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Can SD Dems Find a Leader Like Warren?

An eager reader insists that I'm leading my Dems astray encouraging a leftward, liberal shift. I maintain that I'm just urging Democrats to be Democrats. I'm telling them to pick for party chair a real progressive populist—a bridge-builder, not a purity-tester, but an unapologetic Democrat who can make the case that our liberal values serve South Dakota better than Republican oligarchy.

If the South Dakota Democratic Party shows some guts and elects a real Wellstonian-Frankenesque progressive as chair (and whom do we have: Rick Weiland? Joe Lowe? Stephanie Herseth Sandlin cured of Blue-Doggery by motherhood and ready to fight tooth and nail for her son's right to grow up in a country kept free, just, and prosperous by true liberalism?), my fellow South Dakota liberals can draw the same inspiration for action that Salon's Elias Isquith sees in Senator Elizabeth Warren's ascent among national Dems:

After many years of kvetching about their paltry influence — and following decade after decade of enviously watching the conservative movement refashion the GOP in its own image — lefty ideologues and organizers now have the chance to turn Warren into a kind of trojan horse for a resurgent politics of economic populism (or, as it used to be called, liberalism). And if they adapt and adhere to the script used many years ago by visionary right-wingers, who famously responded to an electoral drubbing in 1964 by staying the course and propelling a true believer to the White House less than 20 years later, it just might work [Elias Isquith, "It’s Elizabeth Warren’s party now! How to remake it in the liberal heroine’s image," Salon, 2014.11.15].

Isquith recognizes that the Goldwater–Warren analogy, like all historical analogies, is not perfect. He says we shouldn't fuss with hurling Warren against Hillary Clinton in a 2016 primary. Instead, Osquith sees Warren as a rallying point for action closer to home. Isquith recommends...

... building institutional support from the bottom up by creating funding networks and community spaces outside of the Democratic Party’s reach, so lefties can feel personally invested in their cause without having D.C. grandees step in and tell them to be “serious.” That’s what right-wing activists did through churches, think tanks and mailing lists; and the often successful Internet-based organizing from people at Daily Kos and the Blue America PAC has already offered a hint of how those on the left can do it again [Isquith, 2014.11.15].

Funding networks and community spaces outside the party... gee, that sounds familiar....

Give us a leader, Dems! Give us a real Democrat, a real progressive—heck yeah, a real liberal, someone who can inspire the base, work with them, but not get in the way of their enthusiasm and problem-solving.


  1. Taunia 2014.11.16

    Liberal shift? Ha. Liberals aren't proposing bills to save the whales, mandatory tree hugging or anything else we can afford to do when the power structure is completely opposite of where we're at.

    Liberals have been pulled so far to the right we're fighting tooth and nail to stop cutting social programs (where we should be fighting the other side of the aisle about how much to increase them by), fighting to stop cutting education and govt's ability to make money off of students through interest rates (instead of making higher education free like many first world countries), and so forth.

    If fighting for what we used to have/should have for basic humanity is liberal, what does that make the tree huggers?

  2. Taunia 2014.11.16

    Elizabeth Warren should not hitch her wagon to Harry Reid's circle jerk. What does she get out of it, besides sharing the blame for Reid's failing leadership?

    She laid the groundwork for the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, which is shaping up to be a powerful advocate for everyday consumers. Who else has done as much for the everyday person?

    She already has a platform without him and she does not need him.

  3. Taunia 2014.11.16

    "Give us a leader, Dems! Give us a real Democrat, a real progressive—heck yeah, a real liberal, someone who can inspire the base, work with them, but not get in the way of their enthusiasm and problem-solving."

    His name is Cory Heidelberger.

    Messaging. (see any post on this blog)
    Inspiring. (he's positive to a near fault, even when it hurts)
    Organizing. (crowd sourcing and communications pro)
    Research. (see any post on this blog)

    Cory's young, fresh and honest. The usual "politics" is not working. Same stuff every cycle expecting a different result? How about shaking things up?

  4. caheidelberger Post author | 2014.11.16

    Taunia, can Warren keep her independent platform even while dropping in to the Reid leadership meetings? (And will Reid keep his leadership after losing the Senate?)

  5. Taunia 2014.11.16


    Switzerland stayed neutral and independent and therefore not invaded by bordering Germany.

    Fox News will demonize Warren's new Reid-created position. It will stick.

    And yes, Reid is Germany.

  6. caheidelberger Post author | 2014.11.16

    Germany, or maybe Ceaucescu's Romania?

  7. 96Tears 2014.11.16

    Taunia, his name is Cory Heidelberger! I've been thinking of a downside, and it isn't there. I see possibilities that you won't find in others.

  8. Taunia 2014.11.16

    Hey, 96 - how about a draft Cory for Chair/Co-chair campaign? I have no idea what the party structure timeline is in SD. I imagine things are moving now.

    What's there to lose?

  9. 96Tears 2014.11.16

    Great slogan, Taunia. All too true. Seriously, he might be the right person at the right time to flip the party's direction. Cory???

  10. Jenny 2014.11.16

    SD doesn't really know Cory. He's hidden behind a blog. If he is really interested in getting dems elected he'll start by moving to Sioux Falls. Sioux Falls is where it's at.

  11. Jenny 2014.11.16

    Out of all the candidates I've seen so far the last couple of years, Matt Varilek is the one that that I think could win. The guy was young, very intelligent, really knows his stuff, and was a very good debater. He needs to change his stance from anti-gay to pro-gay (really Matt- anti-gay and a dem?). The guy had it. He ran a surprisingly close race against Noem (42% is above average these days for SD Dems) Where is he at now?

  12. Taunia 2014.11.16

    The status quo is not working. How many more elections do you want to lose? Living in Sioux Falls, being an insider, did what this election?

    Think outside the box.

    Cory is not a total unknown. He's been a teacher across the state, a writer in various well-read media forms, is helping to shape politics in SD and has contact with a lot of candidates and campaigns. He's a hometown kid.

    But he's not yet been tainted by the party political structure and melded in to the same-old, same-old. Any candidate that runs for office worries about not being well enough known. Run a campaign or two, your name gets out there.

    Aren't we all for serious, mature, progressive change?

  13. jerry 2014.11.16

    You have something going there Taunia, if you are an insider (whatever the hell that is in the SDDP) you may be in trouble. Cory does not have any issues debating anyone so I would think he would be a good choice for just about any office this state has to offer.

  14. Mark Remily 2014.11.16

    Taunia, I really like what you suggest. South Dakota needs someone to rejuvenate the Democrat juices. It would behoove the Dems to recruit someone and pay them to do so. And pay them handsomely. It is very clear that the Dems have hit bottom. There is no way we can go further down. Now, would be the appropriate time. The only other person besides Cory, to make a difference in my mind. Wouldbe to hire Howard Dean

  15. grudznick 2014.11.16

    I would be on board the train of Mr. H in charge of the South Dakota Democratic Party. My mind boggles at the wonderful entertainment that might bring. However I do not want the other blogger, Mr. Powers, in charge of the SD Republican Party. Just give that feather to Mr. H.

