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Bosworth Hubby Misportrays Knights of Columbus Ultrasound Initiative

Last updated on 2013.06.09

Given Pat Powers's hypersensitivity to criticism of the Catholic Church and his fellow believers, he might want to give the self-flogging Bosworth for Senate campaign a little more scrutiny.

In a May 18, 2013, blog post, Chad Haber tries to cobble together what he thinks sounds like a prolife screed to build his wife's cred among anti-abortion GOP primary voters. As a sharp-eyed commenter notes, Haber lifts a bit of his text from a 2009 Knights of Columbus press release announcing that organization's ultrasound initiative. The Knights of Columbus helps anti-abortion "crisis pregnancy centers" with expensive ultrasounds devices to help persuade women not to have abortions.

Haber says the Knights of Columbus "are doing a great thing," but...

Unfortunately Dr. Bosworth would not qualify for one of their ultra sound machines because she is not Catholic [Chad Haber, "Pro Life, Right to Life, Every Heart Beat Counts, Ultra Sound Initiative in South Dakota," Half Wayish? 2013.05.18].

Hmm. My eager reader passes along the Knights of Columbus ultrasound initiative guidelines, and nowhere do they require that recipients of their medtech largesse be Catholic. KoC publishes these requirements for their local chapters in establishing a relationship with a pregnancy counselor:

  1. Locate a pro-life pregnancy care center that is prepared to receive and use an ultrasound machine. [For Dr. Bosworth, check!]
  2. Determine that this pregnancy care center will be able to staff and operate this machine. This will include:
    • Ensuring the center is properly licensed under state and local laws and regulations to operate an ultrasound machine [check!]
    • Ensuring that the center is affiliated with a medical doctor who is willing to oversee the ultrasound machine operations [check!]
    • Ensuring that the machine will be staffed with licensed and experienced medical personnel [check!]
    • Ensuring the center has adequate insurance for operation of the machine [Dr. Bosworth is in business, and I assume doctors can't do business without paying for insurance, so check!]
  3. Determine that the pregnancy care center is not anti-Catholic in any way (i.e. - some centers have individuals who have attempted to lead Catholic women away from the Church). [hold on...]
  4. In a manner prescribed by the Supreme Council Office, submit documentation showing that you have completed each of the above steps.

[Knights of Columbus, "Ultrasound Initiative Guidelines," downloaded 2013.06.07]

The above criteria don't say that recipients have to be Catholic. They just can't be anti-Catholic. That's a pretty obvious distinction that Haber gets obviously and baselessly wrong. As long as Dr. Bosworth isn't trying to get people to skip Mass and come to Celebrate Church with her instead, Knights of Columbus should be happy to spot her an ultrasound machine.

Somewhat incoherently, Haber writes that "Dr. Bosworth’s example Preventive Health Strategies will follow there is no preaching needed just an introduction between a mother and a baby." Again, hmm.... The Knights of Columbus aren't asking anyone to preach the Catholic gospel. Crisis pregnancy centers do their share of preaching alongside their lies about science and medicine. But if that's the preaching Haber is talking about, he's not going to win any votes from Allen Unruh, Bob Ellis, and the other misogynist absolutists whom he's trying to tease with his "Pro Life, Right to Life" headline.

Maybe Chad Haber is taking a page from my satire playbook, cloaking his liberal views in co-opted conservative phrases. But as I review his writing, I find the simpler explanation is that he just can't put words and facts together in a clear explanation. Dr. Bosworth, if your fishing expedition to Washington flops some cash into your campaign basket, make sure you spend it on a communications coordinator who knows how to write.


  1. PlanningStudent 2013.06.07

    I think Haber may have it right after all... His rhetoric sounds anti - Catholic in its baseless assumptions and assertions. If his wife Bosworth shares his anti - Catholic views.. Does that not violate the Section 3 requirement that you point out.. Self-Fulfilling Prophecy

    Additionally, as PP @ SDWC points out, Bosworth claim to be a big fan of anti - Catholic, mass murder Che Guevara..

  2. Joan 2013.06.07

    At the stage these ultra sounds are performed there still isn't a baby, it is still a fetus. It wouldn't be able to live outside of the woman.

  3. Les 2013.06.07

    when is it a baby Joan?

  4. Rorschach 2013.06.07

    See how this works, Cory? You write a post. Pat Powers borrows it. Then some schmuck comes back to your blog and gives Pat Powers credit for having the thought he borrowed from you. Like Rodney Dangerfield, you get no respect from some folks. But if you're Rodney Dangerfield then, "We're all gonna get ****."

