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Rapid City Police Deny Permit for Anti-Police Brutality Protest Friday at LNI

Uh oh, Chief—looks like we got a case of speaking while Indian.

Cody Hall, Anthony Bordeaux, and other American Indian activists want to hold a march against police brutality in Rapid City Friday in conjunction with the Lakota Nation Invitational, a big basketball (and knowledge bowl, business plan, archery, language...) tournament that will bring lots of Natives and maybe some wasicu to town. Organizers want to march from the Rushmore Plaza Civic Center (site of LNI) to Main Street and back. Seems like a good opportunity to reach a larger audience and do some organizing, right?

Rapid City Police Chief Karl Jegeris has denied a permit for this march, saying these organizers couldn't keep their crowd under control the last time they raised a ruckus in Rapid:

The event was proposed to take place on Friday December 19th, beginning at 3pm. Since that time, the event has been advertised as a March/Rally on social media and indicators show that well over 100 people plan to attend. This was proposed to occur during the Lakota Nation Invitational (LNI), an event that is expected to draw approximately 2500 youth and their families to the Rushmore Plaza Civic Center.

The same event organizers were involved in the May 2012 March/Rally involving Rapid City Regional Hospital. That event drew hundreds of demonstrators. Although the event was promoted as peaceful, numerous public safety issues arose including; disruption of traffic, obstruction of police, threat to occupy the hospital, threat of arson to the hospital, and other issues that placed the demonstrators, law enforcement, and the general public at risk. This demonstrates the organizers' lack of ability to provide adequate supervision to the event, and demonstrates the great risk that would be posed to the LNI.

"The LNI is a positive youth event, and the public safety of our youth and families is the number one priority. The City of Rapid City and the Rapid City Police Department have worked hard over the past 38 years to support and ensure the highest degree of Public Safety possible for the LNI," said Rapid City Police Chief Karl Jegeris. It is for this reason that the March/Rally/Walk be kept separate from the LNI [Rapid City Police Department, press release, 2014.12.16].

Safety first—yup, that's the recipe for authoritarianism that our country has embraced too willingly since September 11, 2001.

Chief Jegeris hasn't completely shut the door on the protesters' exercise of the First Amendment:

The Rapid City Police Department is committed to protecting all Constitutional Rights of residents and visitors, including the Right to Assemble and Freedom of Speech," said Chief Jegeris. It is for that reason that Chief Jegeris has offered to meet with the event organizers to make arrangements to accommodate an alternative date and/or location [RCPD, 2014.12.16].

I'm pleased the chief is still offering an alternative, but will he end up offering organizers some out-of-the-way "free speech zone" like we've seen at national political conventions?

Refresh me on this question: why do we need a permit system for public assembly and protest? Why do the police get any check over the exercise of First Amendment rights? Assembling to speak is not a prosecutable crime; should you or I or an Indian in Rapid City have to ask the government's permission to do so?

If the police see a crowd of people making noise, they should certainly mosey over to see what's the hubbub, but should they have the authority to exercise any restraint before the crowd even assemble, let alone before anyone in the crowd commits a crime?

Organizers, in Rapid City, it's time to rebrand from "We Can't Breathe" to "We Can't Speak."


  1. Nick Nemec 2014.12.17

    What would happen if a group of people started walking from the Civic Center down to Main Street, milled around there for a while and walked back, obeying all traffic laws?

    How about a continuous procession of traffic law abiding groups of 2-3, spaced 50 feet apart, that follow the same Civic Center to Main Street and back route and continues for hours?

    There are ways to do this that don't require a permit to exercise First Amendment rights. If I lived in Rapid City I'd join the march just to protest the attempt to throttle the rights of US citizens.

  2. Robin Page 2014.12.17

    After Chief Jegeris was put into office, he contacted me to set up a meeting. At his request, I met with him to discuss my perspective on what was needed to improve race relations in Rapid City. The Chief told me he was committed to improving those relations. Since then, his department has invaded Lakota Homes with military vehicles and highly armed officers, searching for a man who was apparently sitting at McDonalds for the entire 6 plus hours that we were under police lock down. Now, in his effort to improve race relations he denies a peaceful walk during LNI. Oh, by the way, I attended the 2012 "March to the Hospital". It was very peaceful and no one was even talking about taking over the hospital or other more aggressive actions. We were met at the hospital with a number of "sharp shooters" positioned on the roof and other locations of the hospital. The organizers met with the hospital administrator, while those in the march waited peacefully in the parking lot. I am really getting tired of the open hatred and racisim that is constantly present in Rapid City. Maybe it is time for me to move my children to a more healthy and safe community.

  3. Tasiyagnunpa Livermont 2014.12.17

    And where would that community be Robin?

    Cory, cities and police often okay special events. Should we stop allowing that so that the KKK can march around Rapid City or Westboro haters etc? I would vehemently argue that these organizers aren't fully interested in peace. They fight amongst themselves and are less peaceful than myself.