  16. Mike B 2014.11.16

    Cory would not get my leadership vote. He is doing a good job bringing up content on his blog that makes people think. Personality should rule the choice of a leader. I'm just not seeing anyone that is outstanding. I see lots of good people but not one with strong name recognition, but that's a state wide problem for the party as a whole.

  17. Bill Fleming 2014.11.16

    LOL, Cory is already the leader of the SD Dems, at least online. :-)

  18. grudznick 2014.11.16

    Indeed, Mr. Fleming. I too believe that Mr. H has taken over control of the SDDP even while on his Minnesota sabbatical, and that is a thing and a half by itself.

  19. Taunia 2014.11.16

    Look through the SDDP officers and the experience they have, for that office, according to whomever wrote this:

    There is NO ill intent on my behalf directed at any officer, staff, candidate, campaign, voter, etc.

    Deb Knecht, Chair: 12 year county commissioner and Brown County Dem Party Chair - not Minnehaha or Pennington Cos. Worked Herseth Sandlin campaign.

    Darrell Raschke, Vice-Chair: must be a hell of a nice guy; no appreciable qualifications listed.

    Bill Nibbelink, Treasurer: Moody Co party treasurer (how much money is that small county moving?). Again not Sioux Falls or RC.

    Lorri May, Secretary: Lake Co Chair, GOTV, VoteBuilder Admin (!). Not Sioux Falls or RC. (Great work horse, however.)

    I think Cory's personality (?) and qualifications for a seat on the State Party are just as acceptable as any of those listed. How many of those officer's names did you know?

    I cannot find resume, job qualifications, etc for Zach Crago, staff/ED of SDDP.

    Again, no disrespect is intended towards any SDDP office holder or staff. I merely intend to point out that it appears:

    1. only one of your SDDP officer holders has ever run as a candidate themselves;

    2. all come from outside of Minnehaha/Pennington Counties;

    3. name recognition does not appear to be the most prevalent prerequisite;

    4. vast amounts of state political party experience does not appear to be a prerequisite.

    In conclusion, I do not see where Cory would not be considered a formidable candidate for SDDP, or at least unqualified to do so.

  20. grudznick 2014.11.16

    Mr. H seems a fairly humble fellow and I doubt he got into this blogging with big plans on a high-paying job running the state party but maybe things will just work out that way. He would probably have to live in Sioux Falls where he could pull the strings unless his internets would let him control everything from afar. But meetings face to face probably have to be part of this job.

  21. Jana 2014.11.16

    Bill, if I may, I second your motion!

  22. caheidelberger Post author | 2014.11.16

    Grudz, there is no such thing as a high-paying job in the South Dakota Democratic Party. Democrats make teachers look wealthy.

  23. caheidelberger Post author | 2014.11.16

    Mike B, clarify you hesitance: is it personality or name recognition? What personality are you looking for? Name recognition is definitely and advantage, but doesn't everyone have to build name recognition? Can't personality and hustle make up for initial lack of name recognition?

  24. caheidelberger Post author | 2014.11.16

    Jenny, I totally agree that Matt Varilek has it. Unfortunately, he's in Denver, running the regional office of the Small Business Administration. Blame Obama.

    I will not ask that any Democrat quit a job or move just to be party chair or party exec. We need to find someone who can do the job from wherever she or he may be.

  25. caheidelberger Post author | 2014.11.16

    Hey, just curious (and I really do not know the answer to this question): what has been the leadership style of the SDDP chairs since 2004? Deb Knecht, Ben Nesselhuf, Cheryl Chapman, Jack Billion... were they consensus builders? Iron fist types? Have we tried everything and found the conditions on the ground too overwhelming?

  26. caheidelberger Post author | 2014.11.16

    ...and while we're thinking of leadership style, what do you think the party needs: more conversation, cooperation, and consensus-seeking? Or is it time to go Russian and bring in our own Vladimir Putin? How is the SDGOP led, iron or velvet?

  27. Mike B 2014.11.16

    Cory, you talk too fast and wave your arms too much. Your personality works well with your blog but does not do so well in other situations. I will still call you friend but I've known you since you were in middle school.

    SD Dems have two strong names in Stephanie and Bernie, but I do not see them running the party. The rest of the Dems are almost unknown to the average citizen.

  28. Jana 2014.11.16

    Let's just be the party of people who do the right thing...and do a much better job of explaining why it's the right thing to do.

  29. caheidelberger Post author | 2014.11.16

    Great, so Mike tells us there's no one. Surrender, everyone! :-P

    Jana, are you saying we don't need to sweat leadership style, that our main priority is just to find someone with solid character who puts forward a much stronger message for the party?

    And hey, when we find the most awesome Democrat out there who can speak slowly and keep her arms at her side, we'd better save her up to run for Senate in 2016: Dr. Schaff is telling us that "titanic" John Thune is now "10 feet tall and bulletproof." Emphasize Titanic.

  30. Taunia 2014.11.16

    Mike B is a parody account, right?

    "Cory, you talk too fast and wave your arms too much."

    I don't know to laugh or cry. Help me out here.

  31. grudznick 2014.11.16

    Mr. H, when you are in charge you should consider all angles. And I don't mean slower waving of arms or even rigidly standing on the stage like Gerald Ford. I mean that if you find this awesomest Democrat woman who has everybody wanting to vote for her you might want to go after an empty Governor chair or Ms. Noem's place instead of going after a man who is that tall and impervious. No matter how tall this lady is.

  32. larry kurtz 2014.11.16

    When the media need a spokesman for the earth haters they call Thune who is happy to trash hope. Lalley lashed out at us for not using 100 eyes like SDGOP did and wailed that we have no willing spokesman.

  33. Mike B 2014.11.16

    If you have watched Cory when he is excited about a topic, he is very animated.

  34. larry kurtz 2014.11.16

    Taunia is right on but Deb Knecht has said nothing about stepping down and is still very active on twitter.

  35. Mike B 2014.11.16

    Cory, I'm saying that the power structure of the party must come from the grassroots. Each and every last race should have a viable candidate. Until that issue is taken seriously, the Dems cannot shift the balance of power.

  36. larry kurtz 2014.11.16

    Unless the party talks about issues that excite young people and the tribes we have nothing but shit in our mouths.

  37. Taunia 2014.11.16

    We're anarchists, you and me, Kurtz. Stop waving your arms.

  38. caheidelberger Post author | 2014.11.16

    Larry, I think Lalley overestimates the value of his vidcast the way I overestimate the value of my blog. I heard Gannett axed a bunch of people at that Sioux Falls paper last week; are they going to have anyone left to sit on the couch with Lalley or run the camera? And for that matter, what are they doing running a vidcast when they have to drop staff?

