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SDDP Leaders Host Town Hall for West River Dems March 26 in Rapid City

Last updated on 2015.02.24

South Dakota Democratic Party vice-chairman Joe Lowe is organizing a big West River town hall meeting next month for all folks interested in building a winning Democratic Party.

Party chair Ann Tornberg will lay out her vision for the SDDP. Tornberg and Lowe will present results of a statewide survey of party members and to hear the concerns and recommendations of West River Democrats. I'll even drop in, review the 2015 Legislative Session, and call for all good Dems to give Republicans a good butt-kicking in 2016.

Admission, refreshments, and discussion are free, but the party welcomes donations alongside ideas any time.


  1. Rod Hall 2015.02.23

    Cory, Thanks for attending. I will be watching for your comments!

  2. leslie 2015.02.23

    thx cory, joe, ann-we'll watch those progressive republicans come flocking in.

  3. grudznick 2015.02.23

    Mr. H, you should buy some of those pretty things they have in the windows while you are there eating the treats. Or stop right next door there in Mr. Lowe's store and buy something. He needs a little cheering up.

  4. larry kurtz 2015.02.23

    Late March in Rapid City is almost always not lamb-like but jacking up West River Democrats does sound like a good time. Pencil me in.

  5. grudznick 2015.02.23

    'cause you loathe South Dakota so much it's oozing out of your pores, init?

  6. larry kurtz 2015.02.23

    as was said elsewhere today, grud: a stopped clock reminds us that every junkie's like a setting sun.

  7. Deb Geelsdottir 2015.02.23

    Go SDDP!

  8. Curt 2015.02.24

    grudz -
    I know I would never ask you for directions to anything, but just so others are not misled, be aware that the business owned by Mr Lowe and his lovely wife is located across the street - not next door to - P Edge.

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