Lake County Republicans didn't go too far to pick Rep. Patricia Stricherz's spot on the District 8 House ballot. They went 12 miles, actually, from Winfred to Lake Herman, where they find Gene E. Kroger willing to take up the charge.

Perhaps we socialists provoked Kroger. In one of those grand coincidences of politics in small-town South Dakota. Two houses to the south of the Kroger residence on the western shore of Lake Herman, you will find the long-time home of Gerald Lange, the Democrat whom Patricia Stricherz surprised and unseated in 2010. Two houses to the north and west, you will find the East River headquarters of the Madville Times.

From my interactions with Pastor Kroger, I know he just hates getting government involved in things. I thus eagerly anticipate his Issues web page, where he will show his true conservative stripes by blasting South Dakota government's interference in women's health care choices, local school districts' staff evaluation and curriculum decisions, and everyone's right to get married.