A couple of friends have noted that, over the Monday noon hour, Larry Pressler may have said the funniest thing uttered this month on South Dakota Public Broadcasting. The former Senator and unsuccessful 2014 Independent candidate for Senate was chatting with Karl Gehrke about his involvement with the Centrist Project and the declining state of quality journalism when, at timestamp 5:45, he said this:

We do have some great bloggers in South Dakota who are basically centrists. One of them is Cory Heidelberger, who is a Democrat, but he does some very responsible blogging [Larry Pressler, interview with Karl Gehrke, SDPB: Dakota Midday, 2015.01.05].

Me, a centrist? Mr. Pressler, you're going to mess up my branding!

Pressler singled out another South Dakota blogger for praise:

Another is John Tsitrian, the Constant Commoner. Blogs are coming along, and maybe they will... get us away from lots of other blogs that are just one side or the other [Pressler, 2015.01.05].

John! Wow! You've been banging away for less than a year and a half on your own blog, and already an intelligent, experienced politico can recognize the value of your blogging! Well done!


The South Dakota Democratic Party needs to channel Elizabeth Warren and adopt an unapologetic populist progressivism in defense of the working class. Rick Weiland speaks that Warrenesque language.

Rick Weiland also got beat 50–30 in the Senate election.

Down with Tyranny took a shine to Rick Weiland early in the Senate campaign. Sometime Weiland consultant and former McGovern/Abourwzk/Daschle chief of staff Peter Stavrianos takes to that blogs pages to tell Warren warriors like me to reread Weiland's 20-point deficit as a two-point near-miss for Weiland's message:

This conclusion is not wishful progressive thinking. It is based on a PPP tracking poll completed just two days before the election.

That astonishing survey showed Weiland trailed Rounds by just 2% in a race without Pressler, and was the second choice of the overwhelming majority of Pressler voters.

This was hardly surprising since the independent Pressler ran as a liberal reform candidate, loudly proclaiming he had voted for Obama twice, supported Obamacare, gay marriage, and had marched with Martin Luther King.

In a race without Pressler, Weiland and his message were 30-40% closer to victory than his ballot mate Democratic candidates for Governor and Congress [Peter Stavrianos, "Dead Armadillos? An Analysis Of The 2014 South Dakota Senate Race," Down with Tyranny, 2014.11.21].

I want to believe... but I can't, not this explanation. Here's why:

  1. I am unclear why anyone is still talking about hypotheticals. There was no such thing as a race without Pressler.
  2. What PPP tracking poll? I haven't seen any PPP tracking poll. Have you?
  3. If there was such a tracking poll two days prior to the election, it still makes little sense to parse that data when we have real election results to tell us the real story.
  4. Even if we give Weiland every one of Pressler's 47,741 votes (and that's absurd, because you know there were Republicans who picked Pressler to keep their conscience clean of Rounds's corruption but would still never vote for a Democrat), we still only wish Weiland to within 3.6 points of Rounds (within margin of error for our guesswork here, but Stavrianos should label that near-miss as within four points, not two).
  5. Update 20:49 CST [from a reader!]: And if we're playing fantasy one-on-one, aren't we obliged to reassign Gordon Howie's 3% as well? If Weiland gets every Pressler vote, Rounds gets every Howie vote, and by Stav's logic, we up to a seven-point "near-miss". [Update renumbers subsequent points!]
  6. Pressler did not loudly proclaim a liberal reform agenda. At no time did he align himself with Elizabeth Warren. His support for ObamaCare amounted to pragmatic resistance to repeal and never anything like Weiland's expansion of Medicare to a public option. Gay marriage and MLK Jr. were mentions, not centerpieces. Pressler fumbled abortion rights, for which he was hammered by Weiland backers. Pressler attacked the Keystone XL mythology but proposed hijacking it as part of his multi-pipe Bakken oil plan. To the end, Pressler talked centrism.
  7. The press agrees with me. None of the three papers that endorsed Pressler said, "He's got Rick's message plus special sauce!" The Sioux Falls, Rapid City, and Mitchell papers all endorsed Pressler on experience and breaking gridlock, not on liberal ideology. The Sioux Falls paper called Pressler "moderately conservative."
  8. And as plausible counter-hypothesis, I contend that voters didn't vote for message. Voters voted for faces (Rounds was Governor for eight years; Pressler served us in Washington for 22) and the big shiny "R" with the flag, the gun, and the cross hanging on it.

