Rule #1: Everyone is expendable.

A Hughes County grand jury met in Pierre Tuesday to hear evidence on fake U.S. Senate candidate Annette Bosworth's fraudulent petition circulation oaths. The testimony presented convinced the grand jury to affirm the charges on which Bosworth was arrested June 4 with a formal indictment.

Bosworth's husband Chad Haber has temporarily abandoned his wife, leaving her to fight this indictment alone while he is on what Bosworth spokesman Lee Stranahan calls a "planned vacation" to Alaska. Haber will have to phone in his advice to Bosworth as she heads to court alone on June 23.

Bosworth currently lacks professional legal help for her court case. She has apparently jettisoned her lawyer and friend Joel Arends. At a press conference yesterday (because when you're facing felony indictments, any good lawyer will tell you the best defense if lots of press conferences #sarcasm), Bosworth and Stranahan blamed Arends for advising her to falsify her circulator's oath. This accusation is a retraction of a retraction Bosworth issued in April, pre-indictment, pre-arrest, and pre-primary, when she backed away from her first inartful attempt to throw Arends under the bus.

Joel Arends has not responded to the wheel tracks on his back. A source tells me Arends appeared at the Hughes County courthouse Tuesday and was perhaps the only witness summoned who brought an attorney with him. As a lawyer with a lawyer, Arends probably double-knows that he should not and need not wage war with Bosworth on her terms in the media spotlight.

But Arends has friends who will pick him—and simple truth—over Bosworth any day. Bosworth's longest-lasting campaign consultant, Patrick Davis, has taken to the blogosphere and the press to refute Bosworth's predictable and absurd allegations. Bosworth and Stranahan are suggesting that Arends's connection to the Rushmore PAC, which supports Attorney General Marty Jackley and Bosworth's successful primary opponent Mike Rounds, demonstrate that he was serving those other parties' interests by somehow sabotaging her campaign. Bosworth also claims she didn't know about Arends's Rushmore PAC connection until fellow GOP candidate Rep. Stace Nelson told her about it.

False and false, says Davis:

"Because of Joel Arends' advice, Dr. Bosworth was indicted," said Lee Stranahan, Bosworth's current spokesman.

Arends did not immediately return a call seeking comment. But Patrick Davis, Bosworth's former campaign manager, said she was wrong about Arends' role.

"Anybody who knows Dr. Bosworth for even five minutes would know she takes advice from no one," said Davis. "She did not get advice from anyone about signing those petitions."

...At the very first meeting of the campaign, Davis said, Arends disclosed to him and Bosworth his connection to the Rushmore PAC.

"He said, 'Because of that, I can't be involved in a day to day basis with the campaign,'" Davis said. "She knew, before day one of the campaign, that he was involved" [David Montgomery, "Bosworth Blames Attorney Arends for Illegal Signatures," Political Smokeout, 2014.06.18].

Bosworth staged a little emotional drama at yesterday's press conference, saying the whole thing is "painful" and walking out. But it's not painful, not after years of practice. As her former Democratic consultant Steve Hildebrand notes, turning on friend and attorney Joel Arends is standard procedure for Bosworth and Haber. Bosworth and Haber use people. They exploit talent, vulnerability, and loyalty. They break their promises, don't write paychecks, and when it's useful to them, they accuse and malign those who trusted them.

In his Monday podcast, Stranahan ignores Bosworth and Haber's sociopathic exploitation and declares Annette and Chad to be his brother and sister in Christ, "real thinking Christians... really interesting, good people." Either Stranahan has been completely hoodwinked, or he is a hoodwinker on a par with Bosworth and Haber. Stranahan says in the Monday podcast that before his foray into South Dakota politics, his family was broke and three months behind on rent. He says his work for Bosworth (paid $5,000 in May) and Jason Ravnsborg ($4,000 paid late April and early May) has almost restored his family's finances. Stoking the Bosworth story further seems quite profitable, because Lee, like Annette, knows his audience. Why not stick around in South Dakota and angle for a few thousand more from a woman who has so exploited and alienated those closest to her that she has almost no one left to turn to in her hour of direst need?

But remember, Lee: in the family you've entered, everyone is expendable. Get your money up front, and hit Eject before Chad and Annette do. Because no matter how nicely you play with them, no matter how loyally you work for them, when the heat is high enough, when a prosecutor and a judge finally look Annette and Chad in the eye and say, "No, really, we're talking fines and jail time," they will throw you out, just like they are doing to Joel Arends.


