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Wismer Not Winning Women’s Vote, Losing Third of Dems to Daugaard—Why?

If Larry Pressler can get mojo back, why can't Susan Wismer?

Susan Wismer has touted her gubernatorial bid as South Dakotans' chance to elect their first female governor. She doubled the female fun by naming Susy Blake as her running mate.

Yet both of the big SurveyUSA polls have shown no advantage for Wismer among the ladies. The September poll showed 55% of men and 53% of women going for Dennis Daugaard; the October poll shows Daugaard winning 58% of men and 60% of women. Ladies, why aren't you flocking to Wismer?

We can ask the same of a big chunk of Democrats. From September to October, the number of Democrats voting for Daugaard has risen from 23% to 32%. A third of my fellow travelers are voting for the Republican incumbent, the leader of the corrupt one-part regime in Pierre and part owner of the EB-5 scandal.

Fellow Democrats, fill me in. What possible reason does a Democrat have to vote for Dennis Daugaard instead of a Democratic challenger who could upset the balance of power and challenge the Legislature to create a better budget?


  1. Kathy 2014.10.13

    I'm a registered independent and I'm actually undecided on the governor's race. I can only speak for myself and my perceptions may not be the same as other people's perceptions.

    I don't vote for people based upon their gender or the letter behind their name. IMHO, that's why we have the mess we do--too many people just vote for the person with a specific letter behind their names. In fact, I find it insulting that someone would assume that I would automatically vote for the female candidate just because she's female.

    I'm undecided because I just don't know. I don't know enough about Wismer to make a decision. She has a nice ad full of warm fuzzies and she's a CPA, but that's about it. I need more information than that to form a decision.

    Also, it seems to me that the state Democratic Party is weak. I'm not sure if this is a money issue or if its based upon some kind of fear or resignation over being the blue party in a very red state. It seems to me that the Democratic Party doesn't try very hard to campaign for their candidates and get their names out there. It's almost as if the election is a formality and they just don't care because they have already decided that they are going to lose. In the Senate race, Rick Weiland's amount of publicity seems like an anomaly.

    The state Democratic Party seems to mirror what I think is wrong with the Democratic Party nationally; they react. They're always on the defensive. Sometimes, they seem to be too timid. They have these opportunities practically gift-wrapped to them when some Republicans open their mouths and say stupid things or do stupid things, but the Democrats don't take advantage of them.

    This is the perception I get from the Democratic Party in South Dakota. If they appear to not care about their own candidates, then what reason do I have to care about their candidates? I need a reason besides "they're not Republican".

    I'm most excited about the US Senate race because I actually get the chance to vote "for" someone instead of casting my vote against someone else.

  2. Jaka 2014.10.13

    SD is not only last in teacher pay but in many other areas. Shown by the preponderance of male prejudices that make their way into state law, ie: anti-abortion rights, voting rights, marriage rights and the list goes on. The male must dominate-female submit is a predominating thought. Women hesitate to vote opposite of their mate's vote because they like relationship peace rather than conflict. I am amazed we led the national fight for women's suffrage to vote way back when,,, but then, at one point in time we in SD were known to be a Progressive type state and not a retarding, brakes on, skid marked, racist, drag them into the future somehow society naturally "led" or represented by the same mind set in government!!!!

  3. lesliengland 2014.10.13

    wow. i am voting for Susan precisely because she is a woman, she is a rep. and is in the know about the inner working SD government admin., is a CPA and active committee member swimming upstream, and because she debated the "pants off" (forgive the euphemism) daugaard last week on SDPR (that took all of about 20 mins. listening while washing dishes at work). I believe women in general are innately superior to men in many ways learned from years of experience (you kathy already know that-you are not the one with 1000 friends are you?). and gloria steinnam told me so at CSU years ago!

  4. JeniW 2014.10.13

    I have already voted, so it is a done deal for me.

    I did vote for Susan/Susy, why? Mostly because I know Susy Blake. She has a history of success as a legislator, an advocate, and as a person.

    I also know that Susy has been an advocate for individuals with disabilities, which of course is a primary concern for me.

    Daugaard has addressed the issues/concerns of individuals with disabilities which is going to garner votes for him. When the 15 - 20% of the population has some type of disability, that is a lot of potential voters.

    What I have been noticing is that none of the candidates are addressing the needs of individuals with disabilities.

    Much of the attention has been on the EB-5 issue. Although, it is a big issue, it is certainly not the only one.