    Should we have something like this in Rapid City? Probably.

    I don't think LNI is the time or place for it though. Good grief, LNI by itself almost feels like a march against brutality. Just read the comments and stuff or hear say walking through a store or Main Street during it. Is it wise to add drama as well?

  4. Tasiyagnunpa Livermont 2014.12.17

    Robin, there was plenty of vitriole on Facebook etc. If it is true that nobody in the hospital protest said anything then the police are just sitting at computers and not doing their job. And sharpshooters are insane. So why on earth would we pull our children into a cesspool like that?

  5. Daniel Buresh 2014.12.17

    "Refresh me on this question: why do we need a permit system for public assembly and protest? Why do the police get any check over the exercise of First Amendment rights? Assembling to speak is not a prosecutable crime; should you or I or an Indian in Rapid City have to ask the government's permission to do so?"

    Refresh me on this question: why do we need a permit system for carrying weapons? Why do the police, FBI, ATF, and Conservation officers get any check over the exercise of Second Amendment rights? Carrying a weapon is not a prosecutable crime; should you or I or an Indian in Rapid City have to ask the government's permission to do so?

    Unfortunately, our rights have been considered to be able to be limited/controlled based on a perceived threat created by a small number of individuals against the general welfare and safety of our citizens. The group always gets punished because of a few.

  6. Robin Page 2014.12.17

    Tashi - If you have concerns for your children's safety, by all means, keep them safe. My children attended the hospital march with me and were never in any danger. When I saw the sharp shooters at the hospital, I immediately took my children home. Our rights as American citizens promises us free speech and the right to peaceful assembly. It doesn't say those rights are limited to whenever the government decides it is okay for us to invoke those rights. So, if people were to decide to peacefully stand on every corner of downtown Rapid City, carrying a sign that says "Native lives are important" or "All lives are important", do you think they would be eligible for an arrest?

  7. barry freed 2014.12.17

    The Police claim the Right to deny Freedom for this group and one day they will deny Freedom for all small, unconnected groups. Some Veterans have made threats against the Government, the Bonus Army forcibly occupied all of Washington DC, but there is no question of their right to march downtown many times a year.
    Let the LNI march, and when the Police "mosey" in as they should with any large march, they should be unarmed and in plain clothes as uniforms and weapons are proven to escalate problems in these situations.
    Non-Natives should participate in the March as a show of their wish to heal and build and as a buffer to the Authoritarians staged to pounce.
    Our new, shiny, Park should be filled with Rapid City groups feeding the Marchers as they pass through. Food is a way to show love and support.
    Indian and Caucasian Tacos, and Lefse for all, including the plainclothes officers. Spend a little of that Sales Tax Money generated by the LNI and fund those groups.

  8. Tasiyagnunpa Livermont 2014.12.17

    Robin, and if my children were competing at LNI this year which they won't be but have in the past, having the March start at the civic center is removing my parental choice.

    Also, per people standing on street corners, of course not. That wasn't my point about the March either.

    And for the record I'm as irritated with all these Rabid Christians standing around protesting about abortion. And the jackasses with megaphones.

    I do not see protesting as an answer and I'm upset because I think it makes it harder to speak difficult truths to groups of white people. They only see activists when they should see and hear fellow citizens.

    Also this is a protest specifically against police brutality. You don't think that will affect how the cops see it? And I just read his morning that white Americans in the last few weeks now have the highest regard for cops than they've had in decades. So you don't think angry white people in big trucks are going to cause problems.

    People have the right to march. Heck start it on Omaha so that families don't have their kids in the middle of it if they don't want.

    But I am not a protestor like that. My protests are save for critiquing entities who should allow us at the table. And it seems to me those who love street corners sure shut up rather than speak truth to power in forceful yet constructive ways.

  9. Liberty Dick 2014.12.17

    Next they are gonna want you to get a permit to carry a gun... Damn Nazis I tell ya...

  10. caheidelberger Post author | 2014.12.17

    Daniel, do you need a permit to walk around town with an openly carried weapon?

  11. caheidelberger Post author | 2014.12.17

    Nick, I wondered about that sort of traffic-light-abiding protest. As long as I cross with the light, I should be able to walk around town with several friends wearing sandwich boards all day long, right?

  12. caheidelberger Post author | 2014.12.17

    Tasi, I hate the hateful messages of the KKK and the Westboro kooks. However, the First Amendment affords them the same rights as the Rapid City protesters whose message I favor. Indians, Klan, fundies, atheists—none should need a permit to speak publicly. Cops shouldn't intervene until one of those protesters blocks the higway, trespasses on private property, or poses some other such imminent threat to public safety.

  13. Tasiyagnunpa Livermont 2014.12.17

    I agree they have the same right to the First Amendment. However, this is a special event permit.