  39. Jana 2014.11.16

    As far as leadership, I want someone who can clearly articulate the Dem message and expose the hypocrisy, damage and shortsightedness of the GOP.

    Some one who is passionate, convincing and listens before disagreeing or alienating people who disagree.

    Someone who can inspire others to follow and spark them to be passionate.

    Wow, that was a lot of words. I should have just said 'you are the man' Cory!

  40. caheidelberger Post author | 2014.11.16

    Mike, maybe we could use someone with some arm-waving enthusiasm to animate some candidates and those young people Larry says we need.

    As for considering all angles, Grudz, yo know I'm all about that. Why do you think I let you keep posting here? But I wonder: how good is the current party leadership at considering all angles? And is there any chance they spend too much time considering and not enough deciding and executing?

  41. Mike B 2014.11.16

    We all think we are more important than we really are. Patrick is cool...

  42. John Hess 2014.11.16

    People close to Mitt Romney say he was very shaken when he lost because he was so certain he was going to win. Those around him kept telling him so and he came to believe it. I can only wonder if that happens here and some sort of liberal bubble has formed with no connection to reality. I've thought that, or possibly Cory secretly being on the payroll of the Republican party with intent to destroy any chance for a Democratic win. That is just as plausible as any left wing candidate like Elizabeth Warren winning in this state. Let the air out and float back down to planet Earth.

  43. larry kurtz 2014.11.16

    How much do you need, Cory?

  44. JeniW 2014.11.16

    Biggest problem I have with the Argus 100 Eyes is that is not captioned, nor is there a text version afterwords.

    That means I totally ignore it. Too bad though, because I have thought some of the interviews would be very good.

  45. caheidelberger Post author | 2014.11.16

    John, I welcome bubble-popping, where there are really bubbles. But I believe Elizabeth Warren could win here.

  46. jerry 2014.11.16

    Larry, you are correct, there must be a reason to vote in this state. The republican party has a reason by just its make up, as George McGovern found out in his race for the national office.

    "Defeated by the Southern strategy, McGovern neatly summed it up: “What is the Southern Strategy? It is this. It says to the South: Let the poor stay poor, let your economy trail the nation, forget about decent homes and medical care for all your people, choose officials who will oppose every effort to benefit the many at the expense of the few—and in return, we will try to overlook the rights of the black man, appoint a few southerners to high office, and lift your spirits by attacking the ‘eastern establishment’ whose bank accounts we are filling with your labor and your industry.”

    42 McGovern erred in supposing that the Southern strategy pertained only to the South. Nixon had already learned from Wallace, and then later from the number crunchers, that coded racial appeals would work nationwide. Other than that, especially in its class and race dimensions, McGovern had dog whistle politics dead to rights.

    So, what would appeal to young voters and make others consider a Democrat for office here? Opportunity is always the answer. That is what is in it for them. In the next two years of obstruction and hate, they will be ready to see a different direction for not only this state, but for the country. It will be a great time to be a Democrat if you have the right messaging and stand behind your commitments to get the job done.

  47. Jenny 2014.11.16

    Cory, are you in St Paul right now?

  48. Taunia 2014.11.16

    John Hess, employed by the Kroenke group? Heh. You worried about your boss' fortunes tanking on Wall Street, and your job disappearing, if Warren runs for POTUS? I get that. Must be scary.

  49. Jenny 2014.11.16

    You should take in a Camp Wellstone while you're here, Cory. I could give you some money for it. DFLers I know say they've learned a lot from attending one. It's all about the people, is the main message.

  50. caheidelberger Post author | 2014.11.16

    "all about people"—Joe Lowe said that a lot during his campaign this spring.

    Wellstone! I see their next event in the Cities is in January; I'm hoping we'll be out of here by then. But maybe one of the new Dem Chair's first projects should be to bring a Camp Wellstone to South Dakota to whip Dem candidates and campaigners into shape. (Wait: has the SDDP already done this?)

  51. grudznick 2014.11.16

    I know you are open minded, Mr. H. I wouldn't have typed it if I didn't think it. You are an angle-considerer from deep in your being, it is obvious from your writings and such.

  52. Taunia 2014.11.16

    Good suggestion. Camp Wellstone is good, and there's one scheduled in Twin Cities January 16-18. I did campaign track, it was good, but think organizer track would have been better for me. Candidates all seem to love the candidate track.

    I can send Cory the campaign track and organizer track books and Jenny can front him for candidate track; he's covered.

    Then Cory needs to find a sponsor for a Camp Wellstone in South Dakota in early 2016 for all candidates, staff and issue organizers.

  53. larry kurtz 2014.11.16

    Curious whether Lowe would have been chosen at a nominating convention, init?

  54. larry kurtz 2014.11.16

    Roy Blunt and John Thune are twin sons of different mothers.

  55. caheidelberger Post author | 2014.11.16

    Ah, I see Rep. Kevin Killer has been a Wellstone trainer. Hmmm... how about Killer for chair? Can a guy legislate and chair?

  56. Jenny 2014.11.16

    I do think Joe Lowe would have been a more inspiring candidate than Sue Wismer. He had an outstanding resume and would have been willing to campaign hard across the state. The SDDP just kind of shut him out, b/c he was one of those 'outsiders'. SD needs to get over themselves and their bizarre way of thinking when it comes to people from out of state. Must be a rural way of thinking.

  57. Taunia 2014.11.16

    Roy Blunt should have been in prison, bunking with his buddy Jack Abramoff. On a yearly salary of $174K, his amassed fortune went from $100K to over $5 million in 6 years in DC (through 2010).

    Blunt was known as the most corrupt politician in DC in 2010. He will never be POTUS material.

  58. 96Tears 2014.11.16

    There's been a few Republican chairs who were also legislators.

  59. Jenny 2014.11.16

    That's an excellent idea, to have a Camp Wellstone in SD, either in the Hills or Sioux Falls. This would be a very good investment for the SDDP. These camps are hugely popular and very reputable. SD Dems would learn a lot and come away with some enthusiasm and inspiration for rebuilding. I'm going to look into it and let you all know what I hear.

  60. caheidelberger Post author | 2014.11.16

    Jenny, I have great sympathy for those who feel like outsiders.

    Taunia, what's the success rate for candidates who go through Wellstone training? Any reliable measurements on that?

  61. grudznick 2014.11.16

    Joe Lowe was no-go from the get-go. It does seem odd because he had a couple magnitudes more of personality. But I think he was just too insaner than most. Or he was a GOP plant, has anybody considered that? The man was recruited and hired by Janklow and he lives in Piedmont, for Buddha's sake!

  62. Taunia 2014.11.16

    No idea what candidate success rate is through Wellstone. Empowerment success rate for everyone else is 150%, or that's how our campers felt.