    Susan/Susy, IMO, need to spend more time on the social issues such as the homelessness, the effects of low income on the aging and/or disabilities.

    When addressing the issues of individuals with disabilities, in reality it is addressing the issue of almost everyone.

    In reality, I cannot say much more about their campaign, because I have not had the opportunity to hear them give a presentation. I think Susan/Susy are very compatible.

  5. lesliengland 2014.10.13

    sorry kathy, u are obviously not that kathy we experienced here some months back in the "corrina press conf. dealio(as larry likes to say, among others)." pls vote Susan!

  6. 96Tears 2014.10.13

    People in this state are disconnected from news. They believe the Biggest Lie that if Source A says "day" and Source B says "night," then the truth is someplace in the middle (and both sources should be disregarded anyway). And if you require them to spend more than 15 seconds to learn anything, you've lost them.

    I saw today's Rapid City Journal article titled: "Rapid City voters react to sudden uncertainty of U.S. Senate race." True to the headline, those folks interviewed sort of understand the Rounds Racketeering Scam, but only tangentially. They're in the process of wondering if they should not vote for Mike Rounds this election. To your questions, Cory, this scam failed to latch onto any other race on the ballot because it requires more than 15 seconds to explain. What successes that have been won have been through the frequency of headlines in the news and paid advertising.

    That's why Democrats need to aggressively pursue this as a reform bandwagon. If they don't pound this again and again and again, this issue of deep corruption will fade away while there is still much more information to come. As long as Democrats are the party out of power, they will need to be a lot more willful and creative in their messaging.

  7. mike from iowa 2014.10.13

    Kathy,think of Dems as the safe,responsible driver you'd want in control of a vehicle on a road with right wing,whitey wingnut kamikazes out to run everyone off the road. Not sure about you,but defensive driving comes first and foremost,especially when surrounded by bat-shit crazy conservatives.

    The party of R throws obstacles in your way and you have to react. Neither party gets much done until either Dems capitulate and become crazy or wingnuts finally decide to stop obstructing and work with the sensible party. That choice shouldn't be hard to make.

  8. ken stewart 2014.10.13

    It amazes me that the Democratic party has no presence in Pierre. I can't even find out where to get Democrat yard signs for my house. I am not active in the party, but passionate this year about needed changes in South Dakota.

  9. ken stewart 2014.10.13

    It amazes me that the Democratic party has no presence in Pierre. I can't even find out where to get Democrat yard signs for my house. I am not active in the party, but passionate this year about needed changes in South Dakota. Now your stupid site claims I have said this before and won't accept my comment. This is my first time ever at this site. What gives>

  10. mike from iowa 2014.10.13

    Ken-if it says already said that,don't re-send. It will show up on site shortly. Hang in there. South Dakota needs all the Dem voices it can get. :)

  11. ken stewart 2014.10.13

    Sorry, I should apologize for my impatience.

    I am also curious as to why nobody is bringing up Mike Rounds and the destruction of the State Library.

    During his first term, he hired an outside consultant who deemed the State Library as redundant. 90% of the books were either destroyed or sold to an out of state bookseller for pennies on the dollar.
    There was no bidding, no dealer in the state was even allowed to bid. We paid for this library with tax dollars. No one was allowed to buy even one book. A few books did go to
    S.D. colleges, but most had what was offered already. Rounds needed a new home for the Dept. of Education.

    The Montana consultant was rewarded with a job at the University of South Dakota

    The shell of the library is still open but you cannot check a book out unless you are a state employee. Only South Dakota and native American books remain. A duplicate of services as the State Historical Society has the same type of material.

  12. lesliengland 2014.10.13

    mmr is/was a busy leader, too busy for detail and quality and follow-up, asking who he should hire, delegating like ronnie, focused lazer sharp on getting his instrument rating in his new (i mean WE paid for it) beechcraft queen air twin-engine (is it a turboprop?) airplane. what kinda boat does he drive, i wonder, on the flood plain and up on the army's big lake??

  13. lesliengland 2014.10.13

    bashing the dem. party is like bashing the gov. go to a meeting. its just us, ordinary people, very limited resources locally, dedicated to good, human values. you can fail to vote, just vote, or vote and actively participate in a party. any party. in that order. imo. i know we are all incredibly busy just trying to make life work. except for the 1% who repubs represent exclusively.