    I think if everyone just wore those signs and didn't block any sort of traffic, including school buses and families at the civic center, this issue could go away.

    They could all just stand on a Omaha St sidewalk with signage, too.

  14. caheidelberger Post author | 2014.12.17

    ...which brings me back to Dan. There is an immense difference between my marching up the street toward Rapid City Central carrying a protest tune and my marching up the street toward Rapid City Central with a gun. Walking around town chanting anti-brutality slogans poses far less immediate risk to public safety than walking around with a gun. There are obvious grounds for greater restrictions on guns than on speech.

    I will grant Dan and his narrow-minded fight-picking absurdity this much: If a cop sees a crowd in the park shouting, the cop should swing by and ask what's up. If a cop sees a crowd in the park waving guns, the cop should swing by and ask what's up. Both are situations in which there could be trouble and of which a dutiful police officer should make herself aware. Neither is a situation that, on face, requires the cop to demand the crowd immediately disperse.

    But the latter is a hair's breadth from that threshold, and at least warrants a far more intense "Holy crap! Send backup now!" call than the former.

  15. Tasiyagnunpa Livermont 2014.12.17

    We should also keep in mind an unsavory fact about LNI. There was a murder there in the front doors of the civic center a couple years ago. Families have not forgotten that, either. I'm sure the police haven't either.

  16. caheidelberger Post author | 2014.12.17

    LibDick, you too: do I need a permit to go to Walmart, buy a pistol, strap it to my waist in plain view, and walk out?

  17. JeniW 2014.12.17

    One of the concerns that I have when I see groups at corners is whether they are blocking or hindering the pathway of those are walking, or using wheelchairs or mobility devices, or waiting for the bus.

    They probably are not, but it has come to my mind.

  18. Taunia 2014.12.17

    S/he who dares wins.

    Asking for permission to exercise your civil rights is a travesty.

  19. mike from iowa 2014.12.17

    Ms Livermont,I'm guessing that poll of white 'murricans having a high regard for cops is skewed to death by whitey wingnuts who are indoctrinated by Fake Noise propaganda.

    Looking around the nation one finds more and more evidence of cops behaving badly,but as long as the victims are minorities Fake Noise viewers will exhalt the cops.

  20. Tasiyagnunpa Livermont 2014.12.17

    I have no doubt Mike about any of that.

    That is exactly what scares me. We can't trust most of our neighbors right now to be allies.

  21. Liberty Dick 2014.12.17

    Some states you do. This one you do only if concealed. Still need to go through the background check though. Maybe that's next for all the peasants that wish to protest the guberment. Gotta get your permit and pass a background check to make sure you aren't a rioter/looter type.

  22. Taunia 2014.12.17

    Take a cue from Oakland, NYC, Ferguson, Miami, et al. No one is waiting around for permission to bring awareness for saving your own lives.

    How serious are you about raising this awareness? If you feel you need permission, maybe it's not really the time for it.

    They can't arrest all of you.

  23. Bill Fleming 2014.12.17

    To Taunia's point (and mine previously), sometimes getting arrested is part of the demonstration. If you do this protest and get arrested, don't fight it, surrender peacefully, make sure the press is there, and other, "non-protesting" friends, everybody take lots of pictures and post them everywhere.

    People are going to insult you and try to get you to lose it. Don't cave in to it.

    Smart organizers will practice all of this maybe a dozen or so times before trying it for real. Whatever you do, don't go on cold as a group thinking everything will be okay, because chances are, it won't.

    Be clear, be disciplined, be serious, be careful, be a unit. Anyone who wants to just fart around on an ego trip probably shouldn't try to be part of the group. They'll put the rest in grave danger.

    In short, don't even think about doing this unless you're confident you know the whole group knows what it's doing. You don't want a single one of you to get hurt. Or anyone else either. That's the ONLY attitude that will work, and the only way you will be effective.

  24. PlanningStudent 2014.12.17

    Protesting violence by police against who? Minorities or just anyone? At an event where somebody was gunned down in recent years (not by police) in the town where two policeman were gunned down... During and at a high school competition of arts and athletics. Not the time or place..

  25. larry kurtz 2014.12.17

    Shorter 'Planning Student:' Rapid City isn't worth it, people.

  26. Bill Fleming 2014.12.17

    Planning Student, I'm assuming you are astute enough to answer your own question.

  27. Bill Fleming 2014.12.17

    Cory, I'm a little confused by Reich's assertion. Who is it that he thinks is doing the convincing? And how much "convincing" would it take? I don't guess Mr. Reich has anywhere near the life experience of the people he's talking about here, do you? Especially on point one, but actually on all of them.

  28. JeniW 2014.12.17

    The articles I have read about the rally all cite the police concern of public safety. I have not read what specific safety concerns that they have, or what would be needed to address the concern about public safety.

    Does anyone know?

