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Madville Times on the Radio! KSOO Today at 6 p.m.!

Cory Allen Heidelberger in the KSOO studio, August 22, 2014. Photo by KSOO's Dan Peters.
A voice and a face for radio! Madville Times on the airwaves New Year's Eve, 6 p.m., 1140 AM, KSOO! (Photo by KSOO's Dan Peters, August 22, 2014)

Programming Note: you can hear the Madville Times live on KSOO Radio this evening at 6 p.m.! Todd Epp will interview me on Viewpoint University to discuss this blog's top stories for 2014 and 2015. I'll also have a chance to restore the IQ of VPU following the indigestible regurgitations of Pat Powers on air at 4:30 p.m.

Start your New Year's Eve off right with some audio blog fun on Viewpoint University, KSOO 1140 AM or live online or on your mobile unit! Feel free to shout at Epp and producer Dan Peters via the VPU Twitter handle.


  1. Owen reitzel 2014.12.31

    They'll have to fumigate the room after Powers leaves

  2. grudznick 2014.12.31

    Goodness, Mr. H, I fear for your mind as clearly you lie awake at night fuming and lividly waving your arms about how enraged Mr. PP makes you. You should relax and offer your hand in peace to Mr. Powers. I bet you he is all geared up to refute your coverages when you go to Pierre and blog from the legislatures.

  3. caheidelberger Post author | 2014.12.31

    I've offered my hand; he's rejected it. Other coalitions are much more worth building. Maybe I'll try again when I see Stan Adelstein offer to kiss and make up with Pat.

  4. caheidelberger Post author | 2014.12.31

    In case you missed it, I had to save KSOO's reputation by offering a fact check on Pat Powers's performance. Here are the top five things Pat got wrong in his interview at top of the show:

    5. On whether the FBI is still investigating EB-5, Powers said the Feds have said "we've looked into it." Wrong verb tense. The FBI said in October the investigation was ongoing, as in we are looking into it.

    4. Pat asserts that we'd know if an FBI investigation into EB-5 was happening, that people would talk. Disproven by experience: The FBI issued its eight subpoenas to the state on EB-5 in March 2013, and we didn't hear one word about them in the press or the rumor mill until Governor Daugaard announced them in late October 2013.

    3. Pat says South Dakota is in "really good shape"—sure, if you consider stagnating economy, four years of failed economic development, workforce shortage, and last-in-the- nation teacher pay "really good."

    2. Pat claimed Bosworth hit SDGOP politics "like a bomb." Wrong: Bosworth never gained SDGOP support, was sidelined and ignored at most SDGOP events, had virtually no in-state fundraising or serious campaigning, and focused on exploiting easy marks out of state for her money. Bosworth had no effect on Republican politics whatsoever.

    1. Powers said Bosworth was dead last in vote tally. Wrong! She placed fourth, much to the GOP's discredit; Ravnsborg, whom Powers praised, got last.

  5. Jana 2014.12.31

    Cory opened with 5 fact checks on Pat Powers, but left out that Pat calls his blog the #1 political blog in South Dakota....

    Nice job Cory!

  6. caheidelberger Post author | 2014.12.31

    Thanks, Jana! I figured I'd focus on new news this time. ;-) But for those of you who'd like a #6, here's the link showing my numbers beating Pat's.

    And Grudz, I will sleep very well tonight, as I do almost every night. How about you, now that you've gotten a good dose of optimistic, enthusiastic, energetic radio?

  7. Owen 2014.12.31

    Great job Cory! Especially when you started the program bitch-slapping Powers.
    Good points brought up about the South Dakota Democratic Party. Hope somebody is listening.

  8. Tasiyagnunpa Livermont 2014.12.31

    6 p.m. CT. Damn. I was all plugged in and ready to listen over here in Mountain Time. Geez.

  9. grudznick 2014.12.31

    Mr. H, it was the first time I ever listened to the big K.S.O.O and I found it interesting. I did not hear Mr. PP's talking only yours and other than your immediate superficial attacks it was good. Those fellows you were talking with seemed pretty swell.

  10. Lynn 2014.12.31

    Cory great job! Radio hosts must love you as a guest since you stay on point, talk fast filling in valuable airtime but not too fast to follow which means more colorful content backed up with facts.

    It would be great if you were a regular guest on SDPB's radio show Political Junkies with Karl Gehrke on Wednesdays at noon or a periodic guest especially during the legislative session on SDPB's televised Focus with Stephanie Rissler

  11. grudznick 2014.12.31

    When Mr. H is covering the legislatures in Pierre he may very well have Ms. Rissler on his show.

  12. Wayne Pauli 2014.12.31

    Just wanted to give you a thumbs Up Cory. I enjoyed listening to the program. Your points were well thought out. Happy New Year !!

  13. caheidelberger Post author | 2015.01.01

    Sorry, Tasi! Perhaps you can get one of your local legislators to sponsor a bill to put all of South Dakota in one time zone? :-)

  14. caheidelberger Post author | 2015.01.01

    Grudz, KSOO's Todd Epp and Dan Peters are swell guys.

    Lynn, you think I stayed on topic and didn't talk too fast? Whoo-hoo! Take that, Mike Black! :-D

  15. caheidelberger Post author | 2015.01.01

    And Wayne, thank you! I figure with thousands of people listening, I'd better have my points thought out. I wouldn't want to get caught with my facts wrong in front of the entire Sioux Empire... like Pat! :-D

  16. caheidelberger Post author | 2015.01.01

    Owen, I'm glad you enjoyed the opening. I figured that, if VPU was going to feature two bloggers on its year-end show, the program should capture the give-and-take, rapid-response nature of the blogsophere.

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