is not the enemy, the sugar in the Coke and donuts is. Democrats need to be able to have the discussions you speak of to sell the public on them as an electable option. But if they are constantly tripped up and painted as liberal left extremists only concerned with abortion, gun control, etc., at the starting gate, they cannot get to the discussion you speak of.

    I am not the enemy for pointing out the obvious that so many have already pointed out, the Democratic Party has major problems in SD.

    The problem is simple. In order to win elections here in SD, Democrats need to attract Republicans into voting for them. When Democrats personally attack civil Republican voters, like they do on here? They are alienating voters for their candidates and are losing the elections for them. Voters often settle for the lesser of two evils. The last several elections, liberals have been caricaturized in Obama/Reid/Pelosi and have been used to scare voters that all Democrats are big government creating, tax, spend, pro-abortion, anti 2nd Amendment clones.

    The first thing activist Democrats need to get in their head, stop treating all Republicans like they are the enemy.

  110. JeniW 2014.11.12

    DD, thank you for your clarification.

  111. Bill Fleming 2014.11.12

    DD that would be a challenge for your side. If you and other Republicans do indeed understand the falsehood of the accusations made of Democrats, get a spine, grow a pair and dispel that mythology from your party's midst.

    It's not our fault people in your party have chosen to demonize us, and you won't find any solutions here preaching to the choir.

    You're right. In order for Dems to win elections in SD, Republicans will have to vote for them. And they are the ones who are going to have to convince one another to do it.

    My energy is actually moving in the opposite direction. I'm thinking of encouraging our good candidates to run as Republicans, so they can actually have a chance of winning.

    Because if you R's can't rid yourselves of the poison that has polluted your party, perhaps we can at least help you dilute it.

    Bottom line, here's the choice you seem to be offering us, SD Dems can either be DINOs or RINOs, take your pick.

    I'm thinking if we are going to have to misrepresent ourselves either way, the most politically expedient choice just might be the latter.

  112. Bill Fleming 2014.11.12

    P.s. It is your party's past you should concern yourself with, DD. You are the ones who adopted the Dixiecrats for political gain and in so doing, threw off the mantle of 'the party of Lincoln.' It's intellectually dishonest of you to chide us for picking it up, dusting it off and wearing it proudly. If your party still believes in government of the people by the people and for the people, they should start talking, acting, and voting like it. A party that says it wants a government so small it can be drowned in a bathtub is emphatically NOT the party of Lincoln. Not even close.

  113. Les 2014.11.12

    Your Rinos will get elected, suddenly lose their spine and run with the herd. Hey, a mud hole ahead!
    I voted for a Herseth. But, I could not vote for a
    Weiland. I blame that on the movement he was going to represent. Though Rick is probably close enough to the center, this crowd wanted meat and by God rule was going to be our way or the highway.
    You are right BF, my vote for Pressler was a vote for Rounds. Pat yourself on the back for that one.

  114. larry kurtz 2014.11.12

    Being GOP-lite is surrender for SDDP: get radical, Dems.

  115. Bill Fleming 2014.11.12

    Les, sooner or later you guys will learn to listen to reason. I'm thinking it will most likely be later. ;-)

  116. larry kurtz 2014.11.12

    Earth haters telling us how to run our own party? Wiken would call it blue dog crap.

  117. jerry 2014.11.12

    There really is a difference between Republicans and Democrats in long term goals for the state and the country. One is not content with not improving while the other is content with the I got mine theory and to hell with you actions. Case in point is this

    Now what does that have to do with South Dakota? Democratic answer: No more of a need for the Keystone XL, a hammer to the head of uranium exploitation in the Black Hills, curb emissions to slow climate change and allow a future for our grandchildren and theirs.

