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EcoSun Prairie Farm: Grow Grass, Sell Seed, Feed Cattle, Make Healthy Prairie

Mike from Iowa asked for a close-up of bluestem grass. Can do, Mike!

Bluestem, also known as turkey foot, also known as "ice cream for cattle." (CAH, 2014.08.21)
Bluestem, also known as turkey foot, "ice cream for cattle," and the key to putting the prairie back to work. (CAH, 2014.08.21)

Carter Johnson showed me this native grass and a whole lot more on his EcoSun Prairie Farm on a hot summer morning last week. I've written about Johnson's prairie farm and its philosophy before. The SDSU ecology professor gave a stirring speech on his vision for a working prairie at TedX Brookings last winter. But I wanted to see the Prairie Farm for myself.

EcoSun Prairie Farms Grows Grass; Tour August 3!

Can you make a living growing grass? (Down, Larry, down!) Prairie and wetlands researcher and advocate Carter Johnson thinks so. In 2007, he and some fellow high-brain-power folks from SDSU started EcoSun Prairie Farms on a square-mile section of land…