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Governor Makes Animal Cruelty a Felony; No Out-State Activists in Sight

Last updated on 2014.07.05

Governor Dennis Daugaard signed Senate Bill 46 into law Friday, finally making animal cruelty a felony in South Dakota. And who are all those evil "greenies from out of state" smiling with him as they impose their nefarious critter-worshipping, farm-killing will on real South Dakotans?

Governor Dennis Daugaard makes animal cruelty a felony in South Dakota, 2014.03.14
Governor Dennis Daugaard makes animal cruelty a felony in South Dakota, 2014.03.14

From left to right:

  1. Jeremiah M. Murphy, SD Stockgrowers Association
  2. Sen. Ernie Otten, R-6/Tea
  3. Mike Traxinger, SD Farmers Union
  4. Rep. Gary Cammack, R-29/Union Center
  5. Sen. Larry Rhoden, R-29/Union Center
  6. Rep. Mary Duvall, R-24/Pierre
  7. Dr. Dustin Oedekoven, SD State Veterinarian
  8. Governor Daugaard
  9. Lorin Pankratz, SD Pork Producers
  10. Brenda Forman, SD Ag Unity;
  11. Rep. Anne Hajek, R-14/Sioux Falls;
  12. Sen. Jason Frerichs, D-1/Wilmot;
  13. Shari Crouch Kosel, SD FACT;
  14. Nathan Sanderson, Policy Advisor – SD Governor’s Office;
  15. Jodie Anderson, SD Cattlemen’s Association.

Gee, those smiles all look pretty genuine to me. I don't see any forced toothiness, struggling to hide the angst of lying or caving to the pressure of the HSUS or trying to figure out how they'll explain themselves to all the unhappy farmers and ranchers who supposedly oppose this bill.

Notice the flip-flop of Senator Rhoden, who tried to raise search-and-seizure alarms about Senate Bill 46 before remembering that he had voted for the Fourth Amendment infringement eight years ago he was complaining about on his 2014 U.S. Senate campaign trail. Senator Rhoden's still a little embarrassed, as demonstrated by his trying to hide behind Rep. Duvall.

Notice the only Democrat in the room celebrating this liberal legislation is Senator Frerichs. Rhoden and the other four legislators crowding around the table are Republicans. I look forward to the Republican spin machine campaigning against these "damned fool" HSUS-cavers... or admitting it was wrong all along to defend South Dakota's previously inadequate animal cruelty laws and to spread lies about the good South Dakotans campaigning for good laws.


  1. larry kurtz 2014.03.16

    Yikes: what a scary bunch.

  2. Disgusted Dakotan 2014.03.16

    Just because Rhoden stole the (R) to get elected in a 2-1 Republican registered district, after 21 years of being a Carter-Daschle-Kneip-Sandlin-Weiland Democrat, doesn't make him a Republican.

    Just another flip-flop in a long line of them.

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