    Republican answer: Kill the EPA, we do not need clean air and clean water

    I have no idea what happened to the SDDP here in South Dakota. Most likely it has been taken over by the same kind of old guard that the Republican party finds itself in today. I am under no illusion that their needs to be a complete revamping of all that is SDDP that is for sure. But the core of the matter is that the Democratic Party must stand for the little guy and gal, as they have no voice and we must give it to them. The Party must stand for equal rights for all. It must stand for the choice a woman and her provider make regarding the termination of the pregnancy she, the woman should have control over. The party must be able to reach out to show the complete insanity of allowing the insane to have control over guns with the help of background checks. The Party must stand for a solution to healthcare for those that suffer for its lack. The Party must stand for a funding solution regarding the education of our children that gives them the foundation to build a future on. Many many other things and yes, even sensible immigration laws. We Americans all benefit from the illegal immigration that we presently have right now. Here in South Dakota, the food we eat on a daily basis comes from the hands of illegal workers, slaves if you will. The only reason we look the other way is because of their skin color and that we do not understand what they are saying, so we have dehumanized them to the point of hating them.

    Yes, there is a difference between the two parties, a schism if you will. When you have that sort of difference, then you work together to thread the needle that will make the fiber to hold us all together. A one party system is a system of doom and that is exactly what we are seeing here in South Dakota, so we either get used to it, or we change the direction to the rocky coast this ship is sailing to. It is clear that the Republican party can no longer do this on their own so the only solution is a strong, vibrant counter weight to right this ship, the Democratic Party.

  118. larry kurtz 2014.11.12

    Satan had an 'R' after his name and called himself 'Mike' so SDGOP paid Larry Pressler to run interference.

  119. Bill Fleming 2014.11.12

    Larry, we don't need to get radical. We need to show SD Republicans what extremist right wing radicals they are becoming. Otherwise, like the proverbial frog in a pan of water on the stove, they won't figure it out until it's too late to jump.

  120. larry kurtz 2014.11.12

    Dems: end primaries, select candidates who will adhere to a convention-driven platform and run as Democrats who will energize and attract young people.

  121. Bill Fleming 2014.11.12

    Here's an infiltration scenario. Dems caucus statewide to identify issues that can be put on the ballot via I&R. Issues must be polled in advance to ensure statewide support. Candidates from Dem caucus run hard on those issues in both Dem and Repub primaries and win in both. Net result is that we have two Dems running against one another in the general. In short, the exact opposite of the scenario we have now.

    In the recent election here's what happened. Republicans said, 'We don't like Obama and Obamacare.' Democrats said 'Well we don't either.' Guess who people voted for. Doh.

  122. Čhaŋté 2014.11.12


    See you there on Saturday.

    And to whomever above said something about participating where we're needed at the county level, awesome. Fine. Call us all out.

    I think many of us will attempt to do just that if anything just to see if you're right that there is a place for us.

    1.) Local party involvement, 2.) See what shakes out of this process Bajun is organizing.

    That's my plan, because I'm sick of all the bitching. Bill, no offense, but if you think standing up for the under dog, mostly by having us at the table is 'radical,' we aren't going to be bff's. Just saying.

    We need EVERYONE at the table, but as the adage goes, if you aren't going to be part of the solution, stay out of our way!

    Who's with us?

  123. Disgusted Dakotan 2014.11.12

    Mr Fleming,
    So your solution to getting Democrats elected is to wait for Republicans to campaign and advocate for them; or, have all the Scott Munsterman, Charlie Hoffman, Dan Lederman, Val Raush, Joni Cutler, Mike Knudson, Kyle Schoenfish, etc.'s Democrats run as "Republicans?" I don't see the first one working out; and, your second plan will water down the the conservative brand but those people are no more loyal to Democrats than they are to Republican ideologies.

    Sorry, not buying your red herring Dixiecrats. You own the Democratic Party's racist past:

  124. Bill Fleming 2014.11.12

    "...but if you think standing up for the under dog, mostly by having us at the table is 'radical,' we aren't going to be bff's. Just saying."

    I don't think it's radical, and have said so throughout this thread at least 5 times. I think it's called being an American and a Democrat.

  125. Bill Fleming 2014.11.12

    Not a solution, DD just not our problem. If your party is allowing itself to be polluted, clean it up.

    LOL, MLK was a Republican! My point exactly. In those days, so was I. Reality check. What party do the descendants and followers of MLKs philosophy belong to now. The more you post here, the more you make our case. When are you going to re register as a Democrat, DD? We'd love to have you. :-)

  126. larry kurtz 2014.11.12

    Why anyone registers as a Democrat in South Dakota while primaries are non-existent remains a mystery.