  5. PlanningStudent 2013.06.07

    Cory, my apologies, I bounce between the blogs and don't always see all the stories... Thanks for not calling me some inconsiderate name.

    Rorschach, you Sir disappoint me.. Calling me schmuck because I don't read every single post on this or any other blog.. What's up with that. What kind of person are you..

    Cory, call me thinned skin, but why do you allow this kind of un-constructive dialogue on your blog.

  6. caheidelberger Post author | 2013.06.07

    Understood, PS. I must remember to remind people gently, since I, too, don't read every scrap of information on the Web. To his credit, Powers did cite my original post on the Che t-shirt along with his first publication of Bosworth's DC pix. He got the original scoop on Bosworth's faux Web buzz and the intern she or her husband ordered to place said buzz.

    On calling people "schmuck"—I wonder, am I getting too jaded? Since beginning the Madville Times in 2005, I've gotten so used to being called names that such language sometimes slips below my radar. That's not me telling you to thicken that skin; that's me telling myself (and commenters!) to remember that not everyone takes certain insults casually.

  7. Les 2013.06.07

    To Ror's credit PS, there is hardly a thinner skinned tool here as I remember commenting on all libs liking to spend my money and yu'd have thought I attacked his mother. Heck, I like to spend their money on any given opportunity.
    Corey, you are not thick skinned, possibly a little jaded. It wasn't that long ago in making a statement, I said you might be chicken as to your aversion for challenging adventure, thus not needing the Great Master and developing that relationship some of us hellions did as we prayed God help us in our stupidity. You didn't like being called chicken at all my friend.
    For the most part we don't deserve personal attack on debate blogs but you masters have chosen to allow your tools to do your nasty thus losing the value of having those such as Rep Hoffman as one who comes to mind. Those who can change our world driven off by mean spirited drivel rather than civilized context.
    I find it interesting that tonight you censor Kurtz challenging your veracity as a blog master in standing with your principles.

  8. caheidelberger Post author | 2013.06.07

    I have no tools beyond my own mind, morals, and computer.

    Mr. Kurtz's comment was both false and irrelevant to this topic. Editor's privilege.

  9. Rorschach 2013.06.08

    So my soft criticism offended you, Planning Student? I was offended that you attend the Democratic Forum to report the goings on to Republicans.

  10. Les 2013.06.08

    You have allowed public officials and their spouses to be publicly undressed here, both unproven and irrelevant. I call that a tool, but if it ended yesterday that is a start.
    Your blog does have value or I wouldn't be here taking personal attacks rather than rational debate based upon facts.
    Don't think for a moment we didn't have someone at your "fourum", or maybe it was a sixum with the GOP spies.

  11. caheidelberger Post author | 2013.06.08

    We are pointlessly discussing different definitions of the word "tool". Let's get back to the real issues... you schmucks! ;-P

  12. PlanningStudent 2013.06.08

    I'm a registered Independent for what it's worth.. I currently attend more D functions than R functions. I find almost all public forums interesting and educational. Which is exactly what the noon forum is, an open public forum advertised in the newspaper..

    Rorschach, at first I thought you were just inconsiderate or having a bad day. Now I know you seriously have the wrong outlook on life. What on Earth would there be to report on? Speaking of tools you seem to think I'm one, to be used by the Republican.. Wrong Sir.

    Your attitude towards me attending the Forum in an attempt to expand my horizons is exactly what's wrong with your Party and to some extent the Rs.. Which is the reason why I've never been or will be a tool for either Party.

  13. PlanningStudent 2013.06.08

    Rorschach, since you clearly have me pegged, why don't you come introduce yourself to me the next time I have the pleasure of attending the forum..

    I'm still taken back by your view of my attendance at the forum. I've always thought so highly of the decision by the Democratic Caucus to meet publicly in Pierre (Rs meet in private and even disinvite members) because of the simple fact, there is nothing to hide, nothing to report. And here you stand in contrast.

  14. caheidelberger Post author | 2013.06.09

    [R, PS, introduce yourselves to each other and the rest of us readers. That will put a different tone on this conversation.]

    I'd like to see what reaction Chad Haber would get if he'd attend a Knights of Columbus forum to discuss their ultrasound initiative and his wife's eligibility for it. He is an O'Gorman grad; he should know what's up in Catholic activities.

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