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Planned Parenthood: Weiland Beats Pressler on Pro-Choice, Pro-Women Policies

Hey, Pressler Democrats! Does this flyer help pull you back to Democrat Rick Weiland?
PP Weiland v Pressler 2014 front
PP Weiland v Pressler -back
Planned Parenthood MN-ND-SD's PAC has been filling South Dakota mailboxes with this mailer. Planned Parenthood has also put up to remind pro-lady Dems that Weiland supports their values better than Pressler. The pros for Weiland:

Let Women Decide, Not Politicians

We need leaders like Rick Weiland who will protect our right to make private medical decisions without government intrusion.

Protect Life-Saving Preventive Care

Rick will protect funds for lifesaving pre-cancer screenings and mammograms for millions of women and will fight against any attempt to defund Planned Parenthood.

Supports Expanded Paid Family Medical Leave

Rick will fight to expand paid medical leave to workers in companies with fewer than 50 employees [links mine; Planned Parenthood MN-ND-SD PAC,, downloaded 2014.11.03].

And the Pressler cons:

Voted 100% against the Pro-Choice Position

Former Republican Senator Larry Pressler voted against the pro-choice position 100% of the time.

Opposed the Family Medical Leave Act

Former Republican Senator Larry Pressler voted against the Family Medical Leave Act passed in 1993.

Opposed Life-Saving Preventive Care for Women

Former Republican Senator Larry Pressler said he probably would’ve voted against the legislation which has expanded life-saving preventive care to millions of women without a copay [links mine;].

One pale yellow flag: on preventive care, we're talking about the Affordable Care Act. (Preventive care with no copays—yeah, remember that benefit that Mike Rounds and Kristi Noem would repeal?) Yes, Pressler did say that, had he been in the Senate in 2010, he'd have voted against the ACA. But he has also said that the ACA is the law of the land, that repeal is unrealistic, and that we should work to make the ACA better. That puts Pressler somewhere in the neighborhood of where Stephanie Herseth Sandlin stood in 2010. Of course, Stephanie Herseth Sandlin didn't have to run against a Weiland....

So Dems, if you're still thinking of making Mike Rounds Senator by voting for Larry Pressler, does the pro-choice issue swing you back to Rick Weiland?


  1. Jana 2014.11.03

    The thing that struck me that is so important about this election is how it impacts women, the elderly, the children and the young adults.

    Women - do you really think that the GOP respects you and your rights? Not just reproductive rights, but equal rights in the workplace and wages. The GOP has made voting against Paycheck Fairness Act a de facto requirement for membership.

    The personhood bill is in their platform...yep, just the mere possibility that you may be pregnant means you are now a second class citizen.

    South Dakota is in the bottom 10 for Best Place for Women to Live and Work...don't make me remind you who has been running the store.

    Minimum wage? 62% of the people earning minimum wage are women over 20 and of that group, 55% of them are over 30 and 39% are over 40...yep, the GOP is looking out for you.

    Remember how they say that no one should come between a patient and their doctor? Well...they do make special exemptions for women. If you are in your reproductive years...well don't you worry your pretty little head. They'll take over control for you.

    Next up, why seniors need to be aware of the GOP wolf in sheep's clothing.

  2. Jana 2014.11.03

    Not just women, but seniors that should be voting against Mike Rounds and for Rick Weiland.

    The GOP likes to scare old people. Remind them that you are the greatest generation who lived through the Great Depression, a World War and the GOP inspired Great Recession. You're too tough and smart to be fooled by pandering politicians.

    Heck you even know the difference between the person who hit a scratch single and worked their way to third base and the guy who was born on third base and thinks they hit a home run. Guess which one the GOP takes their orders from.

    Privatizing Medicare and Social Security is in the GOP national platform. Have you heard Mike say he is against the national platform?

    You know that whole repeal and replace thing they keep saying and hoping you don't look into? Well, ask them what that means to the donut hole in your Medicare Part D plan. Ask them what it means for your children and grandchildren who are 26 and under. Those death panels they shriek about...they exist in the bowels of the private sector insurance companies...and you are a target and a threat to their record profits.

    Did you know that Obamacare is extending the solvency of Medicare by 12 years...tell chicken little Rounds that the his lie about Medicare is a lie.

  3. Steve Sibson 2014.11.04

    Yes, we already know Weiland represents the radical left. That is why Rounds will win. Sad, but true.

  4. larry kurtz 2014.11.04

    Rich women have full reproductive freedoms while women at middle and lower income levels experience chilling effects on their rights. South Dakota's repeated attempts to restrict access to medical care is not only mean-spirited, it's discriminatory anti-choice extremism.

  5. jerry 2014.11.04

    I remember back some cycles ago when the house, the senate and the president were all republicans. They did not give a rip about ending abortion or they could have easily made it happen. Now the states have come on board and have just about got it done. Well republicans, what will be your excuse not to end abortion completely? I will bet that even if they win today, they will not do anything about it and it will limp along as best as it does. Women of means will simply go to a state (there will always be places to get this job done) and we will be off to the races as always.

    Women have been marginalized just like the working poor and they honestly believe they are better off in the situations they find themselves in or they would change it with their vote. They both have allowed Daugaard to continue to browbeat them into submission by voting for him instead of someone who could actually help them. Oh well, such is life. The cavalry came to save them and they decided to fire upon it instead of their oppressors.

  6. tara volesky 2014.11.05

    Now that Rounds won with all that pro-life money let's see if he and Thune will introduce legislation to ban abortions. What the pro-lifers don't realize is the Republicans would never want to band abortion because that's how they raise money and get elected. Study the history of how pro-life came into being and how many Congressmen have introduce a bill to ban it.

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