Kristi Noem visits Hot Springs Veterans Administration Hospital, April 12, 2012

Prototype Noem-catching device to help her make more committee meetings

Freshman Rep. Kristi Noem was really, really proud to be a second-string replacement pick for the Agriculture Committee seat vacated for her by fellow Tea Party-fave and farm subsidy beneficiary Rep. Steven Fincher. But she hasn't been doing much on the Ag committee. South Dakota Democratic Party chairman Ben Nesselhuf finds documentation establishing Rep. Noem's attendance at just four out of twenty Ag committee and subcommittee hearings:

Of six conservation subcommittee meetings, there's a record of Noem attending only one, Democrats say. A record shows her at a livestock meeting. That came April 26 when she was being profiled by a network news channel. Of nine full committee meetings, there is record of her in two.

Even if she was missed by the video cameras, or only attended parts of meetings — which is common for members of Congress, experts maintain — Noem has appeared in transcripts once, Nesselhuf said [Jonathan Ellis, "Attendance in Congress in Question," that Sioux Falls paper, 2012.05.13].

Why might Kristi be skipping so many Agriculture Committee hearings?

  1. Too busy clubbing in California.
  2. Grueling travel schedule and non-stop town hall meetings.
  3. Still getting lost in Longworth Building.
  4. The whole idea of going to Congress was to get away from the farm.
  5. Do you know how long it takes to do this hair?
  6. Kassidy and Kennedy are "too cool" now to play board games, so Kristi has spent weeks casting stunt doubles for the new "Monopoly" ads.
  7. Farm Bill amendments? But "I have to work on this paper! It's due tomorrow!"
  8. Still waiting for chairman to send copy of Ag committee mission statement.
  9. Noem needs to keep her head down on ag policy, since her pro-government stance on farm subsidies and crop insurance makes her look really bad with her arch-conservative base.
  10. Meeting? What meeting?

Commenters, I welcome your additions to the list.