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Schoenbeck: Annette Bosworth Is a Fraud

Last updated on 2014.03.23

All you nice out-state Republicans getting post cards from Base Connect, pay attention....

Pat Powers continues to dismiss my investigation and criticism of fake Senate candidate Annette Bosworth as hysterical sexism. He'll have a harder time dismissing prominent Republican Lee Schoenbeck, who dismisses Bosworth in language easily as harsh as mine.

Powers reports that Bosworth has responded to the revelation of a campaign worker who quit over legal and ethical concerns and who is still owed back wages (a claim backed up by Bosworth's last FEC filing, page 119, Debts and Obligations: Ethan Crisp, $2,000) with evasive meme-nuttiness:

This is the repeating story of America. Have you ever read the book Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand? I feel like Dagny Taggert [Annette Bosworth, quoted by Pat Powers, "The Experience of a Lifetime, or Lesson for a Lifetime: Crisp Unpaid, Atlas Shrugs," Dakota War College, 2014.03.09].

Lee Schoenbeck, Republican candidate for District 5 House and leading light within the South Dakota GOP, flunks Bosworth on literature and politics:

Well I have read Atlas Shrugged, and Dr Bosworth, you’re no Dagny Taggert. You are the kind of fraud that caused Atlas to Shrug [Lee Schoenbeck, comment, Dakota War College, 2014.03.09].

Ayn Rand was a fraud, too (see also here, here, and here), but that's not the point!

Like Lee, I've read Atlas Shrugged. Like Lee, I know Dagny Taggart was an honest, successful businesswoman who paid her employees. Like Lee, I know Annette Bosworth is none of those things.

And like Lee, I describe Annette Bosworth with the word fraud.


  1. Sam 2014.03.09

    Not much difference between Lee and the Boz. Both have had their issues over time with ethics

  2. Rorschach 2014.03.09

    I'm beginning to wonder if Dr. Bosworth is philosophically opposed to paying bills. She doesn't pay them even when she has money. She decided to give away $500,000 in farmland at the same time she was facing foreclosure on her own house. She takes a family vacation to Alaska while she stiffs her employees. She brings in big money to her campaign and doesn't pay her campaign staff or campaign consultant.

    It seems to me that there are some wires connected wrong in her brain. She's either a sociopath who takes delight in punishing those who do a service for her, or she is under the influence of one. I hope she gets her head straight and everybody gets what they're owed.

  3. grudznick 2014.03.09

    She's a very pretty young woman and must be under the influence of an insaner maniac. That is the only answer.

  4. caheidelberger Post author | 2014.03.09

    Sam, I've amassed a pretty big pile of evidence that Bosworth and her husband are not to be trusted. I'd need to see similar evidence before I entertained any similar statement about Schoenbeck. Heck, I went hunting with the guy, and he didn't shoot me.

    But let's not get distracted. Bosworth is running a nationwide fundraising scam that is bad for everyone.

  5. Lynn G. 2014.03.10

    I tried to open up the SD Board of Medicine file on Dr. Bosworth since they are public records but unfortunately my computer is having some issues.

  6. Dave Baumeister 2014.03.10

    Cory, a Republican who didn't shoot you when he had the chance? Schoenbeck must be a decent guy!

  7. larry kurtz 2014.03.10

    Sam is spot on: Schoenbeck defends a culture of predation and pederasty yet enjoys the support of a Catholic blogger who railed against Senator Johnson for voting to confirm a civil rights attorney.

    Hypocritheocrisy by any other name.

  8. caheidelberger Post author | 2014.03.10

    Hypocrisy is one thing; fraud is another.

  9. mike from iowa 2014.03.10

    and they are spelled differently,too.

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