  63. grudznick 2014.11.16

    To really get at it this camp Wellstone should be deep in the Hills. Maybe at a lodge near Custer. Immerse themselfs in the local cultures. And I do not mean at Crazy Horse tourist attractions, I mean a deep woods communal lodge. This would set a cleansing start to the endeavor. Deep in the woods north east of Custer. And I don't mean Gideon Oakes' place.

  64. mike from iowa 2014.11.16

    The problem as I see it from way over here in iowa is, South Dakota Dems are an endangered species and you know wingnuts think of endangered species. The Endangered Species act is to wingnuts what the EPA,the FBI,the IRS,the Dept of Education,etc is to wingnuts.

  65. Jenny 2014.11.16

    Is that where you live Grudzy, north of Custer? The Hills would be a very beautiful, spiritual, cleansing (like you say) place for Dems to renew and revive themselves. I can just see Fleming, Lowe, Cornelius, Robin Page and Cory all there!

  66. grudznick 2014.11.16

    I have lands there, Ms. Jenny, but I am confined elsewhere much of the time. I blame the bastards, mostly.

  67. larry kurtz 2014.11.16

    Same with Thune, Taunia: he was among the poorest in the Senate now he is in striking distance of the Emperor's Club. Trillions in South Dakota banks sourcing his key are hardly there by accident.

  68. larry kurtz 2014.11.16

    Is Stan Adelstein still alive, grud?

  69. larry kurtz 2014.11.16

    grud = stan adelstein

  70. Roger Cornelius 2014.11.16

    Name recognition really doesn't matter that much for the party leadership, I'd be willing to bet that the majority of Democrats don't know Deb Knecht or Zack Crago. the important factor for our leadership is the willingness to be vocal and well organized with an ability to reply to SDGOP lies.
    I had the pleasure of meeting Cory on Madville Tour this past summer, have seen his videos, and have had email discussions with him, Cory has the ability to get our message across whether it be in person or his blog.
    Cory is a boat rocker, the SDDP needs a vote rocker and we need one soon.
    The very last thing we need are people from the Pierre social club, they have proven that they cannot get the job done.
    If now Cory, how about Joe Lowe? Joe didn't have much of an opportunity to advance himself during the primary since the SDDP coronation of Wismer pretty much sealed the deal.
    Do we have a Warren in our mists? How about Robin Page, Robin ran a hard campaign that was well organized to that of Republican with money. Robin's campaign platform was solid and filled with detail, she is a winner.
    We do have Democrats with strong leadership abilities, but as Democrats we need to help train them.

  71. Disgusted Dakotan 2014.11.16

    The Dems ought to recruit Frank Kloucek to teach their candidate's how to campaign. Frank won elections in a Republican area for over 22 years while being one of the most outspoken legislators in Pierre for that period of time. He was only defeated with the assistance of obvious Gerrymandering.

    Tom Jones would be a good one to recruit, as he is friendly, respected, and he is a wealthy man in his own right.

  72. Jackilope 2014.11.16

    Very interested in a Camp Wellstone experience. Wondering if it could be tied with Democratic Party state convention? Very tired of Blue Doggery within the entire party. Howard Dean needs to return as National Democratic Chair.

  73. larry kurtz 2014.11.16

    Hot Springs hereby nominated for the 2016 convention.

  74. grudznick 2014.11.16

    My good friend Bob would love that, Lar. Think of his sales boom!

  75. Jenny 2014.11.16

    After thinking about it, Taunia is right. SDDP needs to start thinking outside the box. Cory would be a person that would shake up the SDDP. He's a very hard worker and woke SD up on EB-5 corruption, is passionate and willing to listen to everyone. He is definitely someone the SDDP should consider.

  76. Shirley Moore 2014.11.16

    Suggestion: Joe Lowe for Deb's job then have Adam McLean handle the media. Adam's unbeatable and Joe and Adam work well together.

  77. grudznick 2014.11.16

    Mr. H in charge, and then he picks the other oodlings and his own roaddogs. You all need to just vote for Mr. H and let him run with it from there.

  78. John Hess 2014.11.16

    If you think this party can go to the left in this state it would only be toward irrelevance. Weiland's loss screams but you cover your ears and want to double down on what won't work. Winning brings people back to the party and that means supporting electable candidates in this very conservative state. I'm probably more to the left than many of you, but I'm a realist. Now I can't get that Supertramp song Dreamer out of my head.

  79. Bill Fleming 2014.11.16

    grudz, you could be his pet hedgehog.

  80. Bill Fleming 2014.11.16

    DD, maybe if Klouceck could lend Cory a couple of his dandy neckties. ;-)

  81. jerry 2014.11.16

    Supertramp is yesterday man, think of the future. I want my state forward not back. Back is where the corruption lay, forward is where tomorrow brings light to the darkness. You will only find the light when you shed the decades of decadence and abuse.

  82. caheidelberger Post author | 2014.11.16

    Lowe for chair, Page for vice-chair, McLean for exec... wait a minute: What about Barth?

    Hey, chair candidates, if you're thinking about it, feel free to announce here. A lot of people here are obviously keenly interested in debating your résumés!

    Jenny and others, I appreciate the vote of confidence. I cannot make any declarations or promises right now and may not be able to in time for the December 13 Central Committee meeting. But in whatever capacity I am best able, whether through this blog or through greater activism, I will continue to offer my services to you, to the party, and to South Dakota.

  83. caheidelberger Post author | 2014.11.16

    DD has shown some Republican stripes on previous posts; DD's advice that we consider Frank Kloucek for high party office could be a trick! :-D

    But it could also be really good advice on training campaigners. Kloucek worked his keester off winning elections in tough country. Anyone else think he'd be an awesome candidate trainer?

  84. Adam McLean 2014.11.16

    How SD Dems invigorate their base to volunteer and donate is the paramount issue at this time. Many circles of volunteers and donors have come, and then they've gone once disheartened by their loss(es). Any proposed addition to the organizational structure could never be built or sustained without significant inspiration of our base in professional circles - and that is going to take bigger & stronger crossover messaging... which isn't particularly intuitive or attractive to most Dems.

    George W. Bush once lost a Texas State Senate race because he was out-Christianed and out-Conservatived by his opponent (a Democrat). I never saw (limited scope I know) one photo of a SD Dem candidate with a gun. And if a SD candidate can't talk about just 1-3 areas of government that need to 'get smaller' then they probably shouldn't be running for office to start with. It's really not that hard.

    If Dems don't implement crossover messaging, it's like a fly buzzing on a window - spending our lifetime trying to get through that invisible forcefield and then dying on the sill. We have to find the door if we want to get outside. Period.

  85. Jana 2014.11.16

    Frank would draw fire from the petty partisans which would serve two purposes...they'd be seen as beating up on a senior citizen who gave so much to public service...and he'd bring sane seniors into the fold.

    I'm all for a big tent...organized...but big!

