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Amidst Tepid Cheers for GOP Incumbents, Pierre Paper Picks Dem Rehn for State Senate

Mike Rounds gets one newspaper endorsement, from his hometown Pierre Capital Journal. The editorial board in our capital tepidly defaults to experience on every statewide ballot line. They excuse Rounds thus:

We are well aware of the ongoing federal investigation into the EB-5 mess, and although significant questions remain, the experience Rounds brings outweighs any negatives from that issue ["Our Endorsements," Pierre Capital Journal, 2014.11.03].

They darn Rep. Kristi Noem with similar faint praise:

Republican incumbent Kristi Noem has more experience than Democrat Corinna Robinson and gets our endorsement. However, our board shares fairly broad agreement across party lines that Noem is a lackluster performer in the U.S. House, standing for non-controversial causes such as the move to stop human trafficking (as though anyone would take the other side of that issue) or predictable Midwest causes such as the farm bill – legislation from which her own family’s farm operation harvests plenty in taxpayer subsidies, as a letter elsewhere on this page observes. Noem deserves credit for taking a strong stand for conservation provisions in that bill, however [PCJ, 2014.11.03].

Even tough decider Governor Dennis Daugaard gets a bit of ho-hum from his closest monitors:

While we cannot see a great many accomplishments, we don’t see very much to fault him for, either [PCJ, 2014.11.03].

The only exception to the Pierre editors' safe embrace of company-town incumbency comes in the District 24 Senate race, where they reject Republican Senator Jeff Monroe's low-achieving in favor of trying something new and Democratic:

Our recommendation: We favor the Democratic candidate, Ruth Rehn, over the incumbent Republican, Jeff Monroe. The consensus on our editorial board is that, just as Rehn is contending, Monroe has not been very effective in his latest stint in the Legislature. Ruth Rehn is not the first to draw attention to this point. It was also the point of attack for Monroe’s fellow Republican in the primary, former lawmaker Tad Perry, who emphasized his success in getting legislation passed as the main difference between him and Monroe. The point still holds. We think it is time to give someone else a try and see if another candidate is better at getting thoughtful legislation enacted for South Dakota and District 24 [PCJ, 2014.11.03].

Like Senator Phil Jensen, Senator Jeff Monroe posts dangerous and dumb Glenn-Beck-karaoke bills that get in the way of practical lawmaking to do real good for all South Dakotans. The Pierre Capital Journal appears to recognize the importance of results... but only when the candidate is not a big-name statewide star. But the paper is at least showing a spark of critical thinking. Keep heading down that path, Pierre!


  1. John Tsitrian 2014.11.04

    "the experience Rounds brings outweighs any negatives from that issue . . " Wow. Now there's a moral calculation that bears some deliberation.

  2. 96Tears 2014.11.04

    The experience Richard Nixon carried from his first term outweighs any negatives from organizing a burglary ring to spy on his political opponents and should continue to finish his second term.

  3. Bill Fleming 2014.11.04

    John, translation, "We think he's a slick enough salesmen to be able to talk his way out of this. Besides, the guy who could have really fried his fanny died. -30-"

  4. Loren 2014.11.04

    Wow! Republican candidates are ho hum at best and tainted at their worst, but SD voters just can't get out of the rut! The only way to bring SD into the 21st century would be to attract new blood, but minimum wage jobs, underfunded school systems, an anti gay rights state gov't, old white men constantly debating women's reproductive rights,..., is NOT going to do much to attract the folks we want! Now, back to our regularly scheduled programing... Father Knows Best, Ozzie and Harriet, and Leave It to Beaver!

  5. Francis Schaffer 2014.11.04

    From the above comments, I am not sure whether to laugh or cry? Leaning toward crying.

  6. Kate 2014.11.04

    What they really meant, "They suck, but they're republican."

  7. Les 2014.11.04

    """"""We are well aware of the ongoing federal investigation into the EB-5 mess, and although significant questions remain, the experience Rounds brings outweighs any negatives from that issue ["Our Endorsements," Pierre Capital Journal, 2014.11.03].""""". I will continue to repeat, if this is the kind of man it takes to save our senate our senate is not worth saving, PCJ.

  8. Rorschach 2014.11.04

    The understatement of the day is: "Noem is a lackluster performer in the U.S. House[.]"

  9. Loren 2014.11.04

    Rors, "lackluster" is being very kind!

  10. oldguy 2014.11.04

    And here I thought I was the only person to think that about KN....

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