  127. Čhaŋté 2014.11.12

    I apologize Bill. I see now that you were responding to some sort Satan rhetoric and not the other piece. Is that right?

  128. Bill Fleming 2014.11.12

    Čhaŋté, thank you, yes, I am on your side 100%

  129. larry kurtz 2014.11.12

    Besides me, how many people in this thread attended this year's state convention?

  130. larry kurtz 2014.11.12

    Nick Nemec is the only other person in this thread who attended the convention in Yankton.

  131. Bill Fleming 2014.11.12

    Larry, if you were there, you know I wasn't. I've never gone to one. What happens there that doesn't happen here and at the ballot box? Is anyone happy? Does my buddy Bill wear this cowboy hat and the shirt with the Stars and Stripes on it? Do people stay sober? Maybe I'll come to the next one if there's actually something to do.

  132. larry kurtz 2014.11.12

    Walsh wasn't there, Bill, neither was Joe Lowe. Delegates debated the platform, nominated some candidates, didn't nominate a bunch and worried about the lack of input and money.

  133. Jenny 2014.11.12

    Well, DD, there are important chapters in history that Dems should be very proud of such as getting rid of child labor, worker safety, 40-hour work week, living wages. Those "evil" populist unions movements did all that.
    Coming from SD and moving to MN, I've noticed at how much more people here are willing to vote for the person, not the political party. I'm still in awe how much Minnesotans will stand up for their rights - gay rights, veterans issues, living wage, social justice issues. Unions! They are not a dirty word here. I am in awe of that and I love to see that spirit here.

  134. Bill Fleming 2014.11.12

    Sounds like the night I spent navel gazing and wondering what it would be like to scrape the skin off both my knees with a cheese grater. ;-)

  135. larry kurtz 2014.11.12

    The media swarmed the earth hater's convention but ignored the Dems in Yankton.

  136. 96Tears 2014.11.12

    Lots of posts since yesterday when I last wrote. Somebody get DD a glass of orange juice. Sugar levels appear low. How's that SDDP office in Rapid City coming along?

  137. leslie 2014.11.12

    dd-haven't followed this thread yet but this whole Lincoln was a republican, dems have a racist past-I just might have to jump in and rip some new ones. grr.

  138. Les 2014.11.12

    Sounds like you Dems just need a group, Lar.?

  139. Bill Fleming 2014.11.12

    96 T, did I read you right that the WRDem fundraising goal needs to be around $60k annually in order to be able to have a West River office? How would that office interface fiscally and philosophically with the State party, and who will administer the funds and walking orders?

    Or should they raise it, bank it, and walk the talk themselves and operate autonomously?

    It's probably doable, just not sure I understand the party protocols.

  140. Roger Cornelius 2014.11.12

    Anybody with a true sense of history knows the "sordid" past of Democratson slavery and Jim Crow laws and is fully aware of Lincoln's success with the civil war and slavery, that goes unchallenged.
    But what happened to the Republican Party since the repeal of Jim Crow? Where did the Republican cry for equality go in the past few decades?
    This year, as in recent elections, the Republicans in at least 18 states including South Dakota have worked overtime to disenfranchise minority voters, making it more difficult, if not impossible, for many of them to vote.
    The Republican Party doesn't want minorities voting for fear they will vote Democrat their fear is blatant. They don't campaign on reservations or inner cities, they assume that because they are people of color they will vote Democrat and must be stopped or limited.
    Voting rights are just one issue in which modern Republicans have betrayed the party of Lincoln.
    Don't even get me started on Lincoln and Andrew Jackson and their genocidal war on Indians.

  141. bearcreekbat 2014.11.12

    You all have done a great job pointing out some of the apparent flaws in DD's gun argument. And as Bill noted, DD never really addressed my questions. I checked the link he cited, and after reading it I cannot understand why anyone, Republican or Democrat, might object to the treaty's goals, as described in the article DD linked:

    "The treaty establishes standards for the global trade in conventional weapons, with the goal of preventing such weapons from being sold to those who would use them to commit genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes."

    What is wrong with these goals DD?

    And what about Jana's questions - can you answer them DD?

