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Consultant Surprised by Huether’s Hubris, Governor’s Humility at Edge of Nowhere

Economic development consultant Dean Barber comes from Plano, Texas, to tell us that Sioux Falls is a surprisingly happening place for a "fringe" city "at the edge of nowhere." Residents of anyplace more than five miles from the I-29/90/229 ring, take whatever umbrage you feel appropriate.

Edge-of-nowhere resident Scott Ehrisman takes proper umbrage at Barber's celebration of Mayor Mike Huether's hubristic declarations in meeting with Barber and other site selection consultants. Said the mayor:

“We should make the top two or three with every project you have,” he unabashedly told the assembled site selection consultants.

...[H]e passionately states that red tape doesn’t stand much of a chance in his city, with expedited permitting guaranteed. “We get s[...] done,” he said [Dean Barber, "Surprises Galore at the Edge of Nowhere," Barberbiz, 2013.05.12].

Says Ehrisman:

Yes, Mr. Barber, the city and state are very acommodating to ‘business’ but when it comes to their workers, they tax their food and pay them low wages. The unemployment rate in SD is low, because people here have to have multiple jobs to make ends meet. Funny how our mayor will pull no stops when it comes to ‘red tape’ for businesses, but when it comes to it’s residents he will threaten to haul your ass to the pokey for having grass that is 9″ high [Scott Ehrisman, "Mayor Huether: We Get S*** Done!" South Dacola, 2013.05.14].

Barber praises our humble Governor Dennis Daugaard, who hands out plates at the site selection meeting and does not "puff up and take full credit" for his state's balanced budget. Mr. Barber, perhaps you should come back during an election year and reformulate your opinion.


  1. Nick Nemec 2013.05.16

    The state budget is balanced because our state constitution requires it and the legislature would be called back into special session until they passed one if they were unable to do it in the regular session.

  2. MC 2013.05.16

    How about some balance.

    You know businesses could raises wages. When that happens the cost goes up, and the standerd of living goes down. Overall, compared to most places we have a good standerd of living, that doesn't cost too much. Of course I would like some extra jingle in my pocket, who wouldn't? But there is only so much I am wiling to trade for that music.

  3. Nick Nemec 2013.05.16

    I'm not following MC. When wages go up the "standerd (sic) living goes down." Maybe we should all just quit our jobs and get SNAP benefits, I'd have a higher standard of living.

  4. Vincent Gormley 2013.05.16

    Balance? How about spelling lessons accompanied by logic? Until then just let the world pass you by.

  5. MC 2013.05.16

    When wages go up, the cost to produce, move, market and sell products also go up. While people may have more money, they are also spending more, many times for less product. We need balance. Good wages, with responsible prices.

    As a business owner, I have no responsibility to provide a 'living wage' I want to get the best people providing the best service at the lowest cost. If business is good, and there is a profit, I have no problem sharing with the employees via bonuses or increase pay. When costs go up, I have to make a choice, cut expenses (like payroll) or raise prices. If I raise prices, then my customers will go elsewhere.

    As an employee, I expect to be fairly compensated for services rendered. I also understand that my pay is tied to the success (and failure) of the company. I am not guaranteed a living wage or even time off. If the company does well, and there is some profit, I hope the company will share in the form of bonuses or even increase pay. I may go above and beyond by duties to help the company, hoping that increase business and profit.

    When it comes to jobs we need all kinds of jobs, for minimum wage all they way though six and seven figures. We need ditch diggers and CEO and everyone in between.

  6. Rorschach 2013.05.16

    The current mayor of Sioux Falls does "get s[...] done", more so than any prior SF mayor in my memory. He's like the energizer bunny. I'm glad to have him on the job.

  7. Douglas Wiken 2013.05.16

    Sioux Falls needs more arenas so professional athletes and over-priced music groups can suck more money out of South Dakota.

  8. Richard Schriever 2013.05.16

    MC - are you pitching yourself for an "internship" somewhere? ..... Or what?

  9. Robert Klein 2013.05.16

    Where is the logic ? "The unemployment rate in SD is low, because people here have to have multiple jobs to make ends meet."

    Wouldn't people having only one job drive the unemployment rate lower? Think!!!

  10. Bill Dithmer 2013.05.17

    Robert the true unemployment rate in SD is high if you blend in the real rate on the reservations. Now I'm not saying its all the state of SD's fault, but these reservations are a part of the state and it has become just part of normal life to use statistics when it suits the state and not use them when it doesnt.

    The Blindman

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