There goes the insanity defense....

Lawyer Joel Arends, the Sisyphus trapped on the mountain of fake U.S. Senate candidate Annette Bosworth's woes, just rolled a boulder at David Lias. The Vermillion Plain Talk editor published a punishing non-endorsement Saturday, urging South Dakota Republicans not to waste their votes on the erratic, possibly mentally ill Bosworth.

Of all the things he could have been doing this primary election afternoon, Bosworth's attorney Arends called Lias in what looks like a pretty transparent call for a retraction. Lias summarizes his conversation in an update to the editorial:

On Tuesday afternoon, June 3, the Plain Talk was contacted by Joel Arends, Annette Bosworth’s attorney. According to Arends, Bosworth has never been diagnosed with a mental illness. The Plain Talk notes that KELO-TV reported on Nov. 28, 2012, that Bosworth’s June 2012 reprimand by the South Dakota Board of Medical Examiners included an agreement “to seek treatment for a mental illness in order to continue her practice.” Tuesday’s phone conversation with Arends also touched on claims that have been made by Assistant Attorney General Bill Golden, who serves as a lawyer for the state medical board staff.

“Assistant Attorney General Bill Golden has asserted that she has been diagnosed with a mental health disease or defect,” Arends said. “He is wrong, but I am informing you today that she has not been diagnosed with a mental health disease or defect.”

Arends refused to provide any documentation that shows earlier news reports about Bosworth have been incorrect.

“Her attorney in fact is telling you that what you wrote in your article is incorrect. Documents from the hearing are protected information that she has never released,” Arends said during Tuesday’s phone call. “None of the records have been open to the public, and Dr. Bosworth won’t allow that to happen.”

The editor’s opinions and conclusions shared in this opinion piece remain unchanged [David Lias, Editor's Note to "Consider This Political Non-Endorsement," Vermillion Plain Talk, updated 2014.06.03].

Illness, disease, defect—anyone who has watched the Bosworth campaign can recognize that Bosworth is a few noodles short of a casserole.

Arends ignores the fact the the media reported Bosworth's mental illness as fact in 2012. Arends ignores the fact that the assertion of a diagnosis of mental illness comes not simply from Assistant Attorney General Bill Golden but from the South Dakota Board of Medical and Osteopathic Examiners, which cited the Kansas Professional Renewal Center's diagnosis in its May 7, 2012, petition for suspension or revocation of Bosworth's medical license. Arends ignores this exchange between Mr. Golden and Dr. Robert Ronald Perkinson, clinical director of Keystone Treatment Center, a licensed psychologist whom Bosworth enlisted to provide the treatment prescribed by the SDBMOE:

Golden: So let's talk about her Medical Board file. At the moment what do you know about it?

Perkinson: I have read the Board file, at least all of the files that have been sent to me, I read those on many occasions.

Golden: When you say file, I have no idea what was sent to you. Could you please describe them?

Perkinson: Well, I have them all here.

Golden: Okay. Do they include the PRC report, Professional Renewal Center?

Perkinson: Yes, sir.

Golden: And so you are aware of Dr. Bosworth's diagnosis?

Perkinson: Yes, sir.

Golden: And you started to treat on September 3rd with Dr. Bosworth according to Exhibit Number 15 which is currently on the screen?

Perkinson: You mean these files?

Golden: Yes. So you are familiar with them?

Perkinson: Yes, sir.

Golden: So you are aware of Dr. Bosworth's current diagnosis of a personality disorder, not otherwise specified, with narcissistic and histrionic personality traits?

Perkinson: Yes.

[hearing transcript, South Dakota Board of Medical and Osteopathic Examiners, Sioux Falls, SD, 2012.11.09]

Arends brought Perkinson as a witness. Arends was in the hearing room during Golden's cross-examination. Arends offered no objection to Perkinson's confirmation that Bosworth has a diagnosis of personality disorder with narcissistic and histrionic personality traits. Perkinson confirmed this statement in a hearing that was open to the public thanks to Bosworth's waiver of confidentiality, made explicit by Arends at the beginning of the hearing.

In short, everything Arends said to Lias was wrong. Arends is simply recycling the strategy he used after Jonathan Ellis's February exposé of Bosworth's shady finances, throwing patently false accusations to smear former employees and distract from Bosworth's sins. Lias is right not to change the opinions or conclusions stated in his editorial.


