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Noem to Vote to Increase Deficit Tomorrow

Thump. Thump. Thump. Rep. Kristi Noem continues to thunk her noggin against the wall of good sense. She will vote for the 37th time to repeal the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.

The vote will have no impact on anyone's well-being except for that of current House freshmen who haven't had a chance to shout "Aye!" for repeal.

But if Noem's vote did have a chance of overturning policy, it would be a vote to increase the national deficit:

Congressional budget analysts said Wednesday that repealing ObamaCare would increase the deficit by scrapping the law's taxes, fees and spending cuts.

The notice from the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) came ahead of Thursday's House vote on full repeal of the Affordable Care Act.

The CBO refused to provide a new cost estimate for repeal, saying there is too little time before the vote. But Director Doug Elmendorf pointed to an estimate from July 2012 that abolishing healthcare reform would raise the deficit by $109 billion over 10 years.

"Although [we] have not updated that estimate to reflect the most recent baseline projections, we anticipate a similar result were we to do so," Elmendorf wrote in a letter to House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) [Elise Viebeck, "CBO: Repealing Obama Health Care Law Will Increase Budget Deficit," The Hill: Floor Action Blog, 2013.05.15].

By the way, a big slowdown in the growth of health care costs is cutting the cost of the PPACA and reducing deficit projections by $618 billion through 2023.


  1. Owen Reitzel 2013.05.15

    Careful Cory. Your letting facts get in the way of a lot of BS!

  2. Jeff Barth 2013.05.15

    Congress and Kristi Noem have also voted over and over to amend the US Constitution and require a balanced budget. Yet they want more spending along with tax reductions. You can't improve the deficit while you cut your income and spend more.

    Congresswoman Noem and her comrades want money for Ice Storm disasters, pine beetles, Missouri flooding the FAA and the military while reducing taxes for her wealthy patrons.

    Perhaps we can all quit our jobs and buy a new car to balance our personal checkbooks?!

  3. Jana 2013.05.15

    Kat Food Kristi is also going to vote to gut the SNAP program by $21,000,000,000 which will hurt the working poor the most, or as we like to call them when we talk economic development, our best asset.

    It will also hit the elderly. Something that Kristi really doesn't care about either given her willingness to cut cancer treatments, medicare and meals on wheels. Don't worry actual campaign donors will be hurt in this staged event.

    But wait! What else is she voting on? How about an increase in crop insurance subsidies...and what does her hubby sell to pay for little Booker's Abercrombie & Fitch shirts and trousers...government subsidized crop insurance! Even more appropriate will be her ability to buy another show horse to ride for her next campaign staged photo.

    Sleep well Kat Food Kristi.

  4. mike 2013.05.15

    Why don't we ever hear her say she has voted 38 times for repeal? 38 times explains why she is so incompetent.

    I'm all for repealing Obamacare but banging my head against a wall isn't how I would do it. Noem is a really bad congressional rep for the state.

  5. mike 2013.05.15

    Jeff makes some good points up there. Mostly that Noem is a hypocrite. I know a lot of Tea Party Republicans who do not like her talking out of both sides of her mouth.

    Kristi plays the DC game. She is a total sell out to South Dakota conservatives and those who fall for her false rhetoric.

  6. SDBlue 2013.05.15

    I am still appalled that Noem was reelected. I do not understand those that blindly follow her. If you dare, check out her Facebook page. Reading the comments from the uninformed who swallow her rhetoric is a bit frightening.

  7. Jana 2013.05.15 can't even see spray tanned, weepy, golf guy and pork gobbler Boehner's lips move when Kristi says something. But the placement of that Tea Party hand has to hurt when your are a dummy.

  8. Jana 2013.05.15

    With apologies to Edgar Bergen and Charlie McCarthy.

  9. Jana 2013.05.16

    One would think an enterprising reporter would ask more than one question when asking her about those 38 votes. I mean come got 38 chances at this thing.

    So let's get the first one out of the way.

    You don't like Obamacare because...Democrat and Kenya and stuff...right?

    What would you say to the people who would be hurt by the repeal?

    We know the Affordable Care Act was long...almost like reading 10 issues of Home & Garden Magazine...just without pictures. Has two years been enough for you to read it cover to cover?

    No? Would it have helped if you had just kept it in your bathroom?

    Specifically, let's look at all the parts of the plan that you are against.
    Polls show that most people like the individual provisions laid out in the plan.

    Which one's don't you like?

    You've voted 38 times over the last 2 years to repeal and replace Obamacare.

    Why is it taking so long to tell us who you want to hurt and what you would replace it with?

    So are you saying the "replace" thing is just a bad joke and ruse and that you really don't have a plan for replacing anything?

    Before Obamacare was passed, how much did insurance claims and medical costs increase year-over-year?

    Why have insurance company profits soared under Obamacare?

    How are the main components of Obamacare different than what the Heritage Foundation and former Senate Leader Bob Dole were proposing?

    So are you saying that the Heritage Foundation and Bob Dole are from Kenya?

    Tell us what the consequences, both intended and unintended, would be if you were actually successful on the 38th try to repeal Obamacare?

    Healthcare currently is 21% of the country's GDP. How high would you like to see it go?

    Do you and your party really think that anyone is stupid enough to fall for thinking you guys are actually worried about policy over politics with another attempt to subvert policy for partisan reasons?

    So what's your favorite horse?

    If you are riding an Appaloosa is it OK to wear stripes or should one stick with bold solid colors?

    Not everyone looks good in cowboy boots...are Crocks OK if you are in politics?

  10. Michael Black 2013.05.16

    Cory, how can anyone know what kind of deficits ObamaCare will create? Our agent says that we are looking at over a 40% increase for our health insurance over the next 14 months. Have they calculated those additional costs into their projections?

  11. Dave 2013.05.16

    Jana: Please know that I'm reading your comments early in the morning, and you just made my day.

  12. Steve O'Brien 2013.05.16

    Will they also be voting on eliminating slavery, giving women the right to vote, entering WW2 - all the other votes they missed in Congress because the were not there?

  13. larry kurtz 2013.05.16

    RepKristiNoem: The federal government has no place between a doctor and a patient.

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