I'm working on an interview with Eric Leggett, Independent candidate for District 15 House in Sioux Falls. Leggett is also the first announced speaker at the South Dakota Libertarian Party convention.

Leggett says he's not sure yet what he'll pack into those ten minutes. But he won't be packing an endorsement for Chad Haber, who is alleged to be seeking the Libertarian nomination for attorney general:

I am deeply concerned about his desire to use the Libertarian Party as a tool for his own agenda. Not only do I think he's using the Libertarians for his own use, but the entire state. This whole situation has become more ugly at every turn. He is making a joke out of our entire political system. I hope the Libertarian Party tells him thanks, but no thanks. He has no qualifications [and is] absolutely not a Libertarian in any way shape or form. Chad Haber is bad for the Libertarians, but more importantly, he's bad for South Dakota [Eric Leggett, interview with Madville Times via e-mail, 2014.07.18].

Haber, who as of 13:17 CDT today is still listed by the Secretary of State as a registered Republican, lives just south of the boundary between District 15 and District 13. Leggett thus won't have to seek Haber's vote in the House race in November.

Libertarian blogger Ken Santema also publicizes his opposition to Haber's nomination:

At this point it doesn't matter if Haber is Libertarian, he is tainted goods politically and would do nothing but draw a circus show attention away from other candidates that wish to run under the Libertarian banner. If he wishes to try for the nomination.. .well.. that is his choice. But those of us attending and voting do NOT have to vote for him [Ken Santema, comment, SDLP convention Facebook page, 2014.07.17].

Libertarian Kurt Evans previously indicated an interest in running for the Libertarian attorney general nomination; however, Evans tells this blog that with at least one real attorney likely to come forward to seek that position, he has settled on running for commissioner of school and public lands.

We have yet to hear Haber speak publicly about his alleged candidacy. We have yet to hear any Libertarian speak publicly in support of his candidacy.