As reported here first over the weekend, Tea Party organizer Ken Crow said he was leaving the Jason Ravnsborg campaign and endorsing Stace Nelson for South Dakota's GOP Senate nomination.

Ravnsborg appears to have responded via Twitter that he actually fired Crow last week. (Whether Ravnsborg himself tweeted that tidbit is in question, as someone besides Jason appears to have posting access.)

Crow rejects that claim in a comment here this morning and in a new press release. Crow says he has e-mails that show Ravnsborg welcomed Crow's further participation in the campaign. Crow says he left because he saw a candidate who does not want to win.

And why doesn't Ravnsborg want to win? Based six weeks on the trail with the candidate, Crow concludes that Ravnsborg is running to do a favor for his friends Dan Lederman and Joel Arends:

...After several conversations late at night while driving back from Lincoln Day Dinners, he had mentioned this fellow named Lederman at several different times. It had never registered with me for I was not familiar with the inner workings of South Dakota politics.

Of course now I am being told that it was Lederman who had convinced Jason Ravnsborg to run in the first place. In retrospect, Ravnsborg had mentioned to me on several occasions that he had been talked into running by several State Legislators and Lederman’s name was in the same breath when this was said to me. To be candid I cannot recall if he explicitly stated that Lederman was the only one, but I can state categorically that Lederman was mentioned several times in these conversations along with a fellow by the name of Joel Arends and several other state officials. Again; it did not mean much to me at the time because I did not understand the gravity of what he was saying. But the fact is that he did admit that it was his old college friends that are now in the Legislature that had convinced him to run. Of course I have subsequently learned that Arends is the Attorney for Annette Bosworth [Ken Crow, press release, 2014.05.27].

Crow's mention of Joel Arends deserves attention. Arends has been Bosworth's attorney since at 2012. He's been helping her with her Senate campaign. She started campaigning in June 2013. After taking a pounding on this blog, she began to face mainstream media scrutiny in November 2013, when KDLT picked up the story about her raffle scam and forced her to spout nonsense on the evening news. Ravnsborg entered the race in mid-December 2013.

The possible Arends connection to Ravnsborg becomes all the more discussion-worthy when Crow tells us what Ravnsborg proposed doing with the Rounds-EB-5 ad that Ravnsborg felt was too strong for him to run:

Jason had sent me an email on Monday after this altercation and I am in possession of these emails. I was offered 3 different options in which one involved selling the advertisement (Mike Rounds EB-5 video) to the Dr. Annette Bosworth campaign [Crow, 2014.05.27].

Logic spins:

  1. If the ad is really bad, you don't let it see the light of day.
  2. If the ad is a lemon, only a used-car salesman would think of selling it to someone else
  3. If the ad hits a mark that you don't want to hit, you hand it to a poor marksman who can make everyone else think, "Don't use that gun; only crazy people pick up that gun."

The immediate story here is that Jason Ravnsborg's campaign staff has issued a vote of no confidence in their candidate. Ken Crow, the campaigner who spent six weeks at Ravnsborg's side, says that Ravnsborg doesn't want to win. Crow says that Stace Nelson is the serious conservative alternative to Mike Rounds.

The bigger story we need to get at is why Jason Ravnsborg doesn't want to win, and why (and when, and how much) Dan Lederman and Joel Arends encouraged Ravnsborg to nominally wage a losing battle.Ravnsborg


The week after Typhoon Haiyan hit the Philippines, Preventive Health Strategies president Chad Haber met with Veterans for a Strong America director Joel Arends to discuss fundraising and logistics for a medical mission trip to assist typhoon victims. Comments made during that discussion offer useful and unpleasant insight into the attitude of PHS president Haber toward his beneficiaries and his benefactors.

Haber said he would make some pre-trip calls to connections he had in the Philippines. Arends asked a practical language question, to which Haber offered a response that revealed a lack of knowledge, curiosity, and cultural sensitivity:

Haber: "I would reach out to people that I know that have Philippine connections and I'd say o.k., I need a community to serve, ideally one or two, I want to be on the ground for a few days—"

Arends: "Someone who speaks Tagalog, right? Isn't that, Tagalog—"

Haber: "I have no idea. Don't care."

Arends: "It's called Tagalog."

