Fascists and Communists are supposed to be a fiercer ideological grudge match than Republicans versus Democrats. But Che Guevara disciple Annette Bosworth is winning the endorsement of Nazi-loving white supremacist Jason R. Baran.

Baran tweets Fox News's Megyn Kelly and the rest of the world Friday encouraging them to check out Annette Bosworth's campaign. "For someone mainstream she doesn't seem bad. Check out her website & give her Facebook page a 'Like'," tweets Baran. Maybe he's one of the folks Bosworth is paying to drive up her Facebook Like count.

Any formal connection beyond Baran's masturbatory Google-imaging would toast Bosworth's campaign faster than her Che shirt, because Baran is a deluded, racist, sexist pig. His Twitter account currently features a cover photo of women in short-skirted uniforms marching in military parade. His Twitter pics just this morning feature photos of comely young women posing before swastikas. "A White woman's place is in the National Socialist Movement!" shouts Baran. Baran fears an America that will "look like Puerto Rico... voodoo and everything." Baran brands Pope Francis a heretic Communist and cites the Federalist Papers as justification for a whites-only America.


We can't blame a candidate for the nearly inevitable fact that some fraction of their supporters, just like some fraction of the society from which they come, will be crazy. But Annette, if Jason starts tweeting you pictures of himself in his swastika'ed brownshirt (and he is "Following" you), don't Tweet back!