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Welcome to the Party, Pat: Bosworth Cheats on Utah Taxes

I'm John McClane; Pat is Sgt. Powell.

Fake U.S. Senate candidate Annette Bosworth and her scheming husband Chad Haber are charismatic scammers, exerting almost cultish power over their followers. But we can overcome their manipulative control.

Witness Pat Powers. For months, Powers has drunk the Bosworth-Haber Kool-Aid (I hear Chad Haber uses that Kool-Aid language himself in his political strategy meetings). He has fallen for Haber's lies, treating Bosworth as a serious candidate, parroting her press releases, ignoring big stories that would hurt Bosworth, and responding to my reporting on Bosworth's suspicious activities by accusing me of theft from a non-existent locked desk.

But now eight months of serious blog coverage from the Madville Times, Jonathan Ellis's strong exposé in Sunday's Sioux Falls paper of Bosworth's questionable fundraising business practices, and the overwhelming weight of facts and public statements from a wide variety of people cheated by Team Bosworth-Haber have turned Powers back to truth in blogging.

It was hard: while he acknowledged on Sunday that the Ellis article was "critical," Powers still tried to bury it by moving a Saturday evening post on Bosworth's cheesy television ad up above that mention in his blog order, along with a quick repost, without commentary, of Bosworth's USD cheerleader tweet.

But then the tips started getting to him. Monday, Powers ran a post on former Bosworth employee Mathia Rall contradicting the Bosworth alibi on the infamous Che Guevara t-shirt. After the Madville Times broke that story in June and won Bosworth some scornful national attention, Bosworth and Haber tried to claim the shirt was an innocent joke, just something she'd received as a gift in Haiti. Powers reports that Rall says Haber made the Che shirts.

Tuesday, Powers felt compelled to note that Bosworth's raffle scam and stiffing of Florida ad company SSC are getting press outside South Dakota.

And now, eight months after falling under Chad and Annette's spell, Powers finally wakes up and does his first honest-to-Gaia blogging on Team Bosworth-Haber. Powers reports that Chad and Annette had three tax liens filed against them by the state of Utah. While those liens have been resolved, a fourth against Annette remains open.

The most telling phrase of Powers's report is at the end:

I did contact the Bosworth campaign early this afternoon for comment, but I haven’t heard anything back as of this writing [Pat Powers, "Bosworth Financial Troubles Don't End at the State Border. 2013 Utah Tax Lien Still Pending," Dakota War College, 2014.02.25].

When Chad stops returning Pat's phone calls, it's clear Haber and Bosworth are on the run.

Welcome to the party, Pat. It's too bad it took this much heavy fire to get you to realize who the real criminals are.


  1. Jerry 2014.02.26

    Clearly he was smitten by this siren, "Love means never having to say your sorry" que theme from "Love Story" I noticed there are a couple other's on this blog who may have had their hearts broken by these scam artists.

  2. Oldguy 2014.02.26

    CAH you did a great job on this.

  3. caheidelberger Post author | 2014.02.26

    Thanks, Oldguy! But the job won't be finished until Bosworth and Haber's scams are finished. Keep the tips coming, people!

  4. Porter Lansing 2014.02.26

    SoDakers have always given undue respect to doctors, ministers and police officers. These professions hold as many crooks, grifters and molesters as any other and deserve only the opportunity to prove they deserve respect. Bosworth wouldn't come within a hundred yards of my kids or grandkids.

  5. Flipper 2014.02.26

    As always, entertaining, informative and scathing. Facts are wonderful things.

  6. Rorschach 2014.02.26

    The problem, as Dr. Bosworth sees it, is not her failure to pay her taxes. It's not her failure to pay her employees. It's not her failure to pay her campaign consultant. It's not her failure to pay her mortgages. It's not the raffle scams run by her nonprofit nor the stolen money that hasn't been refunded to ticket holders. It's not her problems with the SD medical board nor her claim that the federal government was somehow to blame. It's not the lies being told about employees stealing records that were generated after their employment ended. It's not the lies being told about how she came to wear a shirt featuring Marxist murderer Che Guevara - who she claims is her "beacon".

    The problem, as Dr. Bosworth sees it, is the "liberal media" reporting these things.

  7. Dave 2014.02.26

    Didn't Pat indicate months ago that Dakota Narcissist College was going to break wide open the case of the missing papers stolen from Chad's desk? Didn't he even encourage us to stay tuned?? Wonder if he can stop copying and pasting press releases long enough to follow up on that ... hehheh.

  8. G-Man 2014.02.26

    Corey, thanks for keeping us up-to-date on the South Dakota legislature. I think your coverage is more in-depth than that of the major newspapers in South Dakota. I'm in Salem today and decided to mosey on over the State Capitol, here in the Beaver State, to see what was happening in the House Chambers. The Oregon Legislature has a female Speaker of the House and her name is Tina Kotek. I watched them preside and pass 3 major bills that the Oregon Senate already passed.

  9. Bill Dithmer 2014.02.26

    Pat I'm sure sorry about all this. To dream about someone only to wake up one morning and find out you've been taken advantage of.

    I doubt very much if this will make you feel any better but who knows. If you could role it up and smoke it you would call it musical kush.

    From Blues Deluxe "Woke Up Dreaming." Turn it up Pat.

    The Blindman

  10. Bill Dithmer 2014.02.26

    And just because its hump day, and that means rock here's a little something for Team Bosworth-Haber.

    First because they love the globe trotting life style its Popa Chubby.

    And then because I love the Doobies its "I Cheat The Hangman."

    Raffle tickets that couldn't win anything, unpaid taxes, living in an RV, who knew? I would have never guessed.

    The Blindman

  11. Deb Geelsdottir 2014.02.26

    Blindman, you have done it again. Gracias.

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