Haber: "I don't want to say Please or Thank You. I don't want to know, o.k.? They need to learn how to speak English so they can thrive in the world."

Arends: [pause] "We need someone who speaks Tagalog. We're gonna need a couple of 'em" [Chad Haber and Joel Arends, transcript of meeting, November 2013].

In the midst of a humanitarian crisis, a humanitarian doesn't wage overt linguistic imperialism. A humanitarian learns whatever he can about the local culture that will help speed the delivery of aid to those in need.

But Haber has made clear in other fundraising pitches that the big solution to disease and poverty overseas is to get everyone to speak English.

In the fundraising discussion, Arends said VSA had already secured $5 million in medicines to deliver. Additional fundraising was needed to cover costs for airfare, security, and in-country needs. Haber ballparked the per-person cost to be $10,000 but said they dared not speak that number, since South Dakota donors couldn't handle it:

Haber: "Basically to be able to have that kind of experience and go to Haiti, it's ten grand a person. So that's just a number where it's too big to talk to South Dakotans about, and so depending upon where we go, we say, well, here's what it is for plane tickets, can you help with that much?"

Haber and Arends assessed fertile ground for fundraising. Haber engaged in some sociology:

Haber: "All these farmers right now, they— most of them just had their best year ever, right?... They had amazing years. They had great yields and they had good prices."

Arends: "Yeah, that's a pretty good bet, especially, you know, the cut-off was South Dakota - Iowa, especially if these guys are in Iowa—"

Haber: "Oh, crazy."

Arends: "Weather was a hundred times better, forty minutes across, like my dad, fantastic."

Haber: "Unbelievable, you're right. And, Iowa, they— the 1950s when the revival movement came through, they all bought into money is root of evil because farmers were poor at that time. Every single one of these men has a huge guilty conscience about being rich now.... They can't stand it. They just think they're going to hell because they have money and they just want to get rid of it."

Arends: "Especially if they're in Sioux County."

Chad: "Sioux County. And so then it's a very soft outreach...."

Ah, yes, guilty Christians. Always easy marks for a quick scheme. Or so Haber seems to think.

Arends and Haber delve into more theology as they discuss one specific big-money donor who could fund the whole Philippines trip with one check. Arends says he feels uneasy making the Jesus pitch to this donor; Haber says they just have to remember the donor is as interested in saving himself as saving any Filipinos:

Arends: "I'm not going to be able to speak to his Christian soul or any of that kind of stuff. I'm... I'm in there talking numbers. I'm not a evangelical— I'm a heathen Catholic...."

Haber: "You've gotta toe the middle ground there. God's calling Annette to go...."

Arends: " I just can't talk the evangelical piece if that's what folks are, you know— I'm a technician, man."

Haber: "He [the donor] is too, o.k.? He's trying to— he really wants God to save him. He's a numbers guy, too, that's trying to figure out how to get into heaven. Grace is freely given is a foreign concept to him and he's fighting it every step of the way.

Arends: "Right."

Haber: "And he doesn't really want to go to these places, but he likes to cut checks and think that he's doing his part."

Arends: "Well, he would be."

Haber's comments indicate that under his leadership, Preventive Health Strategies lacks cultural sensitivity toward the people it claims to serve. Haber's analysis of potential donors indicates an unhealthy view of religion as a tool to exploit to raise money.

Arends and Haber carried out this medical mission trip in January. Accompanying them was Haber's wife, U.S. Senate candidate Annette Bosworth.

Joel Arends, screen cap, KELO TV, 2014.04.07

Voters deserve perfection in elections, says Joel Arends.

The failed challenge to the Spellerberg pool vote in Sioux Falls offers some useful statements about the sanctity of the electoral process. Evidently everybody missed the fact that the municipal ballot measure had a typo, listing the pool build deadline as December 15 instead of December 31, 2015. Citizens represented by attorney Joel Arends went to court yesterday asking the city to either stop today's election or rush-print new ballots with the correct date. Judge Susan Sabers said the typo is an immaterial error in ballot text not required by law. The incorrect ballots remain in effect, and the public vote goes on.

Arends says the court got it wrong and has weakened the integrity of the election process statewide:

Arends says the government has to be held to a higher standard, especially when an election is on the line.

“We are opening a Pandora's Box in this state. What we're saying is, excusable neglect will be allowed to serve as an excuse for changing the dates on petitions and ballots,” said Arends [Jeff Rusack, "Pool Group Ballot Challenge Denied by Court," KDLT, 2014.04.07].