  86. Francis Schaffer 2014.11.16

    Why is the view of the SDDP a good fit for South Dakota? If that question cannot be answered, candidates won't matter

  87. jerry 2014.11.16

    You know what Adam McLean, you are correct. I agree. In today's blog here, there is a picture of Lee up out there pheasant hunting, even has one of those buzzards hanging out to see. Democrats should at least be able to acknowledge that we like to hunt, coyote call and we like to fish and some of us enjoy guns just for the beauty of them. This nonsense about being spooked about it does not make sense as voters and the public in general, know your not being serious. When they smell that, you are dead in the water.

  88. caheidelberger Post author | 2014.11.16

    Heck, Adam. Do I really have to parade around inauthentically and irresponsibly with a gun to win? Do I really have to be Christian to carry the party banner? I guess I'm out.

  89. John Hess 2014.11.16

    The most popular place to be is obviously the middle and there is a base there. The biggest base which too often is ignored. There could be a future there for the Democratic party.

  90. Adam McLean 2014.11.16

    Cory, I am pretty sure that every single little thing that Jesus stood for was socially liberal and yet within reason when it came to private enterprise, even back then. I don't think anyone has to become Christian, but Dem candidates need to be able to at least hypothesize about what Jesus would have us do just in order to be able hold a political conversation with with a self identified Christian-Conservative.

  91. caheidelberger Post author | 2014.11.16

    Francis, my nutshell on why the SDDP is good for South Dakota:

    (1) We support expanding Medicaid to save lives and boost South Dakota's economy.

    (2) We support spending more on education so we can spend less on police and prisons.

    (3) We support minimum wage legislation because millionaires get enough favors.

    (4) We support the ACA because it makes Medicare stronger.

    (5) We support deficit reduction and balanced budgets because, in Washington, we're the only party in recent memory to do them!

    (6) We support property rights and oppose Keystone XL because foreign companies shouldn't be able to take your land for their profit.

    (7) We support open records because when Pierre keeps secrets, guys like Joop Bollen scam us out of millions.

    (8) We support keeping the federal government running because Republican stinginess in Pierre leaves South Dakota dependent on Uncle Sam for 40% of its budget.

    That's just off the top of my head on a Sunday night, Francis. Check in with my in the office during the work week, and I can work with my team to brainstorm a list of 20, then identify the top three to make the case in 30 seconds or less that South Dakota values are Democrat values.

  92. John Hess 2014.11.16

    Cory is a man of many talents and things to admire but he is not electible.

  93. Jana 2014.11.16

    Francis, I believe South Dakotans as a whole are for being fair and very trusting in who they elect.

    When adequately presented with the facts beyond the simple platitudes that busy people often use for a political base..,being fair wins out.

    It's all in the messaging and then making sure that the message is heard.

  94. John Hess 2014.11.16

    A liberal atheist will not be elected for anything in this state, starting with school board on up.

  95. Adam McLean 2014.11.16

    And Cory, and when it comes to guns, the only thing authentic about going against the grain of a deep seeded culture and pheasant loving state is the continuous loss. If it's a Dem candidate's true intention to win an election, then they will prove it by going out to at least shooting some target practice and have a photo taken while doing so. It's irresponsible to willingly fail to acknowledge a hobby/lifestyle that the majority of voting South Dakotans love and cherish.

  96. Adam McLean 2014.11.16

    Representing the people is about representing - not the people you wish they were, but the people they actually are... to some degree at the very least.

  97. Jana 2014.11.16

    Adam, I'd disagree. You want to get the hunter vote? Champion hunters and not necessarily the NRA. If they take their walking orders from the NRA, you ain't gonna get em anyway.

    How many Dems have been mocked for wearing brand new Cabella's gear for their only hunt in an election cycle.

    Genuine wins.

    But if they are for preserving public hunting lands and the environment that promotes good hunting...well, you make that call.

    I think most hunters would take offense to thinking they are that shallow.

  98. Jenny 2014.11.16

    Cory, you're a pheasant hunter aren't you? Why are you saying you're anti-gun?

  99. Adam McLean 2014.11.16

    Absolutely, champion hunters as a means to addressing guns. No one should ever support diagnosed mentally unstable people with violent backgrounds owning guns like the NRA does. And yeah, hunting is genuinely South Dakota; I just think it's disingenuous to run for office without embracing that - or avoiding it.

  100. jerry 2014.11.16

    I still think that the one thing that resonates with voters is the rhetoric that comes from the right about gun rights. Let them have the NRA and their lunatic bullshit, stick with the sensible route of hunting. That is what is cared about. Hunters, just about everyone, just want to know you are not a wasted vote in their minds. Stephanie Herseth had the NRA support in her election and she lost to NOem. So having that is no guarantee you are gonna win anything, even in South Dakota, but it at least takes the issue off the table.

  101. jerry 2014.11.16

    I would not have believed that a con man that is under investigation for stealing millions could get elected in the United States Senate, so when I hear that someone is not electable, I really consider the source.

  102. JeniW 2014.11.16

    John Hess, you could be correct, but remember when it was thought anyone who was Catholic would never be the President of the U.S.A.?

    That aside, to me, it is not so much the gun that is the issue, it is how they are being used. Hunting and target shooting, those activities are socially acceptable. But when guns are used to maim or kill humans, then it gets to be a whole different issue.

    It would be good and wise of NRA and other organizations advocating gun ownership and usage to use a percentage of their profits to assist victims of crimes when firearms are used. For example, help cover the cost of medical treatment of someone who is shot by a criminal, or help pay for funerals. But maybe they do that already?

  103. Jana 2014.11.16

    Jerry, you are right. Flip the conversation to do you want South Dakota to be the haven for gangs and their shadow buyers that will jeapordize future rights of South Dakotans to buy a brand new Browning over under?

    The NRA could give a rats butt about South Dakota when the manufacturers of AR-15's and cheap pistols are making a mint off of those who can't buy them legitimately.

    The NRA is as pro gang violence as you can get.

  104. Jana 2014.11.16

    Of course there is the plus side that Cory was a member of a great pheasant hunt with South Dakota's political columnists and politicians.

    The picture of Cory and Lee Schoenbeck enjoying the outdoors, rational debate and pheasant hunting will go a long way.

  105. caheidelberger Post author | 2014.11.17

    Ah, Jenny, there's the thing. I'm not anti-gun. I've walked around with expert pheasant hunters and helped flush out some birds (probably also scared some away—sorry, guys!), but I haven't shot a pheasant myself for thirty years. It wouldn't matter if I had some pictures taken of my shooting trap with my dad; the GOP would say I'm not a real South Dakotan since I'm not out there actively reducing the pheasant population every fall... and Adam's position on this small marketing point strikes me as ideological surrender before exclusionary thinking.

    Keep in mind, this is a small point of contention that has more bearing on my personal political future rather than on the fortunes of the SDDP. McLean would still make an awesome state party exec. What chair do we elect to ensure McLean's hiring?

  106. caheidelberger Post author | 2014.11.17

    But hey, will photo #4 in Kevin Woster's essay on the 2010 Blogmore hunt do the job?