  29. jerry 2014.12.17

    The wild west shootout between the police and Mr. Tiger left 2 dead policemen and one seriously wounded policeman with Mr. Tiger shot seriously at the scene, in which he later died as the result. As near as I could read about it, the incident appeared to be over a can of beer, but why was that? We have a man choked to death by police in New York over some loose cigarettes and then this, a horrific shootout in which 3 people were killed over a beer, what are the police really trying to concern themselves with over public safety? What about the other young native man shot dead by Rapid City police because he had a stick and was drunk? More public safety I presume? Christopher Capps was shot 5 times and killed, he will always be 22. Jackley said that was justified as well, so he has continued building his bona fides for his next step up the ladder.

  30. Bill Fleming 2014.12.17

    Just saw a report on a new NBC survey that shows 57% of the people in our country think race relations are bad. That's the worst stat in 20 years. One commenter said 'Yes, 57% say race relations are bad, and the rest don't know what in the hell they're talking about.'

  31. Roger Cornelius 2014.12.17

    Will this be the last year of LNI in Rapid City?
    The police chief may have shot himself and the city in the foot.

  32. Taunia 2014.12.17

    Robert Reich, by way of Cory, is saying the class warfare is being perpetrated by bad economic conditions, brought on by the 1%. As long as the rest of us are fighting each other, no one is watching what the 1% is doing.

    I agree with that. I also believe that until we are protesting in the streets, nothing changes.

    "Vote for change!" is always the fallback slogan by people who don't really care what people are going through, but when both parties' politicians are falling for the romance of Wall Street, the military industrial complex and lining their own campaign's pockets, voting isn't the entire answer.

    Nothing excites me less than a Hilary campaign. Voting for her is not going to change anything.

    Being in the streets, raising awareness, building the consensus that shit's bad for everyone except the 1% is where we're at.

    It will happen in Rapid City, whether it's for LNI or something else.

  33. Les 2014.12.17

    You spoke of leaving blood on the battleground of The Nam, jerry. When did you decide to shoot or not? When the average police officer gives the command to drop the weapon, he is dead or wounded at best with that allotment of time to the shooter. Open container not illegal? Somehow I don't believe I could walk down the streets of RC with an open container any more than you or Roger could.

  34. jerry 2014.12.17

    So the streets of Rapid City or Mitchell are now a battleground? I guess that would explain the armoured vehicles for sale

    Instead of this listing, the young man had a stick and not a timber in his hand. To shoot him 5 times is a lot more than hardened battlefield trained troops would do on even a bad day Les. You answered the question though about your view of an open container and its reason for 3 deaths. I do not know how many other folks have had open containers and not been shot by the police, but I will take a guess and say several. I do not care to know if you or Roger consume alcohol or anything else for that matter, but if you did and if you happened out in the street with it, you should not have to concern yourself with getting shot by the police for that minor infraction.

  35. Les 2014.12.17

    Two policemen dead out of the three on the scene and you say they shot a young man over a can of beer. That young man had to have been shooting long before the police thought shooting was appropriate. The insanity still fermenting at Maddville, ajerRy.?

  36. JeniW 2014.12.17

    I can believe that race relations are not good, just wondering if the rating is due in part to the instant news and internet which was not quite so present 20 years ago?

  37. jerry 2014.12.17

    Why did they stop Daniel Tiger in the first place other than to harass him. This is the same kind of pattern that happened in Ferguson and in Cleveland and in New York, all reek of the same racism and hassling that provokes outbursts. All of the the information about Daniel Tiger was that he smoked pot and drank, he had been in trouble, like many other young men his age. He was 22 years old (coincidence or what) and was shot and killed during a shootout with at least 3 armed and trained police on a city street.

    Christopher Capps was also 22 years old and was shot 5 times in an open field by the police for being drunk and carrying a stick. The common denominator is that both of these 22 year olds were Native American.

  38. Deb Geelsdottir 2014.12.17

    In several cities, including Minneapolis, anti-police brutality marches were held without any type of permit or advance approval from any city officials. In Minneapolis the march went on to I 35W, which is a major downtown freeway.

    No weapons were drawn, no paddy wagons rolled out. The police kept asking the people to take the next exit off, all the while closing exits to traffic to keep the marchers safe. There were no arrests, no shoving, pushing, pepper spraying. The marchers walked to the county offices, the freeway was opened, the marchers' point was made, and life went on.

    BTW, there were more than 1000 people involved. Many, many of the marchers were white. I believe Miami was one of the cities that had a similar march and police response to it. The list I saw had 5 cities on it that conducted similar, respectful marches.

    Rapid City can certainly do the same as those much larger cities with much larger marches.

  39. grudznick 2014.12.17

    These people marched right down the interstate that collapsed? Not only the traffic would be fearsome the bridges and things would be a little scary. And I, for one, think caucasian people can march just as well as people who are not caucasian. If this is true about marching on the roads then maybe Rapid denizens should march down I-190 from the exit on I-90 to maybe exit 1C or so.