  14. South DaCola 2014.10.13

    Because she wasn't the right candidate. I still think the Dems missed a GIGANTIC opportunity by not Running Lowe as governor and Wismer as SOS, and now we will probably get neither. We can thank Brown County Dems, Hunhoff and Zach Crago for propping up a losing candidate so Huether can run in 2018.

  15. larry kurtz 2014.10.13

    Quit looking up a dead horse's ass, Ehrisman and join me in sending Wismer/Blake some money.

  16. jerry 2014.10.13

    @ken stewart., This is their mo, you take what the taxpayers have put their hard earned money into, give it to cronies so they will give you a cut in the take. Typical Mafia tactics. Legislators in South Dakota, along with their spiritual leaders, Rounds, Daugaard and Jackley, regularly tuned in to the Sopranos to try to keep in step with the latest. They are very grateful for the Netflix so that they can return to the scenes of the crimes whenever rusty.

  17. David Newquist 2014.10.13

    Most people who have an occasional moment of sentience know that the state is corrupt, but many like to identify with power, no matter how obtained or used. We can castigate elected officials, but the responsibility lies with the people. who vote them into office. The ruling mindset is that corruption is fine if it maintains power over those you despise--racial minorities, same sex couples, working poor, those who think that everyone deserves healthcare and a sufficient diet.

  18. jerry 2014.10.13

    Oh, Susan is not the right candidate, oh me oh my. Please, Susan is our candidate and she brings much to the table. Educate your friends on what the Daugaard regime has done. Daisy Duck should be able to win this thing for all the misery this Daugaard has pulled on our working poor, our Native population, environment, you name it and Daugaard has crapped all over it.

  19. bearcreekbat 2014.10.13

    I am quite curious about the poll numbers. I have not met a single Democrat, Progressive or Liberal that has argued anyone should vote for Daugaard over Wismer. Perhaps the poll asked people to self identify and those Daugaard supporters who claimed to be Democrats fell into one of two camps: (1) Republicans and conservatives who merely claimed to be Democrats in the hopes of getting real Democrats to vote against their interests, or (2) Individuals who really don't think about the differences in candidates and call themselves Democrats for reasons unrelated to actual political beliefs or goals.

    Other than those reasons, it appears that neither myself or other commentators can provide any rational reason for a SD Democrat to support Daugaard.

    As for women, I suspect most are like Kathy and don't vote based on the gender of a candidate. Women have lived with sex discrimination all their lives and the last thing most women want is to discriminate on the basis of sex by voting against someone due to gender.

  20. Douglas Wiken 2014.10.13

    Where's Waldo?
    Where's Wismer?

    Kathy is right about the SD Democratic Party. What are the issues? What are the new ideas? What can Democrats do to make government more efficient. Too many years ago, I worked for the SD Democratic Party raising money. I put together a letter with actual issues which was to go to Democrats. Kneip administration dudes were afraid to mention real issues in even a fund-raising letter and it was never used. The party still seems to be non-functioning only requesting money and giving no better reasons for getting it than the same kind of values crap the GOP abuses.

  21. Bill Fleming 2014.10.13

    It has to do with the nature of being a Democrat, name ID, and comparative brand positioning.

    Very quickly,

    1. Democrats are different than Republicans in one critical key respect. They feel free to vote for anybody they want to. Proof of the pudding, notice how many Dems are signaling they might vote for Pressler.

    2. Wismer hasn't had the money to make her name known Statewide, to nearly the extent Daugaard has. I'm guessing Wismer's unaided awareness is under 50%. To prove it to yourself call 100 random people in SD and ask them to name the candidates who are running for governor this year and see how many people say Susan. name first, or even say it at all.

    3. Given the above (if I'm right) it goes without saying that people don't really know what Susan stands for, whereas Daugaard is perceived as being pretty positive. (He addressed a lot of the negatives that Rounds was being criticized for, Valhalla, airplanes, structural deficit, etc.) Sure there are some big negatives (like Madicaid) but nobody's really paying attention to them.

    Susan has to make the very difficult case that Daugaard has done such a terrible job for South Dakota that he deserves to be fired, while simultaneously convincing us that she is the right one to replace him.

    In my opinion neither her campaign, nor the SD Democratic party has had the focus, or the wherewithall to make that case to the general public convincingly.

    p.s. new GOP poll out. Rick's back in second place .

