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Court Orders DCI Agent: Stop Harassing Wife, Turn in Gun

Last updated on 2014.03.01

A South Dakota state law enforcement officer faces a protection order for harassing his ex-wife.

On February 13, 2014, Patricia Ann Black of Aberdeen asked the court to keep her ex-husband Mark Robert Black away from her.

Patricia Ann Black, petition for temporary protection order, TPO #14-010, 2014.02.13, clip from page 1
Patricia Ann Black, petition for temporary protection order, TPO #14-010, 2014.02.13, clip from page 1

Mark Black is an agent for the Division of Criminal Investigation based in Aberdeen. According to the petition, Agent Black showed a history of intimidating, violent behavior toward his wife until and after he filed for divorce in March 2013. The protection order petition says Agent Black routinely carries a concealed weapon off duty. The petition accuses Black of verbally and physically assaulting his wife, throwing and breaking things, punching holes in walls. After the divorce was finalized, Agent Black continued to harass Patricia, apparently using his law enforcement authority to enhance his threats:

Patricia Ann Black, petition for temporary protection order, TPO #14-010, 2014.02.13, clip from page 3
Patricia Ann Black, petition for temporary protection order, TPO #14-010, 2014.02.13, clip from page 3

Shortly after threatening to have Patricia arrested, Agent Black married another woman. According to the petition, the last five months have been a maudlin mix of the newly re-wed agent sending intimidating texts, pleading for forgiveness, and threatening to violate the divorce decree and subject Patricia to an IRS audit. In a handwritten letter dated October 23, 2013, Agent Black admits physically abusing his wife:

TPO14-010-p16-Mark Black letter clip p3
Mark Robert Black, letter to Patricia Ann Black, 2013.10.23, excerpt

This personal drama figures in the blog coverage because of Agent Black's participation in the state's failed prosecution of Brandon Taliaferro and Shirley Schwab. As discussed here last month, the state's effort to punish Taliaferro and Schwab for protecting Native American children suffering sexual abuse in foster care involved numerous abuses of power.

Agent Black mentions that trial in his October plea to his ex-wife:

I sit and think about the week I left. The Schwab trial was going horribly, the AG and Gorto wanted me gone over Laura's B.S. lies and most importantly we were falling apart. You pleaded w/me to talk to you and I kept pushing you away. That was without a doubt the worst week of my life [Mark Robert Black, letter to Patricia Ann Black, 2013.10.23, part of TPO #14-010, submitted to Fifth Circuit Court, Brown County, 2014.02.13].

It certainly was a bad week for Agent Black in court. He had led the investigation of Taliaferro and Schwab. He had conducted intimidating interrogations of the foster children the defendants had been trying to protect:

In a basement interrogation room in South Dakota, agents of the state’s Department [sic] of Criminal Investigation were on the firing line. A group of Native American children were claiming sexual and physical abuse by their white adoptive parents, whose home they first entered as foster children.

...Startlingly, the agents who summoned the children to the interrogation that day in November 2011 were working hard to get the youngsters to recant their abuse claims. State officials also brought charges against the deputy state’s attorney and a child welfare advocate, Brandon Taliaferro and Shirley Schwab, who moved to stop the abuse. Their trial on charges of getting the children to lie about the abuse is set for January 7, 2013.

That day, Sheriff’s deputies had taken the children out of school, court records show, and brought them to the basement room, with its table, chairs, one-way mirror, and recording equipment. One by one, the children faced Agent Mark Black of the Department [sic] of Criminal Investigations and a partner. The children were each alone, without an adult present on their behalf.

While being questioned by the agents, the children became fearful and wept, according to someone familiar with the case who asked not to be identified for fear of retribution. The youngsters were apparently not told they were being recorded. While left alone for a time, one explored the room, discovered the camera equipment behind a peephole, and began to cry [Stephanie Woodard, "Rough Justice in Indian Child Welfare," 100 Reporters, 2012.12.26].

The video of that interrogation also caught an unsympathetic and incautious Agent Black discussing intimidation tactics to be used against adult witnesses in this case:

One agent says the children “have been f—ing with us.” The men talk about questioning the therapist to whom the children described the sexual assaults. Agent Black says, “I guarantee we put [her] in here. Put the f—ing hot screws in her. Bitch you’re in f—ing deep shit. You better start talking.” Later Black says, “At least we f— with Brandon” [Woodard, 2012.12.26].