Rick Weiland's populist, progressive message did not win the 2014 Senate election. It did not come close. That doesn't mean Warren progressivism is the wrong message. Far from it: Warren and Weiland both have the right message, the one worth fighting for.

Rick and I and other faithful Democrats just can't take Larry Pressler's showing on November 4, 2014, as a validation of that message. We still have lots of work to do to educate voters in 2016, 2018, and beyond.


Thought you wouldn't have Larry Pressler to kick around any more? Think again.

Yesterday, Pressler released remarks he prepared for a speech he's making today to the Farmers Union Foundation in Aberdeen. The former Senator continues to press his "Pressler Pipeline Plan" to reroute Keystone XL through North Dakota to carry Bakken crude to Midwest refineries instead of piping tar sands oil down to the Gulf and away to China.

There is a great need to build one or two new pipelines across North Dakota, and the right-of-way for them already exists. The Midwestern refineries in Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Illinois are currently under capacity, and diesel fuel would be about $1 cheaper than having it refined in Louisiana.

It is more environmentally friendly to move crude oil and distillates by pipeline and we need to free up our railroad equipment to haul more grain. South Dakota farmers need rail access to get their grain to market, and having two pipelines in North Dakota to carry oil will relieve railroad congestion [Larry Pressler, press release, 2014.11.20].

I still prefer preaching conservation (we should less oil and less of the corn syrup to which most of that surplus ag freight is destined), but Pressler's economic details are better than anything our deluding Big-Oil-mouthpiece delegation will offer.

Larry Pressler, still on the hunt...

Larry Pressler, still on the hunt...

Getting into the swing, Pressler fires off another press release today, this one with three little ticklers. Humboldt's most famous John Deere jockey says he plans to "will work for centrist, independent, moderate thinking in politics." He says contributions to the foundation will be tax-deductible, which I assume means he plans to form a 501(c)3, which can register voters, encourage voting, maybe even form a think tank and host events featuring like minded Indies and centrists but cannot contribute to candidates.

O happy Independence and not having to check with Party Central to make sure he won't hurt anyone's feelings by forming his group! Two recommendations, Mr. Pressler:

  1. The Pressler Foundation should host a series of Lincoln-Douglas-style debates between prominent political figures on significant South Dakota political issues. Formulate clear resolutions, require speakers to stay on topic and focus on policy, and have you and other centrists serve as strict moderators and judges at the events. (First speakers: Stace Nelson vs. me!)
  2. Use these events and other fundraising to raise money to support and expand speech activities in South Dakota. Nothing promotes independent, rigorous, policy-oriented thinking better in our fair state than high school debate and Student Congress.

Along with promoting independent thinking, Pressler suggests we could also use some ballot education:

Several people told me they mistakenly double voted, as they innocently believed they could vote for two, and of course that invalidated their vote. There is a lot of misunderstanding about independent candidacies [Larry Pressler, Facebook message, 2014.11.21].

Clip from South Dakota general election sample ballot, 2014

Clip from South Dakota general election sample ballot, 2014

Several people? What? O.K., nothing personal folks, but we're voting for Senator. Yes, we have two Senators, but, as the ballot says, underlined, in bold, we only get to vote for one at a time. It doesn't matter how many guys are running for that one spot; you still only get to pick one... at least until the Pressler Foundation successfully passes an initiative to allow instant run-off/ranked-choice voting. (But oh my; if we can't mark bubbles correctly, can we handle marking our top picks 1, 2, 3?)

But before he launches a foundation or agitates for ballot education reform, Pressler's has to pay the bills:

Meanwhile, I have a more immediate task. Our campaign raised only a total of about $200,000, largely from individual contributions such as yours. I know you have contributed, and I have asked, and some of you have contributed again, and while I do feel a bit audacious and embarrassed (but not apologetic), I do have a $250,000 deficit. I will probably pay it myself, but if you have not reached the $2,600 limit, I would ask that you consider contributing more [Pressler, 2014.11.21].

According to the FEC, Pressler reported being $355K in the hole on October 15, so he's made $105K worth of progress. But we should all appreciate the softest sell in any campaign finance pitch this year: I'll probably pay it myself, but if you want to help, that's o.k.

