How do I get myself into these things? Heck, I just ask.

In this week's Bizarro-world video, Liberty Today becomes Madville Times as I interview aspiring and conditional Independent U.S. Senate candidate Gordon Howie:

The highlights:

  • Howie says he's ahead of schedule on gathering signatures for his nominating petition.
  • Howie views his campaign as a natural extension of the Stace Nelson campaign. If Nelson doesn't win the GOP primary, Howie believes Nelson conservatives will heed Nelson's Heck No and turn to Howie instead of Rounds.
  • While he plans to out-conservative any non-Nelson nominee, Howie thinks he can get votes from Democrats and Independents who are disgusted with leaders of both parties putting partisan power games above principle. (But Gordon, will those non-Republicans like your principles?)
  • Howie says his fourth-place, 12.44% showing in the 2010 GOP gubernatorial primary doesn't show that his natural statewide conservative base is too small to help him win an election. Howie contends his 2010 turnout was depressed by his being "significantly maligned in the media." (Now who would have done a terrible thing like that?)
  • Producer Ed Randazzo's phone went off during the interview. Fortunately, no such thing happened with Ed's ever-present pistol.
  • Howie calls Pressler a "partisan hack" who cannot get the vote of any thoughtful Republican or Independent.
  • Howie says we shouldn't look for a five-point plan from a candidate (dodge?). He offers voters three general principles: cap federal spending, reduce taxes and regulation, and "return to the traditional values, the principles, that made America great."
  • Howie says he does not believe in a religious test for candidates.

Worth noting: Gordon and I both had fun in this interview. Conservatives, y'all and I should get together more often.