Trembling before Susan Wismer's whelming victory in Tuesday's Democratic gubernatorial primary, Governor Dennis Daugaard has decided to adopt her agnosticism on uranium mining in the Black Hills and put it in a prom dress:

If you feel strongly about Powertech, I hope you’ll consider attending future hearings. They are a good way to learn more about the proposal.

I am occasionally asked if I “support” or “oppose” this project. This question misunderstands that our state and nation have very sound, comprehensive processes to consider proposals like this one. Through these processes the merits and impacts of the project must be evaluated. Under this system I am confident the important questions will be discussed and addressed, and the right decision will be reached [Gov. Dennis Daugaard, "The Permitting Process for Uranium Mining," Prairie Business, 2014.06.06].

In other words, if you care about uranium mining in the Black Hills, the major party candidates for governor plan to leave you in the dark. Neither Governor Daugaard nor candidate Wismer will deign to tell us where they really stand on Powertech and in situ leach mining.

Independent candidate Mike Myers, can we get you on the record on uranium mining?