Judge Gene Paul Kean dismissed the case before the defendants had to call a single witness. Judge Kean expressed disgust with the state's shoddy police work and their blatant refusal to obey a court order.

Agent Black's treatment of his wife reflects the intimidation tactics Agent Black demonstrated in the Taliaferro-Schwab case. This dangerous behavior convinced Fifth Circuit Judge Scott Myren to issue a temporary protection order.

Patricia Black is asking the court to prohibit her ex-husband from coming within 500 yards of her and to not set foot in her house for five years. She also asks that the court require Agent Black to submit to counseling for anger management, depression, and other mental and emotional issues.

Until the March 12 hearing on this request before Judge Jon S. Flemmer, Agent Black is to have no contact with his ex-wife. He also was ordered to immediately turn over all weapons and ammunition to the local sheriff... which could complicate being a state law enforcement agent.


  1. Mark Remily 2014.02.28

    I just gave a heads up to Scott Waltman of the Aberdeen American news on this issue. He was kind of wishy washy on wheather he tought the public should be aware or not. I couldn't believe that he didn't think news worthy to the people of Aberdeen.

  2. Disgusted citizen 2014.02.28

    Mark, it doesn't surprise me at all that Scott Waltman isn't interested in reporting about this. He's friends with Kim Dorsett, former Brown County State's Attorney, who was the person responsible for pushing for the charges against Taliaferro, Schwab and the children's therapist in the first place. His reporting was favorable to her, while publicly smearing the reputations of those under investigation, for virtually the entire 18 months of the investigation. Dorsett is in private practice now and I'm sure she hopes the public will just forget all about what she and her cohorts did. I haven't forgotten and I'm sure others haven't either. Those involved in the witch hunt and persecution of Taliaferro, Schwab and the children's therapist behaved like criminal thugs with no accountability and should be prosecuted and put behind bars.

  3. John 2014.02.28

    And just why does this prince still have employment with the state?! Oh, quick, give him his due process . . . then can him . . . better also give his supervisor her/his due process . . . can them for poor judgment, for lack of supervision, for conduct unbecoming, etc.

  4. Deb Geelsdottir 2014.03.01

    It's a typical domestic violence scenario. In addition to the usual advantages men have over women, throw in law enforcement and it all escalates. Unfortunately cops are no more or less likely to be abusers than any other male. Judges know this because they see it regularly enough.

    My hope is that he is not one to walk through that protection order and harm her. Her risk doubles after filing the PO because she is threatening his dominance and making his shame public.

    People are generally more consistent in their behavior than they'd sometimes really like. He was a bully in his home and in his work. He is probably a bully in all aspects of his life. Those who know him in his personal and professional lives are certainly not surprised.

