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Chad Haber: “Now What?” — Liberal Blogger Offers Best Advice

Following his wife's loss in the GOP Senate primary, Chad Haber asks on Facebook, "Now what?" Notice whose response gets the most Likes:

Chad Haber, Facebook post, 2014.06.03
Chad Haber, Facebook post, 2014.06.03


  1. larry kurtz 2014.06.04

    Ben Dunsmoor ‏@dunsmoor 28m
    $ per vote #sdsen:
    @AnnetteBosworth $375.56
    @RoundsforSenate $58.62
    Jason Ravnsborg $21.00
    @RhodenForSenate $6.56
    @RepStaceNelson $6.33

  2. Coltar.The.Barbarian 2014.06.04

    Tanya Nelson's comment got one like!

  3. Troy 2014.06.04


    You fought a great fight on Bosworth. Time to move on. She is an attention hound. Just ignore her and she will fade away.

    While I was divided on whether or not she should have been pursued criminally during the primary, in retrospect, I'm glad she wasn't as it would have just made her a victim/martyr. Of course, if she had gotten a significant percentage, I'd have regretted she wasn't pursued.

  4. Rorschach 2014.06.04

    Chad and Annette need to be prosecuted. Either we have the rule of law in SD or we don't. If we don't, we need to elect different people to enforce the laws uniformly. We need people who don't make prosecutorial decisions based upon whether or not it's good for the political party or for certain political candidates.

  5. Bree S. 2014.06.04

    She spent too much time using "magnetic therapy" on her own head I imagine. I doubt she had a good childhood.

  6. Rorschach 2014.06.04

    Cory, your facebook response is the most obvious one from somebody on the outside looking in. But for Chad and Annette, they have been doing their thing for so long they just can't see their situation like we do. So as long as the law doesn't care what they do they'll keep lying, scheming, cheating.

  7. Steve Sibson 2014.06.04

    "Stop ruining Annette"

    So Cory's cultural Neo-Marxist, men oppress women, pops up again.

  8. caheidelberger Post author | 2014.06.04

    Irrelevant critique, Steve. Politics and ideology have nothing to do with the dysfunction in Chad and Annette's household. Chad does oppress Annette. That statement has no political import.

  9. Roger Cornelius 2014.06.04

    Sometime ago I told some truths to Chad on his Facebook page and like Annette, got blocked from commenting and can't even view Chad's page. Thanks for posting the comments.
    Steve may want to inject some deep meaning into Chad and Annette activity, but the reality is that Annette is now a public political figure and she has broken the law.
    I reject the idea that she should be left alone or ignored. she is a perfect example of South Dakota Republican politics. Her lies and distortions offer us only a glimpse of the this state's political corruption.
    True, there are bigger fish to fry (i.e. Rounds/Daugaard), but that does not mean we can only fry one fish at a time.

    Cory, a huge thank you to you and the madville bloggers that exposed Annette and Chad for what they are and showing us that you don't have to be a member of the media, politics, or law enforcement, to reveal corruption. You only have to be a citizen.
    Carry on Cory, and keep us informed.

  10. Aachen 2014.06.04

    "Now what?"

    It's almost .... poignant.

    A bit reminded of Hansel and Gretel, oddly.

  11. DeeJay Beejer 2014.06.04

    Cory, great comment on Facebook. However, if I had done it, I would have mentioned something about a sack...or lack thereof.

  12. grudznick 2014.06.04

    Mr. C, I just want to confirm that you would be just as mad at the pretty young Dr. if she was of a different race. That's true, right? Let us put to bed the race issue surrounding the persecution of the lady once and for all.

  13. Roger Cornelius 2014.06.04

    grudz, sober up and then talk to me.

    Dr. Bozo's race has nothing to do with anything, just as Rhoden's dismal 2nd place finish in the primary means nothing.

    Rhoden lost to Rounds, he is a loser, Rounds doesn't even need his endorsement

  14. John Hess 2014.06.05

    Stop ruining her is a strange statement. Either she lacks free will or his influence may hold her harmless. As an extremist she never had a chance of winning or being a threat to more centered candidates. She put herself out there, that can't be easy and would take a toll on anyone. She probably needs some time to get out of the public eye and mend. There is a time to let things go. Of course you have to be cruel to be kind, but in the right measure. That's what Nick Lowe said in his theme from Shakespeare. The early performances are heartwarming.

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