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Brennan “No Music If You Cap Interest Rates” Threat Fizzles; Usurer Can’t Sign Bands

Last weekend, usury boss Chuck Brennan warned that we'd be party-poopers if we dared to pass an initiative to cap lending rates at 36% and effectively put him and other payday lenders out of business.

It turns out that was just a political head fake. Brennan announced yesterday he's having to postpone "Chuck's Kegger," his proposed Ribfest-challenging chili-and-music festival, not because of political pressure, but because he couldn't get his groups in a hoop:

Brennan said the inaugural Chuck's Kegger would be delayed and attributed the delay to scheduling problems with performers.

"Everyone is on board with the project but artists' schedules are hard to predict and the stars have not quite aligned yet," Brennan wrote in a statement posted Thursday on the event's website. "We appreciate the avalanche of support that we have gotten on the kegger and I'm sure there will be more news to come."

Planning for the event had been underway for around six months and included a website, logo, ticket prices and informational packets.

It's unclear when Chuck's Kegger will now occur, if ever.

Brennan did not return a call for comment Thursday [David Montgomery, "Week After Announcement, Rock Festival Delayed," that Sioux Falls paper, 2014.12.19].

Oh, yeah, announce your music festival before you ink the musicians—brilliant.

Poof goes one empty threat from the nervous usury industry. Keep your eyes open for more as the interest-rate initiative gets rolling in 2015.

Tangentially related update (12:57 CST): No kegger, but more Keg: Keg Chicken is returning to Sioux Falls.


  1. scott 2014.12.20

    You'd think that the likes of Head East and Foghat would have plenty of dates available.

  2. Nick Nemec 2014.12.20

    You have to be smart enough to plan, book, and run a show. It takes more than issuing a press release.

  3. 96Tears 2014.12.20

    What usury boss Chuck Brennan's learned from T. Denny is your shrewd lending practices can be forgiven by the media and elected leaders as long as you make a big public splash while you sprinkle your charity.

  4. Roger Elgersma 2014.12.20

    Teaching kids to go to keggers was not a good idea. But a dysfunctional person would not realize this.

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