  5. Common Sense Citizen 2014.03.01

    Disgusted Citizen,
    I don’t know about you, but I have learned back in high school in my law & ethics class that when a possible or alleged crime or harassment is reported, it is the duty of our justice system, ie. law enforcement, to investigate the alleged charges or harassment. An investigator or detective is assigned to the case and he/she does his/her job to the best of their ability and whatever evidence is discovered or brought to light about the subject matter or alleged crime is simply reported and passes the case off to the States Attorney for their consideration. The States Attorney will decide if there is enough evidence to present before the grand jury or not. If the Grand Jury finds probable cause for the States Attorney to follow through with the case, the States Attorney will have the individuals arrested and prosecuted. If there is not enough evidence to pursue the case when it is presented in front of the Grand Jury, no charges will be filed and the case dies. So obviously in the case of Schwab/Taliaferro the Grand Jury, a panel of a minimum of 6 and a maximum of 12 people of our peers, obviously felt enough evidence existed to pursue with charging the case out, as well as numerous search warrants were requested from several different judges and each judge felt probable cause existed for the search warrants. You want to persecute Special Agent Black because he merely did his job and followed the rules of established protocol to investigate the alleged allegations of Schwab/Taliaferro. Agent Black passed his findings to the prosecution as he should, therefore turning it over and is essentially out of his hands. Additionally, we are all aware of how defense attorneys find ways to have evidence suppressed and thrown out of court because of a technicality, when in fact the evidence is still there, yet the jury, nor the public would ever see or hear of it. It simply comes down to this, if there would not have been probable cause or the evidence to move forward in the Schwab/Taliaferro case, it would not have made it to trial, which in this case it did. Just because a person is found not guilty or a case is dismissed, does not mean they were innocent of the charges either, it simply means the evidence presented did not meet the “beyond reasonable doubt” or the defense attorney was able to finagle a way to not have all of the evidence presented. If you want to demean and persecute Agent Black for doing his job, I would suggest you include all of the members of the Grand Jury panel, the judges that signed the search warrants, and the prosecutor involved in the case.
    In the current situation against Agent Black, where his ex-wife alleges allegations for a Temporary Protection Order (TPO), there is so much more to the case. You want to pass a quick judgment toward an individual not knowing the whole story. In this case, Agent Black was having his ex-wife investigated for some alleged charges. Don’t you find it a bit ironic or convenient that the TPO was filed the day after she was questioned by law enforcement about such charges? If there is nothing to the charges, an individual answers the questions of law enforcement and moves on. But in this case it seems to appear as if it may be in retaliation of such charges and the information presented in the TPO is clearly one-sided and reports none of the threats and harassments that Agent Black had to deal with, as well as many things in the affidavit are taken out of context, and has not been verified. Additionally, just because allegations are made in an affidavit, doesn’t necessarily make it true and that is why there are hearings. Otherwise, anyone could falsely report charges and end up ruining an individual’s life just because they are upset with them, immature and seek revenge. That is why we have our justice system, but when individual’s file such orders in such a way, they abuse the justice system and manipulate it to their advantage and essentially ends up wasting many professionals time and money, when there are individuals that truly need the assistance of law enforcement and do not get it.
    In regards to reporting on this case, I would think that any reporter would have enough sense to wait until the hearing and get both sides of the story before reporting on it, otherwise it opens them and their employer up to lawsuits. The truth will come out on March 13th and the public will find whether there is basis for such an order and because of voicemails, text messages, and witnesses, could prove otherwise. In the end we will find out who the true victim is in this case. As far as Agent Black’s employment status, again just because something is stated in an affidavit does not make it true. If his employment decides to fire him before hearing all of the facts and/or before the outcome of the TPO hearing, this would seem to be reckless and negligent as well and could suffer repercussions in the end. So while many of you are so quick to pass judgment, maybe you should consider all of the facts and its source before doing so. Additionally, I find it interesting and quite hypocritical that you feel you have more knowledge of the law than the judges and the assigned officials to the Schwab/Taliaferro case and that you believe they rushed to judgment against them, yet here you are ready to persecute and hang Agent Black out to dry from an embellished statement that is presented from a bitter ex-wife. Come on people, grow the hell up!

  6. caheidelberger Post author | 2014.03.01

    [O.K., citizens, let's see some ID. Check your e-mails, please. I'm not going to be told to "grow the hell up" by people who won't trust me enough to let me know who they are.]

  7. caheidelberger Post author | 2014.03.01

    I reject assertions that "there is so much more to the case" that do not come with an explanation of exactly what that so much more is.

    We have facts before us supported by both the person requesting the protection order and the person subject to the protection order. What errors have I committed in reporting those concurring statements?

  8. mike from iowa 2014.03.01

    I'll bet CSC can't locate a single case of prosecutorial misconduct or judicial misconduct because that stuff never appaears to happen in his/her world. In the real world it is all too frequent,especially in death penalty cases where the defendent is Black. Detectives have never ever manufactured evidence or coerced prisoners into confessing crimes they did not commit? Why would the victim be anymore inclined to lie than the perpetrator?

  9. Disgusted citizen 2014.03.01

    "Common Sense Citizen" I don't know who you are, but from the novel you wrote I take it you are related to Mark Black.

    I can't even take your comment seriously. It is filled with such outright bias and irony. Sorry that the chickens are coming home to roost with Mark Black, but that's what happens when you conduct yourself in this thuggish manner with so many people. It's not an isolated incident, it's a pattern of behavior.

    There's a reason that everyone is familiar with the saying "grand juries will indict a ham sandwich." You claim that as some kind of validation for the case against Schwab and Taliaferro. Absolutely ridiculous. That case was so flagrantly and egregiously weak and malicious the judge threw it out of court even before the defense had a chance to rebut anything and scolded the prosecutor! How often to you think that happens? The judge said it had only happened 2 times before in his entire career. In other words, there WAS NO CASE against them. After an 18 month "investigation" how does one arrive at that point? To me, this is a clear indication of both gross incompetence and malicious persecution.