  40. Les 2014.12.17

    Tiger outguns three armed and trained racist cops and Jerry wants more. Lead the way Jerry. Every great Protest has had a Martin Luther to start it. Someone has to be the first pin to fall.

  41. jerry 2014.12.17

    Whatever Les, the truth sometimes, is hard to see for someone who is clueless to the plight of those who have been wronged. I will bid you adieu as this is getting silly.

  42. grudznick 2014.12.17

    My friend Mr. Fleming knows of what he writes when it comes to organizing protests, people. You need heed him.

  43. mike from iowa 2014.12.18

    Who was it that said he could hire half the country to keep an eye on the other half. That sounds like what is happening in my America. This country is divided between two major parties while the koch bros reap the benefits.

  44. larry kurtz 2014.12.18

    Stupid town. Rapid City spends more money chasing people away from its stupid community than it does making it a nicer place to live. If Democrats were in office, shelters would be built to invite people to more hospitable surroundings without the oppressive christian propaganda that haunts homeless people at the Cornerstone "Mission."

  45. JeniW 2014.12.18

    Please read The Constant Commoner blog about this topic:

    What s/he mentioned that is not in Cory's article, or in media articles about this story is the fact that the nearby high school lets out at 3:00 PM.

    We all know what it is like around high schools when they are done for the day.

    Is it unreasonable to ask that the rally start at 4:00 or even 3:30 after the high school students (and school staff) have left the campus?

  46. Les 2014.12.18

    """""essive christian propaganda that haunts homeless people at the Cornerstone "Mission."""""". Some folks just wouldn't be happy if you beat em with a new stick, Lar. I call Cornerstone and ask them what they need for food. Buy it, take it there and the resident unloaders/freeloaders complain of what I'm bringing. It gets harder to keep going back.
    Yes ajerRy, it is silly. All the violence and death being blamed on anger and generations old oppression in Chi Town. I'll walk with Ya through North Rapid some evening or through West McLaughlin some afternoon, silly boy/girl/rabbit.

  47. jerry 2014.12.18

    A lot of pent up white rage there Les, someone needs a hug.

  48. Les 2014.12.18

    Join me Jerry. Share the rage and help feed the hungry. Walk those streets with me.
    True, dat, Larry.

  49. jerry 2014.12.18

    Shooting the bull is not feeding the hungry Les, that is not how it works. If you are serious about feeding the poor, then of course, I will support your efforts. What I will not do is bitch and moan while doing so. Sorry you feel such disdain for those who are les fortunate than you Less.

  50. Les 2014.12.18

    Btw, no such thing as convicts anymore, Lar. There are political opportunists that need to be shut down and bullied with the law as in the robo call issue that included dci and the ag and the gov.
    In the courts it's the same. The guilty are not charged. Just watched a habitual meth producer, distributor who has done time as a violent offender get 5 years all suspended except 90 days of nights in county jail over 3 class five and 1 class six felony and a dui misdemeanor that was not even considered. So if anyone thinks we shall ever see prosecutins on the white collar Joop, you are sadly mistaken.

  51. Les 2014.12.18

    Shooting the Bull is something that has destroyed George McGoverns party in SD, Jerry. When you wake to that fact, you will be able to help bring back two party gov in SD. Until then you're all hat. Someone put it better than I, when these Dems get off their ass and get to work the party will have a new beginning. Same with feeding the poor. Those who screech that the loudest do the least. Have a great day Jerry, I know you can!

  52. jerry 2014.12.18

    LOL, spoken like a true republican Les, keep voting for the four horsemen, they fit your style.

  53. Daniel Buresh 2014.12.18

    That scumbag in rapid was no more provoked than myself or numerous other friends who have had open container violations during college while at a house party. Guess what.....we didn't bust out our .357 magnums and start blasting cops in the head. Oh...the travesty of being white and being picked on for having a beer out on a public street. We are such victims for being white college students. Maybe we should march. Jerry promotes the stupidity and the divide while acting like he wants to fix it. He is the real problem when it comes to race relations.

  54. Bill Fleming 2014.12.18

    As with the Furguson incident, just focusing on one encounter does little or nothing to address the underlying structural problems communities face when trying to address race relations. At best, such events show us there truly is a problem, at worst we take sides, divide into camps, and in doing so ensure nothing will get done about it. Same old, same old.

  55. larry kurtz 2014.12.18

    The Rally is a celebration of white privilege, debauchery and dead bikers: kill 'em all and let dog sort 'em out.