  142. bearcreekbat 2014.11.12

    And on the party of Lincoln argument, perhaps a little history might help. From the mid-1850's through the close of the civil war there were two Republican factions, one being the "Radical Republicans" who were most opposed to slavery. The Radicals opposed many of Lincoln's compromises and essentially took over the Republican party during reconstruction, resulting in the passage of the 13th and 14th amendments. Today's progressive Democrats and progressive Republicans are most closely like the Radical Republicans from the 1850's to the 1870's.

    At the end of President Grant's term, the Radicals lost power and a more conservative Republican, Rutherford B. Hayes, negotiated a presidential win after a three way tie in the vote by promising Jim Crow Democrats and conservative pro-slavery Republicans, in essence, to abandon the newly freed blacks in the South and focus instead on economic issues in the North. That seems to have begun the change that gradually grew into today's Republican party. Meanwhile by the late 1800's and early 20th Century, many northern Democrats became populists under leaders like William Jennings Bryant and FDR.

    After WW II concluded we had a time of moderate Republican leadership through Ike. Mid-Twentieth Century Republicans then successfully adopted the Southern Strategy, which fanned the flames of Southern post-civil war Democratic angst and sucked so many people into the Republican party by emulating the attitudes of mid-19th century pro-slavery Democrats and conservative Republicans.

  143. Bill Fleming 2014.11.12

    Yes, BCB, we lefty Dems are like the "lowdown abolitionists" Huck, Jim, et al talk about in the Mark Twain novels. ;-)

  144. jerry 2014.11.12

    As always, not knowing American history is what is keeping America from moving forward. Today, the European Space Program landed a craft on a comet. By America not understanding our past history, how can we expect to go into the future?

  145. jerry 2014.11.12

    Another one of the issues at stake is how to overcome the fear that republicans use to scare the hell out of ordinary people. The Ebola scare is now called a boondoggle

    We will see how this congress handles the ISIS as the president has asked congress (imagine that) for money to combat the threat. Now they are talking about impeaching him for going after ISIS in the first place. The election was on November 4 and here we are in just 8 days. Some wonder why there is a strong dislike for Republican politics, I wonder why that is?

  146. leslie 2014.11.12

    larry, u don't have jurisdiction to attend a state dem party convention. immigration law enforcement!! close the damn state borders. no NM progressives allowed...hahaha

    seriously, a loss of the senate is a poor way to drum up dem support. ouch. I went to a state party meeting in ft. pierre last winter that was called off due to cold temp.

  147. Douglas Wiken 2014.11.12

    At least the Democratic Party changed and moved forward from it's racist past. The Republican party has embraced racism, bigotry, air pollution, water pollution and continues that crusade. Meanwhile they appeal to the science-free religious communities "values" to make themselves appear pure.

    Republicans paint an issue of Democratic figure as an ogre and then after 2 or 4 years of such continued attacks by them and the wingnut-right media, the smarmy Republican candidates campaign against Democrats as if they are associated with the ogre. The Democrats mistake has been running away from Nancy Pelosi, Obama, et al instead of having them out demonstrating they are not arch evil beings with cloven hoof and making the GOP shorthand attacks irrelevant.

    Attacking slimeball Republican candidates and officials is not attacking Republican voters. Their thin skin is remarkable considering how vicious their trolls and attackers are toward Democrats.

  148. leslie 2014.11.12

    amen, brother wik

  149. leslie 2014.11.12

    omg Rounds McConnell share spotlight as new York times trumpets China/US global warming coop
    Republicans Slam China Climate Deal As They Welcome Their Senate Majority
    Posted: 11/12/2014 11:52 am EST

  150. Les 2014.11.12

    """"At least the Democratic Party changed and moved forward from it's racist past. The Republican party has embraced racism""""". Im a registered Republican and I've never embraced racism, contrary to the democratic author of this quote.

  151. jerry 2014.11.12

    Les, you embrace the the racism with your vote to support those that do. Remember how it works Les, elections have consequences so don't try to rabbit your way out of this.

  152. jerry 2014.11.12

    Here is what Democratic leadership means to our country and why we need to support the Democratic causes we all believe in. From 360


    Last night, just weeks after the largest climate mobilization ever, the world's two biggest polluters -- the United States and China -- announced their most ambitious climate action yet. That is not a coincidence: it's a sign that our pressure is working, and that we need to apply much more.