But reprinting ballots and/or rescheduling an election costs money, doesn't it? Did Arends and his clients really want to cost the city $60,000 to reschedule the election?

"The inconvenience to the city pales in comparison to the inconvenience of the integrity of our elections," Arends said [Ben Dunsmoor, "Judge Denies Outdoor Pool Legal Action," KELO TV, 2014.04.07].

Arends says that, even in failure, his group's challenge represents a valuable part of democracy:

Attorney Joel Arends, who represented Save Spellerberg, says Monday's proceeding is the perfect example of the right people have to challenge any wrong-doings they may notice.

...He also points out that the voters deserve perfection when it comes to elections, even when dealing with a typographical error.

"I think the City of Sioux Falls is on notice now that people aren't just going to take these things lying down. They're going to take to the courts, they're going to take to the media and say 'Look folks, we expect more,'" Arends said [Jared Ransom, "Spellerberg Court Ruling Favors City of Sioux Falls," KELO TV, 2014.04.07].

Arends is absolutely right. Voters deserve perfection when it comes to all aspects of the electoral process, from signing petitions to watchdogging the use of campaign funds to counting every vote. Citizens who challenge errors and violations on petitions and ballots are true patriots, fighting for the integrity of the law and democracy.


Responding to news that Secretary of State Jason Gant has asked Attorney General Marty Jackley to review fake Republican Senate candidate Annette Bosworth's nominating petition, Bosworth attorney and official petition challenge spokesman Joel Arends says the Bosworth campaign really isn't worth our attention:

Patrick Davis, Bosworth's campaign manager, said Arends would be Bosworth's official spokesman on the petition challenge.

Arends also noted Bosworth is among candidates chasing the presumed favorite in the Republican Senate primary, former Gov. Mike Rounds.

"Why focus so much time on her?" he asked [Peter Harriman, "Gant: Bosworth Has Enough Signatures to Be in GOP Senate Primary," that Sioux Falls paper, 2014.04.05].

Please understand if I demur, just slightly, from Arends's rhetorical point. As the Bosworth campaign death-spirals into personal vindictiveness, this money-making scam deserves just a few more news stories, like the other crime-of-the-week stories that make the lead on KELO.

But Arends is basically right. Come June, if Bosworth's name remains on the ballot, 95% of Republican voters will validate his assessment and vote for someone else.


Annette Bosworth is again mingling her non-profit activities and her political campaign. While packing for her medical mission trip to the Philippines, the Republican U.S. Senate candidate apparently bought another phone that she never answers to set up a text update system. Over the last three days, Bosworth plastered her official campaign Facebook page with updates urging followers to text that number to receive updates on her political, medical, and religious activities:

6053014669-boz 6053014669-team 6053014669-mission 6053014669-daily

The first two are obviously political. Texting "BOZ" to 605-301-4669 elicits a response with Bosworth's official campaign URL,, and a reminder that one can unsubscribe by texting "STOP BOZ" (funny, I've blogging that very thing since June). Texting "TEAM" gets a message welcoming one to the "Bosworth Team" and offering a URL where one can tie a name and e-mail address to one's phone number.

The latter two are not in themselves political, but texting "MISSION" or "DAILY" draws the same response as "TEAM". I have not received further updates or instructions telling me just what it means to be part of the Bosworth Team, but since these update offers are on her political page, these are all political activities, right?

Using a cell phone to gather contact information for campaign pitches is fine. But using the same number to conduct political, religious, and non-profit charity activity is problematic, if not illegal. If Bosworth purchased this phone number and set up this automated text update service with campaign funds, then either she is wasting campaign dollars on non-campaign activities, or her daily prayer videos and her trip to the Philippines are political activities (in which case Joel Arends is once again using his non-partisan action group for partisan ends). If Bosworth purchased this phone with non-campaign funds, she needs to declare that expenditure as a contribution to her campaign. And if she used funds from her non-profit Preventive Health Strategies, she is once again endangering her own 501(c)(3) status.

Bosworth is so bad at keeping her business, non-profit, and political activities separate that I wouldn't be surprised if she slaps "Vote Bosworth" stickers on the boxes of medicine she's distributing in the Philippines. Metaphorically, she's doing exactly that for the consumption of her American viewers.