  22. lesliengland 2014.10.13

    cory, can u list those other SDRC lawsuits mercer mentions? wismer has just as much reason to get all over daugaard to 1.) query why he does nothing to get to the bottom of his former boss' cover-up; and 2.) of course, what his knowledge and relationship w/ sveen, benda and bollen was, precisely. jfc!

  23. larry kurtz 2014.10.13

    Brown County and tribal turnout are keys to Wismer's door to the governor's mansion regardless of polling numbers.

  24. Bill Fleming 2014.10.13

    Above: "...see how many people say Susan Wismer's name first..." Sorry.

    When testing raw awareness, brand recognition people look for TOMA, top of mind awareness. The way to measure it is to ask an open ended question and see what the interviewie says. Most political polls don't do this, but Wismer should. It's often the case that the whole problem is jus simple lack of awareness, which a great many clients simply can believe. They think they have an image problem, a message problem or whatever, but the simple fact is, hardly anybody even knows who they are.

  25. Bill Fleming 2014.10.13

    "...just simple lack of awareness, which a great many clients simply can't believe..." (Jeeze, typing to fast. sorry again...)

  26. lesliengland 2014.10.13

    wow, 37, 33 (rick), and 28 %. I know there are many other polls, but wow, we have a chance in this, what, $12 mil. race (rick 2 mil., mmr 10 mil.)?

  27. lesliengland 2014.10.13

    NBC and NYT and WaPo are on this. How about ABC, CBS? anybody know how to get them on it? Oh, stan, does your boy work for those folks now that you don't have national influence anymore??

  28. lesliengland 2014.10.13

    Dear 南达科他州区域中心主席。 : Help Susan help Rounds "simply take responsibility for the EB-5 program that took off like a brush fire during his administration" and I am sure she'll go easier on you now, than after 11/04. She'll be meeting early w/ HER AG and I am quite certain you'll be hearing from Jackley's 100 lawyers that want to keep their jobs and the overwhelming capability of statewide law enforcement and feds when loosed on you by Gov. Susan Wismer. Thx joop

  29. Jessie 2014.10.13

    Ken, contact Anne Eichinger for yard signs in Hughes and Stanley counties.

  30. 96Tears 2014.10.13

    The South Dakota electorate is very fluid this fall, and will probably stay that way right up to Election Day.

    Noticed some of the national observers scratching their heads about South Dakota, and seeming incapable of understanding the Rounds Racketeering Scam. Their 'fly-over' vision is clouded by the anti-Obama nationalized messaging, not realizing the difference in South Dakota is the election issues are primarily local politics. As we all know, 'all politics is local' and that trumps national messaging every time.

  31. lesliengland 2014.10.13

    by and large are local political stories done better via rapid city journal, kota nightly news, national nightly news or cable news? we know cable is liberal or conservative, (once) local-owned by kota is right leaning, rcj is heavily right-leaning until perhaps last week(!) and national nightly news is pretty fair. most people get there news on TV.

  32. Roger Cornelius 2014.10.13

    Kathy has spoken some harsh realities for South Dakota Democrats, I don't agree with all her statements, but I don agree that SD Democrats doing have an active machine. That is the point we need to address in the near future.
    A true Democratic political machine would actively support not just national campaigns, but the locals ones as well.
    The Democratic Party needs to be active the year around and not just in election years.
    Campaign fund raising is not a one time action, it is a daily action to reach out to voters that actually build the party.
    I'm sorely disappointed in our state party, we say our candidates should do better, but the state party isn't always behind them.

  33. Roger Cornelius 2014.10.13

    In recent news reports, there is a sharp decline in cable tv subscribers, the larges group that is dropping cable are young people.
    They rely largely on social media to get their news and have political discussions.
    If Democrats are going to appeal to young people, they need to go social media.

  34. South DaCola 2014.10.13

    Jerry, you are right, a trained monkey should be able to beat Denny, if voters actually knew how corrupt he was. That aside, you should always put your BEST candidate forward. They did not, and they wasted a lot of money and political capital by having a primary.

  35. Roger Cornelius 2014.10.13

    96 Tears,

    You're right, the recent national media coverage has focused on the Pressler effect, mostly that he is an independent and old timer trying to make a comeback.
    Many of the media outlets initially thought it was the Reid-Daschle fallout that was causing Pressler's rise in the polls. They still just don't get it!
    Mike Rounds EB-5 scandal is what is causing traditional Republicans to turn to Pressler, they need an alternative candidate to the Rounds crony capitalism corruption and Pressler is their guy.