    Here's my take on what the just-announced plan from President Obama and Premier Xi is, and isn't:

    1) It is historic. John Kerry was right to use the phrase in his New York Times oped announcing the deal: for the first time a developing nation has agreed to eventually limit its emissions. This is a necessity for advancing international climate negotiations.

    2) It isn't binding in any way. In effect President Obama is writing an IOU to be cashed by future presidents and Congresses (and Xi is doing the same for future Politburos). If they take the actions to meet the targets, then it's meaningful, but for now it's a paper promise. And since physics is uninterested in spin, all the hard work lies ahead.

    3) It is proof -- if any more was needed -- that renewable energy is ready to go. The Chinese say they'll be using clean sources to get 20% of their energy by 2030 -- which is not just possible, it should be easy. Which they know because they've revolutionized the production of solar energy, driving down the cost of panels by 90% or more in the last decade.

    4) It is not remotely enough to keep us out of climate trouble. We've increased the temperature less than a degree and that's been enough to melt enormous quantities of ice, not to mention set the weather on berserk. So this plan to let the increase more than double is folly -- though it is good to see that the two sides have at least agreed not to undermine the 2 degrees Celsius warming target, the one tiny achievement of the 2009 Copenhagen conference fiasco.

    5) It is a good way to put pressure on other nations. I've just come back from India, which has worked hard to avoid any targets of any sort. But the lesson from this pact is, actual world leaders at least need to demonstrate they're talking about climate; it makes the lead-up to the global negotiations in Paris next year more interesting.

    6) It is a reason projects like Keystone XL and fracking make even less sense than ever. If President Obama is serious about meeting these kinds of targets, then we need serious steps; the surest way to undermine this commitment would be to approve new pipelines or authorize other new fossil fuel developments like fracking. If you pledge sobriety and then buy a keg of beer, people are going to wonder.

    7) It is another reminder that it is past time to divest from fossil fuels. The burgeoning divestment movement has been arguing not just on moral grounds, but also making the point that the future will inevitably lead to a downsloping curve for the old energies. This is another warning -- for anyone who looks more than a few quarters out, the writing is on the wall that the fossil fuel era is on its way out.

    8) It's not, in any way, a stretch goal. These numbers are easy -- if you were really being cynical, you could say they're trying to carefully manage a slow retreat from fossil fuels instead of really putting carbon on the run. The Germans, for instance, will be moving in on 60% of their energy from clean sources by the mid-2020s, when we'll still be cutting carbon emissions by small increments.

    9) It is -- and this is the real key -- a reminder that movements work. President Obama first endorsed the 80 percent by 2050 goal he enshrined in this pact when he was running for president in 2007, a week after 1,400 demonstrations around the nation demanded that goal. This comes seven weeks after by far the largest global climate demonstrations in history, and amidst ongoing unrest in China about the filthy air in its cities.

    10) It isn't, in other words, a reason to slack off one bit in the ongoing fight for a livable climate, a fight we must continue at all cost. If we want this to be a start, and not a finish, we've got to build even bigger and more powerful movements that push the successors of these gentlemen to meet what science demands.

    Today is an achievement for everyone who's held a banner, signed a petition, and gone to jail -- and a call for many more to join us going forward!

    Thank you so much for everything you've done, and for everything you will do next.


  153. Lanny V Stricherz 2014.11.12

    Jerry, I am doing my part. I got rid of my car a year and a half ago. I ride the bus here in town and take public transit when possible out of town. When I visit family in the Cities, I route my schedule ahead of time, on the internet. I did the same thing before I went to Portland and Seattle this past summer.

    People don't stop to consider, that because of the affluence in our society, the kids who used to have to buy their own car, now get one bought by Dad, which does two things. It drives up the price of cars and it also increases gas consumption. As a country, we have made some progress, but we can/could do a lot more.

  154. Les 2014.11.12

    Now Ya claim to know how I vote, Jer. You are full of rabbit holes, or is one.

  155. jerry 2014.11.12

    You said you voted for Pressler, No? All of us kids know that a vote for Pressler was a vote for Rounds. So I will let you figure out your own rabbit trail.