    Those in charge appeared to be pursuing a totally baseless witch hunt against innocent people to further their agenda. It wasn't just Black, it was also Dorsett and Jackley and the judges who signed off on those search warrants and probably others. Thank goodness for Judge Kean putting a stop to such a gross miscarriage of justice. Talk about false charges and ruining lives, manipulating the justice system, wasting time (and taxpayers dollars!). No one has the right to use the power and authority of their position to bully, strong arm, abuse and intimidate innocent people (including children). Yeah, this Black is a POS and needs to go, but so do many others. Brown country is a cesspool of incompetence and corruption and the rest of the state (and the country) is slowly finding out.

  10. caheidelberger Post author | 2014.03.01

    Let's assume nothing. Let's just tell each other who we are. It's a lot easier to speak as neighbors, face to face, than to hide behind anonymity and make stuff up about each other.

  11. David Newquist 2014.03.01

    Some strange assertions are being made regardipung the Taliaferro/Schwab case in light of the fact that Judge Kean dismissed it, ordered a verdict of acquittal, and was quite specific in his reasons for doing so. The case was contrived, contained allegations against the defendants that were refuted by the prosecution’s own case, and involved Constitutional violations by the DSS in attempting to withhold discovery evidence from Mr Taliaferro so that he could not participate in his own defense.

    Disgusted Citizen’s portrayal of the justice system and other aspects of Brown County as incompetent and corrupt is accurate. The Northern Beef Packers, South Dakota Regional Center, EB-5 matters are further evidence of that fact. Unfortunately good, well-intentioned people are deceived and manipulated by those who aren’t. Those latter people, however, operate under the state’s legal code which ranks as the worst in the nation for providing access to its citizens about officials’ decisions and actions and any form of actual accountability to the public.

    When the Taliaferro/Schwab case was dismissed, maeny people thought it such an obscene perversion of the justice system that the matter should be thoroughly investigated and those who perpetrated it should be called to answer for their actions. Law seem s to provide a basis for a thorough examination of the matter:

    “ 3-17-6. Grounds for removal of local officers from office. Any officer of any local unit of government may be charged, tried, and removed from office for misconduct, malfeasance, nonfeasance, crimes in office, drunkenness, gross incompetency, corruption, theft, oppression, or gross partiality.”
    But the law also confers the power to investigate to the governor. And specifies that the local state’s attorney and the attorney general are the offices that preside over any such investigation:
    “The proceedings for removal shall be in the nature of a special proceeding, and shall be brought in the name of the state by the state's attorney of the county in which the officer charged resides, upon his own relation, or by the attorney general of the state upon his own relation, and must be so brought by either of such officers when so directed by the Governor.”
    There are no provisions through which citizens can register a complaint and have it processed by anyone t than those who, in this case, would be the subjects of the complaint.
    In many states, the bar association would monitor attempts to abort justice. And the press be prying and publishing and calling for investigations, explanations, and actions. The press in South Dakota is easily cowed into inaction and silence. The people resent any information that does not portray the state as a citadel of pristine innocence.
    South Dakota will continue to be a state of deception and oppression unless there is at some point a massive revision of its legal code to bring the processes of responsible accountability in line with the Constitutional requirements. Organizations that monitor civil liberties and civil rights have been ineffectual. There are Constitutional violations that should be headed for the Supreme Court, but there are no people willing and able to prosecute them.


  12. David Newquist 2014.03.01

    Sorry, this was a paste job and Word Press removed the paragraph breaks.

  13. Common Sense Citizen 2014.03.01

    No, I am not related to Mark Black or friends with him, nor do I work with him, merely a third party that does not rush to judgment..... I have to ask myself, why is only a portion of the police report, one page out of 8 pages, is included in this order? Is it because there is more information in it that actually explains the situations and why everything happened? That it may not be as it appears? It is obvious that in the information that is provided by the “so called victim” is clearly one sided and meant to manipulate the system and humiliate the other party. If the "so called victim" has nothing to hide, why not put the whole report in the order? We have not heard Agent Blacks side of the story or the purpose of the letter/report and what was stated. I am willing to bet that there is more to the story. So, like I said previously the truth will come out and when text messages, voice recordings, and witnesses for Agent Black are heard on the 13th, …… We will see who the real victim is….