If Pressler is willing to drop that much of his own cash to close out his campaign, it will be interesting to see how much of his own cash and time he'll be willing to dedicate to promoting further political discussion along the centrist lines he desires.


Well, that was unpleasant.

Let's begin this gray day with Independent candidate Larry Pressler's concession announcement, posted at 9 p.m. last night. As you read this letter, consider these two key questions:

  1. The Black Elk question: why do bad men and women grow fat while good men and women go lean?
  2. How do we dust ourselves off from defeat and re-engage with the electorate to help better candidates win next time?

We have lost the election. I have called Governor Rounds and congratulated him. I have also called Rick Weiland and Gordon Howie and congratulated them on a good campaign.

We may have lost this campaign at the polls today, but I feel that we have won by running to end the poisonous gridlock in Washington and incorporating South Dakota issues into the race [this quote and all subsequent from Larry Pressler, press release, 2014.11.04].

Pause there, Larry. You didn't win. We made no steps toward ending poisonous gridlock. Voters largely ignored issues and voted for party labels. We did not find the formula that helps your noble effort to talk policy come to the forefront of public discourse. The only people who won are some rather ill-spirited gloaters who must now shout to drown out their nagging consciences.

And I’m going to continue working on these issues with the Centrist Project and in my teaching in South Dakota Universities.

Now we're talking. Pressler comes out of political retirement and burns up his time and money just to get beaten up by both parties and their attack PACs. More than 80% of South Dakota voters spurn him. But Pressler doesn't go hide in a hole. He doesn't run away to Washington, D.C., or Paris. Instead of returning to Sciences Po and after-class coffee on the Left Bank, Pressler is going to teach in South Dakota (first class starts next week at University of Sioux Falls, Pressler tells me). Teaching will be an excellent way for Pressler to remain visible and relevant and spread his ideas about how democracy and government ought to work.

Pressler's engagement with the Centrist Project may also be helpful. No political change happens from one man shouting from the top of Lookout Mountain (see also, blogging!). Successful politicking is successful organizing. Change agents need a movement.

That said, the Centrist Project's inaugural year of movement didn't move much. They backed five candidates nationwide, including Pressler. They backed famous Independent Greg Orman in Kansas, too, and lost there, despite great media hype, to an aging creature of the Republican establishment. The Centrist Project's only "victory" came in Maine, where they seem to have had as much to do with moderate Republican Senator Susan Collins's re-election as my cousin had last weekend with helping Minnesota win by shouting "Skøl Vikings!"

When I began this journey nearly two years ago, one of my co-chairmen Don Frankenfeld of Rapid City and I sat down and decided that we would have a good, issues-oriented campaign, on a low-budget of individual contributors, but we’d offer the people of the state a positive, issues-oriented campaign. We did that.

Yes, you did that, Mr. Pressler, and I admire you for it. You and Frankenfeld and friends managed to draw 17% of the electorate with a tiny David campaign against two Goliaths on no budget. You can walk away from this election with an absolutely clean conscience.

But no budget, positivity, and issues, plus name recognition, nostalgia, and your 1929 John Deere D got you 17% and third place. How many more tractors does a guy like you need to pull 30% of Rounds voters and 30% of Weiland voters into your camp?

South Dakota has not been accustomed to U.S. Senate campaigns where there is very much issue debate. We have had some essentially uncontested U.S. Senate races, and frequently national politics has overridden local issues. I determined to issue one or two “local issues” press releases a week, which I have done. For example, last week, I issued a release on the need for a post-traumatic stress disorder center at the Hot Springs VA facility, since ten new centers have been authorized in the new VA bill. These are supposed to be located in serene areas, and Hot Springs certainly qualifies. I’ve also talked about better air service for South Dakota, and I’ve talked about a holocaust museum for Native Americans at Wounded Knee. I also raised several other local issues throughout our state on a weekly basis.

Yup. And South Dakotans mostly ignored those policy specifics and voted party label, image, and prejudice. We must not abandon issue debates; we must maintain faith that we can act as educators (Latin educere, to lead out) and get voters to really grapple with policy issues honestly and separately from their pop-culture fueled preconceptions. But we must also be ready to marshal all the other tools necessary to win: money, volunteers, get-out-the-vote, powerful rhetoric, and yes, negative advertising. (There is no moral failing using your opponent's name and the word "not" in the same sentence.)