  156. Les 2014.11.12

    Bla Bla bla, your vote for Weiland is a vote for killing babies. No I don't really believe that, do you?

  157. 96Tears 2014.11.12

    Hey Bill, just tell them the Dems hit the reset button with FDR's New Deal and the RNC is now a thoroughly racist organization. Now, on to the important stuff Sibby-style:

    Bill - “did I read you right that the WRDem fundraising goal needs to be around $60k annually in order to be able to have a West River office?”
    96T – The cost of creating an office is cheaper these days. The staff member gets a salary of $26K, plus $4K spent in benefits. Get the office space donated – about 300 square feet for an office desk and chair, two folding tables and 15 folding chairs (for mailers and phoning [everybody uses their own cell phones]) and a couple workshop style shelves for supplies and stuff. Install internet and cable ($100 per month). Tell the staff person to get unlimited minutes and data on their cell plan. Budget another $2,000 for travel (staff finds overnight accommodations at Dem activists’ homes). Grand annual total: $35K tops.

    Bill – “How would that office interface fiscally and philosophically with the State party, and who will administer the funds and walking orders?”
    96T – The office staff person would answer to the executive director (Zach Crago) and the chair (Deb Knecht). The E.D. and chair need to interface with the activists in the Hills region for their input and support of the office’s mission. The staff person works with the activists but is NOT their employee. The SDDP finances the Hills region staffer and office as part of its annual budget.

    Bill – “Or should they raise it, bank it, and walk the talk themselves and operate autonomously?”
    96T – It will not work to have a Black Hills Democratic Party that is separate from the SDDP. The scribes at Argus Sanford would have too much fun picking away at a divided Democrat Party, and the distraction would reduce the organization’s collective strength. If a separate regional party makes sense, then dispense with the state party and also have a Brown County Regional Dems, the Greater Sioux Falls Dems, the Northern Lincoln County Dems, the James River Valley Dems, etc., none of which will never be recognized as a legitimate state party by the DNC – and that means no money from Washington for anybody. And maybe I’m wrong. I’m only a private citizen with some organizational experience in business and non-profits, so I’m just guessing and using logic.

    Bill – “It's probably doable, just not sure I understand the party protocols.”
    96T – Work with Nick and show up with a sizeable Black Hills coalition of articulate Dems at the next central committee meeting. Make the commitment to make this work. Tell your coalition to make their points but avoid whining. Talk about a program of voter contact, issue development and 100% candidate recruitment. The non-Hills Dems will know you mean business. The party protocol, I assume, is to put it in the budget and in the plan. Demand the office opens by February 1 so you can fill the county party positions in the Hills region and set it up for winning in the next election cycle. If the central committee tells you it’s too soon tell them any later than February 1 is too late and they might as well all resign or do their jobs to win campaigns.

  158. jerry 2014.11.12

    Actually, yes. I believe in a woman's right to choose the direction she wants to take.

  159. Les 2014.11.12

    Cool, Jer. Go with God or whomever your choice.

  160. Deb Geelsdottir 2014.11.12

    Lanny, Ford's new, aluminum F 150 pickup goes on sale very soon. The reason for going all aluminum is weight=higher mpg. The pickup will cost about $350 more, msrp, because aluminum is more expensive than steel. We'll see how it sells.

  161. Bill Fleming 2014.11.12

    Thanks 96T. Good notes. I'll share it with the peeps.

  162. John Hess 2014.11.12

    It's sad to see people refuse to accept political realities. Your man Weiland got creamed. If you want to be relevant in South Dakota politics you'll have to accept the electorate for what they are or you are willingly staying in the minority.

  163. Disgusted Dakotan 2014.11.12

    Mr Fleming,
    Trying to keep up with your twists and turns, and denials, is dizzying. You are the one that acknowledged the dismal state of affairs by calling for an abandonment of ship and advocating the wholesale abandonment of the SDDP to further infiltrate the GOP. The author of the article was a Ms. Rice, she follows MLK's vision and party, she is/was the chairman of the National Black Republican Association.

    BearCreek Bat, The judge of the debate on the gun issues, is the voting public. My perspective on the gun issue is irrelevant. The discussion is about the voting public's perspective of the SDDP. The Left's position on the 2nd Amendment and gun control, expressed extensively on here, is being used very effectively as a major tool to paint defeat your candidates.