    How about my pix from that 2010 hunt:

    Or how about this photo of Jon Lauck getting the drop on me with a shotgun?

  107. Bill Dithmer 2014.11.17

    Adam came closer then anyone else here," Representing the people is about representing - not the people you wish they were, but the people they actually are."

    That is the only way to win for a D in South Dakota. As for the other 100 plus post here, just wors.

    The Blindman

  108. mike from iowa 2014.11.17

    Here we go,again. Get down to the basics-if you have a D behind your name no one in the hunting,shooting sports,gun ownership,2nd Amendment society will give you a look or a listen. That D stands for automatic disqualifier. Even if you get 100% rating from the National Reactionary Animals.

  109. leslie 2014.11.17

    howard dean consultancy aint a bad idea if he would work deep enough.

    Varlik anti-gay? That's a serious problem.

    Obama ran on charisma but is a constitutional law scholar. can't get much better creds than that.

    ground conditions ARE overwhelming.

    cory, we need your blog. sddp might be a time drain (inefficient between rd/sxfalls and pierre)

  110. leslie 2014.11.17

    rc-rapic city. duhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  111. mike from iowa 2014.11.17

    What needs to be done is to find out why voters fall for wingnut lies and change their perceptions.

  112. leslie 2014.11.17

    what does steve jarding have to say about the future of the party?

  113. leslie 2014.11.17

    have never seen stan as poetic like, er...grudz.

  114. Francis Schaffer 2014.11.17

    In my opinion, it is about inspiring people to become more than they are. Ask someone what they want and I will bet many would say; 'To see my grand kids more often'! What is the strategy to make that happen?

  115. jerry 2014.11.17

    mfi, voters fall for the lies wingnuts put out there because there is no push back from the opposition. Wingnuts always always go to the same playbook with the same tired old crap. The reason for that, it works! Until Democrats answer the pie in the face, that they know is coming, then voters will just laugh and vote for the one tossing the pie.

    When a bully hits you, you better hit back or they are going to make your life miserable. These wingnuts are not nice church going people, they are dangerous rattlesnakes. You must dispatch them as you would any poisonous viper by running them over.

  116. John Hess 2014.11.17

    Some day being an atheist in politics will be acceptable but it's a long way off in South Dakota. There's a value system here that shapes political realities and there are authentic Democratic candidates that fit in the middle. They wouldn't be your dream candidate but the options are rigidly stick to leftist ideals and lose or promote moderate candidates that can represent the bulk of the electorate. I really do think that's the reality.

  117. jerry 2014.11.17

    Bread and butter issues need to be drilled into the voters melons, like Social Security. Why this is not a topic is beyond me. Even the wingnuts that watch fox so rabidly actually hear that Social Security and Medicare are being thrown about with the intent of eliminating it. What voters do not get is that if you eliminate those for some, you are eliminating those for all. Hammer it home.

  118. Bill Fleming 2014.11.17

    John, everyone is an atheist to any God but his own.

  119. John Hess 2014.11.17

    I wouldn't disagree with you Bill. Our beliefs are reality to us, but when it comes to the electorate, it means accepting their realities.

  120. JeniW 2014.11.17

    mfi, the answer to the question "why" is pretty simple, it is because they want to.

    IMO, the question is "what?" That is, what do people gain, or hope to gain, by voting for whom they vote for?

    What did the people who voted for Weiland hope to get? Or, what did people who voted for Rounds hope to get?

    Did the people who voted for Rounds hope to get better healthcare insurance than the ACA? Are they hoping that they, or their adult children will have a job working on the potential pipeline, or that they will not have to spend as much to put gas in their vehicles?

    Human behavior is driven more by the "what" than the "why."

  121. John Hess 2014.11.17

    People have many motives: Value voting, identity politics. For many those are probably the strongest. In fact the behavior on this blog supports that. Most would rather lose and keep their values intact.

  122. Bill Fleming 2014.11.17

    Good, then John, for someone to say 'I believe in the same God you do' would be an outright false, and gratuitous statement, wouldn't it? How could anyone presume to make such a claim? And further, if it's made a prerequisite to voting or not voting for a given candidate, how is that not a violation of the establishment clause of the 1st Amendment?

    Are you arguing that Dems should throw the constitution out the window in order to get elected? Or are you instead arguing that the voters in SD already have? Please clarify.

  123. John Hess 2014.11.17

    Oh come on Bill. For a lot of people Atheists are right next to devil worshipers. That's their reaction to the word so many Atheists are in the closet or use a more acceptable term. From what I heard recently Jews once believed in multiple gods, but people's realities are in the now, so Jews, Catholics, Protestants mainly feel like they share the same god. I've heard people say if Muslims don't believe in our god they should go back.

    You can't make sense out of religion and it doesn't matter what's in the Constitution. You know how people are motivated.

  124. Steve Sibson 2014.11.17

    "Are you arguing that Dems should throw the constitution out the window in order to get elected?"

    It worked for FDR.

  125. John Hess 2014.11.17

    I'm saying you can't be far off the bell curve and get elected. Liberals in SD are far off the bell curve. You've lived here for your lifetime so you know the value system.

  126. Bill Fleming 2014.11.17

    In think it matters what's in the Constitution, John. It better. Otherwise, why have elections at all?

  127. John Hess 2014.11.17

    Separation of church and state is in Constitution but that didn't matter to you, cause you like art.

  128. tara volesky 2014.11.17

    Steve Sibson for Democrat Leader. He would be perfect.

  129. John Hess 2014.11.17

    There's a lot of people in the middle. Like the majority, you know, what it takes to win.

  130. Bill Fleming 2014.11.17

    The Constitution stipulates that lawmakers can't establish an official religion required by government. If government is of the people, by the people and for the people, it means the people can't have an official government religion either. My live of art is similar to my love of the Constitution. Both allow me to imagine and express anything I damn well please. It's the American way, John. :-)

  131. tara volesky 2014.11.17

    Right now in SD, the Democrat Party is to much like the Republican Party, that why we need a progressive like a Rick Weiland and a Conservative like a Lora Hubbel or Steve Sibson coming together and finding common ground. You see in the near future that Myers, Hubbel and Weiland were a head of their time. SD is still stuck in the dark ages. The Democrat Party will never move a head unless it becomes inclusive. So RIP Democratic Party.

  132. Les 2014.11.17

    Who got Johns vote for senate?

  133. John Hess 2014.11.17

    Three days early for Weiland which is entirely not the point. He got creamed while his opponent was in the midst of a scandal. It's time to accept who the SD electorate is and give them a candidate they will vote for.

  134. Wayne B. 2014.11.17

    Someone needs to send Jon Lauck back to hunter's safety course.

