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Rep. Stace Nelson Shells SDPB over Schoenbeck Blasts

Last updated on 2012.09.17

A couple days ago when I responded with disgust to the Legislature's announcement that it wants to cut funding for South Dakota Public Broadcasting, Rep. Stace Nelson tweeted back that SDPB was using our tax dollars dishonestly.

Whoa! What evil did SDPB wreak now?

The new bee in the big man from Fulton's bonnet is the February 21 broadcast of Statehouse Live, in which Lee Schoenbeck, representing the Republican Party, let Stace have it. After 18:00 on the video, Schoenbeck said that Rep. Nelson is a one-trick pony the leadership would do better to ignore unless and until Nelson learns to "be a part of the process." Paraphrasing Monsignor Francis Sampson, Schoenbeck said that if Rep. Nelson has faced grief, "sometimes the S.O.B. has it coming." (Do savor Stephanie Rissler's nervous giggle as she makes a mental note to include a five-second delay on the next broadcast.)

First, a quick distraction: where's Tony Post? Aren't South Dakota Republicans paying him a lot of money to be their executive director and represent them the way SD Dems exec Ben Nesselhuf does on such programs? Of course, given Tony's far from spectacular TV presence, I'd pick Lee over Tony as spokesman every time. But if the Republican party wants to call Stace Nelson and SOB, why not send their exec to do that?

But enough of Tony. Let's yield the floor to Rep. Nelson, who sends the following missive on his beef with SDPB and Mr. Schoenbeck:

Recently Tim Rave & Tony Post of the SD Republican Party had Lee. Schoenbeck answer some questions posed of the party during a Feb 21st SDPB show. Even though Mr. Schoenbeck is apparently not even a Vice Chair of a SD GOP county party they invited him to represent the whole SD GOP Party and allowed him to make some pretty despicable comments about me, even though Mr. Schoenbeck has NO first hand knowledge of anything that transpired in Pierre this last year.

SDPB refused to allow me any opportunity to provide the truth, and they refused to provide any clarification that Mr. Schoenbeck in fact DOES not represent the SD Republican party.

Taking Mr. Schoenbeck's criticism of my ineffectiveness on behalf of my constituents to heart, I decided to see what his standard was. I did a little research of Mr. Schoenbeck's first years in the Senate and offer this factual comparison:

Mr. Schoenbeck first year in SD Senate 1995:

  • 1 Senate Bill Primed: SB 167 -Tabled in Senate Committee
  • 1 Senate (only) Resolution Passed by Senate
  • 1 Senate Commemoration

(In fairness, primary sponsorship is not indicated on any House Bills. Number & any success therein is unknown.)

Stace Nelson first year in the House 2011:
10 House Bills Primed:

  • HB 1082 41st day in House Ag Committee
  • HB 1083 Passed Committee, Died on full vote of the House 29-40
  • HB 1084 41st Day in House Judiciary Committee
  • HB 1085 Passed into Law
  • HB 1086 41st Day House State Affairs Committee
  • HB 1162 Passed into Law
  • HB 1163 Passed Committee, Died on the full vote of the House 27-40
  • HB 1164 41st Day House Ag Committee
  • HB 1178 Passed Committee, Died on the full vote of the House 21-48 (Governor enacted in Oct11 by executive order)
  • HB 1183 41st Day House Judiciary Committee

1 House Bill entered AFTER cut off time through personally entering it via committee & priming in both House & Senate:

  • HB 1256 Passed into Law

2 Senate Bills Primed in House:

  • SB 54 42st Day Senate Judiciary
  • SB 139 Passed into Law

1 House Concurrent Resolution (passed both Senate & House)
15 House Commemorations

Mr. Schoenbeck second year in SD Senate 1996:
8 Senate Bills Primed:

  • SB 99 -passed Senate Died in House
  • SB 100 Passed into Law
  • SB 129 36st Day in House Committee
  • SB 166 Passed into Law
  • SB 167 Tabled in Senate Committee
  • SB 168 Tabled in Senate Committee
  • SB 246 Passed into Law
  • SB 247 Tabled in Senate Committee

(In fairness, primary sponsorship is not indicated on any House Bills. Number & any success therein is unknown.)