    The SDDP has two problems it must address: #1 It must overcome the malaise in its core element so it can field full slates of candidates and get their base to support them and vote for them. #2 Because of the huge difference in party registration, Democratic candidates MUST reach out to Republicans and Independent voters

    Even after the absolute dismal election results of a week ago, you still have people on here beating the same war drums against all non-Democrats, spewing the same election losing nonsense, marching to the same lame our NFL team is the best no matter how poor our players do or fumble the ball.

    It would be hilarious, if it wasn't so absolutely sad to see such a state of denial, reading the claims by so many that they are winning the debate on the issues.

    Again, with the Democrats being in the minority registration, Democrats cannot afford the arrogance and unbridled hatred of those who share different views than themselves, as clearly expressed on here.

    Everytime the Rogers & Jerry's of your party open their mouth to claim all Conservatives/Republicans are racists, hate minorities, etc.? They offend Republicans, Conservatives, and moderate Democrats that you can ill afford to alienate, as exhibited by the poor recruitment and election results this year.

    But then again, since so many won the debate on here, it must simply be the lack of an office in RC that is the problem..

  164. Bill Fleming 2014.11.12

    DD, you're working too hard. Just roll with it. I've gone rogue, but that's not your problem. :-)

  165. grudznick 2014.11.12

    Mr. Stricherz, I too got rid of my car a few years ago, but they took mine from me because they said I couldn't drive it any more. I'm still bitter and want to drive other people's cars when they let me. Mr. Fleming won't let me drive his, but I'm still working on him.

  166. caheidelberger Post author | 2014.11.12

    DD misdiagnoses our problems. Yes, we've got malaise, but we also appear to be fielding a groundswell of activists ready to tackle that malaise with concrete action dedicated to achieving measurable goals (and let's keep things simple and measure goals by number of Democrats elected).

    Turning ourselves into Republicans is not the only way to address the huge difference in party registration. I would suggest (1) a huge voter registration drive to not simply increase the number of registered Democrats but also to put Democratic recruiters face-to-face with tens of thousands of South Dakotans to win them over to our brand, and (2) to reach out to Independents and rational Republicans (not Mike Rounds and his fellow postmodernist, value-free scum, a characterization, DD, with which I think you'll agree) with sheer Wellstonian awesomeness. We will organize, we will recruit, and we will declare who we are without fear, and we will not have to give up the ship on women's autonomy and equality or surrender to gun-absolutism.

  167. grudznick 2014.11.12

    Mr. H, I know you think I am against your efforts but in fact I don't really concern myself with them at all because I am fairly confident in what the level of effort and results will be.

    But if you do get this going I think it would be swell of you all wore hats that identified your brand. It won't affect the outcomes, will identify you to others and will be entertaining for me in the pictures that get blogged.

  168. Jenny 2014.11.12

    On 100 Eyes show this week, Lalley said it seemed to him that the Dem Candidates (Robinson and Wismer and Weiland) rarely frequented Sioux Falls and didn't even notify that Sioux Falls paper when they were in town sometimes.
    All campaign season, Lalley openly invited candidates to come on down to be interviewed on his show. Missed opportunity right there.
    It's what I've been saying all along, dems are going to have to hit the big town if they want to begin to get any name recognition.

  169. Jenny 2014.11.12

    Cory H - there is an opportunity for you and the SDDP to talk about the future of the SDDP. Ask Lalley for some air time. They were wondering what the next move is for the badly wound SD dems.

  170. jerry 2014.11.12

    I am liking what I am reading here folks, lets see if we can get some traction!

  171. Les 2014.11.12

    I saw you piloting Blind Melon's car down St Joe, Grud. Say it aint so! Traction. Appropriate time of the year for that thought.