  36. Bill Fleming 2014.10.13

    Cory, if I'm reading the new poll right, Wismer is doing better among Democrats than Weiland is by about 5 points. Madvillagers, please double check me.

  37. Bill Fleming 2014.10.13

    Again Cory in the new poll, Wismer is polling 39 to 49 against DD, while men are 31 Wismer to 57 DD.

  38. Bill Fleming 2014.10.13

    Note it's a robo poll that may not be calling cell phones, just land lines.

  39. Bill Fleming 2014.10.13

    Above the 39 to 48 number is women...

  40. JeniW 2014.10.13

    Polls, polls, and more polls....

    Makes me wonder how are the polls being conducted, who is being called, who is doing the calling, and the big one, are the same people being called repeatedly? Is the methodology even of matter?

    I have caller ID, I never answer the phone if I do not recognize the name or number. Am I the only one who does that? I am thinking probably not.

    There seems to be different poll everyday. Which ones, if any, are a true reflection of where people are standing at this point?

    I enjoy seeing the polls that show Wieland, Susan, and other Democrats gaining, but I wonder.

  41. larry kurtz 2014.10.13

    Bill, results in the primary reflect similar numbers against Lowe, right?

  42. jana 2014.10.13

    As far as Democratic Party women crossing over. I wonder how much of that can attributed to tens of thousands of tax payer money featuring Mrs. Duggaard talking about infant health and safety.

  43. Jenny 2014.10.13

    I knew this would be a disaster for dems with Wismer. SD dems were foolish to put an unknown woman candidate on the ticket when they haven't been able to win in 40 years. What were they thinking? Herseth would have had a hard time winning against Daugaard.
    Who really is running the SDDP these days? First piece of advice - name recognition.

  44. JeniW 2014.10.13

    Jenny, I respectfully disagree.

    But, maybe you can tell us more by how do potential candidates get name recognition before they become a candidates?

  45. Jenny 2014.10.13

    Well, even DFL Mark Dayton barely won in MN, and he had name recognition and money (lots of it).
    Wismer does not have either. In SD you need at least one (preferably both). Find a prominent democrat with some money in the Sioux Falls area if you want to start winning elections.
    It is sad to see the SDDP fall this hard after so many years of success.

  46. Lynn 2014.10.13

    Jenny I was listening to WCCO a few days ago and it sounds like with the latest polls Franken and Dayton are sitting pretty solid for a win.

    Sure hope we can win here or there is a very good chance I'll be returning to Minnesota. lol

  47. Jenny 2014.10.13

    Yes, the DFL is sitting good these days in MN. Even SE MN, which has historically been conservative, is doing well with DFL Representative Tim Walz. What works here is a strong populist message, which is interesting why it never seems to work in SD. Walz is a very staunch advocate for Veterans which has boosted his popularity among independent and conservative voters.

  48. Lynn 2014.10.13

    Walz is a vet too. I was living in the Twin Cities when he was elected.

  49. mikeyc, that's me! 2014.10.13

    You should know the answer to your question by now.
    "It's that Goddamn Obama's fault."
    Sorry, couldn't resist.

  50. Troy 2014.10.13


    You just might be right. Obama's Job Approval in South Dakota has been consistently between 27% and 30% all year. Weiland, Robinson, and Wismer have all struggled getting above that number.

    Interesting side note: In 2006 contested Senate Races, not a single GOP candidate got more than 4% over Bush's job approval number in that state. In the ten contested Senate races this year, not a single Democrat candidate is polling over 4% over the Obama Job Approval number.

  51. Union Co 2014.10.13

    Wismer has my e-mail address and has never once has sent me a message or a schedule of where she is speaking or debating. That wouldn't be an expense and it hurts her a lot as messages are passed on. I hear from Weiland daily and attend whenever I can.

  52. mikeyc, that's me! 2014.10.13


    Interesting stats.

  53. larry kurtz 2014.10.13

    "Troy Jones Jr., now a private business developer in Sioux Falls, was the finance director for the REDI program during the first loan deal with Angus-Palm. He worked closely with Calvin to put the details together and they have continued to stay in touch and at times hunt together.
    "John Calvin is a great marketer. That's how he built his business," Jones said. "I can't think of a better person (for the state post). The staff is going to love him. He's a great motivator.""