Stace Nelson second year in the House 2011:
8 House Bills Primed:

  • HB 1139 41st Day in House Committee
  • HB 1140 41st Day in House Committee
  • HB 1141 41st Day in House Committee
  • HB 1142 41st Day in House Committee
  • HB 1143 Died on the House floor 27-43
  • HB 1230 Passed both House & Senate Awaiting signing by Gov.
  • HB 1238 Tabled in House Committee
  • HB 1249 41st Day in House Committee

1 House Concurrent Resolution (passed both Senate & House)
19 House Commemorations

As most SD political junkies know, a senator's vote carries double over a representative. Even with that:
Schoenbeck first term:

  • 9 bills primed
  • 3 bills into law
  • 6 bills out of committee
  • 1 Senate (only) Resolution
  • 1 Commemoration

Nelson's first term:

  • 19 bills primed
  • 5 bills into law*
  • 11 bills out of committee
  • 2 House with Senate Concurrance Resolutions Passed
  • 34 Commemorations
  • 1 Senate bill primed in House passed into law

*Governor expected to sign 2012's HB 1230

If I was so ineffective, as claimed by Mr. Schoenbeck, what does that say about his first term? The facts are a pesky little thing. Too bad SDPB was not willing to actually do some investigative reporting on the contrived scandals about me this year, they would have found those facts to be different [Rep. Stace Nelson (R-25/Fulton), e-mail, 2012.02.28].

Stace, I don't think Lee's comments are worth defunding SDPB. And I'm not sure picking on Lee is the wisest idea.

But I do agree that when someone calls you an SOB on the public airwaves, you are entitled to respond.


  1. larry kurtz 2012.03.01

    just enough of a tempest in a teaspoon to introduce the spring fund drive: give generously now...and kick mike verchio in the balls when you see him.

  2. Bill Fleming 2012.03.01

    Lee is a cool customer. Stace should take copious notes. Especially during the part where he points out that Stace is basically acting like a Democrat. Yikes! LOL.

  3. Bob Newland 2012.03.01

    Stace Nelson gets on my nerves with his stance against womens' rights to control their own bodies and with his constant "Semper Fis," but I have greatly enjoyed his attacks on the statist "leadership" of the legislature. And I have observed that Lee Schoenbeck has never seen a right he didn't want to violate.

  4. Steve Sibson 2012.03.01

    "Stace is basically acting like a Democrat."

    What you socialists and fascists don't understand is that one can be against both.

  5. larry kurtz 2012.03.01

    House fighting over straw bales:‏ @rcjMontgomery:
    House trying to overturn @SDGovDaugaard's veto of HB 1116.

    Oh, the irony....

  6. Stace Nelson 2012.03.01

    Mr. "H,"
    I agree, while I was very disappointed with Ms. Rissler & SDPB, I could not bring myself to join in on the move to defund SDPB via the budget amendment yesterday.

    The real issue is Rave & Post, SD Republican paid Party officials, recruiting someone to attack a sitting Republican legislator. They were given plenty time to explain their actions and take appropriate actions to make the matter right. I am still waiting for a return call from Mr. Post. As a County Vice Chair, I assure you that I will be making sure other rubber meets the road party officials are made aware of their inappropriate actions.

    I do not consider my factual examination of Mr. Schoenbeck's and my first terms, in response to his disparaging comments about me, as "picking on" him.

    Ironically, I received some unsolicited community support today that I will forard to Mr. "H" which also undermines his assertions.

  7. Bill Fleming 2012.03.01

    Stace, do you really mean "ironically" or do you actually mean "coincidentally." (One of my pet peeves. The two words are not synonymous.) You and Sibby will enjoy this from brother Carlin.

    Well you probably will, Stace.

    Sibby will almost certainly find the devil in it somewhere:

  8. larry kurtz 2012.03.01

    the devil was out in the audience peeing her pants with laughter pregnant with my love child....

  9. Michael Black 2012.03.01

    Introducing the most bills does not make one the best legislator.

  10. Stace Nelson 2012.03.01

    Bill, No, I meant it. Listen to the rant by Mr. Schoenbeck at my expense, and the assertions that I will have no influence.

