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Daugaard to Skydive for Madison Dairy Queen Miracle Treat Day

Last updated on 2013.07.12

Jump! Jump! Jump!

Friends of the blog know that the blog is a friend of the Madison Dairy Queen, which has led the nation in Blizzard sales every year that the nationwide fast-food outfit has held the one-day fundraising event for Children's Miracle Network. In the past couple years, Madison DQ owner DeLon Mork has jumped out of an airplane and taken the local police chief and DQ employees with to motivate higher and higher sales.

As usual, Madisonites wonder how DeLon will keep topping his previous performances. As usual, DeLon has found a way to do. This year, he's promising the community that if we help him beat last year's Miracle Treat Day sales total, he'll jump out of an airplane. But this year, he'll jump with the really big kahuna.

No, not Donny and Marie. Try Denny. Dennis Daugaard. After intense negotiations and assurances that Lake County Democrats hadn't brainwashed DeLon Mork into collaborating in a nefarious plot, the Governor of the great state of South Dakota has agreed to jump out of an airplane on August 15 if the Madison Dairy Queen beats last year's Miracle Treat Day Blizzard sales.

Forget any political angle: that Governor Dennis Daugaard would agree to jump out of an airplane to help a Madison business promote a good cause is just plain cool... as will be all the Blizzards that will be flying out of the Madison Dairy Queen into Democrat, Republican, Libertarian (22!), and lots of Independent and little non-voter tummies on Thursday, August 8, 2013. If you're in Lake County that day, get to town and order a Blizzard! Then come back the following week to see Governor Dennis Daugaard skydive!

Update 2013.07.12 09:20 CDT: If you'd like to help the Children's Miracle Network and ensure Governor Daugaard's big jump, click here for a Blizzard pre-order form for Madison Dairy Queen's Miracle Treat Day.


  1. Taunia 2013.07.12

    Jump! You do have a lot of fun doing this blog.

  2. MC 2013.07.12

    Don't want to wait in line? You can pre-order your blizzards for your company, family, friends, even your favorite blogger, and maybe some people you don't really like.

    BTW I am a HUGE supporter of CMN. Yes they have helped my family, and they have had a direct impact on many other families in the area.

  3. amanda 2013.07.12

    Kudos Governor Daugaard! CMN is a fantastic organization that does amazing work for children and families all across South Dakota. You are right Cory, putting politics aside, this is a very cool thing the Governor is doing!

  4. MC 2013.07.12

    Will our host, Mr. Heidelberger be in attendce at the Blizzard sell or the big jump?

  5. caheidelberger Post author | 2013.07.12

    I'd hate to clog up the line with a bunch of bloggers, but Michael, maybe we should grab Blizzards and hold a blogospheric pow-wow outside on the grass! And if we're in town, you can bet your sweet bippy I'll be at the jump to get the first picture of DeLon and Dennis kissing terra firma.

  6. MC 2013.07.12

    Cory, My attendance is mandatory! (I would have a better chance of getting out of my own funeral. ;))

    You know that that Miracle Treat Day in Madison is more than just selling Blizzards. It is an event.

  7. caheidelberger Post author | 2013.07.12

    Well, tell us when you're coming to town... and wear a funny hat so I can pick you out of the crowd! Q:-)

  8. MC 2013.07.12

    Harth Ave next to the DQ is normally blocked off, Inflatable are brought in along several tables, chairs, some childern's games and concert that night across the street in the parking lot.

    We could just meet up there. It would be nice if we could get a few other bloggers and those running for office to show up. (hint: there will be A LOT of people there)

  9. caheidelberger Post author | 2013.07.12

    Whoa, Michael! Let's not turn this into a campaign event. Dennis isn't coming to skydive to glad-hand voters and boost his political fortunes; he's promised to come to help the cause of helping sick kids and their families. Politicos are welcome to come buy Blizzards for themselves (and their staffers, and their kids...). But candidates should be very wary of trying to do any self-promotion at this charity event.

  10. MC 2013.07.12

    Who said anything about a campaign?
    This is strictly a non-political, non-paritison event.

    It might be a great chance for us to get our mug taken with some noted politicos, and put a face with some of the names we see bouncing around the blogoshere.

    Campaigning is a big no-no, unless you're are campaiging for CMN

  11. caheidelberger Post author | 2013.07.12

    Good, just so everyone's clear. Bring everybody!

  12. MC 2013.07.12

    If you want to get political, I believe they are going to have the inflatable sumo wrestling pit.

    (if nothing else would make for some great youtube videos)

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