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DRA Offers Webinars on Legislative Process, Distributed Power Generation

While this blog conducts a happy exercise in citizen law-drafting (four bills under discussion, and polling for a fifth!), some of you may be wondering just how the Legislature works and what you can do to follow the Legislative process.

Our friends at Dakota Rural Action are offering a webinar on how to use the website of the South Dakota Legislature.

Have you ever gone on to the Legislature's website and wondered how on earth to find a bill? Or tried to find a certain law, and found yourself looking at a map of legislative districts?

The Legislative Research Council has a good, newly-designed website which, if you know how to use it, can really help you understand South Dakota's rules, laws, and legislature.

In this webinar, we'll talk about:

  • The difference between laws and rules, and how they work together to create our regulatory landscape.
  • How to get to various pieces of information during the session, like bills and resolutions, or when committees meet.
  • How to use E-Subscribe (My LRC), the part of the website that tracks bills and committees for you!

Citizen participation isn't just something we talk about - it is something we do! Having the right information is key to making your case, and this webinar will help you get access to that information [Dakota Rural Action, "LRC Website Webinar," posted 2014.01.03].

This one-hour online seminar will take place Monday, January 13, 2014, the day before the Legislature convenes, at 3 p.m. Mountain, 2 p.m. Central. Register online, and DRA will contact you with the technical details of how to log on and learn.

DRA is also offering a webinar on distributed power generation, an issue on which DRA will be educating and advocating during the 2014 session. That online seminar takes place Wednesday, January 8, at 2 p.m. Mountain, 1 p.m. Central.