  11. Bill Fleming 2012.03.01

    I didn't think Lee's was a rant, Stace (not like the ones you and I do anyway ;^)

    I thought it was sorta like sage advice from a senior party member suggesting some behavior modification on your part given the fact that you are all in the majority party and that blowups like the ones you guys have been having are an unnecessary distraction from doing the people's business.

    I also think I heard a hint in there that if you and Lee were in the minority party you might both adopt a entirely different style of deportment and act more like cranky those old jerks Fleming and Wiken.

    But of course, you guys are the Repubs, so what the heck do I know?

    I am a little jealous that you've stopped browbeating and insulting me so much and instead have started in on Troy and Lee instead.

    I was just starting to kinda like it.

    But I do understand that you probably have bigger fish to fry.

    So carry on, officer. LOL.

  12. Bill Fleming 2012.03.01

    "...and act more like those cranky old jerks Fleming and Wiken."

    (Lysdexia is acting up today)

  13. Douglas Wiken 2012.03.01

    For awhile I was wondering what "lysdexia" was.
    Thank dog I finally got it.

  14. Troy Jones 2012.03.02

    Did I read Republican County Vice Chair and Republican State Representative Stace Nelson is upset a non-county leader criticized a sitting Republican legislator? What has Nelson been doing for the past year if not criticizing at least a half dozen sitting Republican legislators.

  15. Stace Nelson 2012.03.02

    Mr Jones,
    They key difference is facts. My complaints have all been factually based. You & Mr. Schoenbeck's personal attacks and tirades have been bereft of such.

    Sorry, there I go again.. Not going with the establishment process. Quick, someone make up a lie about me like I threatened Nick Moser.

  16. caheidelberger Post author | 2012.03.03

    Troy, there is a slight difference between criticizing a legislator and calling him an s.o.b. on public TV, isn't there?

  17. George Stainbrook 2012.03.19

    Some of you people are really despicable.

    FAIL Eight States Get F for Corruption

    Eight states got a failing F grade for corruption—and not a single state got an A—according to a comprehensive study released Monday by the Center for Public Integrity, Global Integrity, and Public Radio International. The governments are rated according to transparency, accountability, and anti-corruption efforts. Michigan, North Dakota, South Carolina, Maine, Virginia, Wyoming, South Dakota, and Georgia each came in with failing grades in the State Integrity Investigation. New Jersey topped the ratings, and four other states got a B: Connecticut, Washington, California, and Nebraska.

    Thanks RHINO's!

  18. George Stainbrook 2012.03.19

    Did I read Republican County Vice Chair and Republican State Representative Stace Nelson is upset a non-county leader criticized a sitting Republican legislator? What has Nelson been doing for the past year if not criticizing at least a half dozen sitting Republican legislators.

    I think you got that wrong Troy. They sure as hell don't vote like Republicans do they. The people are on to your BS in Pierre and NO WE DO NOT LIKE IT! I suggest you look for a new job!

  19. George Stainbrook 2012.03.19

    Thanks to our corrupt representatives in Pierre who lie, cheat and steal behind our backs South Dakota is once again at the bottom of the barrel.

    Way to go boys! I can't wait till you pieces of crap are gone and no, I am not talking about Nelson. It's you pompous assed blowhard liars that need a new job! Get the hell out of our state and move to Illinois or Wisconsin where you belong! We don't want your Communist bullshit here!

    Sorry, scumbags. Just wanted to let you know how I really feel!

  20. George Stainbrook 2012.03.19

    And I must also add that your use of PBS just shows what liberals you really are.

  21. George Stainbrook 2012.03.19

    Oh, and ah, Kurtz. Not much of a website is it? I mean, look at all those comments! Not.

  22. Bill Fleming 2012.03.19

    Geeze, who put the nickel in George this morning? (He must not get it that a "liberal" journalist was the one who gave the state the F grade he seems to be agreeing with. Let's not tell him, okay, Cory?) LOL.

  23. larry kurtz 2012.03.19

    Sons of "Liberty?" Poor damned guy. IP address says Highmore.