    And yes, it is “shotty” reporting if the reporter doesn’t use what little common sense they have to wait and find out at the hearing if there really is anything to the information provided before passing judgments....

  14. mike from iowa 2014.03.01
    Grand juries contain between 16 and 23 citizens,there is no judge involved,thwe prosecutor runs the show(AG) and the defense is not present. With that kind of stacked deck,you really could indict a ham sandwich. Just because someone is indicted by a grand jury,does not mean they committed a crime,because everyone should know by now that law enforcement,lawyers and just about everyone else will lie through their teeth about everything. Prosecutorial misconduct doesn't get prosecuted because they are protected from being charged with crimes.

  15. Disgusted citizen 2014.03.01

    How can one claim to be “merely a third party” and then write something like “So, like I said previously the truth will come out and when text messages, voice recordings, and witnesses for Agent Black are heard on the 13th, …… We will see who the real victim is…."?

  16. Common Sense Citizen 2014.03.01

    I would expect you would think that way, as closed minded as you appear to be.... I am simply saying that when the hearing occurs "we the public will find out who the real victim is after hearing both sides and see what Agent Black presents with voice recordings, text messages, etc, all evidence...."

  17. mike from iowa 2014.03.01

    I agree with DC,you certainly convinced me you had insider information that would prove Black's innocence. Maybe it was the way you worded it. This guy already admitted he assaulted her,so what are we talking about?

  18. Deb Geelsdottir 2014.03.01

    It is typical for friends and relatives of the perp to attack the victim. It is also typical of other perps, whether they've ever been prosecuted or not. Those are the Only People who support the perp, blame the victim, and blast all those who don't agree.

    I recall attending perpetrator therapy groups at the request of the psychiatric facilitator. The abusers blamed the person they beat, terrified, and traumatized. "I told her I get mad easy! She shouldn't have made me mad! . . . She never stops nagging me! 'Pay the bills, pay the bills!' . . . I want chrome rims for my pickup. A man needs to have tough wheels. All she could think of was that damn baby! . . . etc."

    Those are actual quotes. Remember, this information was gleaned from several years of managing domestic violence shelters, training law enforcement in DV, uncounted hours and hours of training for myself, leading seminars and conferences, attending seminars and conferences, and listening to both survivors and perpetrators.

  19. Common Sense Citizen 2014.03.01

    Well, from what I know with domestic abuse, women are not all innocent in some matters and at times get men in a bind, that if they are pushed physically first by the female and in response the male pushes back, its not considered "assault", its considered "self-defense". While the majority of domestic violence victims are women, abuse of men happens far more often than you'd probably expect. I have seen other men harassed by their female mate and at times feel they have to take it from the female. But, No where in the letter does he admit he "assaulted her". In his words from the letter "I pushed and shoved as well"... This sounds like there was pushing and shoving on both parts and not knowing how the incident started or who started it, can you really pass judgement? The problem with today's society is that too many people want to rush to conclusions and jump to quick judgments about an individual and not find out the complete story. That is why I am saying we will find out on March 13th who the true victim is and those that want to persecute Agent Black prematurely, really should have their head examined.

  20. Roger Cornelius 2014.03.01

    Common Sense Citizen,

    What part of "you do hit women" do you not understand?

    If you are a real man you defuse the situation, run and hide if you have to, but you never hit a woman whether is asking for it or not.

  21. Deb Geelsdottir 2014.03.01

    It doesn't matter who gets who in a bind, all adults are responsible for their actions, and an abusive response to being "in a bind", is a crime.

    Yes, men are victims - less than 5% of the time. The other 95% of the time, the men are the perps.

  22. mike from iowa 2014.03.01

    No where in the letter does he say I pushed and shoved "as well'. He pushed and shoved her,that is assault. The closest he came to saying she had a part is saying upon reflection,they MISTREATED each other. That is not reflection,that is deflection. He is looking for sympathy from people like you. I don't care if the former Mrs Black weighs 400 lbs and is a professional "rassler',a real man does not bully or push or shove women.

  23. Common Sense Citizen 2014.03.01

    Are you blind? The fourth and fifth line in the scanned letter from the author of this article up above..... Take a look at it.... It says "I pushed and shoved you as well" And here again, we were not there, and need to hear both sides before passing judgment don't you think....