    Adam's focus on firearms and a hunting culture is certainly germane. I don't think many folks are against the idea of keeping guns out of the hands of the dangerous, but after Sandy Hook, we didn't see a response that targeted the dangerous - we saw a response that targeted everyone. Generally speaking, the South Dakotan voter could agree with everything else on your platform, but if they think you're going to restrict their liberty, they'll vote for the other guy (even if it leaves a bad taste in their mouth).

    I'm inclined to agree with Mr. Hess - I'm not sure Cory would be ultimately electable in SD in the near future (but then again, Utah elected a Republican, African-American LDS woman, so maybe an arm-waiving liberal atheist has a chance).

    Then again, would Cory need to be elected to public office to serve as the chair? What counts is if the chair can get a mobilized base to raise resources, campaign, and get out the vote.

    I've been watching the West Wing again, so my mind is colored a bit. However, if "the game" is to win votes for the party, then the party needs to appeal to the most number of possible voters. In SD, there's enough moderate folks out there to warrant a more "blue dog" Democratic party.

    Frankly, my party needs a stronger opposition; that way we'll have better candidates come to the fore.

  135. Les 2014.11.17

    John:"Three days early for Weiland which is entirely not the point. "". Not entirely, John. We share many common thoughts here. My vote for Pressler could have been a vote for Weiland on the anybody but Rounds recipe. You are right on many points, my opinion, but, they have so many ways to skin this cat in SD, it is not as black and white as you wish.

  136. larry kurtz 2014.11.17

    Weiland got 'creamed' because SDGOP bought Larry Pressler to run as a liberal.

  137. 96Tears 2014.11.17

    Some of you are mistaking a Party Chair with being a candidate. You don't need to pander to all people to be a successful Party Chair. You need to get your work done and get others to help.

    Being Party Chair can’t be more daunting than setting your goals, hiring staff to implement the plan, calling donors to write big checks, inspiring volunteers to work and communicating effectively. Perfection is the not most important criterion. Enthusiasm to get things moving in the right direction (outlined above) is what is needed most.

    Cory, what are your top three goals based on what’s at stake in the 2016 election cycle, keeping in mind there will be an open presidential seat?

    Last time that happened, Democratic registrations spiked while Republican registrations in South Dakota flatlined. Hillary will be back on the ballot. She could well have a challenger(s). That spells P-R-I-M-A-R-Y and if the party is smart it spells P-A-R-T-Y B-U-I-L-D-I-N-G. Debates! Fundraising events! Reasons for independents to vote in the Democrats’ primary because we, and not the Republicans, have a state primary that is open to the fastest growing voter group, the independents!!!

    Back to the three priorities? Prepare thy table for success! Here are three suggestions:

    1. Make a big friggin’ deal about the open primary rules in our state party and turn South Dakota’s last in the nation June primary into a major opportunity to increase the number of voters who self-identify as Democrats and/or register as Democrats.

    2. Full candidate recruitment, especially against Thune, Noem and Chris Nelson, the only statewide races, and for the legislature. Democrats, stop giving away the majority to the Republicans. If too many voters like voting for perceived winners, you’re helping to make Republicans look like winners before the election begins! Make the bastards fight for it.

    3. Do something, anything, about the state central committee which desperately needs replacements. Find new members for all positions so your meetings have butts in seats at SCC meetings and you can get things done together. (Or some people have talked about replacing county parties with legislative district parties which kinda makes sense if that’s where the real work is.)

    These are just my thoughts based on the last few election cycles. If folks are saying we should stop running things like we always do, well, YES YOU CAN create the change. Just have everybody agree there needs to be one person in charge as chair and everybody else needs to grab an oar and row, or get the hell off the boat. Invite consensus on setting goals, but then it’s action time. Git ‘er done or git outta the way.

    Maybe I’m just spitballin’ here. Another idea is to ban anybody over 40 from serving on the central committee and leave the offices open for young people to fill. It’s well past time for the torch to pass from the idealists of the 50s, 60s and 70s who populate the CC to a new generation of millennial South Dakotans.

    Or we can all sit by the campfire while the last coals turn cold waiting for the next George McGovern (which always make me wonder who the hell was the George McGovern before the last George McGovern?). Don’t we make our own luck? What’s so special about Craig Lawrence other than his wallet and control of a firm that gets no-bid sweetheart contracts from the state?

    C’mon! Draft and elect Cory Heidelberger as the next state party chair. He’s a proven master at 21st Century communications. He relates well to all ages, especially young people. He waves his arms in the air. He understands Democrats. He understands Republicans. He can talk with independents. He’s no dummy, he’s no slacker and enough people know who he is. What more do you want???

  138. Les 2014.11.17

    Simple majority, simple, Lar.

  139. Steve Sibson 2014.11.17

    "The Constitution stipulates that lawmakers can't establish an official religion required by government."

    No it says the Federal government can't. The 10th allows the states to do so. The 14th nullifies the 10th and now allows the federal government to establish the New Age Theocracy, which is based on Gnosticism. Remove the element of spirituality and you have the religion of secular humanism.

  140. larry kurtz 2014.11.17

    The Ninth Amendment protects individual rights from the states.

  141. Bill Fleming 2014.11.17

    1st Amendment: "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof..."

    Like I said, "The Constitution stipulates that lawmakers can't establish an official religion required by government."

    The "Federal Government" is different than Congress, Sibby. Congress is only one branch of the Federal Government.

    Plus, please note this SD law:

    "§ 3. Oath of office. Every person elected or appointed to any office in this state, except such inferior offices as may be by law exempted, shall, before entering upon the duties thereof, take an oath or affirmation to support the Constitution of the United States and of this state, and faithfully to discharge the duties of his office."

    So Sibby, you are wrong, wrong, and, ....oh, by the way... wrong.

  142. Steve Sibson 2014.11.17

    "The "Federal Government" is different than Congress, Sibby. Congress is only one branch of the Federal Government."

    The second sentence proves the first sentence false.

  143. larry kurtz 2014.11.17

    96, unless your manifesto hits mainstream media it doesn't exist.

  144. leslie 2014.11.17

    "chair hire staff to implement action". there is no budget to hire staff.

    les-why in the hell waste a vote on pressler? join the independents blog or go back to the republicans. dont waste our time and your votes.

    wayne-we are not interested in helping repubs field better candidates or improve your party.

  145. Wayne B. 2014.11.17

    You don't have to be, Leslie. It'll happen as a natural process should the names beside the (D) on the ballot ever gain traction. I can't speak for John T. or Troy et al. , but I think that's a good thing. A lively debate and moderated policy actions is healthier than extremes of governance.

    I'm a little disappointed you're not interested, though; a lively two-party system would keep the Jason Gants of the world from sliding their way into positions of power.