  24. larry kurtz 2012.03.19

    Domain Name ? (Network)
    IP Address 66.231.19.# (Sulley Buttes Communications)
    ISP SDN Communications
    Continent : North America
    Country : United States (Facts)
    State : South Dakota
    City : Highmore
    Lat/Long : 44.5452, -99.4877 (Map)

  25. Bill Fleming 2012.03.19

    Are you sure that's not Nemec, Larry?

    Or maybe Woster, home for the weekend?


  26. George Stainbrook 2012.03.19

    It's Alexandria and I'm not your brother and up yours Kurtz, you poor damn liberal.

  27. LK 2012.03.19


    You gotta look at the bright side. At least, he's driving traffic to your site. Mine doesn't even rate a mention

  28. Bill Fleming 2012.03.19

    It's a mystery wrapped up in an enigma, eye pea.

  29. George Stainbrook 2012.03.19

    What a couple of morons. Bye bye libbies. Won't it just suck when daddy Obomommy is gone?

  30. Bill Fleming 2012.03.19

    Aw come on, George... you sure ain't my sister are ya?

    (Told ya Kurtz. You s'poze George is a flamer?)

  31. George Stainbrook 2012.03.19

    That's what I heard. You lack any attention. I wonder why.

  32. George Stainbrook 2012.03.19

    I bet I can find out where you live too Flamming.

  33. Bill Fleming 2012.03.19

    George, it's okay to come out of the closet here, buddy. That "up yours" stuff is kind of a dead giveaway, you know? LOL.

  34. Bill Fleming 2012.03.19

    Everybody knows where I live, George.

  35. George Stainbrook 2012.03.19

    Typical liberals. No balls but everybody else is gay. I think you know where you can shove it.

  36. larry kurtz 2012.03.19

    Which one of the War Toilet sock puppets are you, George?

  37. George Stainbrook 2012.03.19

    Do you really think you are the first losers to call me gay or Hitler? Get a grip drips. Just another couple of losers.

  38. George Stainbrook 2012.03.19

    I don't see your Dear Leader ending the wars Kurtz. Be me I'd be outta those shit holes as fast as I could get it done.

  39. George Stainbrook 2012.03.19

    I'm nobodies puppet. I can stand on my own two feet unlike you liberals who need someone to hold your hand.

  40. Bill Fleming 2012.03.19

    Yup. Closet Dem all right. He's a keeper Kurtz. Sign him up.

  41. larry kurtz 2012.03.19

    Flashes of genius can be a symptom of bipolar disorder, George: are you getting enough ketchup?

  42. George Stainbrook 2012.03.19

    Brotherhood for Dumbocracy?

    That's right. That was my mistake using Democracy instead of Republic. Same mistake this regime made. Difference is, I learned from my mistake.

  43. Bill Fleming 2012.03.19

    We'll start him in the mail room until he learns the ropes a little. Right now hes about three french fries shy of a happy meal, but he's got good potential.

  44. larry kurtz 2012.03.19

    But why now and why this thread, George? Got that explosive vest wired yet?

  45. George Stainbrook 2012.03.19

    larry kurtz
    2012.03.19 at 09:35

    Flashes of genius can be a symptom of bipolar disorder, George: are you getting enough ketchup?
    Do you have any intelligence at all? No wonder your site is a joke. I'm done wasting my time here. You two can build your self esteem by bashing me when I'm gone. That's all you have.

  46. Bill Fleming 2012.03.19

    Take good care, George. Come back any time, comrade.

  47. Bill Fleming 2012.03.19

    (so weird...)

  48. George Stainbrook 2012.03.19

    So typical.

  49. Bill Fleming 2012.03.19

    Oh, man, George. I thought you left, big fella? No problem, nice having you around. Kinda gives Sibby a little break from always having to play the village idiot. LOL.

    Are you gonna beat up on the GOP guys some more, or are you just gonna try to pretend your not a liberal now.

    I know, it gets confusing sometimes... what to do... what to do...

  50. larry kurtz 2012.03.19

    Thank you, George: traffic at ip just surpassed all of yesterday's.

  51. caheidelberger Post author | 2012.03.19

    George, I'm really confused by your vitriol. Did you come to express support for Stace Nelson, as I do in this post? Did you come to criticize the GOP-run state government that earned the failing score on the Center for Public Integrity survey, which I discussed on another post? Or did you have some other issue you wanted to discuss?

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