  54. Bill Fleming 2014.10.13

    Well, Troy, it's not holding for the Senate race, Troy. Weiland and Pressler's numbers combined add up to well over 50% and they both say they support Obama, ACA, Same-sex marriage, roe v. wade, all that stuff.

    Maybe what we need is more Republicans like Larry to show you guys the pathway out of darkness, into the light. ;-)

  55. 96Tears 2014.10.13

    Troy's view of a nationalized congressional and statehouse races may apply if there were no other issues that suck the air out of the room. I believe the Mike Rounds Racketeering Scam sucked the air out of Mike's campaign. It is also the Dennis Daugaard Racketeering Scam since Dennis ran on being there with Mike throughout Rounds' eight years and Daugaard kept the racket running only until 12 months ago. That eliminates Daugaard's credibility when he uses the alibi it didn't happen on his watch.

    First Commandment of Politics: All politics is local. The Rounds Racketeering Scam far outshouts anything the losers in Washington have to dribble into South Dakota politics.

  56. larry kurtz 2014.10.13

    "Jeff Erickson, who was the South Dakota-based CEO at the time for Great Western Bank’s U.S. operations, served on the state Banking Commission and the state Board of Economic Development that makes REDI loans for new and expanding businesses that create sufficient jobs.

    Erickson said there wasn’t any general presentation made to the economic development board about the plan to use EB-5. “We were told anecdotally about all the money coming in,” he said."

  57. larry kurtz 2014.10.13

    "Support was expressed for the REDI Fund, the Future Fund, the Community Development Block Grant Program, and TIFS. Mr. Richard Benda, Secretary of the Department of Tourism and State Development, stated that personnel continue to work diligently toward the department’s 2010 Initiatives. Mr. Benda said that one of the foremost issues is attracting an expanding workforce to the state."

  58. grudznick 2014.10.13

    I believe that women are generally smarter than men. Most women. And they can tell when somebody, especially another woman, is in way over her head.

  59. JeniW 2014.10.13

    Jenny, you could be correct, but just how many Democrats in SD are well know, and have lots of money to spend?

    I think the party did make the effort to find people who have the ways and means to campaign, but no one can be forced to campaign.

    I admire Susan and Susy for their willingness to spend their money, time, and energy to not only campaign, but to fulfill the responsibilities of the position.

    Plus, even if they do not get in this time around, they may try again in the future for the same or different positions, and if so, they will have name recognition. Might not have the money then, but who knows? :)

  60. JeniW 2014.10.13

    Jenny, another consideration that potential candidates have to consider is their employment. How many people can afford to give up their paychecks and benefits? without knowing if they will be elected, or be re-hired if they are not elected?

  61. caheidelberger Post author | 2014.10.13

    On JeniW's point: indeed, what other Democrat would have provided the superior name recognition Jenny craves? Did Joe Lowe, our other primary candidate, bring any advantage on that criterion?

  62. caheidelberger Post author | 2014.10.13

    Bill is right: the new Harper poll cross tabs do show an advantage for Susan among women of 6–7 points. That's about the same gender-gap Democrats get on the generic Senate question, less than the 12-point gender gap on President Obama's strong favorable/unfavorable, and less than the 10-point gender gap by which ladies favor Rick Weiland.

    So strangely, the all-woman gubernatorial ticket gets less boost among women than Rick, Barack, and Dems in general. My pundit friends, would you like to try explaining those numbers?

  63. Jenny 2014.10.13

    Cory, Herseth-Sandlin would have been a much more credible candidate. Especially with all the concerning GOP corruption coming to light, the Dems could have had a serious chance to take back the Gubernatorial.
    I know, I know, she wasn't interested, but I think it would have been a much more interesting, closer race.

  64. larry kurtz 2014.10.13

    SHS does not hyphenate her name nor is she prone to looking up dead horses' asses.

  65. JeniW 2014.10.13

    But even Stephanie was an unknown when she first campaigned for office.

    I remember well meeting her for the first time in the "green room" before a televised debate.

    On that debate she was the lone woman among the literally, big and overweight men.

    Politics was not corrupt free then either.

  66. JeniW 2014.10.13

    Cory, I think it is impossible to answer your question without mere speculation.

    Polls generally ask "who," not "why." When I have participated in polls, I have been asked "who" not the "why or why not."