  24. mike from iowa 2014.03.01

    No I don't need to hear both sides. The point I was trying to make was your suggesting she might have provoked her ex. He admitted throwing stuff AND pushing her and shoving her. She did nothing to him. He will get his day in court. You don't settle court cases in the media. And you sound like someone trying to bias the case against her before a trial. And I believe the hearing is March 12th,not the 13th.

  25. Marc 2014.03.01

    I sat in on the Schwab-Taliaferro trial and watched Mark Black on the stand. I watched as he was caught in several lies. I heard him admit that he referred to my wife, the children's therapist, as "bitch" and told other DCI agents that they would "put the hot f** screws to her." I heard him admit that he got a call from Kim Dorsett, the previous Brown County States Attorney, which started the investigation. I also heard Judge Kean say to the jury, "You can go back and read all those newspapers, you see if what the newspaper man wrote coincides with what you hear, but...Did he show up? He's in the back row. You must think this is church." (Read the transcript if you don't believe me.) He was referring to Scott Waltman who was in the courtroom. The same Mr. Waltman who repeatedly presented only one side of the story. Just like the recent story in the Aberdeen American News. Waltman wrote about Black being put on administrative leave and admitting to domestic abuse, but he does not tie in Black at all with the unjust persecution of Schwab, Taliaferro and Sippel. If you believe in karma, Black is the poster boy. And if you wonder why in the world Waltman refused/refuses to cover the issue in an unbiased manner, maybe that subject is worth looking into further.

  26. Deb Geelsdottir 2014.03.01

    Thanks for your eye witness information Marc. It must have been a very frustrating experience for you, your family, and, well, everyone except Black.

    Which Sippel was involved? Would you share that with me? I went to NSC with some Sippels from Pierpont.

  27. caheidelberger Post author | 2014.03.01

    I am not having a conversation with someone who says women are to blame for domestic abuse and who won't answer my e-mails.

  28. Deb Geelsdottir 2014.03.01

    Cory, your consistency in enforcing your blog rules is why readers trust you and the Times. Even when I disagree with your decisions, I continue to respect you. (This is not one of those disagreeing occasions.)


  29. caheidelberger Post author | 2014.03.02

    Mike, I need to clarify the text. Let's put Mark Black's confession in text again:

    "I know you feel like a victim and that wounds me as well. Yes babe I know I punched walls and doors, broke dishes, pictures. I pushed and shoved you as well for that I am sorry too. A honest reflection is that we both mistreated each other."

    The "as well" in dispute here follows the statement about Mark Black's pushing and shoving. Black writes that after stating that he damaged property. The word order here makes clear that Black is saying that he broke things and that he did bodily harm to his wife as well. Reading those words any other way is lying through rationalization for an abuser.

  30. caheidelberger Post author | 2014.03.02

    Deb, Fran Sippel was the counselor working with the children in the Mette case.

  31. mike from iowa 2014.03.02

    Cory,I believe we agree on the context. My impression was CSC trying to say that Ms Black pushed her ex and was pushed in return. He did say he broke stuff AND pushed her as well. So I'm guessing were all good on that point.

  32. caheidelberger Post author | 2014.03.02

    You're right, Mike. I just prefer to address my comments to you than to the anonymous maker of the vile accusations above who still hasn't answered my e-mail.

  33. Jones 2014.03.02

    Mark Black has a history of using intimidating and threatening ways to try and get
    what he wants. After an interview during the Mette trial, Mark is caught making threatening comments toward Brandon Taliaferro and Fran Sippel. He threatens Fran Sippel and her business as well as f****ing with Brandon. Mark did not know the recorder was still going.This is how he acts when he thinks no one is watching. The question is why does he have a
    job after these unethical and unprofessional remarks? You can see the transcript of the entire audio at

    It is on page 11

    This is another factual piece of information
    that Mr. Waltman did not think was newsworthy.

  34. Bill Johnson 2014.03.02

    Mark Black is going to hurt somebody, before he's done. Marks new wife is the Edmunds County States Atty. Lynda Hento Black Brian Zeeb, Blacks former DCI superviser should also be canned. Laura Zylstra Kaiser was Blacks DCI side kick partner that also got canned over her involvement in the Mette Trial. Laura Zylstra Kaiser is now a private investigator in Aberdeen.

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