  56. Roger Cornelius 2014.12.18

    Amen Brother Bill, Amen

  57. jerry 2014.12.18

    Thank you Daniel Buresh for proving my point about the open container and your white privilege. Yes, that is what the Native community goes through each day and that is why the protest. As long as the Native communities gather to spend hard to come by money in Rapid City, they are tolerated to a point. Just come to Rapid City and spend your money, don't let the rest of the Rapid City know that you are here and then go home... after you shop.

    I wonder how you and your white brothers would feel if you were like Christopher Capps, a promising young man that was like you, trying to better himself by going to college. I am sure that I can all feel your pain for being so white and disrespected by my words.

  58. leslie 2014.12.18 "Honoring DanielTiger".

    Daniel Buresh "Scumbag"

    Widely differing accounts, but Daniel, your version of your low road has travelled a racist path in rapid city all of my 60 some years of observing, and that does nothing but increases hate by the haters. take your inability to express anything less than hate away from here.

    we are making every effort here to undo the damage that your ilk continue to espouse at so many opportunities. that has a lot to do with what the democrats are up against in this conservative, often still, racist state.

    white privilege is real even if you still can't glean it despite your frat-boy, open-container lens and an inability to understand race/violence in the USA as stolen from 500 pre-existing nations. google Harvard, or USD.

  59. Daniel Buresh 2014.12.18

    The only point you have proved Jerry is that the cops will do their job regardless of race. A white person can't walk down a street with a beer no more than a native person. Pulling a gun is what scumbags do and they end up reaping what they sow. That waste of skin doesn't even deserve to be named. Christopher Capps was witnessed by multiple people assaulting a 15 yr old and sending him to a hospital before fleeing police and eventually being shot. Sounds like a real role model for the cause.

    Leslie, your attempts to act so noble to the cause are undermined when you in turn refer to us as "ilk" and "haters". Don't even try to pull that holier than thou crap. You can only make an effort to change anything if you are willing to separate the difference between racial injustice and psychopathic murdering.

  60. Daniel Buresh 2014.12.18

    Can't believe I missed this gem:

    "narrow-minded fight-picking absurdity"

    Hey Cory, I am only stating exactly what our US supreme court has upheld as far as our rights being absolute. You can call it what you want but it doesn't change the fact that I stated factual material. They maintain the right to allow restrictions, whether I agree with that or not. If you think that is absurd and argumentative, then that is your problem. Buck up pal.

  61. jerry 2014.12.18

    Daniel your blinders to your white privilege continue to hinder you and your judgement of what surrounds you. Your hate of Native people is obvious and expected. You and your ilk are what holds this country back in all she does. We cannot go forward with folks like yourself who act as such an anvil, to continue to slow her down. Thankfully there are more wiser white people than your kind of white supremacists. My advise to you is that you seek help, there are plenty of folks that are paid to do so..other than your open containers.

  62. jerry 2014.12.18

    Let me get this straight, in your mind Daniel, it is perfectly expected for the police to shoot an unarmed man 5 times and kill him because there was an altercation with someone. The police get to act as judge, jury and executioner over an alleged simple assault? Bless your heart Daniel, but your hate of Natives, corrupts your thinking. At least here in America, we are supposed to be a nation of laws with equal protection and the right to a fair trial by jury if needed, not to be shot in the field like something feral. I hope that you never ever are in a position of public safety, you could not be trusted to maintain law and order.

  63. leslie 2014.12.18

    dan-i haven't yet read tim's piece lately... but consider if the shooting had some underpinnings, from both sides, rather than an open-container?

    when border patrol pulls my van over near organ pipe national monument, do you think the "one of two burned out license plate bulbs" was the central issue? there is a bit of a back story.

    college educated or not, something prevents your ilk, and there are a lot of 'em in western SD (and of course thru-out the state-McLaughlin, Sioux Falls...), from saying stupid, moronic things like you have used in your last two of three posts. Somebody holier than you needs to get some things thru to you. how you feel about that whole waste of skin in the NFL?

    having insulted you back again, if you wish to discuss murder and race injustice, this is a perfect forum.

    I can't find you lil' gem. help me out. in the meantime I will reread tim g.

  64. Daniel Buresh 2014.12.18

    " Your hate of Native people is obvious and expected."....hmmmmmmm Well that is news to me. I should probably let my native american friends know that since i grew up on 3 reservations and know quite a few of them. Maybe I could even return the star quilts I have received from tribal elders? I guess I won't take your analysis very seriously because it is obvious you don't possess enough knowledge to even make that assessment. I'll just chalk that up to deflection since someone knows their argument holds no water.

    "Let me get this straight, in your mind Daniel, it is perfectly expected for the police to shoot an unarmed man 5 times and kill him because there was an altercation with someone."

    No, it is perfectly acceptable for an officer to shoot a criminal who acts in an aggressive manner that may cause the officer to fear for his/her life. If you want a jury trial, you will get one if you obey officers as they apprehend you. If that goes south because of your actions, and the police are put in the position to make a split second decision, that's nobody's fault but your own.