  67. Troy 2014.10.13


    I would answer the question but anything outside far left accepted positions is met with personal derision, so I offer this as an answer (but only mean it if it is liberal feminist orthodoxy)- men are forcing their woman to say Daugaard. They won't be able to control the women in the privacy of the ballot box.

  68. larry kurtz 2014.10.13

    Troy the Tory: priceless.

  69. Jenny 2014.10.13

    Troy forgot to say that Wismer and Blake are not attractive enough.

  70. grudznick 2014.10.13

    Ms. Jenny, I for one think that young Ms. Wismer is very pretty. Not Dr. Bos pretty, but she's pretty pretty. Mrs. Black on the other hand could use a new wardrobe.

  71. Roger Cornelius 2014.10.13

    Democratic women not supporting Wismer/Blake is as perplexing as women that continually support the Republican Party, the party that has declared war on them.

  72. jerry 2014.10.13

    Here is a message for all the women who think the republican brand is so cool.

    Whenever you go into the store and see the tin can that sets on the counter that says that so and so is going to need health care for there cancer treatment or for the broken back they got out in the corral so please put some money in to help with the expense, Thank Daugaard for screwing those hard working folks with no health insurance.

    Each time you see a sale for someone you know who had lost their home or their place due to medical expenses, thank Daugaard for screwing that person over because his party is more important than the working person's welfare.

    Each time you think that Daugaard is your sweety, well, you get the picture.

  73. Jane 2014.10.13

    The discussions on the depth of the EB-5 corruption was necessary to demonstrate the depth of th issues. It is an example that indicates how a group of people behave. Instead of blanket discussions on the too many topics, the deep dives are more deterministic. It is all indirectly relevant.

  74. Steve Sibson 2014.10.14

    "Democratic women not supporting Wismer/Blake is as perplexing as women that continually support the Republican Party, the party that has declared war on them."

    Perhaps more and more women are waking up to the Democratic Neo-Marxist lies that pits one group against another, while big money wins no matter who comes out ahead in November.

  75. Lanny V Stricherz 2014.10.14

    Sorry that I am so late to this discussion. I want to respond to the first and last responses. Kathy, you want a reason to vote for Wismer besides the fact that she is a woman. I spoke to a female Democrat activist before the Democratic primary when this blog and most of it's participants were favoring former Fire Marshall Lowe. She told me that Wismer was going to win based on her knowledge of issues important to farmers and business people who have need to have improved rail systems in this state. She was speaking to a group of suited businessmen down in Hudson, who are in the ethanol business and she spoke so intelligently on the issue, that she won their approval on the spot.

    You said you don't vote for someone because of their gender or the letter behind their name, and for that I congratulate you. But unlike Daugaard, she has shown that she does have an interest in women's issues, particularly as it comes to teachers and the way they have been dissed by both DD and MMR for the past 12 years. Please don't listen to the Grudz and his thinking that Susan is in way over her head, or that how Suzie Blake dresses is of importance when you vote.

    Mr Sibson, So you would vote for a law breaking, money stealing fore flushing former Lt Governor, now Governor, who lied to us about education when he ran in 2010, over a woman, because she belongs to a party that you consider neo-marxist, even though that term was worn out decades ago, as far as applying to the Democratic Party?

  76. Roger Cornelius 2014.10.14

    Sibson's a Commie.

  77. larry kurtz 2014.10.14

    Rep. Wismer is on Bill Janklow's idea of public radio.

  78. Steve Sibson 2014.10.14

    "So you would vote for a law breaking, money stealing fore flushing former Lt Governor, now Governor"


  79. Jenny 2014.10.14

    Sibster, I thought you would be out campaigning for Gordon Howie?

  80. mike from iowa 2014.10.14

    The masochist is back. Must have taken an extra day to lick his wounds from the last go round.

  81. larry kurtz 2014.10.14

    At least Steve uses his real name.

    Sib: put up a post comparing Howie with Rounds and i'll slam it into twitter.

  82. mike from iowa 2014.10.14


  83. Roger Cornelius 2014.10.14

    And we find that once again Sibson is too damn lazy and dependent on Cory to write his own blog.

  84. JeniW 2014.10.14

    Steve Sibson, you really should start your own blog. That way you can practice your right of free speech, gain supporters for your beliefs and opinions, and there will be some people who think you are wonderful. Betty Olson just might start consulting with you so that she can get more ideas for her articles.

