So that's why Governor Dennis Daugaard didn't include a big workforce initiative in his budget proposal. He's going to do workforce development off budget with Sanford money:

Gov. Dennis Daugaard and T. Denny Sanford will announce a multi-million dollar partnership to address workforce development needs Wednesday in Sioux Falls.

The announcement will be held at Southeast Technical Institute but has statewide reach.

“South Dakota’s strong economy depends on a skilled workforce,” Daugaard said. “Denny Sanford is joining with the state to aggressively address this need.”

The partnership developed in recent months as First Premier CEO Dana Dykhouse and Premier Bankcard CEO Miles Beacom reached out to their founder and philanthropist Sanford to support workforce development [Jodi Schwan, "State, Sanford to Announce Millions for Workforce Development," that Sioux Falls paper, 2014.12.16].

Let's hope the Governor uses Sanford's money for something more productive than the first four years of Daugaardonomics. Let's hope that instead of throwing money away on ineffective recruiter subsidies, the Governor makes some real investments where they are needed most: creating jobs on the reservation, boosting education at all levels, and promoting higher wages for all workers.

Governor Daugaard will provide details tomorrow at 3 p.m.