KSFY reports the sad story of Tina Curl, who is so desperate to witness the execution of her daughter's killer that she's begging people for money to make the trip. Donald Moeller killed her nine-year-old daughter Becky O'Connell in 1990. South Dakota plans to kill Moeller between October 28 and November 3. Curl lives in Lake Luzerne, New York, a 2810-mile round-trip. Curl is living on disability payments; her husband has been out of work for a year. They thus can't afford the trip. Thus, they are asking for donations to cover the trip.

Curl admits witnessing the execution won't bring her closure. Curl obtained what little closure may be possible when she went through her own ritual to take Becky's spirit home and left Sioux Falls. The only relief Curl said she'll get from watching us kill Moeller is knowing "he's dead and he'll never get out to do this to anybody else's child."

Mrs. Curl, we can spare you the trouble and expense. We'll call you when Moeller's dead. We won't even call collect.

Besides, Curl's fundraising goal of $4,000 for the trip seems a bit high. Here's my quick spreadsheet for a 2810-mile roadtrip for two people:

  • gasoline ($4 per gallon): $750
  • nine nights in motel (one week in Sioux Falls, two nights on road, $80/night): $720
  • food ($30/day): $270
  • Total: $1740

I know stuff happens on the road, but $2200 is an awfully big cushion.

Spare Ms. Curl some grief. Don't give her your money to go on this useless trip. Mrs. Curl will do herself more good that week resting at home. Mr. Curl will do you both more good spending that week looking for work.