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Daugaard-Michels Have $1.5 Million on Hand; Wismer in Debt

Yesterday was the deadline for South Dakota candidates to submit their pre-general campaign finance reports to the Secretary of State. Governor Dennis Daugaard and his running mate Lt. Gov. Matt Michels both have their reports in; so do Democrat Rep. Susan Wismer and Independent Mike Myers. (Myers's running mate Lora Hubbel has also reported, but her filing shows no money in or out.) Here are the totals that have flowed in an out of the gubernatorial campaigns over the last four months:

Raised Spent Cash on Hand
Dennis Daugaard (R) $702,918.35 $878,672.73 $1,460,323.18
Matt Michels (R) $70,616.26 $46,165.02 $24,951.24
Susan Wismer (D) $207,852.50 $238,716.93 $18,391.64
Mike Myers (I) $325.00 $3,688.10 $156.07

Note that Myers has contributed a few thousand out of his own pocket to his own campaign. The Raised numbers here reflect the dollar votes of confidence from others.

As one would expect, Team Daugaard is moneywise untouchable. Daugaard and Michels have $1.5 million on hand to paint every Interstate billboard with Dennis's checked shirt and Matt's manly mustache... or, more likely, to shore up fellow Republicans. Since June, Daugaard's campaign has poured over $143,000 into other GOP campaigns, including $100K to the South Dakota Republican Party, $10K for Shantel Krebs's Secretary of State campaign, and $18.5K for Republican Legislative candidates. (He also gave $250 to the Colton Volunteer Fire Department... perhaps to help put out the fire around Mike Rounds's EB-5 barn?) Michels has greased the state GOP with another $40K, plus a grand for Rounds for Senate.

The Wismer campaign, by contrast, has not been able to spread any such largesse to other Democratic candidates. Before building love with folks down-ticket, Wismer will need to pay off her dad: the $18K Wismer has on hand is less than the $25K loan Maurice Jones loaned the campaign. Dems, better turn on the spigot now to get Wismer out of debt and make that last get-out-the-vote push!

As for Myers... well, I hate to make this comparison, but financially speaking, in the last four months, this blog has outperformed the Myers campaign in numbers of dollars and donors. (Thank you, dear readers, for ringing that tip jar!) In other words, if fundraising means anything, this blog could mount a more effective statewide campaign than the Independent gubernatorial candidate.


  1. Tim 2014.10.25

    As usual, money will buy this election, I have not heard or seen an ad for any democrat since I got back from my east river trip. Yesterday I had to turn the radio off in the truck as all I heard was bullshit Rounds and Daugaard ads, almost wrecked the truck screaming at the radio. Some approved by the candidates and some from PAC's. This tactic has always worked with the uninformed, vote R no matter what, voters in this state. I have no doubt it will work again. The people in this state get what they vote for.

  2. Roger Cornelius 2014.10.25

    How much of Daugaard's $1.5 million has come from REDI Fund, EB-5, or the Governor's Future Fund recipients?

    You know how it works in Pierre, Republicans handout grants and loans to themselves and than a portion of those taxpayer dollars are donated back to Republican campaigns.

  3. Loren 2014.10.25

    Best darn gov't money can buy! :-(

  4. Jenny 2014.10.25

    Skjonsberg handed over $3000 and Rounds handed over $1000 to crime boss Digger Daugaard.

  5. grudznick 2014.10.25

    lar, aren't you at the Governor's Hunting of Pheasants this weekend? You could be bending ears and changing minds while you stood out back with the pipe smokers.

  6. Joan Brown 2014.10.25

    I would jump up and down laughing if all these grass roots candidates won, instead of the big money ones. Believe me it would be hard for me do do that, because of my health right now.

  7. Deb Geelsdottir 2014.10.25

    I've been there Larry, but not up close and personal like you are. Good for you. I'm not as insanely jealous as I might have been if weather wasn't so decent here in Minn. 70° today. Wow.

  8. caheidelberger Post author | 2014.10.27

    Joan, I love to see underdogs win as well. But our underdogs still need to raise more money.

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