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Bosworth Wants You to Pay Her Legal Bills

With her telling and treacherous sacrifice of Joel Arends last week, accused felon Annette Bosworth is looking for new legal counsel. Sioux Falls attorney Jeffrey R. Beck filed papers for her last week pertaining to her waiver of her initial court appearance, but the Hughes County courthouse yesterday did not have any documents on file indicating who would be serving as her attorney of record in her trail for petition fraud.

Everyone deserves legal representation. But whoever takes up Bosworth's doomed case should not expect to be paid, at least not directly by Bosworth. She has the money to send her husband and children off on an extended vacation to Alaska, but she doesn't think she should pay her own legal bills. Hence, her sister Peggy Craig is starting a legal defense fund:

Join me in standing with Dr Annette Bosworth. Her courage gives me hope. Support her by contributing to her legal defense fund, send money to the community fund:

Annette Bosworth Legal Support Fund
PO Box 130
Tea, SD 57064


Reliabank Dakota
720 Kevin Dr (PO Box 550)
Tea, SD 57064

For questions email: [Peggy Craig, Facebook post, 2014.06.24]

Bosworth directed a patient to create a "First Amendment Legal Defense" fund for her in May 2013, claiming vaguely that investigations into possible Medicaid fraud and improper employment practices were somehow about "politics" trying to force her to stop helping people. The only other information provided on the Indiegogo fundraising page was a link to a marketing pitch from Bosworth and Haber's blackhat search-engine-optimization henchman Joey Burzynski. That legal defense campaign drew one anonymous $10 donation before Bosworth and husband Chad Haber forgot about it thanks to the distraction of the next bright shiny thing, Bosworth's fake Senate campaign.

Craig's fundraising plea could mean Team Bosworth has decided they cannot spend any of their $1.6 million in campaign donations on legal bills, even though one could argue that Federal Election Commission rules would permit such expenditures. Craig's plea could mean that Bosworth simply doesn't have any campaign funds left.

Or it could just mean that, as usual, Annette Bosworth, a licensed physician with lots of earning potential, doesn't think she should take responsibility herself and pay her own bills. Instead of just going to work to pay her lawyer, her landlord, and her husband's travel agent, she depends on handouts.

Update 09:50 CDT: The Annette Bosworth Legal Defense Fund has not been registered as a non-profit corporation in South Dakota. That means the recipient of that money, Annette Bosworth, must declare any money sent to her as taxable income on her 1040.


  1. Rorschach 2014.06.25

    She has probably asked for a public defender. Pierre has a good one. The Rolex will disappear from her arm, the pearls from her neck, and the gun from her nightstand. She'll file bankruptcy to demonstrate her entitlement to a public defender, which will also have the effect of stiffing the employees who are suing her - or at least running up their attorney fees to contest the bankruptcy. The Alaska trip is a ploy to spend down whatever money they have before filing bankruptcy.

  2. Rocky Racoon 2014.06.25

    "The Annette Bosworth Legal Defense Fund has not been registered as a non-profit corporation in South Dakota. That means the recipient of that money, Annette Bosworth, must declare any money sent to her as taxable income on her 1040."

    I see the usual Bosworth standard of research, preparation, and competency has been followed here.

  3. Rorschach 2014.06.25

    Don't feed the animals. They'll forget how to feed themselves.

  4. Jim 2014.06.25

    Approximately how much is a 12-day trip for four to Alaska? Can't buy shoes, kids give up birthday presents, but a guy who doesn't work can dump 10K or so on a swell vacation, then turn around and beg for money? That's takes a lot of nerve, even in the imbalanced world of Annette Bosworth.

  5. Laura 2014.06.25

    How about Lee begging for donations to continue his projects? I saw a You Tube video where he is asking for donations to be able to video interviews on the "corruption in politics" and the persecution of Christians in the Middle East. If I can find the link again I will post it. He also tweeted that you blocked him...funny! And that your source named Michelle has perjured herself as well as she is lying and has a problem with truth telling. I find that very ironic coming from the Bosworth camp.

  6. Laura 2014.06.25

    He is asking Jackley to charge this Michelle with perjury if he is going to continue to charge Annette, just saw another tweet about it.

    Seriously, when will the train wreck stop?

  7. caheidelberger Post author | 2014.06.25

    Hi, Laura! Yes, I blocked Lee on Twitter, since I find he's not adding value to the story.

    Lee says someone perjured herself? Has Lee yet cited the formal oath the individual swore and broke? Has he shown the court document or testimony in which this individual supposedly told a falsehood? Call me when he does.

    I've seen the video Lee made of Annette's poor mother. Under Lee's argument, if my source is actually telling the truth, then Poor Rose Bosworth is guilty of perjury... for making a YouTube video. Note that I won't go there, because I know the difference between mistakes, lies, and perjury. I may put up a post about Rose's video, although I'm not sure it's worth the effort, since the post would read just like the one I wrote on Rick Bandy's video: the statement that Chad and Annette did not circulate any petitions early has absolutely no bearing on the felony charges Annette faces for perjuring herself in her circulator's oath.

  8. caheidelberger Post author | 2014.06.25

    Nah, not worth a new post. I'll just append the Rose Bosworth video to the post on Rick Bandy's video. Different face, same smokescreen.

  9. Laura 2014.06.25

    I completely agree with you. When Lee says "I am not an attorney" clearly he is not!! Saying something that is not true is not necessarily perjury. And who is telling the truth Michelle, Rose, Annette? Are they all talking/speaking about the exact same things? The real issue is the perjury and fraud that Annette committed. I believe those issues will be played out in court and evidence will show that regardless of who is in line of the blame game, she is accountable for the actions she took, whether advised to do so or simply on her own.

    Does anyone else think that Lee is totally douchey? I can not believe that intelligent people believe much of what he says. Clearly, I believe he is informed on many topics, but its the delivery I question.

  10. caheidelberger Post author | 2014.06.26

    Laura, anybody can gather and publish a lot of information. It takes wisdom and morality to use that information to fight for the truth and the common good.

    Laura is absolutely right in her assessment of Stranahan's failure to grasp and use intelligent legal strategy. He has posted a second video featuring poor Rose reciting hearsay about Joel Arends.

    I've added that video to the Bandy post mentioned above. Like the first Rose video, this one is legally irrelevant, with zero exculpatory power for Annette.

  11. Douglas Wiken 2014.06.26

    " exculpatory power for Annette." is a close cousin of "hen's teeth."

  12. Jessie 2014.06.27

    KCCR - Bosworth arraignment scheduled for Monday at 1:30 pm, Hughes County Courthouse, Judge Brown.

  13. Amy 2014.07.22

    Funny thing is, I've known Annette a long time, & let me tell you, even her Rolex is fake.

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