I promise: per Bosworth's request in her only face-to-face conversation with me (not to mention my own morals), I have not f---ed with her son. But an eager reader sends a clip from Sunday's Sioux Falls paper that suggests someone has: Argus Profile 20130526 They got the wild eyes right, but two children... wait a minute! When this campaign started, Chad and Annette had three children (none of them named for presidents... though maybe Annette pronounces Chancellor with a long a in honor of her political beacon). But the clip above says she has two children. We're short a kid! Yikes! The simple explanation is that someone at that Sioux Falls paper didn't proofread (because, really, it's just the Bosworth profile, and she's not a real candidate, so why bother?). But maybe Tuesday's press conference won't be a Bosworth striptease; maybe she'll announce that Chad sold their first-born to the Devil to ensure a primary victory. Either that, or one of the boys just got sick of wearing the same red campaign t-shirt every day, and Mom has disowned him until he puts it back on.