  85. Deb Geelsdottir 2014.10.14

    It really saddens me that women do a variety of things against the best interests of themselves and their daughters. The Republican War on Women is real. The righty/fundamentalist churches diminish women as a matter of doctrine. Why don't women walk out of those environments? Roger mentioned a real possibility on another post some time ago.

    Stockholm Syndrome:
    That's about people identifying with their oppressors. When I say 'oppressor', I mean the ones who hold absolute, or very near absolute power over them.

    ***Let me be clear - Not All Men.*** Okay, now that that's out of the way, I'll go on.

    For the history of human genders, male has dominated female, with a few, exceedingly rare exceptions. Male has controlled the means of food, clothing and shelter, plus reproduction. All the stuff that makes human life possible. Females had better identify with, and blindly support the male. Her very survival depends upon it.

    As we look at examples of women fighting that dominant control, we can see how few they have been and how high the price is. It's not like that's all in the past either. Women are still most likely to be assaulted by males, especially intimate males. The balance still greatly favors the male in human necessities- food, clothing, shelter, reproduction.

    I'm not going to go on about how women are threatened by men. It is factual. So women continue to find safety in identifying with the male. Women who resist do so at significant risk.

    Of course women struggle with Stockholm Syndrome issues. Millennia of oppression have an effect. How could it not?

  86. Deb Geelsdottir 2014.10.14

    It thrills me every single time I see another bright, independent, strong woman. It's so exciting. When I was growing up, women didn't have their own names. She was Mrs. John Doe. She couldn't independently sign a contract, open a bank account, etc. She was the "little lady". She was legally paid less than a male because he was a bread winner. (Okay, she's still paid less, but at least it's illegal now. Kinda.)

    While there are light years to go, the progress in the past century is exciting. GO WOMEN!!!!!!!!!!

  87. Les 2014.10.14

    Out of the ashes, the "New South Dakota Democratic Party" rises at Maddville.
    I'd vote for Hitler before I'd share the room with the causticism in this house.

  88. Bill Fleming 2014.10.14

    ...and yet, Les, here you are. ;-)

  89. JeniW 2014.10.14

    There was a time when it was considered acceptable, though not encouraged, for husbands to physically assault and rape their wives. It was not until the late 1960's to early 1970's until that started to change.

    A lot of pain and sorrow for the women who experienced that, and fear by the children who had to see and hear it. :(

  90. grudznick 2014.10.14

    Yes, Les. That seems a bit harsh, as my good friend Bill says.

    However, I'm wondering, is there any local on the boots ground effort where maybe Mr. Fleming prints up some of his slick and well worded posters and people can put them on sandwich boards? I am serious about this. When was the last time you saw a sandwich board guy down around main street square and was it as good a sandwich board as Bill can make?

  91. Deb Geelsdottir 2014.10.15

    The hatred of women has taken a relatively new turn. It's all about very credible death threats against women who are involved in video gaming. I am appalled and terrified at this.

    It feels very frustrating and unfortunate to me, but I think outraged men going after those perverse misogynists is what is necessary to stop them.

  92. Jenny 2014.10.15

    Okay, so it was against the law for American wives to open their own bank accounts in the 50s and 60s? I'll have to ask my very independent 81 year old mother if that one is true.

  93. Francis Schaffer 2014.10.15

    Les, please use German.

  94. mike from iowa 2014.10.15


  95. mike from iowa 2014.10.15

    Link doesn't appear to work,but it wasn't until around the mid 70s that women could bank for themselves and open credit lines w/o hubbie's approval

  96. jerry 2014.10.15

    Medicaid Expansion is what the people of South Dakota wanted by a substantial margin. Wismer would lead South Dakota back to reality with the approval of the expansion. This is not only a woman's issue, it is an issue for us all. The sooner we can get treatment to affected people, the more money it saves hospitals and taxpayers.

  97. lesliengland 2014.10.15

    there are undoubtedly lives lost during this 9 mos. of no expansion of Medicaid which should be identified so blame may lie squarely on the daugaard administration. of course, dennis may not be aware of the transactional details.

  98. Roger Cornelius 2014.10.15

    Will someone let les know that Hitler is dead, committed suicide I'm told, don't know how les missed that.

  99. Roger Cornelius 2014.10.15

    When I made the comment about Republican women being victims of the Stockhom's Syndrome, Troy, Sibson or one of those other self-righteous one's accused me of being racist and sexist.
    Hopefully Republican women will one day the errors in their ways, when they get in the voting booth their husbands won't know how they vote.

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