  172. Roger Cornelius 2014.11.12

    Felon-elect Mike Rounds won the senate for one simple reason, low information Republican either believed his lies or ignored them.
    I'm a Democrat, a proud one, was born that way you know. I refuse to compromise my Democratic principals and values to attract Disgusted type of Republicans, he'll never vote Democrat so why bother with him.
    Disgusted, when I call out Republican for their racism, particularly when it comes to suppressing minority voters, it is because they have earned that distinction. Why else would Republican be so aggressive in attempts to deny minority voters that right. If there is another reason, I'd like to hear it.
    Obviously opening a Rapid City office of the SDDP will not resolve Democrats problems, it is simply a step in the right direction and we need to make it happen.
    Today I had a long discussion with my friend Joe Lowe, it was out fault for him not winning the governor's nomination of our party.
    We share many of the same concerns of our party and one of those is that the Democrats have their own social club as evidenced by their premature endorsement of Susan Wismer. Our South Dakota Democratic leaders have their earmuffs on and are not listening to the grassroots members of the party. We can talk all we want about what the party needs to do to rebuild itself in the wake of the ass kicking we took a week ago, but if the party leadership doesn't listen to us and assumes they know more than us, we stay where we are.
    There have been some very positive critiques of the party and the solutions to our problems on this thread and I salute all who make valuable contributions. The problem is whether or not Zack Crago is reading and listening to us.
    The poor levels of communication by our party is astounding for this age of instant communication, we aren't aggressive when the Mike Rounds of the Republicans tell lies, where are our Democratic legislators and SDDP leadership when that happens.
    If we go back to just a few days ago with Rick Weiland's comments about our loss, we charge into the fire. We can quit handling the SDGOP with kindness and go after them the way they go after us, except we have the truth in our arsenal. The SDGOP will never will be able to handle the truth and as Democrats we know that, we need to keep reminding them of their lies.
    I was thinking back to the 2008 presidential campaign when President Obama told John McCain, "if you don't stop lying about me, I'll start telling the truth about you".

  173. Les 2014.11.12

    Hey, Roger. It isn't just me an Hickey that have that divine timing. Be blessed man!

  174. Roger Cornelius 2014.11.12

    Thanks Les and back at you.

  175. jerry 2014.11.12

    Well said Roger, but you left of one thing my friend, and that is what the republicans did to the district that Jensen now runs. The gerrymandering of that place is astounding and shows the great lengths DD's party will go to stifle the voices of minority Native voters. A ballot box for out of state voters to use, how interesting. Nope, the republican party owns this racism in South Dakota as well as the corruption that has befallen us here. They can bitch and moan about being called out on it, but it is a fact and their conscience is now getting the better of them. Maybe they should step away from the dark evil side and come on aboard where honesty and caring about our fellow citizens is still the boss. By the way, for what its worth, I think the SDDP had better take an inward look at themselves too. The way they do business is not much different that the opposition with the only difference being their lack of money. Damn shame too, it needs to be changed.

  176. Roger Cornelius 2014.11.12

    Agreed Jerry, the Gerrymandering needs to addressed big time by the SDDP and be well prepared for court battles, again, this is an issue that we can't afford to be silent about, it is absolutely astounding that Jensen represents a district with such a large Native American population.

    Robin Page fought a good fight against a big greasy machine, I hope she continues and becomes one of the new faces of the Democratic Party.

  177. John Hess 2014.11.13

    The Dems can have a candidate loved by the left who's gonna lose or one who's liked with a chance at winning. My preference is the latter. If you insist on the former it's delusional, masochistic, or a little bit crazy. The electorate has spoken loud and clear. Find a Steven Herseth.

  178. leslie 2015.02.24

    okkk grudz, and diff. color hats 4 you gun hidin' toterz, k? (init about time u learned lakota?)

  179. leslie 2015.02.24

    john hess, les, troy and several other republicans that post here seem quite intent on telling dems how to win

  180. leslie 2015.02.24

    not to throw water on attacking gerrymandering, but it prolly is something the justice dept. investigators could swing better than a lil' red state democrat party..."sue the bastards" is where justice is lost for most of us 'cause it is unaffordable for most people (although mitt likes to remind us that corporations are people too) haa!

    as a party we definitely need a subcommittee studying the issue and its various remedies, while SCOTUS and GOP are busily GUTTING the voting rights act.

  181. leslie 2015.02.24

    how could i have forgotten dd on my list of annoying republican posters telling dems how to be dems so they can fight their inner demons (the republicans they don't like)? cowboy up!! change parties. vote democratic.

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