In this campaign, we have enjoyed a number of wonderful endorsements from across the state, which have included the Sioux Falls Argus Leader, the Rapid City Journal, the Native Sun News and my good friend Tim Giago, the Mitchell Daily Republic, Agent John Good of the FBI, the chief corruption fighter in the United States, Steve Hemmingsen, legendary KELO anchor of 30 years, and people such as Gene Abdallah and Don Frankenfeld, Kim Ames-Wright of the South Dakota Voice of Independents, and many, many others. Perhaps more emotionally significant was the deathbed endorsement of my lifetime friend the late Gerald One Feather of Pine Ridge, which was announced by his widow, Ingrid One Feather, who invited me to speak at his funeral.

The endorsements do represent a victory. Contrary to what this blog may occasionally suggest, South Dakota newspaper editors are not idiots. They are relatively educated people who read more about politics than the average buffalo. Among those well-informed voters, Pressler's message resonated. And it never hurts to have the press recognize you're the real deal.

But endorsements are only a spark, not the fire. Pressler's Indian endorsements showed an ability to connect across South Dakota's gaping racial divide. But Giago and One Feather didn't move the electoral needle much; in Shannon County, Weiland still swamped Pressler 10 to 1. Maybe that's more party label prejudice; maybe that's just superior get-out-the-vote by the opposition.

I want to thank the volunteer MVP of this campaign, my wife Harriet. She was with me every step of the way from helping drive to events, doing the campaign’s accounting, answering phones, and thanking so many of the small contributors.

What happened at the end of this campaign is exactly why we started this campaign. We were hit with a tsunami of negative ads from the Republican and Democratic Parties and their affiliates. More money was spent in the last week against me than was raised in my entire campaign.

Yup. The big guys will continue to bring big guns to the fight. Captain America can hide behind his shield all day, but eventually, if he's going to save the world, he's got to punch Red Skull in the kisser.

I thank all my supporters for their hard work, and look forward to continuing to work on the issues that I raised in my campaign in the future. I am very grateful to all my contributors. Had this race been decided by South Dakotans, we believe the outcome would have been different, but we were hit with a deluge of out-of-state negative ads [Larry Pressler, press release, 2014.11.04].

It may soothe our prairie sensibility to think that this election is someone else's fault, that we can blame outsiders and keep our fantasy of our superior moral rightness intact. But South Dakotans are responsible for this outcome, Larry. South Dakotans saw all those ads. South Dakotans chose to ignore your policy proposals. A majority of South Dakotans who bothered to vote picked a man who, as you told them repeatedly, will be weakened by his own corruption. Lots of outside groups spent lots of big money to tell South Dakotans to jump off the cliff, but South Dakotans chose to jump.

We need to get South Dakotans to stop making bad choices. Larry, your good intentions and good policies are important elements of the lesson plan we need to change South Dakota. But they aren't enough. Mike Rounds, Dick Wadhams, and an obstructionist, regressive Republican Party continue to grow fat while good South Dakotans go lean... or go away. South Dakotans keep rejecting good candidates and good policies that would do South Dakota much more concrete good than the slogans of self-reliance! and repeal! and down with Obama!

I am heartened to know, however, Mr. Pressler, that you will be sticking around South Dakota to help us figure out, gather, and use the additional tools we need to restore South Dakota common sense. I'm with you. Let's work together and make it happen.


Larry Pressler is beating Mike Rounds 3–1 on newspaper endorsements. The Mitchell Daily Republic waits until the last minute (like how many of their readers?) to throw in with Lovable Larry. They like his commitment, moderation, and one-term promise.

What don't they like about they other three? The editors shrug off Rick Weiland and Gordon Howie with a vague wave at their "ideologies." But like the Rapid City Journal, they nuke Mike Rounds very specifically on the issue that Republicans have insisted doesn't really matter—EB-5:

But we've not been impressed with Rounds' responses -- or lack thereof, at times -- to requests for more information on things like EB-5, or even for his presence at debates [editorial board, "Pressler Best Candidate in Senate Race," Mitchell Daily Republic, 2014.11.04].

It seems Republicans have been working really hard to say EB-5 doesn't matter because they know it can matter. We've seen it matter explicitly in four newspaper indictments of Rounds's fitness for office (see also Mobridge Tribune and Yankton County Observer). Even Rounds's hometown paper, in endorsing him, had to acknowledge that "significant questions remain."