You'd think that, with Joel Arends as her attorney, Bosworth would know better. But apparently Arends is teaching her the key lesson in South Dakota Republican politics: you can do whatever you want, as long as it serves the interests of the Republican Party machine.

Bonus Baloney: Team Bosworth spent the holidays launching an astroturf Facebook page, "McCook County for Dr. Bosworth-U.S. Senate." I guess they must think they are a super PAC, since they don't tell us who they really are. I wonder if they'll file a separate campaign finance report....


Veterans for a Strong America, a Swift-Boaty organization created by Republican South Dakota lawyer Joel Arends to put a patriotic gloss on arch-conservative bushwah, appears to be doing something nice. My inbox lit up this afternoon with a press release from VSA announcing a medical mission to the Philippines, leaving Sunday and returning on January 14.

Here's the full release:

Vets Deploy to Philippines to Aid Typhoon Victims
Vets Group will Administer Over a Million Dollars in Needed Medicine
SIOUX FALLS, SD January 2, 2014 – The Veterans for a Strong America Foundation has announced it will be sending medical professionals that are combat veterans from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan to provide medical services and aid relief efforts in the Philippines.

From January 5 through January 15 six veterans from five states will converge on the Philippines to provide medical and logistical support to existing relief agencies. In addition to the six veterans, five other personnel will also provide medical, logistical and relief support.

Veterans for a Strong America Foundation chairman Joel Arends will lead the group to the Tacloban area of the Philippines, one of the hardest hit areas by Typhoon Haiyang. “Veterans are looking to further their service out of uniform and the group that we’ve recruited is perfectly suited to bolster the relief effort – they know how to handle adversity in austere conditions and will adapt very quickly and hit the ground running. Our team is filled with a mix of military and civilian medical professionals that all have significant experience they can bring to bear in a part of the world that needs our help right now.”

In addition to bringing skilled medical professionals to the Philippines, the group will also bring along $1.5 million in much-needed antibiotics and other vital medicine that has been unable to make it way to the hardest hit areas of the islands. “Thanks to the great efforts of our partners and team members, they were able to procure over a million dollars in medicine that we will bring with us and administer while on the ground,” said VSA Foundation chairman Joel Arends.

The Foundation also has a secondary mission – to provide veterans with meaningful international experiences that build relationships with other countries. “The Philippines and the United States have a long history of working together and our military team members know that history reaches back to the special bond formed between the two countries during WWII. Trips like these help us build and strengthen international relationships between our countries and veterans are some of the best trained diplomats our nation has to offer” [Veterans for a Strong America, press release, 2014.01.02].

Just as interesting is the note at the bottom. The e-mail came from VSA, and they tell me to direct media inquiries to VSA's e-mail, but the footer reads thus:

Copyright © 2014 Dr. Annette Bosworth for Senate, All rights reserved.
You are receiving this email because you are a member of the media.
Our mailing address is:
Dr. Annette Bosworth for Senate
2601 S. Minnesota Ave.
Suite 105-129
Sioux Falls, SD 57105

So the VSA press release is copyrighted by the Bosworth Senate campaign. I don't usually see press releases copyrighted; that makes me wonder if they slapped "For Immediate Release" at the top just to trick me into reprinting copyrighted material so Annette and husband Chad Haber could finally tell their lawyer Joel to sue the Madville Times.

But let's not be conspiratorial. The release doesn't say Annette is one of the civilian medical professionals joining this mission, but her recent Twitterage about booking tickets to the Philippines and asking God for money, as well as some underground chatter I've heard about Team Bosworth-Haber organizing something they hope to brand as "Delta Force Medics," suggests this Annette's latest flight of fancy.

This trip could be the smartest thing Annette does all year. She'll get away from Facebook and conservative pandering. She'll get away from Starbucks and the daily personal revivals at Hy-Vee. If she's really lucky, she'll get away from Chad. She'll get back to what she's really good at: caring for patients. Dealing with medical crises. Doing the good she's best equipped to do. Maybe she'll get four days in to helping people in need and remember why she got her medical degree.

And on the plane ride back across the big blue ocean, she'll tell Joel to draft her termination of candidacy to send to the FEC. She'll get home, hug her boys, restore her clinic's normal operating hours... and tell Chad to get a real job. That might have made #11 on my 2014 wish list.

Do good work, Joel and Annette. Serve others with pure hearts.


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