  65. Bill Fleming 2014.12.18

    I hope Daniel will read this. There are real people on both sides with real feelings for one another, trying to make sense of a sometimes unjust and irrational world. The lesson here, if Mr. Buresh chooses to take it, is that there is no human being dead or alive who ever deserves to be called "a waste of skin." He or she is almost certainly loved unconditionally by someone — perhaps many — and one insults an array of fragile, sensitive, loving human beings with such language.

  66. larry kurtz 2014.12.18

    I just tweeted DB's venom to Chase Iron Eyes: hope he weighs in.

  67. Daniel Buresh 2014.12.18

    Leslie, whether there is more to it or not, that scumbag shouldn't have been armed and they all would be alive. Profiling? I got strip searched 1/3 times going across the border and vehicle searched 100% of the time. Being 18 was all they needed. Lots of wastes of skin in the NFL, not sure how that offends me. I don't see why you guys resort to name calling when you realize you are losing an argument.

  68. Daniel Buresh 2014.12.18

    Don't worry Bill, I reserve that term for rapists and murderers. Awesome Larry! I'll post that to my list of things I could care less about.

  69. Bill Fleming 2014.12.18

    Daniel, humanity can't afford to have you win this argument. Your insult begs one in return, and that's sadly all it does.

  70. Daniel Buresh 2014.12.18

    Let's just keep pulling out links of people shot and killed by police to detract from the fact that the Rapid City incident was nothing like that. Twist and turn those words to expand it and make an argument. Go guys go! Let's see how much more non-relevant info we can get into this thread.

  71. larry kurtz 2014.12.18

    LNI should be moved to BHSU.

  72. Bill Fleming 2014.12.18

    Daniel, my link was directly related to the incident you mention. Please read it and give us your feedback. Do these people's feelings not matter to you? They know what happened. They are grieving for someone they cared for anyway. Are you saying they shouldn't? Or that their feelings are somehow less valid and worthy than yours?

  73. Daniel Buresh 2014.12.18

    Bill, I refuse to name someone so horrible. It detracts from the real victims, the officers who died, their families, and the natives left dealing with the increased tensions because of it. If scumbag insults someone, I don't care.

  74. Daniel Buresh 2014.12.18

    Bill, that link comment wasn't directed at you.

  75. Bill Fleming 2014.12.18

    Suit yourself, Daniel. As long as you don't presume to be "winning" anything. Nobody won anything that day.

  76. Daniel Buresh 2014.12.18

    Nobody won anything that day, but I'm not going to sit back and let people make him into a martyr.

  77. jerry 2014.12.18

    Alas, I fear the only non relevant info we are hearing comes from the only true racist on this blog. Congratulations Daniel, you are indeed the emperor with no clothes. It goes to show what most here already know, the race situation in Rapid City is sick. The gentleman that gave a million bucks for "Dignity" should read this and put his money in Rapid City for the betterment of the Native population that live in anything but dignity.

  78. Daniel Buresh 2014.12.18

    Don't worry Mr Springer, I don't doubt that you will attract many clowns for your shows. Your imagination doesn't seem to be a limiting factor.

  79. Bill Fleming 2014.12.18

    "I'm not going to sit back and let people make him into a martyr." That's your ego talking Daniel. The truth is, you have absolutely no say in the matter. None. When it comes to how his loved ones hold him, it's not your rodeo, and not your cowboy.

  80. caheidelberger Post author | 2014.12.18

    Yes, Daniel, we bear the crushing burden of white privilege.

  81. mike from iowa 2014.12.18

    I more or less agree with Bill F except Dick Cheney is a total waste of white skin. I don't give a hoot if someone loves him unconditionally or not. He should not be allowed to benefit from war crimes. He should not take another single breath of fresh,free air ever and then we can talk about punishment after he pays for his crimes.

  82. bearcreekbat 2014.12.18

    Daniel B., when you used the term "scumbags" in your comment, your use of the plural rather than the singular suggested that you were making generalizations beyond a single Rapid City incident. If your comment was intended to be limited to the single RC shooting, perhaps use of the term "scumbag" might have been less misleading.

    I still am a bit curious, however, whether after viewing the video released by Cleveland police you would also call the 12 year old child with the toy gun a "scumbag" who deserved to be shot by police in less than 2 seconds after the patrol car stopped? If not, then perhaps there are more factors to be considered before heaping verbal abuse upon someone who died at the hands of the police. Not only is such verbal abuse a cheap shot since the decedent is not here to defend himself against such nasty comments, as Bill F has tried to explain, such comments also seems callous and insensitive to the family who is grieving for his death.

