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Turkey Money, Rounds, Sveen, EB-5—We’re All Friends Here

Pat Powers notices that Mike Rounds got campaign money from TURPAC, the National Turkey Federation PAC. $5,000, according to Open Secrets, the fourth-highest amount TURPAC gave to any of its favored seventeen Senate candidates. Rep. Kristi Noem got $2,500 in turkey money, above the median for TURPAC donations to 74 House candidates. TURPAC gave Noem $2,000 in 2012. Prior to that, I find TURPAC contributing $1,000 to Stephanie Herseth in 2006, $1,000 to Tom Daschle in 2004 and $2,000 in 1998, and $500 to John Thune in 2000 and $500 in 1998.

The National Turkey Federation PAC has a ten-member executive board that since 2011 has included Jeff "Not Bollen's Partner" Sveen of Dakota Provisions in Huron, South Dakota. Sveen gave Rounds $3,000 of his own money to run for Senate. While Rounds was Governor, the state lent Dakota Provisions $3,000,000. Rounds's EB-5 program funneled another $55 million into Sveen's turkey plant, which used that money to refinance its debt. Jeff Sveen worked as Joop Bollen's lawyer and crafted the clever privatization deal that allowed Bollen to divert millions in EB-5 revenues from the state to his pockets.

Ah, friendship.

Related: The Government Operations and Audit Committee of the South Dakota Legislature quietly signed off Friday on blaming Richard Benda for everything wrong with the state's EB-5 program. I'll have more on GOAC's reprehensible report later.


  1. Vickie 2014.12.01

    Just as I suspected. Blame the dead guy because he can't defend himself or give anybody answers as to what really went on. smh

  2. Tim 2014.12.01

    They have been doing business this way in SD for years, apparently with the voters blessing.

  3. Wayne Pauli 2014.12.01

    Those that cannot talk have a hard time speaking the truth. while those that lie do not know the difference.

  4. 96Tears 2014.12.01

    How will the Mike Rounds scribes at Argus Sanford report this? Nothing there. See? Dead men tell no tales. Move along.

  5. mike from iowa 2014.12.01

    Somehow National Turkey Federation sounds appropriate for SD wingnuts.

  6. Disgusted Dakotan 2014.12.01

    Best politician money can buy.

  7. Loren 2014.12.01

    Everyone that didn't see this coming, raise your hand!

  8. mike from iowa 2014.12.02

    Has Jackley issued an arrest warrant for the tree suspected of offing Benda? If sawing tree in small pieces, splitting with an ax and threatening to burn the damn thing doesn't force a confession for your esteemed Attorney General, we haven't been watching the same political thrillers.

    Here's the thing,Marty-it won't matter to your constituents that you're a moron. They already overwhelmingly approved of the job you are not doing. Go big or go home. If a grand jury can indict a ham sandwich,
    except,apparently in Missouri,surely you can railroad a tree.

  9. leslie 2014.12.02

    the quoted report states: The GOAC considered but decided against issuing subpeonas to any person. However, the GOAC's final two "HEARINGS" regarding the GOED involved reviewing written responses to GOAC "questions" posed to...Daugaard...Rounds...and...Bollen. Upon reviewing this written "TESTIMONY"...GOAC determined no further action was necessary. (EMPHASIS and/or italics added)

    The report writer (likely one of Jackley's many Ass't AGs) turns the previously characterized GOAC "meetings" into formal "HEARINGS" taking formal "TESTIMONY".

    But Tidemann et al. refused to swear anybody to oath. Pretty basic truth seeking method for any committee, court ect.

    Next, the report writer characterizes "questions" formulated by others (Crago, if I remember) as those of GOAC.

    More, perhaps, to follow.

  10. Steve Sibson 2014.12.02

    The system of legal corruption will continue, all in the name of economic development. And what is the fuel driving this bus? More taxes. More fees. Bigger government.

  11. leslie 2014.12.02

    Next in the report Tidemann thanks himself and everybody at GOAC, and for those "parties" who gave "TESTIMONY" (which it wasn't because it was only a meeting, and not a formal hearing, where actual sworn testimony from WITNESSES, not "parties", was taken).

    Republican circus, Republican monkeys performing, at taxpayers expense.

  12. leslie 2014.12.02

    get outta here and get back on the bus sibson. go screw up somebody else's thread.

  13. Moses 2014.12.02


  14. Lynn 2014.12.02

    With this joke of a representative government here in South Dakota do we really need a legislature with SDGOP rule as it's been for 40 years? With their lack of real problem solving skills, worthless proceedings at GOAC why go thru all the formality? Let's save taxpayer money and eleminate the legislature here in South Dakota until there is a real sign of change.

  15. Steve Sibson 2014.12.02

    leslie, so working together with conservatives to confront the corruption is out of the question for you liberals?

  16. leslie 2014.12.02

    more taxes, fees, government have nothing to do with SDGOP EB5 fraud by your party which so cooperatively welcomed the advice of Tyler, Lucas, Wismer and one other dem. your deviations into distractions interest me not all.

  17. Steve Sibson 2014.12.02

    "taxes, fees, government have nothing to do with SDGOP EB5 fraud"

    leslie, EB-5 is a federal "governmental" program used by the state "governmental" system in the name of economic development. You seem to agree that the EB-5 is an isolated incident. I believe it to be only one component in the ever increasing role of government moving money form our pockets and into the hands of special interests, all in the name of "government" giving us jobs.

  18. WayneF 2014.12.04

    Hey! I thought Steve Sibson was banished from this blog until he cleaned up his act, i.e. stop hurling crap at people whose opinions he disagrees with. I agree with Leslie that he needs to find a new blog to rant in. Or take a long, long nap.

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