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Daugaard Declares Buffalo Chip Campground Day

Fresh from his sunny motorcycle ride in the Black Hills, Governor Dennis Daugaard has declared today "Buffalo Chip Campground Day" in South Dakota. In his proclamation, Governor Daugaard celebrates the Sturgis motorcycle rally concert site for many features:

  • the Buffalo Chip's giant flag;
  • owner Rod Woodruff's support for veterans' organizations and other charities
  • first class entertainment (hang on: can you use "first class" and "Buffalo Chip" in the same sentences?);
  • unequaled hospitality;
  • managing to stay in business for thirty years;
  • "the uniqueness of the Buffalo Chip experience."

The Chip does have a noteworthy history. But uniqueness of the Buffalo Chip experience—communications chief Tony Venhuizen must have chosen that phrase to cover all the famed features of the Buffalo Chip that the governor couldn't bring himself to mention in an official proclamation:

  • Miss Buffalo Chip: these wholesome ladies are pouting because the governor didn't mention them;
  • painted nipples;
  • objectification of women;
  • sexual behavior that ought to have Leslee Unruh and Bob Ellis picketing;
  • minarchy (remember, the Chip got started because the city fathers in Sturgis were cracking down on partying);
  • booze, booze, and more booze.

Speaking of alcohol, the governor also left out Rod Woodruff's use of ethanol.

So happy Buffalo Chip Day, South Dakota! In celebration, I'll be riding down Madison's Main Street with my shirt off. I hope you all will join me.


  1. larry kurtz 2011.08.11

    Don't be such a nannystater, Cory: Rapid City Regional Hospital emergency department is doing its usual rally windfall while Southern Dakota's $30,000,000 inverse burning man swarms with sales tax cops extracting pounds of flesh from vendors.

    Eyes Wide Shut.

  2. troy jones 2011.08.11

    Cory, as you still have your little boy figure vs. chunky me, i will not be joining you.

    Discretion and modesty are my best traits always on display here. :)

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