  146. Roger Cornelius 2014.11.17

    GOD GUNS & GORDON, didn't work for Howie. Mike Rounds barely mentioned the 2nd Amendment in his campaign and it wasn't until late that he did any advertising on his NRA support.
    The problem is that there is no real threat against the 2nd Amendment by Democrats, Republicans successfully tell the lie that Obama will come get their guns to their low information voters, who in turn believe. The same applies to Mike Rounds EB-5 scandal, the golden boy with the great smile lies his ass off about EB-5 and still gets elected by the same low information voters.
    Democrats do have a problem communicating with party members on a regular basis, that can be corrected with the proper leadership of our party.
    The even bigger challenge that Democrats have is communicating with those low information Republican voters that continually swallow the Republicans feed them even when it comes down to their own best interest.
    The question for me is, how do we do away with the fear factor and that stranglehold Republicans have on these low information voters?

  147. John Hess 2014.11.17

    You do away with fear by establishing and communicating a moderate policy platform. Howie was not an R or a D.

  148. Roger Cornelius 2014.11.17

    John Hess,

    Gordon Howie had an (I) after his name on the ballot for pure convenience and knowing that he would never get SDGOP nomination for the senate.
    There is no doubt that he is a Republican, he said so himself with the comment that he was the only Republican conservative in the senate race.

  149. 96Tears 2014.11.17

    Roger - Mike Rounds gave a shout out to Jason Glodt, one of his appointees, for spending 18 months perfecting the SDGOP voter contact and GOTV program. For Rounds, getting more than 50 percent was more about mechanics and his name identification than anything else.

    Ideologies matter to people, but marketing is critical to running a successful election. It's more than just voter registration. There's something organic about voter loyalties to hard core Republicans in South Dakota and it doesn't seem strongly tied to single issues. I would guess that single issues like abortion, gays, guns and the color of the President's skin may have more affect on encouraging or suppressing independent voters and Democrats who "vote for the man and not the party." Taxes and fiscal restraint may be a more effective dog whistle to mainstream South Dakota Republicans than the morality stuff.

    South Dakota is a quirky state, but you can rely on some things. Democrats don't appear to regular folks as ready for prime time. Republicans appear to be the party that wins and should keep winning. That perception can change but I think what matters is how it gets approached and who you're talking to.

  150. Francis Schaffer 2014.11.17

    JeniW, I agree most people are driven by what, yet do you own an iPhone?

  151. John Hess 2014.11.17

    Roger I meant without having a nomination he couldn't be a serious candidate.

    Most people want the comfort of being in the middle. No extreme language. State issues more than party affiliation. Johnson was obviously successful.

  152. Bill Fleming 2014.11.17

    Me: The "Federal Government" is different than Congress, Sibby. Congress is only one branch of the Federal Government.

    Sib:The second sentence proves the first sentence false.

    No, it doesn't.

    Congress by itself is not the Federal Government, any more than your glutei maximi are your whole self, even when you have your cranium jammed between them.

    The Federal Government = Legislative Branch+Executive Branch +Judicial Branch +We The People


  153. Les 2014.11.17

    I would say my vote for Pressler as your vote for Weiland are mute points about wasted votes with Rounds simple majority, leslie.

    That said, other than his music, I was given few points of concession that would draw a pub across. If I would have heard, "women's rights" followed by, "I wish to create a system that drives the need for abortions down", or, Im tired of war, though I didn't say no bombers, arent we all tired of war... I would vote for that person regardless of party or person.
    We can concede some of our hard lines into a good for all mentality I hope.

  154. leslie 2014.11.17

    see "Supreme Court-not really judges" e. segal, Slate (11.14.140).

    :( sigh....

  155. Deb Geelsdottir 2014.11.17

    Is Cecelia Fire Thunder still around? She has charisma, presence. She had a great plan to help the Pine Ridge become a better place. The corrupt leaders lied about her, crelated false fears in the populace, and threw her out of office. (We're they Republicans?)

    Democrats ought to find a place for Cecelia Fire Thunder in party leadership. She would be a great asset.

    And didn't Teresa Two Bulls serve in the legislature for a term or more? What about her? Is she from the Pine Ridge or Rosebud res? What about CEB and Standing Rock people?

  156. Brett 2014.11.18

    David Benson, Brandon native and campaign manager for Matt Varilek, would be an excellent ED, though you'd have to work hard to convince him to take the job. I'd also say if we could get Crago to stay we should, but I don't think that's in the cards.

    Phil Schreck for chair as soon as he retires from doing the weather.

  157. caheidelberger Post author | 2014.11.18

    Good suggestions, Brett! But hey, how's your schedule look for the next four years?

    Deb, I am open to hiring anyone with the words "Fire" or "Thunder" in her name. "Bull" could be problematic from a messaging perspective... but I'm willing to hear the job candidate out. :-)

    Seriously, Deb, I'm not sure where the two prospects you mention are. But serious representation of one of our most dedicated voter bases would be a good idea.

  158. JeniW 2014.11.18

    As a follow-up, if the record is correct, Cecilia lives in Martin, SD.

  159. caheidelberger Post author | 2014.11.18

    Larry: Pelosi picks Ben Ray Lujan of New Mexico... is that her endorsement of Reid? And is that a signal that picking Rick Weiland as our chair would keep South Dakota in the doghouse with the Washington leadership? (Related: does it matter if we are in the doghouse with the Washington leadership?)

  160. larry kurtz 2014.11.18

    Cory, that a wealthy Jared Polis was passed over for a Spanish-speaker is significant but whether some illusionary path to oust Senator Reid is the basis for that is unknown.

  161. larry kurtz 2014.11.18

    A Lakota speaker like Julie Garreau or Kevin Killer would be a great idea.

  162. larry kurtz 2014.11.18

    One reason our gubernatorial candidate was trounced because he had to use a translator during a Spanish language debate with a fluent Martinez: we knew better and should consider dumping the primary for a nominating convention.

  163. Deb Geelsdottir 2014.11.18

    Since Ms. Fire Thunder is in Martin, the SDDP ought to recruit her, oofferingher a valuable position in the party. Maybe the SDDP needs to create a position for the express purpose of coordinating with the voters on each of the reservations in SD.

  164. Deb Geelsdottir 2014.11.18

    Certainly Roger has excellent suggestions for a role like that. I'm assuming he is offline for the moment, or having a life, or he would have already said something.

  165. leslie 2014.11.18

    i have regretted a wasted vote for perot jr. for decades, the vote for rick, however was not wasted.

  166. leslie 2014.11.18

    teresa is in pine ridge area i believe.

  167. Roger Cornelius 2014.11.18

    Hi Deb,
    Cecilia would be an excellent choice, however I'm not certain of her level of Democratic Party involvement at present. If she still has the fire, she would offer a lot to the party, I guess someone will have to ask her.
    Theresa Two Bulls would also be good, but like Cecilia I don't know what she is up to these days.
    With that said, I still think Cory would be an excellent choice, he has knowledge of state government and our politics and can vocalize our concerns quite well.
    We cannot allow the media or the SDGOP to dictate who we chose for our party leadership as Lally is trying to do.
    We liberals are constantly labeled as radical, Cory can show them that we are.

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