  83. Roger Cornelius 2014.12.18

    The police brutality march is back on as reported by the Rapid City Journal, it will start at 1:00pm at Memorial Park.
    Clearly the city fathers realize the potential of losing LNI and the money it brings to the city. I'd guess that LNI organizers are already in discussions about moving the tournament next year.
    I just read the comment section of the article on the Rapid City Journal website, of the 52 plus comments nearly all have taken the position of Daniel or the typical white response to anything relating to Native Americans. Those comments and Daniel's affirm the intense race relations of not just Rapid City, but of the state.
    While out doing errands today I drove by the civic center, there were two cars with Native drives stopped by police within 100 feet of each other, with an additional 4 police cars within view. The joke among Natives during LNI is will I or will I not be stopped, the latter is more likely.
    Being one of those "wasted skins" that live in Rapid City, it is my expectation that every time I go out there is a possibility of being stopped by police whether they have a reason or not. You've all heard the phrase Driving While Indian, it is not a joke, in Rapid City it is a reality.
    The many organizations and supporters of LNI having been reminding attendees what they should do if stopped by police, how many of the white participants of LNI have to have those cautions?
    I'm not going to comment on Daniel, I know him, they are a dime a dozen in this state.

  84. Lynn 2014.12.18

    I have always wanted to go to LNI to watch and learn. I think it is so cool! Hopefully next year it can finally happen. It's been at least 15 years since I've been out to Rapid

  85. leslie 2014.12.18

    "freeloaders, scumbags, waste of skin":

    imagine if our chief of police, tasked with training young officers, five year "veterans", and those lifers who have never drawn their service revolvers...; and (that police chief) walked around smug in his/her internal belief system that allowed the free use of daniel's chosen terms on a blog, and yikes!

    i guess who dies along rapid creek, ferguson or on the border should cause us all, both sides, to call out daniel and attempt to explain how an open container, open carry, concealed weapon, 2d amendment clamor, racism and murder on the streets, might probably be all related to some pretty deep stuff.

    "scumbag" doesn't quite cut it, daniel. A lot of those people who mowed down hundreds of Tiger's ancestors at wounded knee have relatives here, and neither side is still very "over it" to this day. this is a local, state-wide blog for the most part. i will likely cross your path one day.

    that article martyring Tiger was in very poor taste, imo, but there is a much bigger picture in this nation that you don't seem to get, and so you keep digging yourself in deeper here.

    your attitude that if you start something with a cop you deserve to die, is kinda like ignoring collateral damage in a war-zone. hint: we do not live in a war zone, and neither attitude is ethical.

    something is wrong with these many law enforcement shootings of citizens. internal/AG after-investigations protecting almost every cop do not inspire confidence that police are trained well enough to handle the incredible split-second (your term) demands for judgment that occur in our increasingly stressed lower and middle class population.

    you suggested discussing the difference between racial injustice and cray-cray murder. were you serious? do you care?

  86. jerry 2014.12.18

    I think that Spearfish is more in the line of what the LNI may need to showcase the extreme talent the schools offer. It would also give those students a chance to check out the campus as well as the sports facilities. Rapid City is more of an old farts town that really does not have the heart to appreciate what young people are all about. As long as the racism runs rampant in Rapid City, I guess the answer to that would be to just move on to someplace that may appreciate Natives a little bit more. The money should walk, there are places to shop in Spearfish as well, good places to eat and enjoy.

  87. Zuzeca 2014.12.21

    LNI needs to be moved out of Rapid City, SD to a different city, period.

  88. leslie 2014.12.24

    daily kos today: "off-duty black NYPD officers profiled, harrassed and assaulted too".

    "i blame obama" 1491s :), oh, and the NYC mayor and protestors. cops-clean up your act, and chief allender, join the human race-clean up yer blog and tweets!

  89. larry kurtz 2014.12.24

    Rapid City is being punished for its sins: may it rot in peace.

  90. Tim 2014.12.24

    "Rapid City is being punished for its sins: may it rot in peace."

    Ah, the high and mighty radical left wing, really no different than the radical right wing. Nice of you to toss us all in the same basket here in Rapid City. Easy for people that don't live here to judge all of us isn't it?

  91. larry kurtz 2014.12.24

    Rensching, init?

  92. Bill Fleming 2014.12.24

    Kurtz, do you have Internet Tourette's?

  93. larry kurtz 2014.12.24

    The results in ip's search metrics predict the news so precisely it's unnerving, Bill. Rapid is in the crosshairs: expect world press in town soon.

  94. grudznick 2014.12.24

    I, for one, think much of Rapid is pretty nice. Parts of it anyway. Other parts, like my friend Lar says, should be revitalized and maybe start over.

  95. grudznick 2014.12.24

    Leave all the diners alone of course.

  96. Les 2014.12.24

    """" Easy for people that don't live here to judge all of us isn't it?"""". Kind of like beating the "all GOP are the problem" drum and not taking into account the Dems who didn't vote their party line and not knowing how any of us voted. I do agree though Tim, castigating the crowd is why the Democratic Party in SD remains irrelevant.

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