EB-5 matters. And no matter who wins tonight, EB-5 will continue to matter as we continue to investigate what Mike Rounds, Dennis Daugaard, Marty Jackley, and other state officials knew, when they knew it, and why they didn't act to stop the corruption that was happening under their noses.


Hey, Pressler Democrats! Does this flyer help pull you back to Democrat Rick Weiland?
PP Weiland v Pressler 2014 front
PP Weiland v Pressler -back
Planned Parenthood MN-ND-SD's PAC has been filling South Dakota mailboxes with this mailer. Planned Parenthood has also put up ChooseWeiland.com to remind pro-lady Dems that Weiland supports their values better than Pressler. The pros for Weiland:

Let Women Decide, Not Politicians

We need leaders like Rick Weiland who will protect our right to make private medical decisions without government intrusion.

Protect Life-Saving Preventive Care

Rick will protect funds for lifesaving pre-cancer screenings and mammograms for millions of women and will fight against any attempt to defund Planned Parenthood.

Supports Expanded Paid Family Medical Leave

Rick will fight to expand paid medical leave to workers in companies with fewer than 50 employees [links mine; Planned Parenthood MN-ND-SD PAC, ChooseWeiland.com, downloaded 2014.11.03].

And the Pressler cons:

Voted 100% against the Pro-Choice Position

Former Republican Senator Larry Pressler voted against the pro-choice position 100% of the time.

Opposed the Family Medical Leave Act

Former Republican Senator Larry Pressler voted against the Family Medical Leave Act passed in 1993.

Opposed Life-Saving Preventive Care for Women

Former Republican Senator Larry Pressler said he probably would’ve voted against the legislation which has expanded life-saving preventive care to millions of women without a copay [links mine; ChooseWeiland.com].

One pale yellow flag: on preventive care, we're talking about the Affordable Care Act. (Preventive care with no copays—yeah, remember that benefit that Mike Rounds and Kristi Noem would repeal?) Yes, Pressler did say that, had he been in the Senate in 2010, he'd have voted against the ACA. But he has also said that the ACA is the law of the land, that repeal is unrealistic, and that we should work to make the ACA better. That puts Pressler somewhere in the neighborhood of where Stephanie Herseth Sandlin stood in 2010. Of course, Stephanie Herseth Sandlin didn't have to run against a Weiland....

So Dems, if you're still thinking of making Mike Rounds Senator by voting for Larry Pressler, does the pro-choice issue swing you back to Rick Weiland?


With less than 24 hours until the polls open, Rick Weiland's race for Senate comes right back to where it started. With the two largest papers in South Dakota saying Mike Rounds doesn't deserve a Senate seat, with Larry Pressler hanging tough and even Gordon Howie surging (yes, laugh, but now every point counts), Democrats find themselves right where I said they ten months ago when Larry Pressler entered the race: unite and win!

But Job #1 in this three-way for Weiland is party unity. Assuming Pressler can run a credible campaign, Weiland watches with glee as Pressler and the GOP nominee divide both the GOP and the Indy vote. Weiland reminds every Democrat that Republicans have nothing to offer them. Democrats currently make up 35% of the electorate. Get them all to come vote Dem, add those GOP defectors mentioned above, draw some Indies, Weiland cracks 40%, and Weiland-Rounds/Nelson-Pressler becomes Clinton-Bush-Perot [Cory Allen Heidelberger, "Pressler Enters Race; Can Weiland Unify Dems for Victory?" Madville Times, 2013.12.27].

Let's update that thinking with Rick's performance, Mike's EB-5 stumbles, and voter numbers in this wild four-man race:

  1. A chunk of Democrats (26%, according to the last SurveyUSA poll) are still saying they'll vote for Pressler.
  2. Rick Weiland has given Democrats lots of reasons to vote for him and no reason to vote against him. He hasn't riled the base the way Herseth Sandlin did with a string of votes against the President (culminating in her vote against the Affordable Care Act). He hasn't said anything dumb about gay marriage the way Matt Varilek did in 2012. Rick has run a nearly perfect campaign, based on progressive policies, populism, show leather, and good music.
  3. The only good reason Dems might still be voting for Pressler is that they latched onto Pressler last December when the former Senator announced his Independent bid. A combination of surprise, nostalgia, and nervousness that Weiland hadn't proved himself as a candidate yet maybe induced some Dems to think Pressler had a better chance of upsetting Mike Rounds. (Yes, we Dems do get some crazy ideas.)
  4. If those Pressler Dems will groundhog up, they'll realize things have changed. Rick has proven himself.
  5. Weiland can win; Pressler cannot. Only one poll showed Pressler closer to Rounds than Weiland. That poll is a month old; every poll since has refuted it and restored the expected order, showing Weiland (most recently) 11 points from Rounds compared to Pressler's 24.
  6. Weiland has a natural base on top of which undecideds and re-decideds can pile their power. Pressler does not.
  7. Come home, Democrats, and you can lift Weiland all on your own. If 26% of Dems are still backing Pressler, and if Secretary Gant's 60% turnout holds, fast math on voter registration totals shows that if we can get a majority of those Dems to come to their senses, we put over 5 percentage points back in Rick's column. (Make some calls, give a Dem friend a ride, and we can push that number higher.)
  8. Meanwhile, Mike Rounds has given his base plenty of reason not to vote for him. To mark Rounds on their ballot, GOP voters have to hold their noses, convince themselves nothing bad happened in EB-5. There was no corruption. Mike never lied. Joop Bollen and Richard Benda never scammed the taxpayers. There are Republicans who will find the mental effort to check their conscience and let Mike have a Senate seat just too much to take.
  9. Let the Rapid City Journal's anti-Rounds argument sink in, and another 5 percentage points fall out of Rounds's column.
  10. More than five, another more than five... holy cow! Where'd Mike's 11 go?

Just count, Democrats. There are 176,000 of you. If you will all get up and mark the one Democrat on your ballot (a good Democrat, an awesome Democrat, a Democrat who has in every way earned your vote) while Republicans and Independents split, you can send Rick Weiland to the Senate. You can keep Tim Johnson's seat and maybe the whole darn Senate in the best, sanest hands. Seize your moment. Dems!

Or boil it down this way: Pressler can't win. Weiland can. A vote for Pressler is a vote for Rounds. A vote for Weiland is a vote to win.

Bob Mercer says Weiland-backer concerns about leakage to Pressler make it sound like Team Weiland is "more worried about finishing third rather than second." Ha! We Dems are still playing for first... and we can make it happen on our own with good old-fashioned party unity.


Don't tell me EB-5 doesn't have legs.

The Rapid City Journal joins the chorus saying Mike Rounds is not fit to be Senator. Unlike that Sioux Falls paper, the Rapid City Journal doesn't dance around the EB-5 scandal; it says EB-5 is the primary reason Mike Rounds fails the fundamental test of character:

The revelations over his handling of the EB-5 federal immigration/investment program — many uncovered by reporters from this and other South Dakota newspapers — show that either Rounds was incompetent or has been deceptive about what he knew about the problems plaguing the program.

Those problems include turning the program over to a former Rounds cabinet member, Richard Benda, who allegedly misused travel funds, may have misappropriated a half-million dollars, and eventually committed suicide when authorities closed in.

But moreover, Rounds filed false testimony to a legislative committee after claiming his office was never served with a lawsuit over the handling of program financing by another Rounds crony, the elusive Joop Bollen. Rounds corrected the record, but it is either incompetence or deception by Rounds when he still claims not to have been told of the lawsuit even though his own brother oversaw legal matters involving the state at the time [editorial board, "Journal Endorses Pressler for US Senate," Rapid City Journal, 2014.11.02].

Incompetent, deceptive—not fit to be Senator. That's Mike Rounds.

RCJ picks Pressler over Weiland and Howie, primarily on experience. Like the Sioux Falls paper, they have to make up excuses to avoid endorsing the eminently qualified Weiland, like saying that somehow his ability to be a "man of the people" would cause him to make bad choices on foreign policy (really, RCJ? I'd think a "man of the people" would be keenly interested in protecting the people from getting tangled up in unjust wars).

RCJ doesn't mention Rounds's lies about Weiland's support for Ellsworth Air Force Base. It doesn't mention any of the anti-regulatory smaller government folderol Rounds peddles. In endorsing Pressler, they focus on what an active government can do for South Dakota, like improving commercial air service.

South Dakota's two biggest newspapers just can't bring themselves to endorse a Democrat for Senator. But they far more strongly condemn Mike Rounds as a secretive, deceptive, and incompetent choice for Senate (which is what I've been telling you on the basis of EB-5 all along).


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