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Kristi Noem “Awfully Establishment” for Right-Wing Radio

Last updated on 2011.08.01

The Tea Party House GOP-wienie roast burns on....

I do not listen to the Mark Levin Show, but some of my readers do. One eager reader forwarded a clip that deserves its own little slideshow. Just under thirty minutes into his Thursday, July 28 program, Levin rants about the "wicked" Harry Reid and the "Marxist" President Obama. Then he turns his scorn on South Dakota Congresswoman Kristi Noem:

Levin can't get her name right (another familiar if childish tactic for mocking one's opponent). If he could, he'd probably call her Kris, since he sure doesn't see any Tea. Levin calls the Congresswoman from South Dakota a "leadership hack" and says she "seems awfully establishment to me."

Hmm... where have I heard that before?

Wingnuts! Quit agreeing with me! It makes me nervous.

Update 2011.07.30 08:33 CDT: Rep. Noem voted for Speaker Boehner's debt plan Friday.

Update 2011.08.01 09:54 CDT: Yet Greta Van Susteren, whose window Rep. Noem dresses with surprising frequency, still refers to Noem as a "Tea Party favorite." Is corporate television more interested in image than reality?


  1. mike 2011.07.29

    Democrat or Republican we should all be willing to call our elected officials out when they are being purely political oppurtunists. Noem is not impressing me these days she is obviously very focused on what leadership wants and not what is best for the country or her state.

    Statement from Tim Scott (Other Freshman Liason):
    "In order for me to support Speaker Boehner's bill, I need to have assurances that we will mandate spending limits with a Balanced Budget Amendment."

    So Noem caved yesterday just because she was told to... and happily tweeted it out... At least Scott and Alan West are standing with their priniples and forcing Boehner to move towards what they want in the bill. Noem is frustrating to watch.

    Very entertaining video Cory.

  2. troy jones 2011.07.30

    She votes with the most extreme- Cory criticizes. She votes against the most extreme within the GOP- Cory criticizes.

    A Dem votes with the most extreme of the Dem. party, she is principled or smart. A Dem. votes with the middle, she is reasonable and prudent.

    Double standard?

    [CAH: Oh, Troy, I'm not criticizing Rep. Noem for voting against the extremists; I'm pointing out the criticism she's receiving from those extremists, here via Mr. Levin, and looking forward to how she'll explain herself to her base. Of course, from my perspective, the difference between voting in ways that would make the Tea Party happy and voting with Speaker Boehner are usually like asking me whether I'd like my liver with or without sauerkraut; either way, I'm not enjoying the meal.]

  3. Roger Elgersma 2011.07.30

    I am a moderate dem so I like a balanced budget. Boehner's bill absolutely will not balance the budget. Kristi went to Washington to balance the budget and instead followed the old crew. So much for leading the freshmen class. I usually think the tea partiers are extreeme only because they seem to forget everything else. This time they were correct by voting down Boehner.

  4. Bill Fleming 2011.07.30

    Roger, even a stopped clock is right twice a day. LOL.

  5. Bill Fleming 2011.07.30

    Troy, I am becoming more and more convinced that Kristi is not a Tea Party person. I wonder what she really thinks of her fellow fresshman "classmates."? My hunch is that there are times when she would much prefer caucusing with the Democrats.

  6. Bill Fleming 2011.07.30

    p.s. I bet she's no big fan of Allen West, for example. Or Joe Walsh.

    My secret wish for Kristi is that she books a little quality together time with Nancy Pelosi, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Maxine Waters, and (when she's ready) Gabby Giffords.

  7. Douglas Wiken 2011.07.30

    "with Speaker Boehner are usually like asking me whether I'd like my liver with or without sauerkraut; either way, I'm not enjoying the meal.]"

    Especially unenjoyable if it is your own liver.

    The Republican wingnuts want to eviscerate government. The electric power in Winner, SD was off for between half hour and hour this afternoon depending on which side of Winner. That is a taste of what public services will be like with the indiscriminate slashing and burning of the GOP...only in the interests of the very rich.

    Get your rotten meat compliments of the TEA party regressives. Watch your grandmother cook without social security to pay the air conditioning bill.

    Watch tens of thousands of jobs disappear.

    Sooner or later even the very rich will start to feel the pain consequent to support of the TEA party lunacy.

  8. troy jones 2011.07.31

    I want the government to do what it does well and avoid what it does poorly. Since the government does so many things horrendously, evisceration is appropriate.

    Regarding your Winner example, is Winner a muni power company? If it is, you prove my point. If it is either REA or private power, please explain the relevance?

  9. Bill Fleming 2011.07.31

    Troy, exactly. And people who don't believe in, nor understand government should not be elected to govern. When that happens you get a country run by oxymorons.

  10. mike 2011.08.01


    Imagine what Noem thinks of Rep. Michele Bachmann!

  11. Bill Fleming 2011.08.01

    Mike, now THAT would be a Kristi story worth listening to, huh? Maybe when she writes her memoirs...

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