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Chinese Communists Ban Incandescent Light Bulbs

Michele Bachmann was right! The effort to phase out incandescent light bulbs really is a Communist plot... Chinese Communist!

China announced Friday it will phase out incandescent light bulbs within five years in an attempt to make the world's most polluting nation more energy efficient.

China will ban imports and sales of 100-watt and higher incandescent bulbs from Oct. 1, 2012, the country's main planning agency said.

...The planning agency said China will save 48 billion kilowatt hours of power per year and reduce emissions of carbon dioxide by 48 million tons annually once the bulbs are phased out ["China to Phase out Energy-Inefficient Light Bulbs," AP via Google, 2011.11.04].

Bachmann, Noem, and other wild-eyed Republicans failed to stop America's fluourescently lit march toward Marxism last July.

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